Rags To Riches Chapter 541-542

 Chapter 541

After lying down for a few days, Qin Ming was barely able to get off the ground.

                Although his body was tired and weak, Qin Ming felt that his body did not have so many traumatic injuries, so he wondered if he had been touched by someone during his coma.

                But as his body kept recovering in a good way, he didn't think too much about it.

                Wearing the clothes of a sick man and leaning on the iron bar for hanging medicine, Qin Ming walked towards the door step by step.

                The nurse was counting on not wanting to, especially when this nurse left a word of waste and another of waste, and he didn't want this kind of person taking care of him.

                "Zhao Zhengyin ah ...... you live can really wimp." Qin Ming secretly shook his head.

                He walked with difficulty to the hospital corridor and found that it was evening and there were not many people in the hospital inpatient building, he urgently needed to make a phone call back to ask about Ah Long's injuries.

                Although mobile phones are now very smart, Qin Ming was still used to remembering the mobile phone numbers of important people, so it didn't matter if he lost his phone.

                It so happened that a patient's family member was passing by, so Qin Ming hurriedly said, "Hello, sir, can I borrow your phone?"

                The family member was stunned and looked at Qin Ming, but he was still kind and said, "Don't take too long to call."

                Qin Ming took the mobile phone and dialed Song Ying's mobile number, and within a few moments he heard Song Ying's tired voice: "Hello? Who is it? How do you know this number?"

                "It's me." Qin Ming said flatly, "Don't you recognise my voice?"

                Song Ying on the other end of the phone was excited and said, "Young master, you're alright? Great, where are you? I'll pick you up immediately."

                Qin Ming smiled, "I'm fine, how are Ah Long and Bi Yuan?"

                Song Ying gulped even more at one point, "It's good that they're fine, it's good that they're fine. Ah Long is injured but can't die, Bi Yuan is a bit more serious but is out of life threatening condition. Young master, please, from now on, please do let me elevate to protect you. This is the second time that it is not enough to keep Lung close to you alone, we have too many enemies."

                "Who did this?" Qin Ming asked.

                Song Ying said in a murderous voice, "Chang Jun Ye's men. I took care of all the killers from that night, they had lurked in Guang City three months ago, so they avoided some ears."

                Qin Ming took a deep breath, this was really a heavy burden to bear if you wanted to wear a crown, and this "heavy" was not easy to bear.

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and then smiled lightly, "Have you seen it? The one who looks like me."

                Song Ying asked anxiously again, "That man? There is nothing wrong with him, and he is currently under our protection. Young master, where are you? I'll go over and pick you up."

                Qin Ming said, "No need to pick me up for now, I'm safe, everything is as usual, I'll contact you again. By the way, charge this number for fifty years."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and returned it. The visiting family member was amused: "You're pretentious, charging my number for fifty years? This is a special contract number, it costs more than 100 phone bills a month, do you know how much 50 years is? One hundred thousand."

                "Ding ......"

                The family did not finish speaking, the phone rang again, he was curious to open it to see, immediately dropped his jaw, looking at the phone bill to 100,000 yuan, he was dumbfounded, this is really fifty years of phone bills ah? It was more.

                Qin Ming patted the man on the shoulder and said, "A courtesy to the family."

                It took a while for the family member to come to his senses. This unassuming young man was a big shot! He wasn't worth 100,000 yuan for this favour, was he? But a hundred thousand dollars is too much to give, so he had to make friends.

                He immediately said, "Eh no, can you give me cash? Little brother, no, brother ...... oops, where is the person?"

                Qin Ming finished his phone call and returned to the ward.

                The lazy caregiver was still sleeping, so Qin Ming didn't expect her, and sat on the hospital bed with his feet crossed, and began to review the Taoist breathing and exhalation kung fu taught by Zhang Quanzhen.

                An hour later, Qin Ming exhaled a long breath, and his whole body was much more refreshed.

                But his physical problems had not changed much, he was just a little more comfortable.

                However, every day after that, Qin Ming followed his old habit of "practising" regularly in the morning and at night, and as time went on, Qin Ming's body gradually recovered to half its previous level, and running and jumping were no longer too much of a problem.

                During this time, no one came to visit "Zhao Zhengyan", not even the young girl who brought him glasses last time.

                Finally, on the tenth day of Qin Ming's hospitalisation, Zhang Quanzhen came.

                When Qin Ming saw the smiling Zhang Quanzhen, his first reaction was to throw the lunch he was holding at him, cursing, "Zhang Quanzhen, you smelly old man, I'll pull out your beard."

                Zhang Quanzhen dodged and avoided Qin Ming's plate of rice and said with a smile, "Ouch, you've recovered well from the good food and accommodation in the hospital, it looks like I've counted correctly and you can be discharged today."

                "Zhao Zhengyin, how can you treat your teacher like this? How can you treat your teacher like that? Suddenly, a cold middle-aged man followed behind Zhang Quanzhen, he wore glasses and had clear eyebrows, but the years had left many wrinkles on his face, he must have been a big handsome man when he was young.

                The first time Qin Ming saw Zhao Songli in person, he was much more domineering and murderous than in his photos, giving him the impression that he was not a simple character.

                However, Qin Ming was not afraid, but had some affection for him.

                It was very inexplicable, and he didn't know why.

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly said, "Alas, Xiao Zhao, don't blame him, after all, I gave him a spell and changed his fate, it's normal for him to change as he travels south this time. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to meet your expectations for him, would he? It's just that there was a car accident, I'm sorry."

                Zhao Songli politely bowed slightly to Zhang Quanzhen and said, "How can you say that, Zhang Zhen? When a great task is given to a man, he must first suffer his heart and bones. Isn't a mere car accident a testament to your comment about crossing a round of calamities? Now he's not on all fours?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and was a little upset in his heart, this Zhang Quanzhen, he was quite capable of deceiving people, ah.

                His son had been in a car accident, and he was still able to be fooled into not taking it seriously, Zhang Quanzhen was really good at fooling people.

                When Zhao Songli saw Qin Ming dazed, he asked, "Don't you remember who I am?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, and he couldn't really say the word "dad", so he said, "You? I'm the one who pays my medical bills. But you didn't pay for this caregiver."

                Zhao Songli scolded, "Since you know that your fiancee hired the caregiver, you should be a human being and not give her a hard time all day. Word has come back about your every move at school. I hear you even have a crush on a transfer student and are openly courting him, sending him money all day long, it's outrageous."

                After scolding, he said impatiently, "Forget it, I have a meeting later, you go back with Zhang Zhen Zhen. I hope you'll learn a lesson this time."

                Zhao Songli grunted heavily in dissatisfaction, then after taking out a glasses case from his pocket and putting it down, he thundered away.

                Qin Ming sent the nursing aunt away as well, leaving Zhang Quanzhen and Qin Ming alone in the ward.

                When Qin Ming saw that everyone around him had left, he scratched the roots of his beard, which had not been trimmed for days, and muttered, "Huh? Where did you throw the fruit knife? Stinky old man, don't leave, I'll make you look good today."

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly walked up and pressed Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Ah Xiao Qin, what are you doing? Is it urgent to blame the teacher for not greeting you and getting you here? Have you forgotten what you promised your teacher?"

                Qin Ming gave an unhappy grunt and said, "Teacher, you are too unkind to suddenly get me here in Haichi. My identity also changed suddenly, and I still have a lot of things to arrange in time."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled back and said, "There is no hurry, you can take your time to make arrangements. The important thing is that from today onwards, a new legend will be spread in Hai City, Zhao Zhengyan was enlightened by my Tiger Dragon Mountain True Immortal, Zhang Zhen Zhen, and was transformed and reborn, becoming a new figure who calls the tune in Hai City."

Chapter 542

Qin Ming rolled his eyes at Zhang Quanzhen repeatedly, if not for the unity of purpose, he would have kicked the bad old man out.

                Qin Ming was calculating in his mind, "It's just a matter of what comes, so be it. This Zhao family matter cannot be found out much within Huan Yu, and it is difficult for an intelligence agent as outstanding as Ao Mei to get in, and in the future, she will be my biggest enemy, so this opportunity cannot be missed."

                He looked at Zhang Quanzhen's smiling face and smiled along with him, and the two of them laughed strangely at each other.

                Qin Ming asked, "Teacher, how did you fool Zhao Songli and his father?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "It's a coincidence to say the least. At first it was Zhao Songli who first approached me, asking me to tell his son's fortune to see if his fortune would be blessed and prosperous."

                "After I did the calculation, it was not optimistic, unless one had to encounter a calamity to change the predestined destiny, as if you had joined the Mu family."

                "Zhao Songli followed my advice and asked me to arrange at the right time to perform a spell on his son and set up a feng shui formation to change his son's destiny."

                "It happened that during that time, Zhao Zhengyan also approached me, saying that he did not want to live his present life and hoped I could help him and save him from his misery."

                "That was still months ago, and I have been putting it off until now. After all, you also need the right time to make your appearance."

                As Qin Ming listened, his mind drifted off and he became curious again and asked, "Then, teacher, what is wrong with that Zhao Zhengyan? Why does he even know an aunt who is a caregiver and call him a loser? Even if he's not as good at personality and ability, he's not that obnoxious, right?"

                Zhang Quanzhen shook his head, rubbed his hands and stroked his beard as he mused, "Zhao Zhengyan is short of fire in his destiny, and without a fire phase in his destiny, he has no masculine energy. This, coupled with the fact that he was poisoned as a child and his body was injured, as well as the lack of education, led to his lack of virtue and talent, which naturally attracted ridicule. He also made mistakes and did some wrongdoings that were very unpleasant and had a very bad reputation. This has led to him being on tenterhooks and having an extremely difficult time."

                It dawned on Qin Ming that Zhang Quanzhen had also been entrusted with helping Zhao Songli change his son's miserable fate, only to be used by him in the process.

                Zhang Quanzhen patted Qin Ming and said, "You need to take off as Zhao Zhengyin and grow up quickly, and draw the attention of the Zhao family and get Zhao Zhen's attention, then you will have more chances to meet Zhao Zhen and even Chang Rui."

                Qin Ming nodded and asked curiously again, "Teacher, what about Zhao Zhengyan's side?"

                Zhang Quanzhen also rubbed his hands together in a tangled manner and said, "It's exactly the time of trouble over there, the real Zhao Zhengyan has been rescued, and I need to go and negotiate. Anyway, after that, in Hai City, you need to rely on yourself and make a bit of a name for yourself first. You don't have to worry too much, at least relying on my name as Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, there won't be too many people hurting you."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes as he realised that he was really being punked.

                This bad old man, bringing others in and then slipping away?

                However, so be it, Qin Ming did not want to be supervised in everything, and what he should do, he had to slowly start to unfold.

                In fact, Qin Ming had another advantage in doing so, and that was to reduce the risk of being assassinated.

                In the case of Chang Hongxi, who had been assassinated countless times in his life, Qin Ming's kind of assassination was just a routine, and as the highest authority of the Huan Yu Century Group, it could be said that he lived in fear every day.

                After being discharged from hospital, Qin Ming followed Zhang Quanzhen to Sheshan

                Zhao Zhengyan's home was a four-storey villa with a private garden and swimming pool, covering an area of 500 to 600 square feet, which was very luxurious.

                Before he left, Zhang Quanzhen handed Qin Ming two books, a book entitled "Taiji Hands Practice" and a book entitled "The Eight Trigrams of the I Ching", both of which Qin Ming did not like much.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "You've already got some skin in your blood, you've passed the first hurdle, and the second hurdle is coming soon. We Chinese martial arts emphasise both internal and external training, internal kung fu can prolong life and external kung fu can kill the enemy in battle, the two complement each other. If you want to achieve great success, you can't have one without the other."

                The Eight Trigrams of the I Ching is a metaphysical science of feng shui, and Qin Ming will definitely need to learn them if he is to be a master in the future. But The Experimental Exercises of Taiji Hands he did not understand.

                Qin Ming spat out, "Teacher, everyone is holding a gun these days. Do I really need to spend so much time practising this? It's better for me to practise my internal strength every day, I feel that it's useful."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled smugly as he picked up a stone from the ground.

                When Qin Ming looked at it, he was shocked and said, "Teacher, you're not going to show me how to crush petrified pieces of powder with your bare hands, are you?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Watch out, the third street lamp in front of you."

                Qin Ming followed Zhang Quanzhen's voice and looked up at the third street lamp on the road, then he heard Zhang Quanzhen's cry of "Dang" and saw him throwing a stone.

                The light bulb of the street light was broken and the light went out instantly.

                Qin Ming was shocked, the distance was a bit far, about 20 meters, and the street lamp had a lampshade and was four to five meters high, so he hit it in one go, which showed Zhang Quanzhen's strength.

                Zhang Quanzhen said: "There is always a time when you run out of bullets, but our Chinese martial art is people-oriented, as long as the skills are in the body, everything can be used. The stone I just hit on a person's head would have opened up. Besides, guns are forbidden in China, so it's better to practise marksmanship than to practise hard kung fu. Can marksmanship prolong your life? Can it keep you from having a kidney deficit when you have more women in the future?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, these words of Zhang Quanzhen could be described as harsh words.

                Qin Ming spat helplessly, "Teacher, who said I would have more women in the future? I support monogamy, right?"

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed and said, "Come on, you can't get away with this imperial peach blossom destiny. I've sent you home, I'm leaving. Don't forget what I explained to you."

                Sending Zhang Quanzhen away, Qin Ming looked up at this big house under She Mountain, it was a bit worse than his big manor at the top of Yun Mountain in Guangcheng, I guess, but it was barely enough to get by, it should be more comfortable than the dormitory at the university.

                Qin Ming rang the doorbell and soon another middle-aged aunt came out.

                "Aiyo, Second Young Master, why are you back alone?" The maid's attitude was good, after all, she was working for Zhao Zhengyan's family.

                Qin Ming took a little bit of information from Ao Mei's investigation with each other and said, "Well, Aunt Lan. Is there anyone in the house?"

                "Madam is at home." Aunt Lan said rather heartily, "Young master, you've got a tan and lost a lot of weight, you've suffered a lot outside, haven't you?"

                Qin Ming raised the corner of his mouth and said unconcernedly, "It's fine, it didn't kill me."

                "Aiya, you've suffered a lot, the old heavens are really not open." Aunt Lan painfully took Qin Ming's hand into the house and said, "What does Second Young Master want to eat? I'll make it for you, why don't you take a bath first? It must not be nice to be hospitalised for so many days."

                When Qin Ming entered the house, the opulent d├ęcor, the expensive home furnishings, the crystal lamp overhead shining brightly, a woman in a long purple dress was sitting on the living room sofa watching TV.

                Qin Ming recognised her as Zhao Zhengyan's mother, the jewel of the old Qin family in Hai City, and the man of the hour back then, Qin Mo.

                Also as a mother, Qin Ming remembered that his mother was as old as a sixty-year-old woman because of her farm work and poor health, although she was only in her forties.

                Qin Mo, on the other hand, was well maintained and the two stood together, presumably like siblings.

                Qin Mo glanced back at Qin Ming and scolded with a slight huff, "Back? Come here."