Rags To Riches Chapter 535-536

 Chapter 535

Inside the tea house, Zhang Quanzhen shook his head and sighed as he recalled the past: "The five of us, who studied with teacher Zhao Demin when we were teenagers, ate together and lived together for ten years, carried guns together and went to prostitutes together, never thought we would end up in a feud."

                "I must ask Chang Rui for the rest of my life, ask her why she broke up the five of us brothers back then."

                It dawned on Qin Ming that this knot in his heart was probably something that Zhang Quanzhen would never be able to get over in his life, and he would not be able to rest in peace until it was untied.

                He asked again, "Teacher, how did Zhao Zhen get his beauty in the end?"

                Zhang Quanzhen sighed and said, "This begins with the Chang and Bai families, who were driven to ruin by Zhao Zhen."

                "Chang Dekai had been having an affair with Chang Rui, who told Zhao Zhen that it was Chang Dekai who was pestering her. And Old Bai was also passionately pursuing Chang Rui, the relationship here could be said to be very complicated, at the time it was not at all clear who exactly Chang Rui liked?"

                "She attended an event with Zhao Zhen one day, then went abroad with Chang Dekai to run a factory and do business the next day, and came back to participate in Lao Bai's hotel opening ceremony."

                "She's like the most dazzling socialite in the capital, she enjoys being surrounded and courted by everyone, she wants to be the brightest star in the night sky."

                Zhang Quanzhen clenched his fist, and after a moment of silence, he added, "Then, something happened to the Bai family too."

                "Old Bai's father died suddenly, and the Bai family became embroiled in a long-running dispute between brothers over the family fortune. In those days, there weren't many domestic ones, naturally, but there were especially many foreign ones. But it couldn't be brought to the fore, so Old Bai hasn't been in the country much since then."

                "The Chang family was even worse, almost one or two people from the Chang family died a year, all inexplicably, and even the murderer could not be found, and finally only Chang Dekai was left."

                "Old Chang was forced by his mother's last words before she died to hastily marry and have a son, then hide abroad to escape the storm."

                "Rumour had it that it was all Zhao Zhen's doing, and the destruction of the Chang family had brought Zhao Zhen's reputation down. I had questioned him if he did it, but he didn't give me any answer."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, Chang Dekai, still associated with the Zhao family? Could this be the internal struggle of the Huan Yu Century Group?

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "Teacher, then does your brother Chang Dekai have a son called Chang Hongxi?"

                Zhang Quanzhen looked up in dismay and said, "Yes, do you know him? I had heard of him earlier, he seems to have done a big business abroad and is doing well. It's a pity I've never met him."

                Qin Ming's heart dawned on him, it was really his righteous father, so wasn't this an internal struggle within the group?

                The Chang family and the Zhao family were both member families of the highest board of directors of the Group which had existed in China for a relatively long time.

                And Chang Hongxi had also mentioned that it was his Chang family that was killed and injured by the Group's internal struggle, leaving Chang Hongxi alone, and that was what stirred Chang Hongxi's determination to carry out a revolution against the Group.

                But back then, Chang Hongxi was incapable of finding the murderer behind the scene.

                Then, Chang Hongxi was set upon by the Zhao family again, and he was forced to marry Zhao Turnip reluctantly, with the result that his three sons and two daughters were not his own, and he stayed with a cuckold on his head for decades.

                When Qin Ming thought about it, this Zhao family, it seemed a little scary.

                If Chang Hongxi did not notice that he was cuckolded in the end, then the efforts of two generations of father and son, Chang Dekai and Chang Hongxi, would logically be inherited by Zhao Turnip and his three unrelated sons, and eventually, most likely, all of them would fall into the Zhao family.

                This was truly a centuries-old poisonous scheme.

                Qin Ming shuddered as the top board of directors of the Oneworld Century Group, which had previously been in control of the global business beast that was the Oneworld Century Group. But the people on the top board were the most hypocritical group of people, superficially earning money together, secretly eliminating other members by any means necessary, absolutely self-interested, and growing stronger by annexing the wealth of other members.

                Qin Ming rubbed his hands together, it seemed that what Zhang Quanzhen wanted to do overlapped in some places with what he and Chang Hongxi wanted to do.

                If Qin Ming was to take over Chang Hongxi's burden and take sole control of the Huan Yu Century Group, then all the members of the top board and the powerful families had to be eradicated.

                Qin Ming took a sip of tea, calmed down and asked, "Teacher, who do you want to see then?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I want to see Zhao Zhen, and Chang Rui. Zhao Zhen has refused to meet with me time and time again over the years, and no matter what methods I use, he won't meet with me. I, Zhang Quanzhen, an ordinary Taoist priest, can't help a man in power of a powerful family like him."

                "After Chang Rui married Zhao Zhen, she gave birth to his children and also lived in deep seclusion, it has been a long time since I have heard from her, she must know something about the Mu, Bai and Chang families' mystery case back then."

                "I want to find her, meet her, and ask her what is in my heart."

                Qin Ming heard this wish from Zhang Qunzhen, which was simply too humble, but it also reflected sideways that the Zhao family was wary and strong towards Zhang Quanzhen.

                Zhang Quanzhen patted Qin Ming and said, "Ah Xiao Qin, from the first time I saw you, I recognised that you looked like Zhao Zhengyan. This may be a destiny of fate, so I had a plan to have you replace Zhao Zhengyan, and then through you, let me reach a call with Zhao Zhen and Chang Rui."

                Qin Ming asked incomprehensibly, "Teacher, you are not qualified to meet that Zhao Zhen even though you have a great reputation among the gentry and have an iron mouth and a divine mind?"

                Zhang Quanzhen shook his head helplessly and waved his hand, saying, "Zhao Zhen believes in Buddhism and doesn't eat this from me."

                Qin Ming had heard a lot about the Zhao family's power from Chang Hongxi, and no one in China could shake it.

                The Zhao family had also been subjected to unknown enemy assassinations, poisoning, creating accidents, creating unrest, planting evidence, etc. As part of the Huan Yu Century Group, the Zhao family was used to these tactics and also had its own set of protection and response mechanisms.

                Chang Hongxi once said that the Zhao family was an old and powerful family, and that his ancestor was a minister of the Ministry of Rites and an imperial teacher. Even now, someone from the Zhao family has served as a ministerial-level official of the State of China, and even as a commander of a military region.

                Since its rise in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the Zhao family has never fallen from grace and has always been the mainstay of the highest board of directors of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                It is not easy for Qin Ming to clean up the Zhao family, but becoming a part of the Zhao family's descendants first now is a shortcut to the end of the road, to see more of what is normally invisible.

                Qin Ming said worriedly again, "Teacher, if I fail, won't it be a waste of your hard work? Besides, I might have to be targeted."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "If you fail, then you have failed. I only seek to meet the couple and question them about what happened back then, it's not like I want to do anything illegal to them. The identity change was also proposed to you by Zhao Zhengyan on his own initiative, so when the time comes, you can just deny it and pretend to have amnesia, and when you are found out, you can just say, you have lost your memory. There won't be much of a problem."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, Zhang Quanzhen was really worthy of being an old godly man, beating around the bush one way or another, the back road was all laid out for him.

                Zhang Quanzhen's purpose was relatively simple, but Qin Ming's purpose was more complicated.

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "Teacher, I need to think about it."

                Zhang Quanzhen nodded and said, "When will you reply to me?"

                Qin Ming thought for a moment, clenched his fist and said, "In less than a month, after my brother gets married."

Chapter 536

Qin Ming was walking along the university campus road, holding a picture of Zhao Zhengyan in his hand.

                This man looked like him, about the same age, but myopic and with a very different temperament. As a descendant of the Zhao family, his father, Zhao Songli, was born to a mistress, and even Zhao Zhengyan, his grandchild, was not very well received by the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming recalled that Ao Mei had previously collected information on the Zhao family and had left this Zhao Zhengyan behind.

                However, his mother was the thousand-year-old Miss Qin Mo of the old Qin family in Hai City.

                Unlike his father, Zhao Songli, who was not treated well by the Zhao family, his mother, Qin Mo, was very popular and favoured by the old Qin family in Hai City, thus giving Zhao Songli and Zhao Zhengyan a slight status as father and son.

                It must be said that Zhao Songli had a good eye and an ability to marry a good wife, and Qin Mo was also a good-looking woman with a lot of charm and skills, and a wise wife.

                But somehow he gave birth to a not-so-brilliant son, Zhao Zhengyan.

                Qin Ming suddenly tapped his head and said, "I do remember! That time, at the ? The ancient castle of the country, when I went to save Nie Haitang, that Qin Zhongbai of the old Qin family in Hai City, yes, it seems to be called this. That guy called me cousin, and said I had a fiancee, and that he would recognize me even if I turned into dust. Dare I say that at that time, he took me for this Zhao Zhengyan, huh? No wonder, no wonder."

                Now Qin Ming finally figured out that there was such a coincidence under the sky, and he had run into it.

                Qin Ming shredded the photo in his hand and said to himself, "What's wrong with this rich young man, he doesn't want to be a rich young man. How dare you want to live a different life? Do you think it's easy to suffer? Why on earth would he want to escape from his original circle? I really don't understand."

                Qin Ming threw away the photo and took out his mobile phone to call his elder brother: "Hey, brother, how are the wedding preparations going? Oh, next week? I'm not going to Suzhou. I'm not going to Suzhou, I'm going back home to make arrangements for you, hahaha, mum and dad are very happy this time, brother you have to work harder, let the two old people hold their grandchildren soon ...... you can leave the company side of things, my classmates are very capable, okay, okay, okay, in a couple of days I will also go back home."

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Li Meng looked at Qin Ming's back and quickly ran to the rubbish bin she had just seen, where she had retrieved the photo Qin Ming had thrown away.

                Li Meng muttered, "This Qin Ming, after becoming rich, is away from school all day, it's hard to show him that I'm already different even if I want to. Huh? Who the hell is the person in this photo? Take it back and stick it for good measure."

                At this moment, the Mu family compound.

                Zhang Quanzhen and Mu Hai Ran were looking at each other in the study.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "After all these years, the time is ripe and a storm has brewed. What happened back then, I must get justice for the dead Old Bai and Old Chang."

                Mu Hai Ran was silent for a moment and said, "Over the years, I haven't stopped moving around and have been looking for the person behind the murder of my grandfather and my father back then, but every time the Zhao and Chang families were involved, they broke off. My Mu family used to be in the capital city, although it was not a prestigious family ranked in the top, but in terms of influence, back then I was young and vigorous, but I ended up being driven out of the capital city, clinging to the last bit of family business in Guangcheng, I also want to seek justice."

                The two men looked at each other and seemed to have reached a common goal.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Little Qin is such a pleasant surprise, I had thought that when he joined the family, I would immediately arrange for him to change his identity with Zhao Zhengyan so that he could make good use of the Qin family's influence and continue to shine for you, but it turns out that he is capable of doing so himself."

                Mu Hai Ran laughed: "Indeed, Little Qin is a surprise. It's comforting that you've taken on such a disciple, isn't it?"

                Zhang Quanzhen suddenly stretched out his hand, pinpointed for a moment, shook his head and laughed, "I see that his fortune is really good, one in a million, the face of an emperor. In terms of arithmetic, this kid will definitely rise to the top in the future, but he still has a big hurdle, and with the problems his qi and pattern show, I guess if I help him step over it, he will shed a layer of skin even if he doesn't die."

                Zhang Quanzhen added, "It's not a loss for you to have such a granddaughter-in-law. With Qin Ming's skills, he might help you get your ancestral home back and bring your Mu family back to the capital city, no matter what, you were born and raised in the capital city, you've been away from your hometown for so many years, you miss home, right?"

                Mu Hai Ran stroked his palm with pride and said, "Indeed, Xiao Qin and Xiao Qiao are a good match. I used to worry about my two granddaughters, they are so elegant and beautiful, what kind of brat would be good enough for them? Thank goodness you sent me Xiao Qin. Unfortunately, the two of them still have occasional conflicts, but they're doing much better now. I just don't know when I'll get a grandson, hehehe."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Hahahaha, sooner or later."

                At this moment, in a certain flat in Beijing, Mu Xiaoqiao, who was rushing to do her publicity copy, suddenly sneezed.

                She gently rubbed her nose and muttered, "Why are you sneezing all of a sudden? Who is talking badly about me behind my back? Ah ...... my back is so sore."

                Mu Xiaoqiao stretched again, she tiredly lay down on the table, tried to drink water, found that the cup was already out of water, looked back at the flat, there was no one there.

                Although she had grown up early and independent, and had long since got used to and enjoyed being alone, every time she saw the wedding photo on the counter, she wanted a man to take care of her, such as the expressionless Qin Ming in the photo.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took the photo and muttered, "Qin Ming, did you badmouth me behind my back?"

                But there was no response to her muttering to herself.

                She sighed sadly, looked at the photo in her hand, and muttered to herself, "Although, when you're done with what you have to do. I'll play fair with Nie Haitang. But it's too much for you not to send me a single message for months."

                "Mum, urging me to have a baby soon again. But how am I going to have one, all by myself?"

                "A few days ago, I heard from Mom that you've taken Zhang Zhen Zhen as your teacher, and you also told the Cao family's fortune, set up a feng shui formation, scared off that fop young master Qin Shou, and made the whole Cao family grateful to you. You're getting better and better now."

                "Nie Haitang must also know know that you're so brilliant, right?"

                "She's so good now, she's obviously broke but somehow managed to come up with a hundred million to give to her father and brother to start up again, and she's also taken on her aunt Mu Shuyun as her teacher by the way, and now things are getting better and better."

                "You must also know that Nie Haitang is very good, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip, her eyes staring motionlessly at the man in the wedding photo, inwardly resigned and sad.

                She recalled Qin Ming's dominance, Qin Ming's gentleness, Qin Ming's reliability, Qin Ming's modesty, her past of kissing Qin Ming, Mu Xiao Qiao felt that she was somewhat obsessed, her mind lingered on this man.

                Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

                Mu Xiaoqiao walked to the door and saw through the cat's eye that it was the delivery man.

                But when she opened the door, she was stunned, wasn't this Nie Haitang? Why is she still delivering? Didn't the Nie family start a new business? Isn't it so hard for them to make a living anymore?

                Nie Haitang was also stunned when she saw the person who opened the door, and subconsciously looked around her flat. Having delivered takeaways so many times, it was surprising that they were delivered to Mu Xiaoqiao's bachelor flat.

                The two women looked at each other and fell silent, seeming to have a lot to say, but neither could say anything.

                Thinking back in Guang City, both of them could be Miss Thousand Gold, the existence of the stars.

                Now one was struggling to start a business, and the other was delivering takeaways in yellow robes, and this meeting of circumstances could be really unexpected.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took it outside and said, "Aren't you studying with my aunt? I heard that you even got a hundred million, why are you still delivering takeaways?"

                Nie Haitang smiled confidently, she could be described as smiling like a flower, she looked at Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "I want to eat the hardships Qin Ming has suffered and experience the hardships he has experienced, I want to make myself better."

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, her heart sank, she closed the door unhappily and threw the outside into the bin with a huff.