Rags To Riches Chapter 549-550

 Chapter 549

"Who's yours again? What for?" Qin Ming was depressed, and wanted to talk to Nie Haitang more, but he was stopped again.

                A few big men laughed and said, "Does it matter who we are? The important thing is that you are not allowed to go near Nie Haitang anymore, that is not a woman that a loser like you can get your hands on. That's what our young man Bai likes. We've been told by Young Bai that we'll be looking after Nie's daily safety, and we're the flower guards that Young Bai has arranged around Nie's schoolgirl to deal with annoying flies like Nie."

                "Young Bai? Which Young Bai?" Qin Ming was instantly excited, excellent women were in demand everywhere he knew, so which asshole dared to steal his wife?

                These people laughed again, "Hahahaha, Zhao Zhengyan, you've been beaten silly by Bai Shao, right? How many people surnamed Bai can be called Bai Shao in the whole of Beijing? Bai Mingyu, Shao Bai, are you pretending to be confused here for Laozi?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Cut, another dude rich young man."

                "Hahahaha ......" several big men laughed out loud, "You trash have the nerve to mock our Bai Shao? You're not 10,000 times better than you? Aren't you a loser who relies purely on your parents? Oh no, now you're not even a waste, a waste of a man, a waste of a man, the dregs of trash, a waste of a seed."

                "Hahahaha ...... I heard that he is also related to the Zhao family, but the last time our young Bai went out to dinner with young Zhao, the other young Zhao did not put this waste breed relative of yours in his eyes at all, and the Zhao family also disliked this waste to lose face."

                "Being in a luxurious family, just like a waste, who looks at it? Hahahaha, trash is trash everywhere you go, and trash that can't be recycled."

                "You can't get a hard-on, so what if I let you get Nie Haitang? Can you sleep with it?"

                "Laozi wants your identity, wouldn't Nie Haitang have been Laozi's woman long ago?"

                Faced with these lapdogs of Bai Mingyu's, Qin Ming did not want to be insensitive, who was he? He was the heir to the world's only super business empire, the Huan Yu Century Group, and as long as Chang Hongxi was completely defeated, he was the only emperor of the group.

                Does he need to argue with these yakuza?

                But now it was different, they were insulting Nie Haitang in front of Qin Ming, that was touching one of Qin Ming's scales, that was seeking death!

                "You're looking for death." Qin Ming exploded in anger and threw a left hook at a large man who was laughing.

                "Oh~!" That big man was caught off guard and was directly hit by Qin Ming's violent punch, and one of his big teeth was knocked out.

                Qin Ming's sudden violent punch immediately stunned the crowd, was this still the punk Zhao Zhengyin they were familiar with? It wasn't right, was it?

                The big man said angrily, "Brothers, give me a fight."

                As soon as Qin Ming made his move, these fighters sent by Bai Mingyu also immediately made their move, you attacked towards Qin Ming with a punch and a kick.

                Qin Ming fought and retreated. Qin Ming was a good fighter, but when it came to group fights, he was only ruthless and had no rules at all.

                However, Qin Ming's ruthlessness has completely shown these people.

                The two sides could be said to have suffered injuries on both sides, but Qin Ming's injuries were only superficial, while Bai Mingyu's boys were in pain, each covering their injuries, and one of them was already lying down.

                Qin Ming gasped and clenched his fists, when it comes to fighting, he is not a dweller who loves to suffer losses, especially when these people insulted Nie Haitang, which irritated him even more.

                "Aigoooooo ......"

                Just when the two sides were fighting, a group of women came out from the side.

                Only at this time did Qin Ming realize that this was the grass outside the girls' dormitory, so there were especially many women gathered here.

                A woman at the head of the group said, "What's wrong with you, Zhao Zhengyan? Has the sun come out of the west? How dare you resist? Tsk, what a top ten wonder of the world."

                The big guy you who had his teeth knocked out by Qin Ming said, "Miss Chang, this punk thing is too arrogant, we'll teach this kid a good lesson on behalf of everyone, I hope you won't interfere."

                Qin Ming looked back and his pupils shrank, his tiger body shook, who was this bitch? It looked so familiar.

                "Chang Miao Miao?" Qin Ming's heart turned over in shock, this woman looked a lot like that childhood friend of his, Chang Miao Miao?

                Of course, this childhood friend, not in a good way.

                Qin Ming was particularly naughty and a child king in Baishui Town when he was a child, but he met a rival, a woman, Chang Miao Miao, and from primary school to junior high school, both sides were "like water and fire" and had to subdue each other, scolding each other for three days and fighting for five days.

                But the summer after Qin Ming's junior year, Chang Miao Miao was a woman after all, so she couldn't beat Qin Ming in a single fight.

                The two of them had to fight each other for a long time, so they had to find a dozen or so social youths to deal with Qin Ming. That was the day that changed their relationship. Qin Ming was beaten up badly and was hospitalised, although the youths were also badly injured, but the incident caused a stir in Baishui Town.

                Then Chang Miao Miao transferred to another school and was never seen again. Qin Ming went to high school honestly and continued to be harassed by the social youths until his senior year when it stopped.

                Qin Ming didn't expect that six years later, he would see his arch rival and childhood friend from back then in the capital city.

                "Eh, what are you looking at, Zhao Zhengyan, you punk?" An imposing girl on the side angrily scolded, "Don't look at our Chang Xue with your nasty gaze."

                Chang Xue? When Qin Ming heard that, the name wasn't right.

                This guy wasn't called Chang Miao Miao, was he? Could it be that he looked alike?

                Qin Ming's impression was that Chang Miao Miao was dirty all day long, his chipped incisors were visible when he grinned, his bare feet were looking for him to fight, and his clothes were often torn.

                After all, White Water Town was poor, and Chang Miao Miao was just a little rural girl who fought with boys all day long, so how clean could she be?

                The girl in front of me, not only clean, white skin, a long hair, decent features, the mark of a beautiful woman, but also very much the temperament of a scholar, and the impression of a young girl, and clothing, and earrings jewellery to distinguish, seems to be a rich white beauty.

                "I'm mistaken for someone else, right? People have a resemblance, as if I am like Zhao Zhengyan." Qin Ming shook his head and didn't think much of it, if it was Chang Miao Miao, it was a bit awkward to recognize her after so many years.

                Qin Ming asked, "You guys are going to beat me up too?"

                "Haha, beating you up? Zhao Zhengyan, you don't deserve it." Chang Xue clasped her hands and said, "But, I saw you fighting just now, quite manly, I just looked at you a few more times. You guys, Bai Mingyu's men, right? What? You want to fight in front of our girls' dormitory? Thinking I'm an officer of the student council is air?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, so they were student council cadres, these people were quite powerful in the university.

                "Bah." The large man who had his teeth knocked out by Qin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood, although he was upset, he could only curse and swear, "You punk who relies on women, count yourself lucky."

                Qin Ming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and also cursed, "I'm not the same man I was back then, remember that."

                The big man turned around and cursed, "Blow your head off. I'll get you next time. If it wasn't for Miss Chang, you'd be dead already. You're a punk who relies on women, a weakling."

                He was not going to rely on women.

                Qin Ming looked back, he still thought that Chang Xue and Chang Miao Miao looked alike, but he didn't ask any more questions and walked away without looking back.

                The female companion beside Chang Xue was dissatisfied, "Eh, this punk, we saved him and won't say a word of thanks?"

                Chang Xue shook her head and said, "I didn't mean to help him either, it's just that watching him fight made me think of someone ah. Why in the world are there people who look so much alike, but are so far apart."

                Qin Ming didn't go back to his dormitory because he suddenly found himself facing a very serious problem, no money!

                He had left the bank card given by Qin Mo, very dominantly, in the city of Hai, only to find that he had no money ah.

                Contacting Song Ying was impossible, it was dangerous, Chang Jun Ye had already launched an assassination operation against Qin Ming, if Song Ying had an unknown flow of money, it might expose his true identity.

                "Eh, right, we can look for her!" Qin Ming's head suddenly flashed and he thought of someone.

Chapter 550

Qin Ming was very surprised to meet a woman very similar to Chang Miao Miao, but also did not take it to heart, the year of the fake boy, childhood friend, Qin Ming has long been buy vegetables in the psyche.

                Nie Haitang already riding a battery car to deliver takeaway, which made Qin Ming Ming very surprised, he clearly remembered to Nie Haitang played a lot of money, she did not even spend?

                Qin Ming touched his pocket, he was now a poor man too ah.

                "Eh right, we can look for Sun Changxi ah." Qin Ming's head flashed, Sun Changxi was a native of the capital city, she was forced to return to the capital city because of the appearance and pursuit of her enemies.

                But Qin Ming thought about it, it was not good to look for Sun Changxi again, they both had that kind of thing happened, if there was any more involvement, it would be cut and dried.

                "No no, how about looking for Xiaochun then?" Qin Ming thought of Bai Yuchun, who had been living in the capital since she had reclaimed her biological father, and was after all a woman who had confessed her love to him.

                But when Qin Ming thought about it, he didn't even know where Bai Yuchun was, so distant water couldn't put out a nearby fire.

                The first thing he did was to go back to the dormitory.

                The first thing I did was to ask the hostess aunt about the dormitory.

                It turns out that after the incident in which Zhao Zhengyin burned important items of his dormitory mates, although the couple was put right by Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, the school arranged a single room for Qin Ming for safety reasons, which is equivalent to isolating him.

                "Damn, this is cool." Qin Ming looked at the single room that looked like a luxury flat, with a separate large bed, toilet, study and computer room, it was simply not too cool.

                Qin Ming entered the dormitory and found a box at the door with a note on it that read "Hospital sent back your belongings".

                Qin Ming opened the suitcase and found a small box and two books, all soaked in water, in addition to his set of floor-length clothes.

                Those were all the things Qin Ming had with him, except for his wallet, which had changed to Zhao Zhengyin's wallet, and whatever cards were in there.

                Qin Ming picked up the small box, which was wooden and sealed, and inside were three heads of prolonged life compulsion, that was a treasure bought from the Lin family in western Hunan, and to sell it you had to start the auction at 300 million.

                The original was five heads, but the result was that two heads were taken away by Zhang Quanzhen in order to pay homage to his teacher. Now that Qin Ming thinks about it, he should not have been so generous in the first place, that awful old man Zhang Quanzhen, too hateful.

                Qin Ming carefully opened the box, inside the three glass vials, each sealed with three heads of soybean-sized parasites, crystal clear, many tentacles.

                They are currently in hibernation, solidified in yellow goo.

                When Qin Ming saw that the longevity parasites were undamaged, he put them away again.

                The company's bank card was not there, but I heard that it was given to Nie Haitang and donated again.

                Qin Ming put his luggage away and said to himself, "I'm a little tired from being here for the first time, so let's have a meal and rest for a while. We'll talk about the rest tomorrow."

                Qin Ming walked out of the campus with a few hundred dollars in his pocket, thinking of finding a small restaurant at a roadside stall to make up for the meal, but there were many students at the small restaurants outside, and Qin Ming was afraid that if he met someone Zhao Zhengyin had offended, he would start trouble again, so he just walked a little farther away.

                The traffic environment in Beijing is particularly complicated and he is not quite used to it.

                It was cold in Beijing, and it was only November, so he had no problem wearing short sleeves in Guangzhou, but not here.

                Qin Ming was looking around for a small restaurant when he saw a bunch of people surrounding a fitness park, making a lot of noise.

                "Hey, you little girl, what's the use of crying? You've hit someone, so you're responsible."

                "That's right, this grandpa Sun used to be in good health, but now he's fallen to the ground after being hit by you, so hurry up and take him to the hospital."

                "Is there anyone who is a doctor here?"

                Qin Ming looked at the buzz and went over to take a look, wasn't this Nie Haitang?

                Tsk, isn't this fate? It had only been a short while since they had separated, and they ran into each other again.

                Qin Ming saw that her food delivery truck had overturned and should have hit an old man. Nie Haitang was very panicked and overwhelmed, her fingers trembling as she dialed the number of an ambulance.

                But the old man was lying motionless, as if his life was fading away.

                Nie Haitang took the phone and said in a panic: "Hello, 120? Help, help quickly, where is this ...... place? I ...... I don't know where this place is, where is this place ......"

                Qin Ming looked at the road sign and hurriedly said, "This is the fitness park on People's Road, an old man has been knocked down and fainted, please send someone over immediately."

                Nie Haitang was stunned and looked back at Qin Ming with a grateful gaze, and immediately repeated.

                An ambulance was sought, but there was no doctor around to take care of it urgently either.

                Qin Ming looked at this old man who had been hit a handful of years old, his hair was white and he was wearing a Tang suit.

                At that moment, the crowd was pushed apart and a middle-aged woman rushed up and hugged the unconscious old man, saying, "Dad? What happened? Who hit my dad?"

                The crowd of grandparents pointed at Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang suddenly looked very embarrassed, she explained, "I was just passing by, I saw that the old man was unsteady on his feet and was about to fall, I didn't care about my car or the meal I was delivering, I jumped straight up and caught him, I even bumped my arm, look."

                Qin Ming looked sideways and saw that his arm was indeed bruised.

                Nie Haitang said, "I was kind enough to help the old man, I didn't bump into him."

                An onlooker said, "That's not right. I heard a "bang" and then I saw Old Sun and this little girl fall to the ground and the car overturned.

                "Nowadays, who dares to admit it, will blame us old guys for blackmail."

                "Old Sun's family is so rich, just look at his daughter driving a Mercedes to pick him up and drop him off every day, how could he do something like blackmail?"

                "Yes, it's the little girl who hit the man to justify herself."

                The people are obviously going to put a lid on this.

                The grandfather's daughter, Ms Sun, said angrily, "You dare not admit what you did? What's your name? If anything happens to my dad, I won't let you off the hook."

                Nie Haitang was on the verge of tears and said, "It's really not me. I, I just ...... I just want to help someone."

                Qin Ming immediately said, "I believe her, she's not lying. Big sister, don't spray people with blood, this is about evidence."

                Only then did Ms. Sun realize that Qin Ming was there, she gazed at Qin Ming's face for a while and said angrily, "My father has always been in good health, he exercises here every day, how could he suddenly collapse? You want to clear your name? There's no way."

                The passerby said, "Aiya, stop it, hurry up and take him to the hospital, I'm afraid that after that Grandpa Sun will die."

                "Yes, it's dangerous for this old man to be hit and fall down."

                While the noise was going on, the ambulance arrived and took the old man to the hospital.

                Ms Sun, on the other hand, got a few people to surround Nie Haitang and wouldn't let her go, saying, "Don't leave, you murderer, you'd better pray that my dad is alright, or you won't be spared."

                Nie Haitang was helpless, she was obviously just trying to save someone, but instead she was treated as if she had hit someone, and now she was being controlled.

                Qin Ming frowned and said firmly, "Haitang, I believe you. Let's just go along and let the doctor check if there are any bruises from the collision, how hard can it be? It's really too much to ask her to apologise if they got it wrong."

                Nie Haitang said, "Zhao Zhengyan you should stay out of this, it's all my business."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously and said, "It's alright, helping people is the essence of happiness, I want to do something happy too. Don't worry, with me around, you will be fine."

                Nie Haitang's heart twitched, she looked at the man beside her suspiciously, her woman's sixth sense sensed a difference, if it was the old Zhao Zhengyin, he would have said 'Don't worry, I have someone at home to help out', but now this man actually said 'With me around, you will be fine'.

                This was a big difference.

                For a moment then, Nie Haitang felt like the person she was standing next to was like Qin Ming, as only Qin Ming could give her such a clear sense of security.

                However, Nie Haitang quickly shook her head and denied her thoughts: ''It's impossible, Zhao Zhengyan he can't be Qin Ming. Qin Ming is much better. I must be missing Qin Ming too much, sigh, if only Qin Ming was around at this time."

                The two were led by Ms Sun's subordinates and together they rushed to the hospital and waited for news.