Rags To Riches Chapter 525-526

 Chapter 525

Qin Ming was surprised to see that even Ah Long had come out, what kind of person had come here that was so big? It was so dangerous that even Ah Long felt it.

                When Sun Changxi saw the visitors, she frowned and said, "Aren't they from the Star Hung Group? Why are they here in Guang City?"

                Qin Ming listened on the sidelines and did not know any Star Hung Group, but it seemed to be someone Sun Changxi knew, so he was suspicious: "Is this looking for her? I didn't expect that Sister Changxi would still have people looking for her after she became the director."

                Sun Changxi turned around and said, "Qin Ming, Sister Xuan, you guys lean back a bit, these people are here to find me. You guys don't get involved."

                Qin Ming frowned and didn't hesitate, he just told Liao Qingxuan and Mu Sichen to move back a little, he still stood firmly next to Sun Changxi.

                He was treating Sun Changxi as his good friend, and he would not care if something happened to her.

                The van with five big brawny men came down and cleared the road, and a young man with an inch of mastery came down from the van, with a cigarette in his mouth, walking with a stride and an arrogant and haughty attitude.

                Huang Shaohao first said in surprise, "Li Xinghong? He, he's out of jail?"

                Sun Changxi frowned and said, "Oh, this scum of the earth, how dare he get his sentence reduced too."

                Huang Shaohao said in a panic, "There's no direct evidence to prove that he killed someone, it can't be helped, Changxi, let me send you back. Don't meet up with this kind of person, he's a madman."

                Suddenly, that Li Xinghong scolded, "Huang Shaohao? What's your status? Is your shitty Bentley qualified to take my future wife back? You think you can get close to my future wife just because your family has a few stinking dollars? Brothers, smash up his Bentley."

                "Yes, boss." Five big brawny men immediately copied their weapons in the car, dong dong dong ......

                The surrounding passers-by and diners were all dumbfounded, it was a Bentley, how dare these people smash it?

                Sun Changxi angrily flashed her ID and said, "Li Xinghong, what's wrong with you? Stop it, all of you come back to the police station with me."

                Li Xinghong smiled lightly, "Oops, making my future wife work overtime. You bunch of losers, how do you do things? Do you know what to do?"

                "Yes, boss." Those five brawny men immediately stared at Huang Shaohao in unison, revealing a hideous smile.

                Huang Shaohao was so scared that his legs went weak and he hurriedly said, "No, no, Chang Xi don't. If you take them back, they're going to screw me. I let them smash this car, don't arrest them."

                Sun Changxi angrily scolded, "Huang Shaohao, look at your outburst, what's so scary about this Li family?"

                Still nervous, Huang Shaohao said, "No! Chang Xi, just think of it as helping me, this car is smashed, I admit my own bad luck."

                "Hahahahahaha ......" Li Xinghong walked over with a big smile, reached out and hooked Huang Shaohao, patted his Burberry suit and said, "Future wife, you see, this kind of person can't be relied on? Is having money called strength? You have to have an identity, and only when you have an identity does this society work well. Just like your father, when he has that status, don't all these rich people come like flies to suck up to you, how many of them really like you?"

                "Although they are rich, they are all silver bullets and embroidered pillows, not useful at all. This muscle training is useless. Huang Shaohao, get the hell out of here, harass my wife again and I'll have your dog's life."

                As Qin Ming watched, Huang Shaohao, who had always marked himself as sincere and had been pursuing Sun Changxi hard, his body kept shaking, he hesitated, then due to a few seconds, lowered his head and left in a huff.

                Seeing this, Sun Changxi was furious: "Huang Shaohao, although I don't like you. But quite admire you as a person. You really became a deserter? You're so afraid of him?"

                Huang Shaohao's face was extremely ugly, as if he was weighing something in his heart, and finally shook his head helplessly and said, "I'm sorry, Changxi, I don't deserve to be with you."

                Sun Changxi had a disappointed face, this childhood friend who had chased her for many years and whom she had known since childhood was so unreliable.

                "Hahaha." That arrogant and arrogant Li Xing Hong happened to laugh loudly, "Future wife, look at this kind of person who is also worthy to say he loves you? He abandons you when things go wrong, a waste, I'll drive away such flies for you, you don't need to thank me. Aigoo, these are your friends, right, handsome, beautiful, how are you? I'm Li Xing Hong, I'm Chang Xi's future husband, in fact we'll get married soon."

                Li Xing Hong turned his head and greeted Qin Ming and the others politely, his change of style was so quick that it caught people off guard.

                Sun Changxi clenched her fists in anger, her eyes almost spitting out fire: "Li Xinghong, you madman, get out of my sight! I won't marry a murderer like you. If I catch you in any illegal act, I won't let you off."

                Li Xinghong said with a smile, "Aiya, you look so pretty when your future wife is angry. That case of mine, can you blame me? I'm really innocent, there's no evidence, you have to believe me. You see I got out of jail yesterday and came to see you today, brothers, bring up the flowers."

                Five junior brothers, immediately took out a good big bunch of flowers in the car.

                Sun Changxi was so angry that she raised her hand to hit, that Li Xinghong did not dodge or evade, just held his face high and said, "Wife, you hit, hitting is kissing and scolding is loving, hit me, I like it."

                Qin Ming and the others looked on, they were all stunned, this man was a pervert, wasn't he?

                Sun Changxi look at this instead of good to start, she still have to think about their own identity and ah.

                Qin Ming looked aside, apparently Sun Changxi is very difficult, she raised and could not let go of the hand, it is full of stories, this star hong group of Li Xinghong seems to be very identity, and also has committed a crime, can make that the capital city magnate Huang family Huang Shao Hao are directly rolled away.

                Qin Ming had recently come into contact with a lot of people in the capital city, and became more and more curious about how many dragons and tigers were lying in the capital city, one more arrogant than the other.

                Moreover, he vaguely sensed that Sun Changxi's identity was not simple either, and he guessed that his family's background was also very special.

                Li Xinghong held up the flowers and smiled, "Future wife, if you accept the flowers, I will leave immediately and not disturb your dinner with your friends. Do I look like such an insensitive person? Today, I just don't like that soft-headed guy Huang Shaohao, who has the face to pursue you? I'll book an earlier date for you in future."

                Sun Changxi clenched her fist in annoyance, "My name is Sun Changxi! Call me by my full name!"

                Even passers-by could see how angry and powerless Sun Changxi was, but in the face of this madman called Li Xinghong, it seemed that things were getting very complicated.

                Li Xing Hong held up the flowers and said, "Future wife, wife, who else in the whole world would dare to marry you except me, Li Xing Hong? Who dares to be your boyfriend?"

                "I dare!" Suddenly, a lifetime of resounding roars from behind the people, a man walked up to Sun Changxi, wrapped one arm around her small waist and embraced her into his arms.

                The crowd was startled, wasn't this Qin Ming?

Chapter 526

Sun Changxi was also taken aback when she was suddenly hugged by Qin Ming.

                She really had not thought that Qin Ming would come forward to help her at such a time.

                But she knew very well that Li Xinghong's background was very deep, and he was also a temperamental and ferocious person, a desperado, so to speak, who never thought about the consequences of his actions.

                This was going to involve Qin Ming, she would be very uneasy, she hurriedly said, "Qin Ming you quickly let go of me, he is very dangerous."

                As Mu Si Chun looked on, she flattened her mouth and hummed, "Look, you really have it on your mind, Qin Ming, you philandering carrot."

                Li Xinghong was stunned and immediately dropped the flower, angrily scolding, "Kid, if you were my future wife's friend, I'd be toasting ......"


                Qin Ming spat a mouthful of spittle over, directly onto Li Xinghong's clothes, interrupting him in passing, saying, "You think I'm that Huang Shaohao? You got scared twice and ran away? Sorry, I've been scared by people since I was a kid."

                "You!" Li Xinghong was furious and immediately grabbed the wine bottle next to the table and was about to smack it down.

                Sun Changxi immediately chided, "Li Xinghong, stop, if you really want to force me, I won't be polite with you!"

                Qin Ming still put his arm around Sun Changxi and said soothingly, "Tsk, why are you so angry, don't get angry and ruin your health, I'm in pain."

                Li Xinghong cracked a big smile as he watched the two of them look like two people, "Hahahahaha, kid, you can do this acting skill. Just now you were sitting so openly, and suddenly you're boyfriend and girlfriend? Who are you fooling? I have no objection if you want to play the hero, but you put your hands on my future wife again ......"

                "Bah!" Qin Ming spat again and interrupted the other party, saying, "Watch your words, she's the woman you'll never get, she's my woman. We're just more low-key, I didn't expect you to be even more annoyed by that Huang Shaohao. Crazy people don't go near my wife"

                Sun Changxi was a little touched to see Qin Ming being so aggressive, especially saying that she belonged to him, as if to imply that the two had once had a night of warmth that made her heart pound.

                The crowd actually didn't believe it, they all thought Qin Ming was being strong for Sun Changxi, after all, Qin Ming was like that, but when he saw the slightest injustice, he would all be indignant and pull out his sword to help.

                However, they did not know that Qin Ming's relationship with Sun Changxi was much closer than they had imagined.

                Mu Si Chun puffed out her angry fragrant cheeks and muttered, "Why do I feel that Sister Sun's expression is somewhat invested? Could it be that Sister Sun is also interested in Qin Ming? Tsk, Qin Ming, you are really capable of attracting women. I, I have to keep a good eye on you for my sister before I can do that."

                Li Xinghong laughed again and said, "Hahahaha, kid, I admire your guts, it's indeed much better than Huang Shaohao's embroidered pillow. However, you should also stop when appropriate ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Qin Ming suddenly picked up Sun Changxi and gave her a kiss.

                Sun Changxi was equally shocked, her eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Qin Ming who suddenly kissed her, some of her lips smelled of wine, the same feeling as the last time she was drunk, Qin Ming's fiery and masculine scent was too much for her to resist.

                "This, this ......" Liao Qingxuan covered her lips in surprise, never expecting Qin Ming to do this.

                Mu Si Chun bit her shell teeth viciously, her heart inexplicably a little upset and sour.

                The one who was most surprised was still Li Xinghong and his minions, the pearl of the Sun family, being eaten for tofu just like that?

                "Wow Wow!" The passers-by on both sides of the street let out gasps and cheers, watching the action.

                Sun Changxi was so excited and nervous that she didn't know how to react, would Qin Ming take this opportunity to help her and confess his love to her?

                Without waiting for Sun's reaction, a furious Li Xinghong suddenly rushed up and punched Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming had practiced the martial arts books taught by Zhang Quanzhen for some time, he felt his strength had increased by a lot and naturally mastered the flow of Qi and blood throughout his body, concentrating his strength to explode at one point, such as his fist.


                The two men's fists clashed directly against each other, the sound of bones clashing against each other, but it was a bit harsh.

                Qin Ming's punch was again shocking, again including Ah Long, who had been responsible for Qin Ming's closest protection.

                Ah Long was a retired special forces soldier, a man who could be called the King of Soldiers and had experienced many battles and top secret missions, and he was very surprised to see the power of Qin Ming's punch at this moment.

                Although the strength was not top notch, the way he threw his punches was a connoisseur and absolutely strong.

                Ah Long was secretly amazed in his heart, "The young master practises kung fu for so many hours every morning and evening and has actually mastered such top-notch punching habits and knockouts, something."

                Li Xinghong was blocked by Qin Ming's punch and took a few steps back, looking at Qin Ming in shock, this svelte and thin looking man was able to explode with such ferocious strength?

                Li Xinghong shook off his fist, the pain made him very unhappy.

                He looked at Qin Ming grimly and then looked at Sun Changxi, saying, "Hmph, I never thought I would have a day where I would be short-changed. But since you brat doesn't know my name and origin, I don't blame you, but next you will have to bear my wrath."

                Sun Changxi shouted in a loud and delicate voice, "Enough! Li Xinghong don't mess with him, he's not my boyfriend. He's helping me, it's a bit much, but if you dare to hurt him, I will not rest with you, I don't care about your family's business with my father, I'll find my big brother, he will have a way to clean you up."

                Qin Ming frowned and said anxiously, "Sister Changxi, you're ......"

                Sun Changxi said, "Come on, I appreciate your good intentions, but this kind of thing, I can't let you be the shield and take the blame."

                "Hahahaha ...... good, good." Li Xinghong clapped his hands and laughed, "I knew it, my future wife will not fall for just anyone and will definitely wait for me. This is with you, a brat who takes advantage of people, tsk ...... okay, after all, I am more open-minded, for the sake of my future wife, I will reward you with thirty slaps and spare your dog's life."

                The words just fell, five hitmen behind Li Xinghong immediately rushed up, each with an unkind and sly smile.

                Qin Ming felt a pressure even from a distance, these people gave him a different feeling from ordinary punks and thugs, these five were ruthless characters.

                Sun Changxi's face turned blue as she angrily scolded, "Li Xinghong, you give me ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Ah Long walked calmly in front of Qin Ming, cold eyes, despite the fact that he was wearing slippers, his aura was different, and the five thugs who tried to come forward, slowed down their steps rather scornfully.

                The five fighters who tried to come forward slowed down their steps rather scornfully. When a high fighter crossed the line, they knew each other was not simple and their faces became grave.

                Qin Ming asked, "Ah Long, are you sure about this?"

                Ah Long whispered, "The other side is not simple, I am not completely sure, once I can't suppress the five people opposite, young master, you guys go first."

                Qin Ming was inwardly surprised, this was the first time that Ah Long was so cautious, it seemed that the people of this Xing Hong Group were really not simple.

                Li Xing Hong was stunned, he looked at Ah Long and suddenly asked, "You are Wu Long?"

                Ah Long was surprised to see the other party say his name and said, "Not bad. If you want to touch my brother, ask me first."

                Li Xinghong said, "Don't misunderstand, aren't you curious how I know you? I am Li Xingwang's younger brother, you are in most of my brother's photos, he said you were the best in their squad and were forced to leave because of something, he often mentioned you to me, worried that you would not be able to find a job after you were discharged and that you would meet someone badly."

                Ah Long frowned, his thoughts recalled, and said after a long time, "You actually Wang's brother ...... huh, it's a small world. But one size does not fit all, if you dare to do it, I will dare to chop it up."

                Qin Ming was surprised that this could have something to do with it again? How was this business going to end tonight?