Rags To Riches Chapter 527-528

 Chapter 527

Ah Long actually knew the brother of this arrogant and domineering Li Xinghong?

                It seemed that he was also a comrade in the army together at the beginning.

                Qin Ming suddenly realised that he didn't really know much about his own right-hand bodyguard; Ah Long was indeed very powerful and had saved his life, and apart from having attended Ah Long's wedding, he really knew nothing about his past.

                With a wave of his hand, Li Xing Hong said, "Alright, since he is your brother, I will give your brother face for the sake of my brother. Let's forget about taking advantage of my future wife just now. But just this once, I, Li Xinghong, can do what I say, and I hope that you, Brother Long, will also discipline your brother properly."

                After saying that, Li Xinghong picked up the rose that had just fallen on the ground and handed it to Sun Changxi with a smile again, saying, "I will let him go if you take the flower."

                Sun Changxi really didn't want to cause any more trouble for Qin Ming, so she took the flowers directly and said, "Get lost."

                Li Xinghong smiled and said, "Okay, I'll get lost. I heard that Auntie Yang is coming to Guangzhou to talk about business, so I have to pay a visit to Auntie Yang later, and I have prepared a generous gift for her. I've prepared a gift for her."

                Li Xinghong left, and peace returned to the small restaurant.

                The crowd was a little scared of such an erratic and seemingly madman-like ardent suitor.

                But fortunately, it was a scare and no fight was started.

                Qin Ming clenched his fist, the punch that Li Xinghong had just thrown was quite powerful, he felt that that Li Xinghong was not an ordinary person either.

                Sun Changxi suddenly slapped Qin Ming lightly and said, "Qin Ming did you just take advantage of me? Huh? I treat you as a friend, what do you take me for? Did I say again that you should be my shield? Hmph, you let me down too much."

                After saying that, Sun Changxi blinked her left eye towards Qin Ming, hinting that Qin Ming should not take it seriously.

                Qin Ming touched his face, this slap didn't have a bit of force, what was Sun Changxi doing here?

                Sun Changxi whispered again, "So ...... that you won't cause misunderstandings in front of your sister, right?"

                Qin Ming cried and laughed, so it was a misunderstanding that he had something to do with Mu Si Chun, he immediately said, "Sister Chang Xi you misunderstood me, that Mu Si Chun, and I definitely do not have any relationship beyond friendship."

                Sun Changxi gave an odd smile, "Really? Forget it, I have to go to my mother's place, I have to go first, thank you for inviting me to dinner tonight."

                As soon as Sun Changxi left, Mu Sichen walked up and said, "That's fine, Qin Ming you've kissed someone else's big beauty right there."

                Liao Qingxuan was also quite unhappy and said, "That's not true? You are quite enthusiastic in being a shield. Next time my family arranges a blind date, should I ask you to act as a shield for me?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched as he said, "I was actually confused at the time because I couldn't think of any other act to prove the relationship between lovers, so I took it upon myself to do that, I really didn't have the heart to take advantage of it. I ended up annoying Sister Chang Xi too, ah, I'll have to apologise to her later. I hope she's magnanimous and doesn't take it personally with a little brat like me."

                "Little brat your sister!" The two women said in unison, "Do you have any shame? Don't make a fuss just because you're a student."

                Liao Qingxuan suddenly stopped speaking because she was also a little shy inside when she said this.

                In the past, she really treated Qin Ming as a teenage student, indeed Qin Ming looked a bit young, she was five years older and a teacher, and it was only with various psychological advantages that she had those misunderstandings.

                But then quite a lot happened, twice her bath towel accidentally slipped off and she let Qin Ming look cheap, and she was also deceiving herself with the idea that Qin Ming was still a boy.

                Now she was annoyed with Qin Ming for kissing Sun Changxi and denying him, that in turn made her recall all the things that had happened in the past.

                "Alas, Qin Ming you little man can really be ...... sinful." Liao Qingxuan shyly shook her head, she herself could not figure out what she thought of Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "Alright, I didn't know it would be like this either. As you all saw just now, that guy called Li Xinghong was too fierce, and I was afraid that Sister Changxi would suffer, she is my great benefactor after all, and as a result, I messed up and she got angry. Let's go, let's go."

                Mu Si Chun flattened her mouth and muttered, "But I always felt that Sister Sun wasn't angry."

                The group returned to the house in the neighbourhood, because Liao Qingxuan's father had paid the rent for a year, so Liao Qingxuan was now living in the big house, and Qin Chaoyang and Wang Xiaoli had already moved to the big villa anyway.

                The living room was converted into a dance practice area, and in future Mu Sichen would come back every night to receive special dance training from Liao Qingxuan.

                Qin Ming watched the two of them practise dancing for a while, when a message came from Ao Mei.

                He opened his phone and saw that it was exactly what he had just asked Ao Mei to investigate about Li Xinghong's background.

                The Li family in Beijing is not a super-rich family, but it is also a famous one. The Li family is a famous family that specialises in producing "generals", and their ancestors even led the army and fought against the kiddies.

                Today, the Li family has become an educational family that mainly cultivates "gods of war" and has many famous disciples under them.

                Some of the biggest names in the military in several regions of China are Li family members who are fellow teachers and brothers, all of whom have been teachers of the Li family, Li Xingkong and Li Laozi.

                And the Li family now several sons are in the military, Li Xingwang is the most successful one, but the specific news can not be investigated.

                Qin Ming judged from the fact that Li Xingwang was a soldier in the same squad as Ah Long, and was also sympathetic to the extent that he was afraid that he was also a very powerful and cutting-edge special forces soldier.

                The Li family has such a background, it really is not to take money can come to measure, no wonder that Huang Shaohao so fearful, really people sneeze, you have to hide.

                And Li Xinghong is also a bull, although his family conditions are special, he was born with more opportunities than others.

                But he didn't go into the military, nor politics, he started his family at a young age, and created the Star Hung Group, specialising in the mercenary business, which has some international fame, but he himself has never been very visible, and is also very low-key.

                The reason is that, apart from his pursuit of Sun Changxi, Li Xinghong is quite high-profile and arrogant, but Ao Mei can't find any other arrogant deeds of Li Xinghong.

                From the information searched by Ao Mei, it seems that this Li Xing Hong is really very fanatical and obsessed with Sun Changxi.

                When Qin Ming thought back to Sun Changxi, she was indeed very beautiful and charming, a unique aura of coming from a famous family and the competence of being a policewoman, all of which made her a one in a million outstanding woman.

                Qin Ming liked Sun Changxi's eyes the most, they were always particularly evocative when looking at people.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Since ancient times, heroes have difficulty with beauty, ah, this Li Xinghong is going to be bad at the hands of a woman."

                Later on, he got information that seemed to confirm Qin Ming's words. It was rumoured that Li Xinghong had killed someone, a love rival, and a young master of a powerful family who was also pursuing Sun Changxi was killed by Li Xinghong.

                But there was no direct evidence. Later, someone took the initiative to turn himself in, and Li Xinghong became an accomplice and was also sentenced to a few years.

                And Sun Changxi seemed to be unaware of this, and suffered a lot of scorn in the circles of the gentry, which can be described as wishful and innocent.

                As Qin Ming was watching, Ao Mei sent a message and said, "Young master, this Li Xinghong case, I see some problems."

                Qin Ming asked, "What problems? Can you find the evidence that he destroyed?"

                Ao Mei replied, "Not really, I think he is innocent, it seems he was helping his brother to avoid the death penalty before he recruited as an accomplice and made it look like manslaughter. But it doesn't matter, I've found everything I can, I'll send you the details of the other members of the Li family tomorrow."

                Qin Ming had doubts in his mind as he looked at the contents of Li Xinghong's case five years ago.

                It seemed that Li Xinghong had asked his rival to negotiate in a bar, but he came back from a trip to the toilet and he was dead, during which his little brother had beaten up his rival.

                The police arrived at this time, and although Li Xinghong said he had not given the order to kill, the man was killed by his junior.

                Qin Ming continued to back-flip through this information when suddenly the phone rang.

                "Sister Chang Xi? Something else?" Qin Ming was surprised that at this time, Sun Changxi was calling him.

                Unexpectedly, Sun Changxi said in a very anxious manner, "Qin Ming? Can, can you ask your friend who is a very good fighter called Ah Long to do me a favour? Something has happened to my, my mother, she has been arrested."

Chapter 528

"Auntie Yang has been arrested?" Qin Ming was very surprised.

                Although Qin Ming did not know how terrifying Sun Changxi's family background was, he knew that the Sun family's background in the country was not simple either after reading Li Xinghong's background, who all cared about Sun Changxi.

                However, the mistress of such a Sun family had been arrested in Guang City? That was outrageous.

                Qin Ming pursued, "Calm down, send me your address, I'll be right there. Tell me what's going on?"

                Sun Changxi said anxiously, "I don't know, my mother was fine at the hotel. Just now Li Xinghong went to see her, and after Li Xinghong finished seeing the person, my mother disappeared with her. And a photo was left at the scene, a photo of my mother being kidnapped, and the other party asked me to meet them at the old shipyard on the southeast side of the Bund at 12 o'clock tonight."

                When Qin Ming heard this, the water here was really deep.

                Qin Ming asked, "You think it was Li Xinghong who did it?"

                Qin Ming had a vague feeling that for a character like Li Xinghong to get him into prison, it seemed that his opponents would have to be a bit sleight of hand, and he was afraid that Li Xinghong had the intention of relenting against the Sun family, so he had started making waves as soon as he was released from prison.

                He didn't think that the flower that Li Xinghong had just made was a real love for Sun Changxi, or perhaps he simply wanted to sleep with a woman.

                It is not unlikely that he would make a move on Sun Changxi's mother if he failed in his pursuit.

                Sun Changxi said angrily: "He denied it, he is now with me and said he would act with me to prove his innocence. Can you ask your Wu Long to take action? He is a retired special forces soldier, and Li Xinghong said he was very powerful and might be able to help."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he felt that Li Xinghong's was even following Sun Changxi to prove his innocence?

                Could this be a trap?

                Qin Ming said, "No problem, I'll be right there, don't go anywhere yet, I still know a few people in the local area who have the means."

                Qin Ming was a bit angry, although he and Sun Changxi were not a couple, but there was the reality of being husband and wife, Qin Ming had a vague desire to protect in his heart, he did not want to see Sun Changxi being bullied and aggrieved by others.

                The sudden kidnapping of Sun's mother was obviously beyond the ordinary and he had to be prepared for anything.

                Qin Ming made a few phone calls and then dragged Ah Long along to a large hotel in the city.

                Sun Changxi was anxious, while Li Xinghong stood silently by, along with a few of his minions.

                Seeing this, Qin Ming asked, "Didn't you call the police?"

                Sun Changxi said, "No, the other party said that they were watching my every move and would tear up the ticket once the police were called, there would be no chance of any communication."

                Qin Ming looked at Li Xinghong suspiciously and asked, "He was watching you?"

                Li Xinghong was immediately annoyed, "Tsk, kid, do you deserve a beating? Just because I gave Brother Martial Dragon face just now doesn't mean I'm going to leave you alone all the time, so think before you speak."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "How can you not think before you do something? You said that before you came, nothing happened to Auntie Yang, and just after you arrived, Auntie Yang was kidnapped. And you don't need me to say much more about what you did, do you? What's the difference between you and a madman?"

                Li Xinghong was about to speak when Sun Changxi snapped, "Stop arguing, all of you, we have to go to the shipyard now. It's good for Li Xinghong to follow me, if it's not related to him, he can help, and if it's related to him, I won't let him off."

                Li Xinghong said, "Changxi, do you think I can do that kind of thing? Auntie Yang is my future mother-in-law, I just gave her a big gift just now, and that business contract worth five billion is still there at the hotel, how could I kidnap him. I hate it when people plant evidence on me, if I catch them, I'll chop them up and feed them to the dogs."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, a five billion dollar business to please Auntie Yang, this Li Xinghong was willing to pay blood money.

                The group left at the same time to rush to the old shipyard on the Bund.

                There were two locations on the Bund in Guangcheng, the new Bund was where the rich and famous set up their yachts, as far as the old Bund was concerned there was a lack of personnel to manage it, dirty and messy was inevitable, some of the old factories had also closed down long ago, and iron fences had been pulled up from a great distance.

                Dang, the shipyard gates are open and three large lamps inside shine on the entrance.

                The strong light made it difficult to open one's eyes and the crowd had to raise their hands to block the light.

                But Qin Ming vaguely saw a woman tied to a chair in front of him, wasn't it Auntie Yang?

                One of the people on the other side said, "Hey, Miss Sun is quite punctual. Do you still remember me? When you were a child, you quite liked to hear me tell you stories."

                Sun Changxi narrowed her eyes, and when she approached, she saw a svelte middle-aged man, and instantly her face sank, saying, "You traitor, you still have the face to come back?"

                The other party laughed out loud in displeasure, "Hahahaha ...... Why don't I have the face to come back? It was your Sun family that wronged me, discarding me like a pawn and sweeping me out of the house, I have worked for your Sun family for so many years, only to end up in a situation where I have nothing to gain and cannot return to my home, how come I have no face to come back?"

                Sun Changxi said in annoyance, "Bah, how did my grandfather treat you, wasn't that good enough? He took you in as his student, paved the way for you and opened up your future, but it was you who got greedy, forgot your roots when you had power, were insatiable, corrupt, and had promiscuous relationships, can you blame our Sun family for sweeping you off your feet?"

                "And now you kidnap my mother, you are really crazy. Quickly let my mother go."

                Qin Ming was stunned, looking at this, it should be some previous feud of Sun Changxi's family, which did not match his guess.

                "Hahahaha, when you handed me over to the police, my mother had gone crazy long ago, forced by your Sun family, but God helped me and let me escape, but now I am back." Fang Min laughed hideously and said, "I have waited for this opportunity so easily, once I kidnapped your two mothers and daughters, your father and your grandfather he will overturn the case for me, only you Sun family can have this ability, hum hum hum."

                Sun Changxi said disdainfully, "Shameless, my father would never do such a thing with no regard for the law, just die."

                Fang Min said, "That's not necessarily true. Your father is a good man, and it's not unlikely that he'll break his conscience for you and your daughter."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Fang Min pressed a remote control in his hand and the door of the shipyard closed slowly, the rumbling sound of the iron door was very ear-piercing.

                Fang Min said smugly, "It won't take more than a few minutes to clean up after you, my boat is already ready outside, hum hum hum, you will lose for sure."

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming apologetically and said, "Qin Ming, I'm sorry to have gotten you involved, this time, it's an old score from our family's past. This person ...... forget about it, be careful later, try to keep yourself safe and run away if you can."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, I am not unbearable, I will protect myself."

                Li Xinghong said disdainfully, "People like you stay aside and go, aren't you still relying on Brother Wu Long? Chang Xi, don't worry, with me around, both Auntie and you will be safe."

                Sun Changxi said, "Just mind your own business. I don't need you to worry."

                Ah Long stared to the left and right and said, "Young Master, I smell some blood and the sound of some wild beasts."

                The sounds of wild beasts?

                "Oooh ......"

                Under Qin Ming's careful listening, he also heard the low guttural bark of some wild beasts, as if they were wolf dogs!

                He had just had this thought when that Fang Min stood next to Auntie Yang, he pinched her chin and said viciously, "It's your Sun family that owes me, I've done so much for your Sun family. In the end, there is nothing, hehehe ...... your Sun family is just like animals, worse than my many babies, let my babies, greet you well."

                "Oooh ......" The low growl of those beasts became more and more obvious, and in the darkness behind Fang Min, a pair of fierce eyes were gradually revealed.

                Surprisingly, it was a pack of wolf dogs, a dozen of them!

                Seeing this, Li Xinghong said disdainfully, "Hahaha, you dumb ass, getting a pack of beasts and trying to clean us up?"

                The corners of Fang Min's mouth lifted, revealing a treacherous smile, "How can I? What? Do I look that stupid? Haven't you noticed that this scrapyard is an enclosed structure? The glass windows are all closed by me."

                The crowd was stunned, what did this mean?

                Too late to ask, that Fang Min took out another remote control and said hideously, "Hmph hahahaha, I told you, this won't take more than a few minutes."

                As he pressed the button, there was a "snort" and a sudden spurt of irritating smelling smoke from both sides, causing even a dozen wolf dogs in the darkness to pounce frantically.