Rags To Riches Chapter 552

 At the entrance to the emergency room, there were quite a few of Grand Master Sun's children, and not everyone believed in Qin Ming's bullshit.

                But there were still people who were willing to burn incense and pray.

                "It's too fake, isn't it? A young man suddenly runs out and says he's a disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen, and brother and sister and they believe it? Superstition kills people."

                "I think that superstition is another thing, trying to find one more excuse to get rid of that young man all together, right? After all, the hospital has said that it's hopeless."

                "I think it's for us to see, pretending to be filial, in the future to fight for the family fortune is good to have the courage."

                "Alas, Dad had a sudden heart attack, this ...... Dad is going to be gone, and the family is now in such a mess, our Sun family is afraid that it will fall apart ah."

                "Old age, sickness and death, it's human nature, everyone has this day."

                While some of the people were having their own thoughts and suspecting each other, the door to the emergency clinic opened and Qin Ming walked out slowly with one hand behind his back and his head held high, just like a god in the world, saying, "It's done, the person is already awake."

                The crowd was stunned, not to mention the family members of the Sun family, and the doctors at the hospital were also dumbfounded, so miraculous? They had brought the person back in five minutes?

                Did the person die or did the person get better?

                The attending doctor, grabbing Qin Ming's collar, said, "How is that possible? It's only been a few minutes?"

                "Quick, go in and take a look."

                "Go, go and have a look."

                The group swarmed into the emergency room to see if what Qin Ming had said was true.

                When the crowd rushed in and really saw how Grandpa Sun had woken up, the attending doctor clutched his head and let out an incredulous gasp, "Fuck! This is impossible, how is it possible, the most advanced medical equipment, also resuscitation will not come, why would ......"

                The sons and daughters of the Sun family were equally dumbfounded, especially the ones who did not worship God at the beginning.

                "Damn, let brother and sister-in-law they shortcut the ah. We'll have to make an article of it."

                "Who is this guy? Who knows what his name is?"

                "Divine, truly divine."

                Master Sun's waking up was met with joy by his children, and Qin Ming was instantly revered as a master.

                Nie Haitang sat by the hospital promenade, watching this miraculous scene, she didn't know what to say, but she was very happy in her heart, Master Sun was fine, she would be fine too, in short relieved.

                She looked to Qin Ming with mixed feelings, she knew it was a debt of gratitude ah.

                Ms. Sun came over again and shook Qin Ming's hand, becoming incomparably enthusiastic and said, "Master, you are too good ...... to be a disciple of the real Zhang, too good. Master, this is my business card, please accept it."

                Qin Ming politely declined with a smile, "Ms. Sun, fate brought us together, everything is fate, we monks talk about following fate."

                Ms Sun smiled awkwardly, obviously hearing that Qin Ming did not want to deal with them anymore, so she nodded, "Yes, yes, the master is a worldly man, we lay people are different."

                Qin Ming said, "Since the person is fine, can we go now? Or should we wait for the old man to do some tests before letting us go?"

                Madam Sun said hastily, "Naturally no one would dare to stop the master from leaving, but as a token of our appreciation, please let my people send the master and this little sister back."

                Qin Ming was immediately displeased, you don't send them personally but send your subordinates, is this spying on him?

                "Wait a minute!" At this moment, a man in a suit rushed out from inside and said, "Dad has something to say to her, don't leave."

                Qin Ming immediately shielded Nie Haitang and said, "I've already saved her life, I haven't settled the charges with you yet, what more do you want? If you take an inch, you will be punished by God."

                The man in the suit said with a smile, "Oh, Master, we don't know that Master is a high ranking person, so please forgive us if we have offended you. Please don't let the master's powers go, we know Zhang and he, too, and we give him many gifts on New Year's Day. It's just that my father must say he wants to see this little sister and has something to say, I'm a son ......"

                Nie Haitang said, "Well, since the person is fine that is the best, the old man has anything he wants to ask me, I am not afraid."

                Qin Ming pulled Nie Haitang and said, "What if this blackmails you?"

                Nie Hai politely pushed Qin Ming's hand away and said, "Zhao Zhengyin, thanks for your help, but this is ultimately my business."

                Hiya, Qin Ming was both happy and depressed at the same time as he watched Nie Haitang's action of pushing his hand away, very raw.

                He was happy that Nie Haitang had a bottom line and principles, but he was depressed that he was not Zhao Zhengyin and was rejected for being close to Nie Haitang.

                The two of them walked in again, a large group of people were staring at them, Nie Haitang asked, "Old master, you're looking for me?"

                As soon as Old Master Sun saw Nie Haitang, he said, "Yes, yes, thanks to you, little girl. I wasn't feeling well and was staggering, when I saw you drop the battery car and rush over to hold me up so I didn't fall over. I owe you a big thank you. Also, I was afraid you would be misunderstood, so I rushed to get you over. These untalented children of mine didn't give you a hard time just now, did they?"

                As soon as the crowd heard this, it turned out that Nie Haitang really wasn't lying, she was indeed enthusiastic about saving someone's life.

                That Ms Sun bowed her head in shame, having misunderstood greatly.

                Nie Haitang was also relieved to hear this and spread her smile, saying, "Grand Master, it's good that you're alright. It was this Master Zhao who saved you. I wasn't actually of any help."

                Grand Master Sun asked, "This is ......"

                With a polite arch of his hand, Qin Ming lied and said, "Hello, Master Sun, I am under the master of Tiger Dragon Mountain, Daoist Master Zhang Quanzhen, Zhao Zhengyin, I learned some fur from my master and asked the ghosts and gods to take over my life, fortunately I succeeded."

                The crowd listened, confused, and asked the ghosts to take over, too fake, right?

                But then, they didn't see how Qin Ming did it, and the hospital pronounced it hopeless, but Qin Ming just saved it, you can't disagree at this time, right? The actual fact is that you can't be in a position to disagree with it, but you have to go along with Qin Ming's words, and what Qin Ming says is what he says.

                The man who is the master of the hospital is the senior student of Grandmaster Zhang. I have only met Master Zhang last month, and I have been friends with him for many years. Thank you, young man, for saving my life. I wonder how much you will charge for your work this time? Since you are inviting a ghost or god to renew my life, there must be a loss of your merit."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously, the old man was so obedient to him, and said, "Master, saving a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda, money is an extraneous thing, our virtue and merit are priceless. You can just send it off casually."

                Ms. Sun said, "Dad, I've discussed this with the master, you've just woken up, rest well."

                Grand Master Sun covered his forehead and said, "Alright. I'll leave it to you."

                Madam Sun led the two out and this time, while no one was around, she bowed deeply to Qin Ming and Nie Haitang and said, "This time, it was our fault, Miss Nie, Master, I'm sorry, please accept our Sun family's sincere apology."

                Qin Ming clasped his hands together and said, "Since Ms Sun is sincerely apologising, I don't want to be so petty."

                Nie Haitang also said, "I didn't do anything either, it's good that the person is fine."

                Ms Sun smiled faintly, took out a cheque, wrote it and handed it over, saying, "Here's ten million, thanks to Master for doing the spell to save my father. I hope the master won't mind."

                The life span parasite, which is extremely rare and has a market price of two to three hundred million dollars, especially now that a large part of the Xiangxi Lin family's insect valley has been destroyed, this kind of life span parasite will be even rarer in the future, and now only 10 million dollars in exchange?

                Then I would rather have your Sun family owe a favor.

                Qin Ming stretched out his palm and said in an old-fashioned manner: "Hey, today's matter is my destiny with your Sun family, I am a monk, my master used to say, save others not to win in return, otherwise you will lose yin virtue. It is good that you remember this, money or not, I am not short of money either."

                When Ms Sun saw that Qin Ming would not accept it, she tried to raise it to 50 million.

                As a result, Qin Ming left on his own, causing Ms. Sun to be depressed, knowing that money is good to give, but favours are hard to return.

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang walked out of the hospital in a good mood.

                Nie Haitang asked, "Zhao Zhengyin, thank you for this time. I owe you for this time, how do you want me to repay you?"

                When Qin Ming heard this, the corners of his mouth lifted and he said, "Repay? Nie Haitang, are you serious?"