Rags To Riches Chapter 545-546

 Chapter 545

"You bastard, punk, hardened piece of shit, you're dead, you're finished. I won't let you go."

                At the entrance of the Wild Rose Private Club, He Jinshu, the youngest master of the He family, roared in anger, he couldn't believe it, he had actually had his fingers broken by the trash that all of Hai City despised?

                The ten fingers were so painful that he was sweating profusely.

                "Shao He ...... Shao He." He Jinshu's follower boy endured the pain and hurried over to help him: "I'll take you to the hospital."

                He Jinshu slapped him across the face and cursed, "Go to your fucking hospital? If word of this gets out, how can I, He Jinshu, still have the face to live in the city? Immediately gather the brothers and surround the Wild Rose. I want to hang that piece of shit Zhao Zhengyan tonight, so that everyone in the city can see his useless cock."

                The little brother said, "But Mr. He, the Night Rose Club is, is ...... White Lotus's turf, that woman has great social skills, we are making trouble in her turf ......"

                "What are you afraid of? Would White Lotus still go against me for a trash that everyone scorned? How would Zhao Songli dare to make a big deal out of it? He's just a bastard himself, and if it weren't for that woman Qin Mo's connections, would he be where he is today?" He Jinshu said angrily, "I'm not afraid. The old Qin family has been busy celebrating Old Lady Qin's birthday, and if something happens to Zhao Zhengyan at this time, they will only feel bad luck."

                He Jinshu looked at Qin Ming's distant background with annoyance and said viciously, "Without the support of his family, he is just a waste, trash, how could I have been injured by him? It is not a gentleman who does not take revenge for this. Call someone! The more the better."

                "Yes, Shao He."

                He Jinshu's side called for men, and Qin Ming heard it too, but he didn't pay any attention to his rant and threat, he instead savoured what He Jinshu had just said.

                Zhao Zhengyin had actually attempted to "rape" a female student. He had a history of trying to "rape" a female student? He even stripped him naked, but he couldn't get it up, so he became a laughing stock.

                Qin Ming recalls Zhao Zhengyin's appearance, but he doesn't look like a person who would do such things.

                Qin Ming used his mobile phone to investigate on the internet, but found nothing.

                Qin Ming looked at Du Yikun, who was a little confused, and said, "Treating me like a fat sheep and paying your bills?"

                The corners of Du Yikun's mouth twitched and he hurriedly said, "That's not true, Brother Yan, I call you Brother, from now on it's all Brother. You used to take care of me so much, I had to take you with me when I had food, drink and fun. It's just that sometimes I'm short of cash and I can't help it."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, he was really a friend of wine and meat, the kind that he would only think of when he was out of pocket.

                However, as the saying goes, you can't beat a smiling man with a hand, so this Du Yikun should keep it for now.

                Qin Ming asked, "What was the party that Mr. He said just now, my fiancée went to, what was that about?"

                Du Yikun said, "Oh, it was a party for some rich kids from a wealthy family. Without you present, Brother Yan, there was no poker face. Big beauty Huang was just dragged there by her companion. But ......"

                Qin Ming turned his head and asked, "But what?"

                Du Yikun smiled sarcastically and said, "However, someone saw at the venue that the Huang Daxian beauty seemed to be very interested in the one from the Bai family and chatted and ate wine with him on the sidelines the whole time. The circle also said that Brother Yan you ......"

                The latter words are self-explanatory, this is the rhythm to be green.

                Qin Ming asked, "They went back together?"

                Du Yikun shook his head and said, "That's not true. In our circle, whoever does something must be picked up by the entertainment paparazzi? The big beauty wouldn't dare, she went home on her own after the party."

                Qin Ming was not interested in his fiancée Huang Shutong.

                Qin Ming swore that he really wasn't interested.

                There was just one problem, was he going to maintain Zhao Zhengyan's interpersonal relationship?

                Qin Ming couldn't decide in his heart, ah.

                However, Qin Ming used to be bored and read some foreign Spider-Man comics about Spider-Man's identity being switched by Dr. Octopus, who ended up handling Spider-Man's messy interpersonal relationships very well, not only opening a company and having a good girlfriend, but his ordinary friendships were all handled very well.

                This was the only thing Qin Ming had left to give him some reference for similar situations.

                After all, it's not good when you take someone's life and have to ruin it in order to achieve your own goals.

                "Take your time." Qin Ming couldn't decide in his mind, but he always felt that he should help Zhao Zhengyin.

                The two of them entered the interior of the club, which was relatively quiet, as low-key and luxurious as possible, with a retro style, not the kind of place Qin Ming imagined to engage in ambiguous, pimping business.

                It was not the kind of place that Qin Ming had imagined to be engaging in ambiguous, pimping business.

                It was the first time Qin Ming came to this kind of club, which seemed to be a place for some successful people in society to relax and chat, looking for friends or partners of the same calibre.

                And Du Yikun brought Qin Ming to a private room where there were quite a few young men and women, who immediately cheered when they saw the two of them arrive.

                "Young Zhao is here with great pleasure ......"

                "Young Zhao, sit this way, sit this way."

                "We've been waiting for you to come, young Zhao."

                Qin Ming looked at the enthusiasm of these people, but when he saw the table full of expensive leftover food, he narrowed his eyes, he called this just waiting for him to come?

                However, before Qin Ming's butt was even warmed up, the door was kicked straight open.

                He Jinshu walked in with a group of youngsters in tow, fierce and fierce.

                The crowd was shocked, and when they saw the thugs coming in, they were so scared that they didn't know who they had offended, and they all cowered to the side.

                "Hey ......" He Jinshu walked in with trembling fingers grimly.

                He Jinshu roared loudly, "All unrelated people get out of here, I'm looking for this punk Zhao Zhengyan. Anyone who defends him will be crossing the line with me, He Jinshu, and with my He family."

                This roar immediately scared all the people who had just warmly welcomed Qin Ming out, leaving only Du Yikun alone.

                "Young Kun, let's go."

                "Brother Kun, aren't you leaving?"

                "Brother Kun, a good man doesn't want to lose anything in front of him."

                A few of his companions persuaded Du Yikun to leave, but Du Yikun was hesitant, he felt that "Zhao Zhengyan" was different from before, not so easy to fool, once he left, he might have one less drinking friend in the future.

                Qin Ming was still very calm and looked at Du Yikun, Zhao Zhengyan's drinking friend, and said, "You can go first if you are afraid of death. It's looking for me after all."

                Du Yikun swallowed hard and said, "He Shao, actually this matter ......"

                "Thing your mother!" He Jinshu kicked Du Yikun off with such violence that Du Yikun was knocked directly onto a side table, knocking his back against it and causing him to lie on the ground wailing in pain, unable to stand up.

                He then waved his hand and roared, "Zhao Zhengyan, you scum, I'll waste you today. Oh no, you were already a waste, a waste of a man, I'll strip you naked and parade you through the streets today! Hahahaha. Brothers, let's go, let's fight! If anything happens, I'll take the blame."

                "Okay, Shao He, haha, this punk thing, dare to mess with our Shao He?"

                "Let him make a fool of himself in front of the city again today."

                "I've brought all the HD cameras, haha."

                Five thugs, found from nowhere, swarmed over him, Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and twisted his head, the corners of his mouth raised in a bloodthirsty smile.

Chapter 546

During the days when Qin Ming was in hospital, he did not stay idle and practised kung fu every day, and his body had almost recovered.

                In the past, he was also a fierce fighter and loved to fight, but now, not to mention, he has strengthened his body with the kung fu of exhalation given by Zhang Quanzhen.

                This time, five fighters rushed up and punched him in the face.

                Behind him, He Jinshu laughed fiercely: "Hahahaha, beat me up, beat me into a pig's head. If something happens, it's on me. Today I want to see him take a shot and lose face."


                Qin Ming's fist went up against the oncoming fighter, fist to fist, it was the strength and endurance of the fist that was being compared.

                Qin Ming's endurance was undoubtedly extremely strong, and the power of his fist, although not at its peak, was still sufficient.

                The man quickly withdrew his hand in pain. Qin Ming tried to kick again, but the men on either side of him swarmed again.

                Qin Ming backed up as he swung the bottles on either side of the table and banged them down with such force that it directly opened up the man's head, splattering blood three times.

                "Ah!" A fighter man fell down, although the others were surprised at Qin Ming's ferocity, they only took it as Qin Ming using foreign objects and continued to rush up again, one even pounced on him.

                Behind him, He Jinshu broke into a cursing fit and threw down a card, "Rubbish, get your spirits up. Whoever takes down this kid, I have 100,000 in this card and it goes to him."

                Under the heavy reward, there would be brave men, and the remaining men, seeing that there was one hundred thousand dollars, were all red-eyed and rushed up for the money.

                Qin Ming was originally facing four or five other people, and all of a sudden he was up against eight.

                He Jinshu laughed in triumph as he covered the finger broken by Qin Ming and said viciously, "You punk, you weren't so arrogant just now. I have 10,000 ways to kill you in this room, so I'll see how you die later. After you've ruined him, drag him to my room."

                "Yes, Major He." The little brother at the side answered.

                As He Jinshu walked out of the private room, he felt a sigh of relief come out of his heart.

                Their He family was a prestigious family in Hai City, with a family fortune of over a hundred billion dollars and a wide range of connections. Would he be a laughing stock?

                He could not let that happen.

                He Jinshu laughed coldly and said, "Yuck, if only that little demon Huang Shutong liked me, I would have taken his fiancee in front of him, yuck, you punk."

                He went to his private room, a wooden vintage room with smoke coming from the incense burner and someone playing a musical instrument and serving tea on the side, an imperial treat.

                He Jinshu sat down, drank a cup of tea, saw his fingers and cursed again, "I had a date with a starlet tonight, thinking of taking her. Now I'm late, and the actress has gone to chat with some rich guy. What a pity, that punk, how dare you mess with me? I'll kill you."

                Knock, knock, knock, at that moment, the door rang.

                He Jinshu said, "Bring the man in, dammit, no, strip him naked and throw him in. Let me see how this waste of a thing makes a fool of himself."

                Boom, a naked man was thrown in.

                When He Jinshu saw this, he kicked the man in the head and cursed, "Fuck you, you piece of shit, trash, you can't mess with me? Who the hell are you? What are you? You'll have to be on your knees once master's money comes down."

                "Ouch, ah ...... He Shao, have mercy. It's me."

                "Eh?" He Jinshu was stunned and realised that the person he was kicking was not the right person, wasn't this the fighter he had found?



                Soon, another person was thrown in outside, one after another, each one shirtless!

                After a dozen seconds had passed, nine beaters, including He Jinshu's follow driver, were thrown in, all naked, without a pair of trousers, some of them covering their stomachs, some covering their bottoms, some holding their heads, unable to stand up despite being thrown together, just screaming ouch, ouch, ouch.

                "What's going on?" He Jinshu was dumbfounded and frozen.

                And there at the door, Qin Ming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and the sweat from his forehead, and walked in with his head held high, walking step by step towards He Jinshu.

                He Jinshu, no matter how surprised he was, guessed that all of his men had lost the fight?

                He said in horror, "How is it possible you punk. How can a wastrel who can't even run a hundred metres ......"

                "How?" Qin Ming slapped He Jinshu's face hideously and cursed, "I heard that you're someone I can't mess with? To make a fool of me? You don't even have to take a look at yourself, who are you? Who are you? You have some money? Huh?"

                "You fucking ......" He Jinshu pounced on him at once.

                But his movements were broken in Qin Ming's eyes, and he didn't have the strength yet. A man like Qin Ming, who was used to street fights, dodged and wrenched him down with a pick of his feet.

                "Aaaah." He Jinshu fell straight into the pile of people, his group of fighters, each one without clothes, and he pounced straight on them, right into a close encounter with someone taking a piss.

                Qin Ming hurriedly took out his mobile phone, click click click click click click ...... to take a dozen pictures wildly.

                "Haha ......" Qin Ming laughed: "He Shao, I didn't expect this interest from you, huh? It seems necessary to talk to your girlfriend about it."

                "Aww shucks." He Jinshu jerked up, rushed to the countertop, picked up a pot of tea and poured it into his mouth, "Blah blah blah ......"

                The intimate contact with the other men just now made his stomach roll over with vomit, not caring about the hot water and gargling frantically.

                He Jinshu's veins showed under the fury, he grabbed a fruit knife and his eyes widened in anger: "You want to die, fine, I'll make it happen for you. Ahhhhh."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and saw He Jinshu holding a murderous weapon, and held his breath.

                Off to the side, a delicate cry came from the doorway, "Stop!"

                A young woman dressed in a cheongsam, holding a fan, with a very imposing appearance, walked in with a group of clubhouse security guards.

                He Jinshu was also halted by this scolding.

                He Jinshu turned his head and said, "White Lotus? This is a matter between me and this punk, so don't bother. If anything happens, I'll be responsible."

                Bai Lianhua walked over, pressed He Jinshu's hand, took the fruit knife and said gently, "Younger He, you killed someone in my place, can I not be responsible if something happens? How big a deal is it to be so angry that you have to move the knife?"

                Qin Ming took a banana aside and said, "It's nothing, just that I caught him having sex with nine men, and I filmed him eating a big banana, so he got angry. People nowadays, they dare not behave themselves. Look at his mouth, it's all blown up."

                He Jinshu's mouth was obviously scalded by hot water, but Qin Ming deliberately said it was burst by someone, deliberately comparing it to the accidental intimate contact between He Jinshu and his men just now, which made him tremble with anger and pounce on him again.

                "I'll kill you." He Jinshu darted for a second time.

                But Qin Ming made a subtle dodge and He Jinshu stumbled and lunged at the hot water boiling kettle behind Qin Ming.

                With a loud shaking dong, the hot water knocked over and scalded He Jinshu's arm, and he screamed in pain, "Ahhh, it's hot, it's hot, help me, help me."

                That white lotus looked at Qin Ming's action, willow eyebrows raised, heart said surprised: "This reaction, is he ...... that wimp of the Zhao family? How come it seems that this fop youngster of the He family is a little more of a wimp? I heard that this Zhao Zhengyan through his father's influence, worshiped Zhang Zhen Zhen as a teacher, has it changed?"

                White Lotus quickly said, "Hurry up and help young He up and take him to medical treatment."

                Qin Ming straightened out He Jinshu and thought that taking the photo was enough, he couldn't quite get someone killed, could he? Anyway, just play slowly.

                But just as Qin Ming was about to leave, that white lotus was at his body with white arms stopping Qin Ming, saying, "Zhao Shao ...... is that you? What? When you see your sister, you don't even say hello anymore? So rusty?"

                Qin Ming frowned, your sister, Zhao Zhengyin and this club owner's wife is very familiar? What reaction should he give now?