Rags To Riches Chapter 543-544

 Chapter 543

Qin Ming had just arrived at his "new home" when he saw his mistress, Qin Mo.

                She was a beautiful woman with four charming faces, her figure and skin were well maintained, as if she was in her early thirties, with a purple dress and long, slender thighs, and she gave the impression of being very strong.

                Qin Mo glanced back at Qin Ming and chided with a slight huff, "Back? Come here."

                Qin Ming was in a bit of a bind now, he didn't know what Zhao Zhengyin's attitude was like with his parents in the past?

                Qin Ming thought about it, not to dwell too much on this matter, anyway, he had left home alone, also car accident hospitalized, this matter as a shield, how to come, that or according to his mood.

                "What for?" Qin Ming said impatiently.

                Qin Mo crossed his legs and said, "I told you to study hard, you give me so many things all day long? You even went to Guangzhou alone, thousands of kilometres away, if something happens, who can save you? If it wasn't for Zhang Zhen Zhen who happened to be right and rushed to your rescue, I don't even know what would have happened."

                Qin Ming said, "I'm fine now, aren't I? If you want to teach me a lesson, why don't you teach me in the hospital?"

                When Qin Mo heard this, she was speechless, she narrowed her eyes and looked at Qin Ming, feeling a little different from her own son.

                Zhao Zhengyin would never refute her words, never responding with "mmmmm, oh oh", this resentment was because she didn't visit the hospital and as a mother didn't care for her son?

                Qin Mo reprimanded: "Humph, now you blame me for not caring about you? Weren't you the one who snapped at me and left you alone? Now that your wings are hardened, you don't need to tell your family about anything you do, do you? How old are you? I don't care about you if you don't study properly and play all day. When you left school, you burned a piece of your classmates' belongings, almost causing a fire, and put laxatives in their food, putting a dozen people in hospital."

                "You did this to find out, or I'll go with your dad and apologise to them and make amends, privately. You can go directly to the police station after you are discharged from the hospital."

                The first thing that happened to him was that he had to go to the police station. Is he sure he won't go back?

                This is a real troublemaker.

                Qin Ming said with a tired heart, "My business, I'll solve it myself."

                Qin Mo was angry but reprimanded, "How are you going to solve it? Why don't you learn from your brother? Don't make trouble for me all day long. It's not so annoying to be your second generation rich boy."

                Qin Ming opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but stopped, after all, he was not his own mother, and it didn't feel good to listen.

                Qin Ming followed the maid back to the room and found that Zhao Zhengyin's interests were all rather nerdy, they were all hand-me-downs of some anime women and some kind of masked Superman transformation belt, and seven or eight computers, game consoles, toy models and so on.

                The room could be described as a mess.

                Qin Ming lamented, "It's nice to be rich, to be clothed and fed, and to have parents to wipe your ass if you get into trouble. But how can I say I'm an invalid? It's not like old man Zhang is talking to me, sigh ......"

                The maid in charge of taking things aside asked curiously, "Second youngster, didn't you say you didn't like wearing contact lenses? Here are two pairs of glasses, you ......"

                Qin Ming said, "Put the stuff down and get me something to eat."

                Qin Ming took the two pairs of glasses, one seemed to be from Miss Huang and one from his dad, after all, blood is thicker than water, this Zhao Songli did not completely give up on Zhao Zhengyan, his wimp of a son ah.

                Qin Ming was lying comfortably on the bed, in a rather wonderful mood, he had become someone else, someone else's life, or a rich second generation, it felt quite good.

                Not long after, Aunt Lan came up with a bowl of noodles and gave Qin Ming a card and mobile phone, saying, "Second young master, the wife is rushing for a flight to talk business. She said there's half a million in the card, plus this is a new mobile phone with the same login number as the one you lost to get it."

                Qin Ming was stunned, this treatment, it was too good to be true, right?

                It is worthy of being a real mother, just give money, talk about what feelings, is not it?

                Qin Ming was eating noodles and tinkering with his new phone, his old phone had fallen into the Pearl River and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to find it, so this new phone would work.

                Qin Ming looked through the contacts on Zhao Zhengyin's phone and found that there were only eight people.

                Five important family members, parents, siblings and grandmother, another was Zhao Songli's secretary, and Huang Shutong, with a note of fiancee.

                The last number was the most surprising to Qin Ming, surprisingly it was Nie Haitang, with the note Goddess?

                "What the hell?" Qin Ming froze, did this Zhao Zhengyin know Nie Haitang? It couldn't be that the person Zhao Songli said, who had a fiancée and was still pursuing the transfer student, was Nie Haitang, could it?

                When he thought of this, Qin Ming was a little upset, what the hell are you? Is Nie Haitang someone you can pick up?

                Qin Ming thought about it and tried to find out what Nie Haitang thought of Zhao Zhengyin.

                He hurriedly sent Nie Haitang a message, "I miss you."

                In the past, Qin Ming's messages to Nie Haitang were usually returned in seconds, but he waited for almost half an hour before Nie Haitang replied, "I heard that before you left, you took away all your classmates' designer clothes and shoes, as well as electronics, and poured feces on their beds and gave them laxatives in their meals, why did you do that? Are you really not coming back?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this Zhao Zhengyin had gone a bit too far haha, how could he go back to school in the future?

                Qin Ming thought about it and replied, "I want to take your photo hand phone wallpaper, can you send me a photo of you?"

                "No way." Nie Haitang replied.

                Oops, Qin Ming was happy in his heart and rubbed his hands together, very pleased with himself.

                Qin Ming added, "Then you'll regret it, I changed the wallpaper of my phone to another woman oh."

                "Oh, have you been drinking fake wine today?" In the dormitory at Tsinghua University, Nie Haitang lay on her wear and laughed disdainfully before replying, "The money you sent me before you left last time, I've already donated it to charity in your name to."

                Qin Ming was not annoyed when he did not get Nie Haitang's photo, he was after all impersonating Zhao Zhengyin now.

                To put it bluntly, he was still a bit vain.

                After all, Nie Haitang was his ex-girlfriend and was still waiting for him, so the vanity of men naturally did not want Nie Haitang to be picked up at this time.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Haitang, just wait, soon I will have no one to care about."

                Once he thought of Nie Haitang, Qin Ming thought of Mu Xiaoqiao again, the same woman who had given him a lot and waited for him obsessively, Qin Ming's heart could hardly balance.

                "Should we go and fight through it?" Qin Ming mulled it over in his mind.

                Qin Ming was about to call and test Mu Xiao Qiao when suddenly his phone rang first, an unlisted number.


                A tinny voice on the other end of the line yelled, "Hello! Brother Yan, it's me, Ah Kun. I heard that you were discharged from hospital today, ouch, Brother Yan had a car accident and fell off a bridge into the river, there must be a blessing after a great disaster."

                Qin Ming didn't know who this man was, but he thought he was a friend of Zhao Zhengyan's. He was impatient and said, "Get down to business."

                The other side of the phone, Kun, said, "No, nothing serious, it's just that the guys know you're back, so they have to give you a reception and get rid of the bad luck from the hospital, so let's go out tonight."

                Qin Ming didn't want to go, but on second thought, it would be good to go out and learn more about his interpersonal relationships in this capacity, as well as re-establish a new image.

                He then said, "Okay, send me a location."

                At this moment, in a private club room, Ah Kun, who was on the phone, suddenly shouted, "Oops, here it is, finally a fat lamb has been asked out."

Chapter 544

Qin Ming looked at the positioning and wanted to ask the assassination squad of Hai City to come and protect him, but on second thought, wouldn't it be easy to expose his whereabouts by taking?

                Now Qin Ming's identity is Zhao Zhengyin, the second generation of the rich in the city of Hai, and he is also a scorned second generation of the rich.

                He had no choice but to go to the banquet alone.

                Qin Ming followed the location to the Wild Rose private club, these are the private clubs that the rich and powerful love to go to, membership system, first pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter to enjoy.

                As soon as Qin Ming arrived, a tall, thin yellow hair immediately walked up and said eagerly, "Aiyo, Brother Yan is here."

                Qin Ming asked, "You are?"

                "I'm Ah Kun, Du Yikun ah." Du Yikun was surprised and asked, "Brother Yan you forgot? We went to high school together, and every year when you came back from university, wasn't it me who helped you get around? You didn't get into a car accident and hurt your head, did you?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't remember some things, but at least I still know how to get home."

                Du Yikun laughed and said, "Hey, Brother Yan, you are really funny, we haven't seen each other for more than half a year, why do you feel that you have become stronger? And your emphasis has changed, you sound a bit southern."

                Qin Ming said, "I know a girl from the south, so I learned the southern accent to chase her."

                Du Yikun immediately said nervously, "Aiya, Brother Yan is careful of ears through the wall. Everyone knows that you have a crush on a girl in college. The rumor is that your fiancée has it, but it's just a rumor, and Miss Huang just laughs at it. If you were to say it yourself, wouldn't she have something to hold on to?"

                Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter. We're grown men, how can we let a woman be chained to us?"

                Du Yikun was dumbfounded, was this still the Zhao Zhengyin he knew?

                Qin Ming had actually thought about it, he could do whatever he wanted to do, everything was explained by Zhang Quanzhen's magic and his change of temperament after the car accident, as for these ordinary friends, it was even less important to care.

                Du Yikun laughed and said, "Hahahaha, it's good that you've figured it out, Brother Yan. Go go go, upstairs please."

                Although he felt that this Du Yikun was a detrimental friend, Qin Ming could see that he was very good at pleasing people, standing half a body back throughout the conversation with him, using modest words, with the pleasing look of an old friend, a quite capable publicist.

                Hanging out with people like this really makes you feel good, but it might be a bit tight on the wallet.

                The two were about to enter the Wild Rose Club when suddenly a luxury Bugatti on the side of the road suddenly braked sharply, just as a puddle of water was on the side of the road, and this sharp brake splashed the water directly onto the two of them.

                "Ah!" Seeing this, Du Yikun immediately turned around and cursed, "Are you crazy? You idiot, do you think you're so big to drive a Bugatti? Damn it."

                At this moment, a young rich young man got out of the car, the weather was slightly cool, wearing a powerful and shaky shawl, while walking, his younger brother lit his cigarette and said, "Du Yikun, why are you so arrogant? You poor bastard dog's leg."

                Du Yikun was stunned, and immediately went weak, saying, "He Shao, it's you. I'm just taking it out on young Zhao, and look, you've got him wet too."

                He Jinshu twisted his head to take a look at Qin Ming and immediately laughed out loud, "You're still with Zhao Zhengyin, the punk? Hahahahahaha, also, also, only he, this fool, will be fooled by you, you spent a lot tonight, right? Coaxing people over to settle the bill isn't it? Hahahaha."

                Du Yikun's face turned red as he argued forcefully, "Brother Yan is my friend. Young He, you are also a wealthy family, is there a need to mock people like this?"

                "Bah, I need to give face to this trash? Is he not a waste? Am I not stating a fact that everyone in Hai City knows?" He Jinshu disdainfully exhaled a mouthful of smoke, stepped forward, and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, are you a wasteful thing who was born without a lift, is it a good idea to come to this kind of club? Put my girlfriend, lying naked in front of you, you can't do it, you come to Wild Rose to watch others drive away?"

                "You punk, a few days ago you were hospitalized, I threw a party, your fiancée Huang Shutong was originally urged by the family, to go to the hospital to see you, but the results heard that I threw a party, she came to my house halfway to join the party."

                "You wimp, even your fiancée despises you, big beauty Huang would rather look at this face of mine than your decrepit face. I'm going to spend money here today, so get the hell out of my way and save me from disturbing my mood. If you don't leave, save me the trouble of making you look good."

                Qin Ming listened on the sidelines and was quite surprised in his heart, born with no lift?

                Was this Zhao Zhengyan's biggest sore spot?

                He remembered that Zhang Quanzhen had said that Zhao Zhengyan had been poisoned and injured since he was a child.

                This was a sad character, so how could so many people fall into the well?

                Qin Ming recalled the crying plea of Zhao Zhengyan when he was in Guangcheng, willing to exchange everything he had for Qin Ming's identity, just to live a peaceful and ordinary life.

                Qin Ming's feelings these days were indeed somewhat depressing, the best of all people to him was actually the maid, Aunt Lan?

                Qin Ming said calmly, "You accompany the two of us in our clothes and then apologise, and this matter will be forgotten."

                At the entrance of the Wild Rose Private Club, the air was suddenly quiet, including the waitress at the door, and He Jinshu's followers, the driver's boys, all of whom looked at Qin Ming strangely.

                At this time in the past, shouldn't this guy have been ridiculed to the point of blushing and then walked away in a huff?

                After all, he was a punk who could be bullied by everyone.

                "What gives you the right to be a punk?" He Jinshu was furious, to be asked to apologise by a punk was a great shame to him.

                He poked his hand violently at Qin Ming's chest, frothing at the mouth with insults, "You're a loser who doesn't lift, a born coward who doesn't lift and tries to rape in an alley? You're a piece of trash who tried to rape a female classmate in an alley, scum. You deserve to live in a corner of the shadows. Who in the whole city doesn't know about your scandalous deeds? Hahahaha, stripped naked and still hard trash, with a dick as small as a brat."

                "Want me to apologise to you? On what basis? On the basis of your mum and dad? What use are you losers but to rely on your parents? Every penny you spend, did you earn it yourself?"

                Qin Ming was poked in the chest, and he, who was already a little annoyed, became even angrier.

                You splashed me all over, and you didn't apologise and you insulted me as if it was a common occurrence, how dare you?

                Qin Ming suddenly reached out and grabbed He Jinshu's finger, then twisted it downwards with force.

                How could He Jinshu have imagined that this "Zhao Zhengyin" would be so violent? Wasn't he a nerd? Wasn't he a loser who couldn't even run 100 metres in sports?

                How could he be so strong?

                As his fingers twisted, He Jinshu felt more and more pain.

                "You let go of young He." The little brother at the side immediately cursed and immediately came up to protect his master.

                But Qin Ming saw the opportunity quickly and kicked him in the abdomen, sending He Jinshu's little brother to the ground, unable to stand up.

                He Jinshu's fingers were twisted, and as Qin Ming pushed harder, his body kept crouching down for comfort.

                He Jinshu lost his poise and manners just now and angrily rebuked, "Ahhhhh, let go, you punk, let go. I tell you, my He family is not afraid of you."

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth lifted as he said, "You're not apologising?"

                He Jinshu's face turned blue, and with the idea that a good man would not eat a loss in front of him, and that he would retaliate after he let go, he hurriedly said, "Okay, I apologise, I apologise, let go now."

                However, Qin Ming sneered hideously and suddenly broke He Jinshu's finger with a powerful "snap".

                "Ahhhhh!" He Jinshu was so painful that he covered his backward-flipping finger and knelt down, screaming in agony.

                Qin Ming patted his face and said, "If apologising is useful, what face do we rich kids need? Hmm? You ask me on what basis? I'll tell you, I'm on my own."

                After Qin Ming finished speaking, he walked straight into the Wild Rose Club, and his detractor Du Yikun, who was looking dumbfounded, held his head in disbelief and muttered, "This, what's going on? It's over, it's over, Zhao Zhengyin has gotten into trouble again."