Rags To Riches Chapter 53-54

 Chapter 53

Li Meng's whole family was locked up in the guardhouse for two days, the classmates all knew about it, but no one felt sorry for her, instead they felt that Li Meng was to blame.

        And Qin Ming sent some money to the family in the past two days, a tentative 50,000 yuan, which is almost equal to a year's income of Mom and Dad, the reason is to help people earn from stock market manipulation, there will be more later, let Mom and Dad rest assured to take.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        As for his mother's comment that he and Li Meng were talking about marriage, Qin Ming was even more speechless, because many older girls in his hometown, Baishui Town, had married before they were twenty years old, which is why he said that.

        But here in the big city, a woman who is still unmarried at thirty is not so much as a leftover woman.

        What a cultural divide.

        He was thinking, "I can only wait for a trip home during the holidays and bring more money, they will have to accept it even if they don't. Li Meng's matter ...... still has to wait until I've established a relationship with Haitang, then I'll talk to my family."

        The moment he thought of Nie Haitang, Qin Ming inwardly a burst of sweetness, he felt that he had to confirm the relationship with Nie Haitang as soon as possible, can not let down people a piece of mind.

        On Monday, just after class, Qin Ming saw the badminton club's WeChat group calling for another meeting to play ball, Qin Ming's heart was happy, and he went straight to the badminton court without eating lunch.

        When Qin Ming arrived at the badminton court, he saw that the group had already arrived, and they were all crowding around Nie Haitang asking questions and gossiping.

        As soon as Fang Jinsheng saw Qin Ming, he was displeased and came up to him and said, "Qin Ming, you're a good kid, you've become an expert liar. You lied to me and said you were going to work, but you broke into the Century Building, so you're lucky you didn't get caught by the police."

        Qin Ming didn't bother to pay attention to him and said, "What? You're not convinced? Why don't you go and help Haitang?"

        Fang Jinsheng choked on these words and couldn't say anything.

        "Qin Ming, you're here." Nie Haitang walked over immediately after seeing Qin Ming, it was like two days after not seeing her for just two days.

        Qin Ming also nodded to her in greeting, but sparks flew when their eyes met.

        It was also clear to the crowd that the relationship between the two seemed to be getting closer and closer when they saw how Nie Haitang looked like this.

        Nie Haitang said, "I'm inviting everyone to dinner at Qin Lou today. I would also like to thank everyone for their concern for me before. At the same time, Qin Ming and I have one more thing to tell you all ......"

        Qin Ming's heart twitched, this little girl was really acute.

        Zhang Qingqing and the others looked at Nie Haitang's affectionate eyes and smiling mouth and actually guessed that the two might be falling in love and were in disbelief for a while.

        But it made sense that Qin Ming had captured Nie Haitang's heart just by breaking into the Century Building.

        Only the boys who had a crush on Nie Haitang frowned and grimaced, why hadn't they gone out of their way for Nie Haitang? It was just a case of breaking into a building.

        But at this moment, a Mercedes Maybach arrived outside the stadium, and then Nie Haitang's parents and brother rushed over here.

        Nie Haitang was very surprised, she hadn't informed her parents today. Why were they here?

        "Who is Qin Ming?" As soon as Nie Haitang's parents arrived at the scene, they immediately protected Nie Haitang and searched for Qin Ming among the boys.

        Moreover, their attitude was very bad, as if there was something important going on.

        Puzzled, Nie Haitang asked, "Dad, Mom, what's wrong?"

        "You kids don't ask."

        Nie Zhengming walked over and pointed at Qin Ming, "It's just him."

        Qin Ming also graciously acknowledged, "Hello uncle and auntie, I am Qin Ming, what can I do for you please?"

        Qin Ming actually felt puzzled, he hadn't done anything to Nie Haitang yet either, it shouldn't be a big deal, at most Nie Zhengming had found out something and should be chewing in his parents' ears, saying he was poor or something.

        That Qin Ming is still very calm, money matters that is not even a matter of concern.

        Mr. Nie looked at Qin Ming and said, "You are Qin Ming? I am grateful to you for saving my Haitang before, but you abandoned your pregnant first love and started all over again. Now you're still hooking up with our Haitang is what's wrong with you."


        Whoever it was, the Badminton Club was stunned, Qin Ming abandoning his pregnant first love? Such a big revelation?

        Nie Haitang hurriedly said, "Dad, what are you babbling about? This is not something to talk about."

        Nie Zhengming looked coldly at Qin Ming and grunted, "We're not talking nonsense, his ex-girlfriend Li Meng has even brought her family to our doorstep, and she even got an entertainment reporter to look like she's asking for punishment.

        Nie Haitang was so angry that she gritted her teeth and cursed out, "Li Meng? It's that bitch again."

        Nie Haitang's mother pulled her daughter back and said bitterly, "Haitang, no matter who that Li Meng is, she is pregnant anyway and says it's Qin Ming's. This Qin Ming is greedy for riches, and he is a good man. This Qin Ming is greedy for wealth and riches and has abandoned his first love to climb high on you again.

        Qin Ming explained, "Auntie, there must be some misunderstanding here, I believe I can explain it clearly."

        Nie Haitang said anxiously, "Yes, Mum, I know very well what Qin Ming is like. He wouldn't do something like that."

        A cold laugh escaped from the back of the room, "That's exactly what he did. You stole my man, didn't you, Nie Haitang? Would I have been alone?"

        The person who spoke was none other than Li Meng.

        Li Meng had actually only been released today, her face was haggard and withered, and she hadn't even taken a bath yet, and she was covered in bad breath, but she didn't know where she got the strength to be so aggressive and aggressive in her stance.

        Nie Zhengming saw Li Meng coming and said discontentedly, "Didn't we say we'd take care of it? You brought those entertainers here again?"

        Li Meng smiled as she approached Nie Zhengming and said, "Young Nie, I took your money, so of course I'll keep my promise and won't find any more entertainers. But I have to tell your sister again, crossed the line, seduced my man and left my mother and son without a father."

        Said Li Meng, sobbing and still touching her stomach.

        Qin Ming did not believe that Li Meng was pregnant and he questioned, "Li Meng you're quite a good actor, huh? Why didn't you say you were pregnant when you were with Yang Wei? Now that you've broken up with Yang Wei, your whole family has been in the police station for two days and you're getting back at me?"

        Nie Haitang also pointed at Li Meng angrily and said, "That's right, the day before yesterday you even poured urine on us, you woman is too much, and now you're here to spread rumours about Qin Ming. What the hell is your intention?"

        Li Meng continued to cry and wail, taking out a hospital test from her bag and said, "I lied? So the lab results are a lie too? Qin Ming, you've lost your mind to this woman and don't even want your flesh and blood. Your Nie family is rich and powerful, but I, Li Meng, am just an ordinary person. But I won't stop there."

        Nie Zhengming said in annoyance, "We've all said it, it was Qin Ming who pursued my sister. We in the Nie family have never done such a thing as taking away love across the board. It was all this Qin Ming's doing."

        The crowd looked at the hospital test sheet, and it was really a pregnancy, which gave the crowd different expressions.

Chapter 54

Looking at the lab report, Nie Haitang felt her head spinning, and all her beautiful visions seemed to have vanished with the wind, and she simply fainted.

        "Daughter! Haitang! Quickly, take her to the hospital." Nie Haitang's parents were shocked and rushed to the hospital, picking up their fainted daughter.

        When Qin Ming saw that Nie Haitang had fainted, he went up to her and was very worried, but was pushed away by Nie Zhengming.

        Nie Zhengming pointed at Qin Ming angrily and said, "I'm warning you, stay away from my sister, or I won't let you go. I hate scum like you the most, if you're still a man, treat your ex-girlfriend well."

        Zhang Qingqing tossed the lab report in disgust, looked at Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming you make me feel disgusted, originally I thought it was fine if you were poor, it was fine if the toad ate the swan's flesh, what man can resist the beauty of Haitang? What kind of a man can resist the beauty of Haitang? But you got knocked up by a girl and then lusted after Haitang's wealth?"

        He laughed loudly, "Qin Ming, you're finished, God has eyes. Your kind of stink? Pan Jun? What are the hours of service? The time for you to get a job is not enough. The first time I saw you, I was so happy. The first thing you need to do is to get a job. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public.

        "Really the poorer you are the more characterless you are, really for the sake of money, what is can do out, modern Chen Shimei."

        "Qin Ming, you are not allowed to approach Haitang again in the future, do you know? Otherwise, all the boys in our badminton club will not let you off."

        Another boy said, "Oops, it's really great to have one less liar around Haitang in the future. I'll have another chance."

        Qin Ming looked questioningly at Li Meng and asked, "This is fake, what exactly do you want to do, Li Meng? Are you a child? You are twenty-one years old, do you think this kind of forgery can fool anyone?"

        But Li Meng said calmly, "It's true, I came out of the police station last night to have the test done. You are also capable of getting my mother into the police station, and when she saw me dry heaving, she sent me to the hospital for a test. What happened, wasn't it?"

        Qin Ming said in disgust, "Afraid it's not Yang Wei's?"


        Li Meng slapped up angrily and scolded, "I've only been with Yang Wei for a few days? I haven't even slept with him in order to get more money from him, but I've even slept with you this week. Whose is it if not yours?"

        Qin Ming frowned, "The day you cheated on me, there were safety measures in place."

        Li Meng sneered, "What about a week ago? Did you forget, when you laughed at me in the dining hall, what I did the night before I broke up with you? I know you won't admit it, but the belly is mine and I'm in charge of the baby. But you can pay the alimony and nutrition in one go, as well as my youth, I'll count you in for a million. Pay me and I won't come back to you. If I want to blackmail you, go to Yang Wei. Isn't Yang Wei richer than you? But nothing happened between me and Yang Wei, so who am I looking for if not you?"

        Qin Ming's face was gloomy, after all, it was all about money.

        Qin Ming said in a deep voice: "Where do I have the money?"

        Li Meng said, "Aren't you quite capable of making money in the stock market? Then you should go and earn it. If you don't have money, I'll keep it in my stomach."

        In his heart, Qin Ming was still very hesitant, was what Li Meng said true?

        Is this hospital test result true?

        He said, "Come with me to the hospital again and have another test."

        Li Meng shook the lab slip in her hand and scolded, "Humph, it's useless to go as many times as you don't believe. Qin Ming, I knew you were heartless, I've been with you for two years, I've given you my body, I've given you my youth. And this is how you treat me? After wrecking me, you went on to wreck others, didn't you?"

        Qin Ming was annoyed and raised his hand as if he wanted to hit, saying, "It's obvious that you cheated on me, so you have a point? Do you need to say the words you scolded me for again?"

        Li Meng also broke down and held her face up as if she was going to hit you, "Go ahead, hit me, so many people are watching, go ahead. You'd better slap me and make me miscarry. You'd better be a murderer. Then go live with Nie Haitang in a double life."

        Qin Ming looked around, and Fang Jinsheng was still recording the video with great interest.

        Li Meng warned, "I'm telling you Qin Ming, if you don't have a million dollars in a month, I'll go to your mother and I'll see what your Qin family is going to do to me."

        Qin Ming asked, "You still want to enter my Qin family's door? You are dreaming. Don't you think I'm disgusting for showing people the door? Why are you still relying on me?"

        Li Meng said pretentiously, "I am disgusted with you, but I have love, the first little life in my belly, how can I not want him? When the child grows up later, I'll tell him that it was his father who abandoned his wife and son and ran off with his mistress."

        Looking at Li Meng's belly, Qin Ming was powerless for another moment, and he coldly snorted, "You better not lie to me."

        Qin Ming quickly left the stadium and called Nie Haitang to ask her what was going on.

        However, the phone was answered by Nie Zhengming: "Hello? Qin Ming I'm telling you, if you call again I'm not finished with you, don't harass my sister, my sister needs to calm down now."

        Qin Ming said, "Brother Nie, calm down and listen to me."

        Nie Zhengming was annoyed, "I don't have the means to calm down. Your ex-girlfriend's family came to my house today with a bunch of entertainment reporters, questioning whether my sister is a mistress, taking away her love, forcing Li Meng, and getting her into the police station. Do you know how disgusting those entertainment reporters asked? It scared my grandfather so much that he had a heart attack and is still in the hospital."

        Surprisingly, there were still these things, Qin Ming was silent.

        Nie Zhengming continued, "Our Nie family will all be ridiculed in tomorrow's Fortune Gossip magazine. If you want the best for my sister, don't bother her anymore."

        Duh ......

        Qin Ming was hung up with a pang of annoyance in his heart, and the nest of his heart, which had so easily healed, became shattered again.

        He knew that it was all over.

        He mumbled to himself and laughed to himself, "Is this what a thousand pieces of gold can do to buy true love? So what if I am the richest man in the world? In the end, I still have to face Li Meng, and the child in her belly."

        Qin Ming's eyes were hollow as he walked aimlessly down the street, he didn't want to face Li Meng, yet he couldn't go see Nie Haitang, did he still have to marry Li Meng, a gold-digging girl, in the end?

        He thought of the outcome of his righteous father, Chang Hongxi, who found out in his old age that his wife had cheated on him and drove to the river to lightly die, but was fortunately saved by Qin Ming.

        When Chang Hongxi regained his strength, Naiwen found out that his three sons and two daughters were not newborns, that kind of sadness, Qin Ming felt painful even thinking about it.

        At the badminton court.

        Li Meng picked up the lab report on the ground and raised a smile cunningly: "Qin Ming, you still want to climb up the ladder to become a superfluous son-in-law? You'd be better off as a sweeper. Hmph, you and Nie Haitang are finished, hahaha. Today you even used the entertainment press to blackmail the Nie family for 100,000 yuan in hush money, what a big profit, it's good to be rich."

        "You do well to use your skills in the stock market and make money for me."

        "Haha, my mum is so clever to help me get a fake lab report at the hospital."

        "Qin Ming, the humiliation of making my whole family squat for two more days as a guard, I will definitely pay you back in full. Hmph, you just wait for me."