Rags To Riches Chapter 539-540

 Chapter 539

Qin Ming remembered that he had seen an old TV series about some charlatans who specialised in deceiving rich people with tricks, commonly known as 'doing abo', which was to take advantage of the superstitious hearts of the rich and fool them into cheating money in various ways.

                Now that Qin Ming saw Zhao Zhengyan, he felt that he and Zhang Quanzhen were also 'doing abo', but their starting point was not to harm people or cheat them, but to help them.

                Zhao Zhengyin said, "Brother, my name is Zhao Zhengyin, what is your name?"

                "Qin Ming." Qin Ming replied briefly.

                Zhao Zhengyan added, "Brother Qin, our meeting is destiny."

                Qin Ming said, "Fuck off, you're not a beautiful woman, so what the hell is destiny? What's the matter with you? There's nothing to do, so go somewhere cool."

                Zhao Zhengyan added, "No, brother Qin, I, I want to switch with you."

                "Swap what?" Qin Ming said.

                Zhao Zhengyin said, "Change my identity. Although my family is rich, I am not happy because of some things, I am still desperate, and I don't want to stay in that home, that environment for a moment longer. I want to change my identity, a different kind of life."

                "......" Qin Ming thought this Zhao Zhengyin was so pretentious, your family is so rich, what else is there to be upset about?

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Nuts, what identity am I changing with you?"

                Zhao Zhengyin said, "Brother, do you have a car? Do you have a house? Do you have a beautiful fiancee? I have half a million dollars a month in pocket money, a house, a car and a beautiful fiancée, I'll give it all to you."

                "Please, help me, I don't want to live my life like this anymore, even if it's poor and ordinary, I just want to live a normal life."

                "You can ask for anything you want, you can ask for anything you want, look we both look almost identical and my parents rarely bother me, they wouldn't necessarily recognise me. Please, even three or five years would be good, I don't want to live the old days anymore."

                At the end of the sentence, Zhao Zhengyin actually cried a little?

                Qin Ming was stunned, what kind of life did this man lead in the past? He had money, a car, a house, and a beautiful fiancée, didn't he? Why was he living such a miserable life?

                He still wanted to escape, Qin Ming listened to his heart was a bit beaten back, his status is not low, living such a miserable life? Could there be something fishy? In fact, the person who was pitted was not Zhao Zhengyan, it was him?

                However, Qin Ming quickly calmed down, he had the whole Huan Yu Century Group behind him, which Zhang Quan Zhen did not know, he had the bottom back, he could enter or retreat.

                Qin Ming thought about it, too early to agree is not allowed, this matter must be discussed with Zhang Quanzhen, do a full set of drama, make a spell to make a demon.

                Qin Ming cursed, "Nuts. Boss, pay the bill."

                Qin Ming paid the money and left in a hurry, but Zhao Zhengyan followed him all the way.

                "Brother Qin, please. What do you want? Zhang Zhen Zhen said that the first person I found in Guang City who looked like me was the one who could change the course of my life for the better. I believed it, and I came, and I found it. It was just meant to be."

                "Brother Qin, I can give you money if you want it, as much or as little as you want."

                As Qin Ming walked, he recalled that the information Ao Mei had investigated showed that this Zhao Zhengyan was the son of Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, who also had an identical twin brother, Zhao Xiangyong.

                Compared to his brother Zhao Xian Yong, Zhao Zheng Yan was indeed ordinary, but there were no rumours of domestic violence, and Zhao Zheng Yan hadn't lacked anything since he was a child, so why did this guy want to escape so much?

                He really couldn't figure it out.

                However, these were not the main points, and he was not Zhao Zhengyin.

                Qin Ming still had to stick to the plan, hang him out for two or three days, then wait for him to make arrangements, then reluctantly agree to it, and everything was perfect.

                But as the two of them walked along the roadside one after the other, suddenly Qin Ming noticed that the atmosphere wasn't quite right, this road in the university town, the street lights flickered on and off, although it was dark, there shouldn't be a single passerby, there were still quite a few passersby on this road on a daily basis.

                Qin Ming felt that the atmosphere was not quite right, and the first thing he did was to call Ah Long, but he couldn't get through!

                Qin Ming's heart trembled, this is something wrong, he immediately sent another message to Song Ying, asking her to send someone over immediately.

                Qin Ming looked back and forth, the dimly lit road, with no passers-by, was terribly quiet.

                Qin Ming immediately asked, "Zhao Zhengyan, do you often get followed?"

                Zhao Zhengyan froze and said, "No, although I'm not likeable, but at most they bully me physically and ask me for money, no one would have the leisure to stalk me."


                As soon as the words left his mouth, an off-road car suddenly flew out of the intersection in front of him, and several big, thick men in the car quickly jumped out of the car and headed straight for Qin Ming.

                Judging from their equipment and appearance, there was no doubt that they were foreign mercenaries.

                And the man in the car raised his silenced gun and shot at Qin Ming and Zhao Zhengyan.

                Perhaps the two men looked too much alike and the killer had a moment of hesitation, giving Qin Ming the opportunity to react.

                Qin Ming's mind turned rapidly, and in that instant he immediately understood that this was an assassination attempt against him. He immediately pulled Zhao Zhengyan to the ground and flung himself to the ground, avoiding it in a shocking manner. Qin Ming reacted extremely quickly and got up and immediately turned around and fled, running towards the alley that turned the corner.

                Boom, boom, boom.

                Another SUV suddenly rushed out in front of him, blocking the way, with a few foreign mercenaries on board.

                In this dimly lit road with no surveillance, Qin Ming was really screaming at the top of his lungs.

                There was a loud bang, and another Mercedes-Benz rushed out from behind, hitting the SUV in front of him, causing the man in the SUV in front to fall headlong to the ground.

                The window was rolled down, only to see Ah Long in the driver's seat with his face covered in blood, gasping for breath and shouting, "Quick."

                Qin Ming didn't care about that much and immediately pulled Zhao Zhengyin, who was dumbfounded, to the car.

                As soon as the two of them got into the car, Ah Long immediately turned around and left.

                Qin Ming looked at Ah Long in the driver's seat, who had been shot in the body and thigh, and had only done a simple job of stopping the bleeding.

                Qin Ming asked, "What happened? Did you get sneaked up on?"

                Ah Long endured the pain and said in shame, "I was discussing this month's security training mission with Bi Yuan two blocks away when I was suddenly attacked, the other side must have had inside information and knew that we two were the leaders. Bi Yuan had been seriously injured and sent to resuscitation, I lost my phone, but I knew you must be in danger, so I rushed here."

                Qin Ming's face flushed, the other side was too ruthless this time.

                Qin Ming asked, "Ah Long, are your injuries okay?"

                Ah Long grinned hideously, "Oh, can't die."

                Boom ...... The car sped up the road, and Qin Ming could only pray that Song Ying, with the assassination squad, would come quickly and wipe out the foreign mercenaries in this sneak attack.

                At this time, the two SUVs behind the road followed closely behind, and even more recklessly crashed into each other, almost causing the car to overturn several times, but thanks to Ah Long's good driving skills, he was still stable on the road at this night.

                Qin Ming looks at this routine, the same as when Chang Huan's routine, first lurking, suddenly attacking as, trying to try to kill Qin Ming in one blow.

                Although this assassination was more vicious, as long as Song Ying and the assassination squad acted, it was only a matter of time before they gave these people the drop.

                Only, Qin Ming's extravagant hope was good, the reality was cruel.

                When Ah Long drove his car to the Jiangzhu Bridge in Guangcheng, the other side's SUV suddenly made a continuous turn and crashed over recklessly, as if it wanted to die with Qin Ming, the road staged a life and death race.

                The two SUVs, one at the back and one on the left, hit each other three times in a row. Ah Long lost a lot of blood because of his injuries, plus there were a lot of cars on the road at night, so he didn't have much room to play. These three consecutive strong alliance impacts made a truck and several small cars get involved, and even affected Ah Long's driving, directly making the Mercedes sedan hit the guardrails on both sides of the road on the opposite side.

                Several cars fell directly off the Jiangzhu Bridge, again including the car carrying Qin Ming and Zhao Zhengyin where they were.

                Knock knock ...... Four cars in a row fell off the Jiangzhu Bridge, paralyzing the traffic on the entire road for a while.

                And when the men in the SUVs saw this, they thought they had won and abandoned their cars.

                But as they turned to leave, they were all swooped down by a dozen or so heavily armed members of the assassination squad who had arrived in their Black Polaris combat motorbikes.

                In the midst of the crowd, a white motorbike stopped, and a slender, perfect woman on it, without even looking at the captured mercenary killers, made a direct knife gesture around her neck and angrily scolded, "Kill them all."

                She walked over to the smashed guardrail of the bridge and took off her peepers, revealing a head of long hair, wasn't it Song Ying?

                Song Ying looked at the several cars that went down in silence, her face stony, gritting her teeth, a worried look written all over her face.

                Suddenly, Song Ying jumped straight up and down into the Pearl River water.

Chapter 540

"Er ......" Qin Ming woke up again with severe pain all over his body.

                He opened his eyes to observe, his consciousness was still a bit fuzzy, he only saw all doctors in big white trigrams, both male and female, with their noses sucking in oxygen, but he could still smell the sterile water.

                I moved my fingers a little and they felt heavy.

                The light at the top of the wall was a little blinding, and Qin Ming woke up just a little while later and fell into a deep sleep, exhausted.

                At this moment, the attending doctor in the ward said, "The patient is awake, inform the patient's family."

                The nurse at the side said, "The patient's family dropped a card and disappeared. Dean, this is the Zhao family's child. I heard that he went to Guangzhou to play, met with a car accident and fell into the river. The Zhao family couldn't trust the hospital in Guangzhou and sent him back overnight."

                The attending doctor said, "Oh, he's the Zhao family's invalid? Then send him to the ICU for further treatment, with the best medical equipment, the best medicine, and the highest level of supervision, their Zhao family isn't short of money anyway, we'll be in trouble if anything goes wrong with the man."

                "Yes, Dean." The nurse responded and organised for someone to hand-push Qin Ming and transfer him out of the operating room.

                When Qin Ming woke up for the second time, it was already three days later, and found himself still with many tubes in his body, in the middle of a clean ward, surrounded instead by a hospital nurse who was dozing off.

                Qin Ming looked at the ceiling and slowly raised his hand to look at the buckle on his wrist, the name on it was "Zhao Zhengyan".

                Qin Ming had never thought that he would change his identity with Zhao Zhengyan in such a way that he would be early because of a sudden assassination.

                He recalled the moment he fell off the Jiangzhu Bridge into the river, when Ah Long quickly lowered the windows and doors of the car, and he was saved by Zhang Quanzhen after a brief moment of confusion.

                Qin Ming was very surprised that the person who saved him from getting up was Zhang Quanzhen, and that Zhang Quanzhen quickly took him away.

                At that time, Qin Ming was injured all over his body due to the impact, and also choked on the water, so he was a bit confused.

                What happened in the process, Qin Ming also did not know.

                "This assassination couldn't have been arranged by that old man, could it?" Qin Ming couldn't help but guess in his heart, but he quickly ruled it out.

                Such a dangerous act almost got him and Zhao Zhengyan killed, and Ah Long and Bi Yuan were seriously injured, there was no way a stinking Taoist priest like Zhang Quanzhen could have done it.

                Qin Ming guessed that it should have been done by Chang Jun Ye, or some other member of the Supreme Board, this would need to be investigated by Song Ying afterwards.

                However, right now Qin Ming was a little confused, the sudden change of identity had caused him to be at a loss as to what to do with it, so he simply pretended to sleep for a few days.

                Ao Mei had already given him information about Zhao Zhengyan's family long ago.

                Zhao Zhengyan's father was called Zhao Songli.

                Zhao Songli was Zhao Zhen's fourth son, and because he was born to a mistress, he was always excluded from the Zhao family compound and rarely went back.

                His mother, Qin Mo, came from the old Qin family, a world-class family, and was also a very distinguished beauty.

                Zhao Zhengyan also has an identical twin brother and a sister who adopted a side branch of the Zhao family.

                Zhao Zhengyin is currently in his fourth year of economics at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

                The problem was that he had been asleep for two or three days, so why had no one come to see him?

                Qin Ming suddenly understood why Zhao Zhengyin wanted to leave, nerve-wracking, his son had been in hospital for days, but none of his parents, brothers and sisters were there?

                This was too indifferent, right?

                "It's too much." Qin Ming lamented in his heart, "It's still our mother who is good. When she was hospitalised after a fight, our mother stayed at the hospital every day and slept on the floor for a week to save five dollars on the bed fee."

                In a short while, Qin Ming cursed again: "Ah ...... Zhang Quanzhen you bad old man, when I am discharged from the hospital, I will pull out all your beard, you suddenly give me such a play, really angry with me."

                At this time, the concierge opened and a woman walked in.

                Qin Ming hurriedly squinted his eyes and pretended to sleep.

                Between the slits in his eyes, he saw that the woman was quite young and dressed in a girlish style, with a black waist-slimming blouse and a long red skirt, her clothes were quite good, like a princess in an idol drama.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "She doesn't look like Zhao Zhengyan's sister, does she? Zhao Zhengyan's fiancee?"

                The young girl patted the drowsy caregiver and asked, "How is he?"

                The caregiver was awakened by the pat and hurriedly said, "Oh, Miss Huang you're here, everything is stable, he did wake up once three days ago, but now I don't know if he has been awake, I don't know if he has become a vegetable."

                Qin Ming in his heart slander: "Vegetative person your sister, you damn not work well, play with the phone at work, the old man poop also do not give clean, ouch, ass hard."

                Miss Huang responded with little emotion and said, "Oh, it's hard for you. Has his family been here?"

                The nurse shook her head, "No, I've been the one here all these days. I heard that the Zhao family just threw in a bank card and swiped it at any hospital to make sure the person didn't die. The Zhao family has no ...... Oh, I'm sorry Miss Huang, I really owe this mouth, I'm sorry, I forgot about you ......"

                Miss Huang still had little emotion and said, "It's okay, he is an invalid is is a fact, you continue to take care of him, my money will not be less for you."

                The nurse was busy nodding: "Eh eh eh, I will definitely work well. Miss Huang, you are really a good person. His family doesn't care, but you come to see him every day."

                Miss Huang said, "It's just a friend. I'm leaving now. By the way, the next time he wakes up, give him these glasses."

                The nurse took a glasses case and said with a smile, "Miss Huang is very thoughtful."

                Before Huang Shutong left, she glanced at Qin Ming, frowned slightly and muttered in a small voice, "You haven't seen him for a month, why have you darkened so much? His hands are also a bit rough, has he been abused?"

                Just as she walked out of the ward, a fashionable female companion at the door immediately got up and asked, "Xiao Tong, how is it? Is that invalid dead yet?"

                Huang Shutong said, "No, he was rescued, but he hasn't woken up yet."

                The female companion said with disappointment, "Oh, he's not dead, don't you still have to hang on to him for the rest of your life? This loser is a pest even if he lives, it's better to die."

                Huang Shutong said with little emotion, "Don't say that, there might be another way. I heard that he is passionately pursuing a girl in the university, if he succeeds, I guess our marriage will be in vain."

                The female companion looked shamefully at the ward and said, "Ha, let's hope so. God won't be blind, how can our number one beauty in the city of Hai marry a sexually incapable loser? Besides, he has a wimpy personality, he's not accomplished anything, and without a good father and mother, he'd have problems staying alive. A loser is useless at all."

                The female companion pulled Huang Shutong and said, "Eh eh eh eh, Xiao Tong, let's go to the He family's party, right? I heard that in addition to many rich kids, there are also gentry from the military and political circles, all young and talented, oops, I don't dare to go alone."

                Huang Shutong shook her head and said, "No, I want to go to the auction and buy some antique collectibles."

                The female companion added, "Don't you admire Mr. Bai? I heard that Bai Shao is coming too. I heard that the two of them are going to join hands to start a movie company in Hai City, investing more than a billion dollars."

                Huang Shutong hesitated for a moment, biting her lip in pride and muttering, "Well then, it's good to go and have a look."

                The female companion immediately said, "Hahaha, I knew it, go go go."

                At this moment, Qin Ming in the ward opened his eyes and said, "Auntie caregiver, can you give me a phone number?"

                "Hoo ...... hoo ......" However, the nursing aunt was napping again and did not hear Qin Ming's words.

                Qin Ming cursed and had no choice but to unplug the electrodes and tubes from his body himself and got out of bed with difficulty, he had to make a phone call first.