Rags To Riches Chapter 537-538

 Chapter 537

Mu Xiao Qiao dropped the takeaway that Nie Haitang had delivered straight away, she was a little annoyed in her heart, a woman's sixth sense, she could feel it, Nie Haitang must have known, she thought Nie Haitang was provoking.

                Mu Xiaoqiao leaned her back against the door wall sadly, she was angry, she was annoyed, she hated herself for being so indomitable, why did she fall in love with that bastard Qin Ming?

                With her condition and beauty, she had been courted by countless boys when she was studying, and after graduation, various rich and wealthy young men even came to her doorstep for a blind date, but she refused them all.

                Pretty women love to dream.

                She once imagined that she would marry well, and that her future man would be a handsome and capable hero who would treat her wholeheartedly, like a domineering president in a web novel.

                But because she wants to celebrate her grandfather's wedding and also save the Mu family in distress, she obeys her father's arrangement, closes her heart and chooses to marry a strange man.

                Mu Xiaoqiao did at first resent Qin Ming in various ways and didn't bother to pay attention to him, but after spending time together, Qin Ming seemed to be able to make her fall for him on all points except for his overly low profile.

                The Qin Ming who seemed indifferent to her and was bent on getting a divorce, but secretly cared for her, which in turn touched Mu Xiao Qiao.

                With the contrast between the two, she falls deeper and deeper until she can't break free.

                But Qin Ming's love for Nie Haitang has always been a thorn in Mu Xiaoqiao's heart.

                After a long time, Mu Xiao Qiao dried her tears, clenched her fist and said, "You're showing off for me? My man, I won't give up to you."

                Outside the doorway, Nie Haitang looked at the suddenly tightly closed door, pursed her lips and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

                Nie Haitang took a deep breath: "My adventure is not over yet, hoo ...... Nie Haitang, you have to hold on and calm down. If I hadn't been tricked by Chang Hongxi, I wouldn't have given you a chance. But everything is still in time, in time."

                Nie Haitang walked quickly out of the flat and went on to deliver the takeaway.

                The streets of Beijing, clad in a yellow coat, shuttled until after eight in the evening before stopping.

                She took a piece of meat bun and sat down wearily on a bench in a small park on the side of the road, nibbling bit by bit, her eyes fixed on the skyscrapers in the distance.

                Even the dust and wind could not hide her beautiful face, her hair fluttering in the wind.

                As she ate her bun, Nie Haitang opened her phone again and logged onto the forum of her former alma mater, Hua Provincial University of Technology, to look for news about Qin Ming.

                "Shock! The school flower reaper became a godly man when he succeeded, and the Cao family compound jumped to the gods and pretended to be a godly man."

                "Shocker! Schoolgirl Harvester seems to have tricked Chen Mulin into it."

                "Exploring, what company does Qin Ming actually work for, and he even made it to vice president? I heard that his elder brother is the oldest president of the company."

                "Damn, Qin Ming's roommate admitted that Qin Ming often does not go back to the dormitory, 99% chance of going out to pick up girls to get girls."

                "How does a loser win against a rich white schoolgirl, economics class senior Qin Ming's reverse, a hundred dollars into the group, Qin Ming first-hand experience pass search, to ensure that you can also become the second Qin Ming."

                Nie Haitang saw these sky-high headlines and couldn't help but reveal a charming smile, for these contents in the forum, she didn't believe in them, the Qin Ming in her heart, always the best.

                When you are penniless, there is too much malice in this society.

                But when you succeed against the odds, the malice will not only not disappear, but there will be more.

                However, some of this gossip was true, and it would give her a good idea of what Qin Ming had been up to lately, with the occasional photo to ease the pain of longing.

                What? Taking the initiative to call Qin Ming?

                Nie Haitang had already had this thought countless times, but she didn't dare.

                That day when she was about to tell Qin Ming the truth, the sudden appearance of the killer, the black hole of the gun that would have been pointed at her forehead, the fear spread throughout her body.

                Chang Hongxi's warning phone call still leaves her sleepless.

                After that day, all three of her dormitory mates had inexplicably dropped out, a few teachers had suddenly disappeared, and even the hostess aunt had been replaced.

                And then connect that to the horrific attack on Qin Ming before she left Guangcheng in the first place.

                She was able to guess how capable Qin Ming's righteous father really was.

                Although the two of them had later resolved their differences through someone else's contact, and Qin Ming had assured her that he would come to her after he finished everything, Nie Haitang still could not contain her thoughts about Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang swiped her phone and muttered to herself, "I trust him, he wouldn't lie to me. When he sees me next time, I will become even better."

                Just then, a car pulled up to the side of the road and a man in a suit with glasses walked over.

                Nie Haitang looked at the familiar face and her willow brows furrowed.

                As soon as the man spoke, he spoke in a somewhat distressed tone, "Nie Haitang, why are you delivering takeaways again? Didn't you say that you won the lottery and wouldn't deliver takeaways anymore?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Zhao Zhengyan, I don't need to tell you what I'm doing, do I? I made a deal with the takeaway shop to deliver until I find the next employee, I can't break the contract. Besides, delivering takeaways is earning money with both hands, I don't feel ashamed."

                Zhao Zhengyan scowled and said, "But, but someone like you shouldn't be delivering takeaways and eating buns from roadside stalls."

                Nie Haitang laughed and said, "A bun costs ten yuan, it's cheap, I don't eat buns, what do I eat? Am I a fairy who doesn't eat earthly food?"

                Zhao Zhengyan said with a red face, "You, you are the fairy in my heart. I went to that takeaway shop and asked around, the owner's wife said you were pretty, and since you started delivering, their business has been much better, the owner's wife didn't want to let you go, many people ordered their takeaway just to see you one more time. Have you been asked for weibo and phone numbers a lot lately when you've been delivering?"

                Nie Haitang was silent for a moment and then slapped her thighs and said, "So that's what's going on? But, forget it, it doesn't matter. I'm not that fragile, I can still handle a few harassing words from guests, I'm strong, don't bother worrying about it."

                Zhao Zhengyan suddenly handed over a card and said, "This is all the money I've saved over the years, it's all for you."

                Nie Haitang was stunned and annoyed, "What are you doing? I don't want your money. I've said it all, Zhao Zhengyan, it's impossible for me and you. If you keep this up, don't blame me for making a move on you."

                When Zhao Zhengyan heard that he was going to do it, he shrank in fear and took three steps back, saying pitifully, "Don't be angry, Haitang, because I am leaving and will never come back. I don't know who I can give this little bit of my family belongings to, I just want to leave it to you, I hope you don't mind."

                Nie Haitang was puzzled, "Never come back? You're not seeking death, are you?"

                Zhao Zhengyan said, "I am not seeking death, I have been guided by the master and I want to start a new life. I want to change myself, and you are the person I want to see most before I leave. This is not much money, it's just over fifty million, if you don't like it, just throw it away."

                Nie Haitang narrowed her eyes speechlessly, her head tilted, and asked, "Zhao Zhengyin, you didn't hit some godly man and get cheated, did you? You want to follow the example of others and banish society and return to nature? Go to some temple or mountain to cultivate your heart and soul? I've heard that the prices of those places are being lived in high, how can you afford to live there if you don't bring money? Can you afford to live in seclusion?"

                Zhao Zhengyin covered his chest in pain and entanglement, feeling a bit like he was playing the piano to a cow.

Chapter 538

Guangcheng City, University City.

                Although it is said that Qin Ming has already paid a lot of money for his elder brother's wedding, Qin Chaoyang and Wang Xiaoli are adamant that Qin Ming is not allowed to work hard anymore. But Qin Ming also dragged his sister Qin Susu, rushed back home to work on the front and back, he was also happy that his elder brother could marry his daughter-in-law.

                The Qin family is not well known in Baishui Town, so this time Qin Chaoyang married his daughter-in-law in a very low-key manner, and only invited some relatives and neighbours to a banquet.

                The wedding car was only an old BMW, which was rented to the public.

                Apart from Yang Wei's family, who knew that Qin Ming had made a fortune outside the family, others did not know about it. They only thought that Qin Zhiguo had managed to scrape together enough money to marry his son, and were curious as to what kind of woman would be willing to marry a man like Qin Chaoyang who had achieved nothing.

                When they saw how beautiful the bride, Wang Xiaoli, was, they all sighed, "What a blind cat to see a dead mouse, how could a lazy man like Qin Chaoyang get such a beautiful daughter-in-law? God is blind.

                However, Qin Ming didn't care about the gossip of the neighbours, there were many snobs in his hometown and many people who wanted to climb up the ladder, and the village aunts and grannies loved to talk, but frankly they were jealous, envious and hated their son for not being able to do that.

                The money that should be given at the meeting should still be given.

                It's better for the Qin family to continue to pretend to be poor, otherwise people will be able to borrow money through the doorway.

                Qin Ming helped his elder brother to finish the banquet at his hometown and rushed back to Guangcheng, he had to take the next step.

                The business and industries on all continents are basically in a stable state, with Asia and Europe being the most stable.

                After all, it was in China that Qin Ming started to co-ordinate things from the outset, while in Europe eu was the most stable because the chief executive, Pete James, was smart enough to sell out. James is smarter and chose to sell his friends for glory, consolidating his own position and influence in eu, helping Qin Ming to install Qin Ming's people and completely reduced to Qin Ming's lapdog.

                Because of the help of Chang Hongxi and the four patriarchs, two of the three most profitable continents in the world have been completely controlled by Qin Ming, the remaining being the North and South Magnesia regions where Magnesia is located.

                However, Chang Hongxi is still alive, and is currently undergoing full cancer treatment. Occasionally, he will intervene in the aerospace technology industry, but will usually report to Qin Ming, who naturally approves all of them.

                There has been opposition from the Supreme Board of Directors, but with its power hollowed out and its membership drastically reduced, the influence of the Supreme Board is no longer significant.

                After a few days of work, Qin Ming returned to Guangzhou.

                On this day, he wrote and drew on the desk of his dormitory, listing his biggest enemies. Apart from the Supreme Board, there was also Zhao Turnip's third son, Chang Junye, the man who had been hiding in the darkness.

                The man that Zhao Turnip had cheated on him with was probably always looking for ways to screw Qin Ming. But not to mention Qin Ming, even Chang Hongxi has been unknown. It is said that Zhao Turnip has been denying that he cheated on his wife, taking the money he cheated Chang Hongxi with over the years and living a very comfortable life in the magnesium country.

                He hadn't killed her because he wanted to wait for the day when his cheating partner was exposed, but he hadn't given her the chance.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "That pair of dogs, Zhao Turnip, can really be composed, they haven't even made a rash move against me these days."

                Chang Huan and Chang Jun Dong had been imprisoned on some prison island in the Pacific Ocean. It was said that Chang Jun Ye was a playboy, but Qin Ming did not dare to take it lightly and kept track of them.

                Ao Mei had been helping Qin Ming collect information and data on all the families of the top board members, but not much had been found, it was all rather superficial, both popular and public, and everyone was very legal and compliant, but there was some information behind the scenes that was not easy to find out.

                However, Ao Mei had already investigated some of the powerful families on the Chinese side, especially the allies associated with the Zhao family, and had gained a lot.

                After a long day of looking through the information, Qin Ming was so tired that he stretched his back, and seeing that it was already dark, it seemed that the dormitory brothers had gone out to pick up girls and none of them were there.

                Qin Ming could only go out to look for food by himself.

                He ordered a fried rice from a roadside stall outside the school, and all he could think about was how to arrange the work of the group, and then he had to finish what his teacher had arranged, replace Zhao Zhengyan, dig deeper into the Zhao family's affairs, force Zhao Zhen and Chang Rui to meet with Zhang Quanzhen and question the truth about what happened back then.

                This is not only to fulfil Zhang Quanzhen's wish, his part as a disciple.

                At the same time, it was also more important for Qin Ming to understand the Zhao family, the strongest nail in the Huan Yu Century Group. Only if he understood the Zhao family, he could later break through the Zhao family and take sole control of the group.

                Qin Ming's heart is like a clear mirror. Apart from stabilising the Zhao family at this stage and relying on their power, his righteous father's request for him to join forces with them is also a kind of helplessness, fearing that Qin Ming will be screwed over by the Zhao family.

                Although Qin Ming was clear that this helplessness of Chang Hongxi was because his opponents were too powerful, so he could only make allowances and settle for Qin Ming.

                If Qin Ming could not manage to mess up the Zhao family in the future, at least there was still an alliance here, and Zhao Xinran could keep Qin Ming alive.

                However, Qin Ming was equally ambitious and did not care to use Zhao Xinran's alliance to save his life; he believed he could win.

                Fortunately, Qin Ming pimped out with Zhao Xinran, stretching out the marriage and leaving the relationship delicate, yet in a balanced state.

                While Qin Ming was thinking about things on his side, suddenly a person came to the side.

                When Qin Ming looked up, he was dumbfounded, and the other person was also looking at Qin Ming in surprise.

                The two stared wide-eyed, as if they were looking at another self.

                "Divine, divine. Zhang Zhen Zhen really is a divine reincarnation, if he says he is here, he really is here."

                Qin Ming saw this man's very demented look, and once he heard him mention the real Zhang, Qin Ming also understood that he must be Zhao Zhengyin, who had been fooled by Zhang Quanzhen, right?

                Qin Ming said, "Who are you? Where are you cool?"

                Zhao Zhengyin said, "Don't you think we look alike?"

                Qin Ming pretended to be confused and said, "So what? I'm wearing a broken back force, you're wearing an airjordanv; I'm wearing a floor length item, but it's just over a hundred dollars. You have this Versace tailored model. Honestly, where's the resemblance?"

                Zhao Zhengyin sat down and said, "Brother, I ...... I mean no harm."

                Qin Ming said, "People have imagination, things are similar, right, you are not a big star, you want a big star, I can use to look like you to circle money, huh. How about we don't take a picture and go back to our respective homes and find our own mothers?"

                "No, no, no." Zhao Zhengyin said, "I didn't come all the way from Beijing to Guangzhou to take a picture with you. Listen to me, you may think it's mysterious, but it's really that mysterious. I know a master who is a miracle teller, who has been able to calculate everything in his life and change his fate against the sky. He said that if I go all the way south, I will come across someone who will change my destiny."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, Zhang Quanzhen's ability to fool around was really something, what had he fooled this Zhao Zhengyin into?

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously, "So, what do you want from me? How can I change your fate?"