Rags To Riches Chapter 523-524

 Chapter 523


                Tang Xueli gave a slap and said: "He Xiu let's cut off our friendship, I, Tang Xueli, don't have a friend like you. Manager, such a black sheep like He Xiu, she was the one who instigated me to go and argue with Mu Sichen just now, I also fell for her trick. I also remembered that the last time I was splashed with hot water by Mu Si Chun, it seemed to be caused by He Xiu suddenly hitting Mu Si Chun. So it was her secretly stirring things up all along."

                "Manager, I, I ......" He Xiu was frightened by this sudden bite of black pot, this time she was selected with great difficulty, this is to be fired, she will be on the industry blacklist ah.

                She was also faced with a sudden slap on the wrist and a shit plate from her best friend, who used to be inseparable, eat and live with her, and wish to debut in the film industry together as a trainee.

                Tang Xueli added: "I didn't expect you to hold such a grudge against Xiaochun, you say, the last few times Xiaochun's clothes were stolen by you?"

                Mu Sichen looked disgusted, this Tang Xueli even shouted at her so intimately, pretending to be familiar?

                He Xiu hurriedly said, "Manager, listen to my explanation."

                That female manager was also annoyed, not listening to any explanation, and waved her hand, saying, "Alright, He Xiu you get out of here immediately, you're fired for violating the company's rules. The rest of you should practice your dance, you will be performing on stage two soon, so don't give me any more trouble, if you make any more trouble, all of you get out."

                The manager was furious, which was tantamount to declaring the outcome of the matter, and He Xiu was dragged away by the security guards without any chance to explain.

                The manager patted Mu Sichen and said, "I misunderstood you before. But going forward you have to rely on yourself to perform well. This is not a good path to take."

                After saying that, she looked at Qin Ming and said, "You're Mu Sichen's manager, right? What's your name? We still have a contract with Mu Sichen to sign, when do you think you'll be available?"

                As soon as they heard that Mu Sichen had a contract to sign, the girls around them all cast envious glances at the opportunity to sign a contract only when there was an event or performance opportunity, which meant an opportunity to earn money.

                Envy is envy, but these people don't dare to cause any more trouble, after all, no one wants to be kicked out of the programme.

                Qin Ming talked to the manager in charge of the "Dream Girl" variety show. It turned out that during her previous performance on stage, Mu Si Chun's acting skills had been approved by the judges and she was going to be signed to perform the role of a pretty college girl in a horror film, with the main task being to show her breasts, legs, wet herself, as well as whine and flirt with the male lead.

                As soon as Qin Ming saw the contract for such scenes, he simply gave it a push.

                Mu Si Chun's previous stage plays and supporting roles in plays by famous director Feng could be very positive and trippy roles, loved by the uncle fans, and the main focus was an innocent and cute one.

                How can one go for such roles for quick money now? It's not like Mu Si Chun is short of money. Here in the entertainment industry, there's no such thing as a ruined image.

                Qin Ming said, "Manager Shao, this kind of role doesn't fit the positioning of our Xiaochun's acting route."

                Manager Shao was not happy and said, "It's good that a newcomer can get a role, don't give you the chance to be picky. Mu Si Chun has a good image and her acting skills are fine, so why does she like to play big names? There is still a market for domestic horror films, the cost is low, it's a sure thing, and when it's on a big online movie, the popularity goes up further."

                Qin Ming said, "We are not rejecting horror films, but this kind of flesh-selling persona. Your show, isn't it also focused on youthful, lively and young girls as the theme? If you take on such scaled scenes at such a time, won't it make people laugh?"

                Manager Shao said disdainfully, "I'm not saying that, Agent Qin, don't be shameless. Mu Sichen's dancing and singing are really different from the others. The first place in dancing is definitely Tang Xueli's, she has been practicing dancing since she was a child, and her singing is also very good, so there is no comparison. The singer is also Deng Yingsi, and the dancer is also very good. The show is mainly about singing and dancing, the acting is not obvious to professionals. Do you get it? Mu Si Chun won't be able to win the championship."

                Qin Ming heard the female manager look down on Mu Si Chun so much, his heart was the most upset and said, "Manager Shao, as long as the judges don't operate in secret, our Xiaochun won't lose."

                The manager held his hands and said with amusement, "I see that your mouth is hairless, you must be new to the agent business, right? Do you really think it's that easy to get a chance in this circle? You don't want such a good opportunity, you really don't know how to behave."

                In the afternoon, Qin Ming skipped class and waited for Mu Sichen to finish rehearsals.

                When Mu Sichen saw Qin Ming, she rushed up with open arms and pulled him in, saying; "Brother-in-law, you waited for me, huh? Hey, hey, it's still brother-in-law who's good."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Be careful, it's not good if people see you."

                Mu Si Chun playfully muttered her little mouth and said, "What's wrong with that? I'll just say we're shooting a video segment. Brother-in-law, you're so handsome today, you made Tang Xueli and the girls suffer a defeat with a single strike. Although the mastermind hasn't been rooted out yet, those few so-called girlfriends of Tang Xueli's are now worried that they too will be betrayed and their little gang is cracking up."

                "Hey hey hey, brother-in-law, so what did Manager Shao want to talk to you about?"

                "Nothing, to arrange a ghost movie for you that sells meat." Qin Ming said, "I said it didn't fit with your image and pushed it off."

                Mu Si Chun immediately shivered and said, "Huh~. I'm most afraid of ghosts, I don't want it, or brother-in-law understands me."

                The two were chatting happily when a sneer came from beside them, "Hmph, a vase that relies on men, how disgusting. But with this level of dancing, you'll be waiting to make a fool of yourself on the show tomorrow."

                Mu Si Chun saw the person coming and said in annoyance, "What's it to you? Tang Xueli, you should mind your own business."

                Tang Xueli said smugly, "Speaking of which, I have you to thank for not wanting a ghost film announcement, which just happened to fall into my lap. What an idiot, the other party is a professional ghost film director and has invested heavily this time, so there is a good chance that it will be a hit. Idiot, you can't dance, and you're still picking out scenes. You think you're an onion just because you're a supporting actor in Feng's film?"

                Qin Ming said, "You don't need to worry about what we're going to do, what are you souring about here? It's just the rest of the script that our Xiaochun picked."

                Tang Xueli gave an arrogant pooh and said, "Pooh, let's see how high you can rise in the rankings when you perform on stage tomorrow, right? Oh, thirty-sixth up to thirty-fifth? What an effort, you won't be able to surpass me as number one."

                Both sides exchanged tit-for-tat dislikes for a while, before Qin Ming turned his head and asked, "Mu Si Chun, how much do you want to be the winner of this show?"

                "How much do you want it? Of course I want it badly." Mu Sichen bristled, "Brother-in-law, you think I'm just playing around? If I wanted to play around, I wouldn't have come to you for help. I'm just not convinced, what makes me think I can't win the championship just because I'm a bit stupid? I can work hard, I practice dancing every night. I just want to get more grades before I graduate, my dream is to be a superstar. Brother-in-law, just keep helping me, okay."

                Mu Sichen thought Qin Ming was too much trouble and wanted to leave, so she immediately used her best trick, pulling Qin Ming's hand and shaking it as she pouted.

                Qin Ming said, "Alright, alright, looks like I have to pull my old face down and ask a professional to help you with your special training."

                "Who?" Mu Si Chun asked with great joy.

                Qin Ming said, "Liao Qingxuan, she's a national dancer, she knows me well, I'll ask her to give you special training every night."

                Mu Si Chun's eyes twinkled and she asked, "When did you get to know Miss Liao so well, Qin Ming? Don't you cheat on me."

                Qin Ming gave her a look and said, "What are you thinking? You're young."

                Mu Sichen froze and said, "I'm just a year younger than you, I'm still young? Che, Qin Ming, you used to look at me in a horny way."

                Pfft, Qin Ming spurted out a mouthful of blood and said speechlessly, "When? When did I do that?"

                Mu Si Chun said, "Hmph, when you stole my first kiss in Xiangxi."

                Qin Ming's face flushed, he was a man too, occasional impulses were inevitable.

                "Ahem, nonsense, come on, let's go, we have to treat someone to dinner today, let's go, let's go." Qin Ming hurriedly urged, changing the subject.

                Mu Si Chun said, "Who will this be again?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'll know when I see you."

Chapter 524

At the roadside restaurant, Qin Ming opened his order.

                Next to him were three beautiful women, each of them well-dressed, dressed as if they were going to a high-class restaurant, slightly powdered and already sunken.

                Because the three women were so beautiful, they drew envious glances from the surrounding diners from time to time.

                How could a young man like Qin Ming, who was plainly dressed and of ordinary appearance, be able to date three beautiful women? It was like three flowers in a cow dung, we couldn't get a date?

                After Qin Ming washed the dishes, he saw that Sun Changxi did not have a good face and Liao Qingxuan also had a stern face, so he poured tea and said, "Sister Changxi, Sister Xuan, what are you doing? Is it because the place is not good? Then I can't help it, can I? After all, I'm poor."

                Sun Changxi gave him a blank look, a certain expectation in her heart falling flat and a little uncomfortable.

                Originally, when the two of them had an accidental relationship, Sun Changxi did not care much at first, thinking that a slap on the wrist would not ring a bell.

                But then Sun Changxi, for some reason, would always dream about the night when they had a fling, and slowly got a bit hung up on Qin Ming, expecting him to ask her out because they had something going on.

                Today, she took the opportunity to do Qin Ming a favour, and he invited her to dinner tonight.

                For the first time in her life, Sun Changxi put on light make-up for a man, picked out a dress for an hour, opened a new bag and shoes, and then saw that Qin Ming had brought two other women with him.

                So the little expectation she had in her heart fell straight away.

                She grunted with a stern face, "It's nothing, I've always been like this."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, the woman was really saying what she meant, she was obviously unhappy, but she still acted like we weren't unhappy, who was she fooling?

                He turned his head to look at Liao Qingxuan, the latter was much favoured by her, she did not pose for Qin Ming, she was just equally disappointed.

                She heard Qin Ming say he was asking her out for dinner today. Liao Qingxuan usually lives alone and is lonely, so she was happy to hear Qin Ming was asking her out, so she said she would go home and make something he would like to eat, but Qin Ming said no, she would go to a restaurant with her.

                Liao Qingxuan was a bit nervous, wondering why Qin Ming suddenly asked her to go to a restaurant, and whether he would ask her to go shopping, watch a movie or something after dinner.

                She also did a lot of work, picked the most expensive dress, didn't drive out especially, and took a special shower and sprayed perfume.

                Then she saw that Qin Ming had brought two other women with him.

                Qin Ming was completely confused as to what these women wanted to do. Hadn't they eaten with him at a roadside stall before? Why are they not happy now?

                Qin Ming was actually trying to make it convenient to go to a high-end restaurant, which was expensive and time-consuming.

                He was the richest man in the world, although he was once very extravagant, but understands the truth that low profile is the king's way, most of the time Qin Ming is still relatively low profile, others do not care about your few stinking money, right?

                He didn't expect to upset his sister by being so low-key.

                In contrast to Qin Ming's lack of understanding, Mu Sichen, as a woman, has a very perceptive sixth sense and is sour in her heart: "Hmph, Qin Ming, you're a philandering carrot, but you're also an elitist. These two beauties obviously thought you were going to date them alone and were all dressed up. I can't see that you're quite popular with women."

                Mu Si Chun's eyes dripped from side to side as she looked at the two women, muttering in her heart, "But then, humph, none of you warblers, don't even think about it. Qin Ming must be our Mu family's son-in-law."

                Qin Ming put on a smile and said, "Sister Xuan, sister Changxi, you have met, let's formally get to know each other."

                After Liao Qingxuan and Sun Changxi had met, they unexpectedly got to know each other quite well, and soon became as close as good sisters.

                Seeing this, Qin Ming added, "Well, tonight's meal is to thank Sister Changxi for her help today. At the same time, I would also like to ask Sister Xuan for your help in giving our Xiaochun special training so that her dance can improve by leaps and bounds in a short period of time, an idol trainee class of over forty people, not looking for the first and second, just the top."

                Liao Qingxuan looked at Mu Si Chun and smiled lightly, "This is no problem, let her train specially in the house in the district without end, although her foundation is not good, but hard work can make up for her mistakes, getting a top ranking will be helpful for the general election."

                "Thanks a lot Teacher Liao." Mu Sichen gratefully got up and bowed, this treatment was not available to others.

                Liao Qingxuan said, "I'm not even a few years older than you, so don't call me teacher, you're making me old. Just call me Sister Xuan, just like Qin Ming."

                "Okay Sister Xuan." Mu Sichen said happily, while rubbing Qin Ming's arm again and whispering, "Thanks for your help, brother-in-law."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched as he secretly pinched the tender flesh of her thigh and whispered, "Screw you little girl, don't mess around here?"

                Suddenly, Mu Si Chun pressed Qin Ming's hand against her own too and whispered, "What's the matter? Is brother-in-law afraid of showing his face? Can you stand to eat after picking up so many beauties at once?"

                When Qin Ming's hand was pressed, he was so scared that he hurriedly drew it back, lest he was discovered. Luckily, Liao Qingxuan and Sun Changxi were talking about clothes and didn't look over.

                Mu Si Chun immediately nuzzled her mouth and hummed, "Ah ah ah ah, brother-in-law you're so flustered, are you afraid they'll see you? Are you weak-minded? You're not beating yourself up, hehehehe."

                Qin Ming was really scared out of his wits, this bratty girl just loved to toss and turn.

                He said, "Mu Sichen, be honest with me, I don't want to be mistaken for a salty hand under the dinner table."

                Mu Sichen nudged her mouth in displeasure and said, "Humph, if people were honest, they wouldn't be called Mu Sichen, but let's forget it tonight, you're asking people for my sake after all, let's let you off the hook for once."

                The three of them were halfway through eating when a Bentley suddenly came by the roadside and Huang Shaohao walked over from inside.

                Qin Ming was stunned and said, "Huang Shao, why haven't you left yet? You've been staying in Guangzhou to eat, drink and be merry?"

                When Huang Shaohao saw Qin Ming, he had an indescribable displeasure in his heart, but last time Qin Ming had proved that the two did not have a relationship that night, of course, he did not know what he really wanted, but Huang Shaohao's heart was grounded, and he had been pursuing Sun Changxi passionately again.

                Sun Changxi asked, "Huang Shaohao, what do you want again?"

                Huang Shaohao said, "I didn't want to do anything, Changxi. I was thinking that after you finished your meal, I would like someone to take you back, so I came here. You see, Teacher Liao is Master Qin's friend, right? This one next to him must be Master Qin's girlfriend, he's going to send her back later, so I'll send you back with Teacher Liao."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, Master Qin?

                Last time Huang Shaohao saw him, he ridiculed him as a country boy, but now he called him Grandmaster Qin, is it possible that the word of mouth from those in the high society of Guangcheng is to blame? Knowing that he, Qin Ming, had brought good luck to the Cao family by performing spells, he had already gained a certain level of popularity.

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming, and then at Huang Shaohao, and was also a bit bored in his heart, saying, "Alright, have you eaten yet, want to join?"

                Huang Shaohao was stunned, he thought that as usual, when he came after him, Sun Changxi would not invite him to join him in the table, but today was an exception, did his persistence move Sun Changxi?

                Huang Shaohao didn't even ask Qin Ming if he agreed, he sat down directly next to Sun Changxi and said with a smile, "This meal is on me. Master Qin, now that my status is different, it's also an honour for me to have the opportunity to give to ask Master to treat me."

                Qin Ming clasped his hands together and said, "How can I. Today is my treat, so if you have to do something to show it, clean up those trouble-seekers outside."

                Trouble seekers?

                The crowd followed Qin Ming's line of sight and saw a van coming from outside the shop, with five big brawny men coming down inside.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, "Could it be that Tang Xueli is looking for someone to take revenge? Oh, she's really childish."

                Sun Changxi frowned and said, "Huh, they're not ......"

                Before Sun Changxi's words fell, suddenly a man pounced out next to him, not precisely Ah Long, who stood behind Qin Ming and said, "The other side is not simple."