Rags To Riches Chapter 517-518

 Chapter 517

Qin Ming looked at Mu Sichen, who seemed to be hanging on to him like a tree bear, and had to put her down.

                What are you doing? "Who doesn't care about you anymore?" said Qin Ming. Fine, fine, I won't go, you get down first."

                When Mu Sichen heard that Qin Ming was not leaving, she went from being pitiful to smiling again and said, "I'm letting you take advantage of me, you don't even care."

                Qin Ming gave her a look and said, "This is the Cao family compound, if someone suddenly comes here later, do you not want your reputation? Do I have no face? All right, what's the matter, just tell me, I'll listen, I'm not leaving."

                Mu Sichen bristled, "Brother-in-law, how long has it been since you've been home? How long has it been since you've played with someone? That big director Feng's production you helped me negotiate last time, I was a supporting actor, it's been killed and made a lot of money, I want to give you some."

                "I'm not short of money? Take that little performance fee of yours for yourself." Qin Ming whispered again, "Just now Old Mrs. Cao gave me a red envelope, there's three hundred million in it, tsk, as expected of an old and powerful family to make a generous offer."

                Mu Sichen patted Qin Ming and said, "You can do it, brother-in-law, you can still cheat so much money by pretending to be a godly man?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly covered Mu Sichen's mouth and said, "Shh, you have to keep your voice down, what are you yelling about? I'm not just trying to make a name for myself, so I'll have a way out."

                Mu Si Chun muttered, "What do you want to leave behind? Is there no future for you in your current role as Vice President of Greater China? I'm telling you this, are you chasing that Miss Chen? I think she's from your school, she's quite pretty."

                Qin Ming said, "No, she was harassed by Qin Shou before, so I did a friend a favour and found her a backer, so that she could meet good people, so that she wouldn't be surrounded by bad friends who would harm her."

                "So you do like her." Mu Si Chun instantly nuzzled, "Brother-in-law is a philistine."

                Qin Ming was really speechless, why couldn't this dead girl speak and listen?

                However, he could not directly surface that he had already divorced Mu Xiaoqiao quietly, this was her agreement with Mu Xiaoqiao, if in the end Qin Ming chose Mu Xiaoqiao, then the two of them quietly re-certified again, there was no need to tell anyone in the Mu family.

                However, Mu Sichen had known for a long time that the two had secretly divorced because of eavesdropping, and that they hadn't had sex!

                Ever since that night when she overheard, something has been poking at her like something in her heart, and she often wants to see Qin Ming, but Qin Ming is always busy.

                Thinking she was crazy at first, Mu Si-chun threw herself frantically into her work, doing film shoots and trying to forget about Qin Ming.

                But the result really surprised her, she missed Qin Ming even more, and once she saw him today, she basically never took her eyes off him.

                Mu Si Chun, whose heart was in turmoil, did not know what she wanted, so she just kept clinging to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said in an unpleasant voice: "Alright, Mu Sichen, go back, I'll see you again in a few days. I don't like Chen Mulin, I'm friends with her, and I've used this thing with her to make a name for myself, as well as this ...... 300 million, I'm not working for nothing."

                Qin Ming smiled and waved the red envelope, and was about to leave again.

                "What about me!" Suddenly, Mu Si Chun said in a loud voice: "Where is my first kiss? Do you remember others and not me? You bullied me and you're not responsible for it?"

                "!!!" Qin Ming was startled, and when he heard Mu Si Chun screaming loudly, he immediately flew up and covered her mouth.

                Qin Ming was scared out of his wits, this stinky girl, what is she talking nonsense in a place like this? If the wall has ears, and people hear it, 'the son-in-law took his sister-in-law's kiss' kind of wealthy entertainment news headlines reported out, then the two of them will have a hard time in the future ah.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                Qin Ming was really confused by this Mu Sichen, and said, "Alright, tell me, what do you want?"

                Mu Sichen clasped her hands together and said, "I want you to keep me company, brother-in-law? My grandparents are doing their own thing every day, and recently they've been talking about going on a trip, my dad has to manage the company with my brother, my mum only knows how to play mahjong with her circle of sisters all day long, and my sister is starting her own business in the capital city. I'm so bored all by myself."

                Qin Ming gave her a glance and said, "Why don't you see that your family is so rich and still working so hard. What do you think about all day long instead of studying hard?"

                "Thinking about men." Mu Si Chun looked at Qin Ming and said, "A man who kissed me."

                If it was the old Qin Ming, he would have panicked a little, thinking that this woman liked him?

                But now, Qin Ming didn't think that at all, he now knew Mu Sichen better, she was a little demon, she liked to toss and turn, she had inexhaustible energy, she just loved to toss people.

                Qin Ming said, "I'm your brother-in-law, Mu Sichen, your thinking like this is dangerous."

                Mu Sichen smiled mysteriously and asked rhetorically, "Is that so?"

                Qin Ming was made a little vain by this question from Mu Si Chun, and he suspected for a moment that Mu Xiao Qiao had told Mu Si Chun about what had happened between them? But again, he felt that it was impossible.

                Qin Ming really had a headache, Mu Sichen was like his sister, he couldn't be beaten or scolded, and had to be coaxed, he was so worried.

                Qin Ming said, "Ahem, Mu Sichen, that kiss was a misunderstanding, don't take it to heart, you're not losing a piece of flesh, are you?"

                Mu Sichen clenched her fist in anger, "That was my first kiss."

                Qin Ming continued, "Lips, they are also one of the human skin tissues, just like those of the feet and arms, it was an accident, nothing special, you can forget about it after a good night's sleep."

                Mu Si Chun bit her lips and said in pitiful words, "That was my first kiss."

                Qin Ming propped up his forehead speechlessly and said, "It's impossible between us, don't you know that yet? Last time when I had a divorce with your sister, you became strange, what happened?"

                Mu Si Chun's eyes were hazy with tears, but she still said pitifully "That was my first kiss."

                Qin Ming was powerless and said, "Okay, say what you want, I promise you everything."

                "Yeah! I win, hehehehe." Mu Si Chun suddenly released from her aggrieved and helpless, pitiful look, throwing her hands up in the air and jumping, and also spinning around happily, proudly extending her scissor hands towards Qin Ming, saying, "Qin Ming, you've been tricked by me, hahaha, is my acting skills okay? You idiot."

                "......" Qin Ming's face was expressionless as he looked at the young girl in front of him who was dancing around with excitement and tiredness.

                Mu Si Chun said, "I want you to accompany me ...... to play ......"

                Qin Ming said, "Fine, I want to relax after being busy for so long, where do you want to go to play?"

                "For a month." Mu Si Chun deliberately separated her words and was still teasing Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "What does a month mean?"

                Mu Si Chun nuzzled her little mouth and said, "It's not simple? For the next month, Qin Ming, you must come with me, play with me full time, take good care of me, and when I have fun, then I will listen to you and forget about the first kiss."

                "This ......" How did Qin Ming feel that he had dug a hole for himself? However, playing with a beautiful woman like Mu Si Chun was pleasing to the eye, and he agreed in one breath, "Sure, don't back out."

Chapter 518

In the Cao family compound, more than twenty tables have been cleaned up by the servants and the guests are gradually leaving, the Cao family is in a joyful mood and is full of praise for Qin Ming, Master Qin.

                In the backyard there is a small, independent house, which although it looks a little old and dated, is very luxuriously decorated inside, and decorated with expensive antiques and art collections, showing the Cao family's magnificence and wealth.

                This was a separate house reserved for Chen Mulin, who could come and go as she pleased in future, as she was already a member of the Cao family, and her seniority was not low.

                Because of Qin Ming's manipulation, the Cao family is convinced that Chen Mulin is the one who brings the Cao family good luck, and they all treat her with courtesy, and the children of the family even come over to rub their luck.

                Inside the room, Zhao Meng Hua held a bank card in surprise and said, "Wow, Mu Ling, your godmother gave you 10 million? This luxurious family is different, the handouts are just vast, you have become a little rich woman all of a sudden."

                Chen Mulin smiled, "I'm not greedy for the money either. It's just that I finally have peace of mind, a place to rely on, a home to protect me, but unfortunately, this home is not the kind I have in mind."

                Zhao Menghua saw how sad she sounded and said, "Your family didn't come? If they don't come, they won't come. Your father doesn't spoil you anyway, and he only thinks of your brother. It's good to be alone."

                Chen Mulin hugged Zhao Meng Hua and reached out to pinch her waist, saying, "Sister Meng Hua, you're still alone? Don't you have a boyfriend? It's been a year since you introduced me to one, but I'm still a single dog. I envy you for being so happy as a couple."

                Zhao Menghua hurriedly said, "Aiyo, my big beauty, your condition, hook your fingers, don't those boys line up to the Huangpu River? You still say you don't like it, that Qin Ming is not quite good. He's always there when you're in trouble, he's just too busy, but otherwise he's fine. I think he has made a name for himself, unlike the old days when he used to work every day to deliver takeaways, and now I heard that he has worshipped a Taoist master.

                When it comes to this, Chen Mulin sighed again, "I regret it. At the beginning, if I had known that Qin Ming was so good, I wouldn't have disliked him, alas, why did God send such a good man to me, but I didn't find out."

                Zhao Menghua said, "It's not too late. Qin Ming is not single now? He broke up with Nie Haitang, in the midst of his love injury, you are soothing his broken heart at this time, leaving a strong memory in his heart, isn't it?"

                Chen Mulin suddenly covered her chest with her hand, to say a strong memory, she was left with one by Qin Ming instead, she could never forget the scene where she personally grabbed Qin Ming's hand and stroked her chest.

                Zhao Menghua continued to strategize and smiled badly, "Later I will call him over, you will say that you want to repay him for this help, then kiss him, if he can't help but obediently want to push you, you will say no, to establish a relationship first, men to that time, everything promised to women, my family Ah Yong is like this, every time I was ruled into submission. "

                Chen Mulin even rolled her eyes, is there such a best friend? How dare she teach such a damaging trick.

                She was also at a young age when she was pregnant and lacked the care of her family, and now that she had been touched by Qin Ming's many rescues, she was thinking about him.

                As she listened to Zhao Meng Hua, her mind also imagined her kissing Qin Ming, although her cheeks were on fire and as red as blood, the fantasy couldn't stop and went all the way to rolling in bed.

                "Aiya ......" It was a while before Chen Mulin said shyly, "Sister Meng Hua, this, this is not good, Qin Ming will misunderstand that I am that kind of casual woman."

                The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. How many times have you broken his heart? Then you can only watch in vain as Qin Ming is picked up by other women."

                "I ......" Chen Mulin hesitated again, she was also unwilling to let a man she had fallen for so easily be snatched away by another woman.

                Zhao Menghua made a snap decision and said, "Well, don't say that being a sister won't help you. I'll go and call Qin Ming here, so you can take your own chance."

                After saying that, Zhao Meng Hua went out without waiting for Chen Mulin's consent.

                Here in the garden, Qin Ming had just finished talking to Mu Hao and Xu Shu Lan and was about to go back too, when Zhao Meng Hua called out to him, "Qin Ming, wait a minute."

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, Sister Zhao, what's wrong? Don't you have a place to stay tonight? Do you want me to book a hotel for you?"

                Zhao Menghua smiled and said, "No, you've had a drink? Are you drunk?"

                Qin Ming responded suspiciously, "No, I'm not drunk, I'm sober, why?"

                Zhao Menghua cried out in pity and added, "No, nothing is wrong. It was Mu Ling who said that she had something to say to you and asked you to come over for a while."

                "Oh, okay." Qin Ming thought to himself that he should thank him more for some of his words, and that it wouldn't be a bad idea to chat away for a while longer.

                Qin Ming walked to the Cao family's small compound, and when he pushed open the door, what caught his eyes was the back of a woman without clothes.

                If it wasn't for the scar on his back shoulder, Qin Ming would have thought he had entered the wrong door and almost exited in seconds.

                "Eh~!" Chen Mulin looked back and blushed like blood, her mouth felt that Zhao Meng Hua's plan was bad, but she ended up carrying it out herself.

                Qin Ming was embarrassed and said, "Uh, I, I didn't know you were applying the medicine, I'll come back later."

                "No, wait." Chen Mulin bit her lip shyly and said, "Qin Ming, help me out, I can't reach it, this medicine has to be applied on time or it will leave scars, so I ......"

                Qin Ming scratched his head, how come today is always a variety of occasions to attract people to commit crimes? What a test of his chicken.

                Qin Ming closed the door and locked it, to save someone from suddenly barging in and thinking he was plotting something wrong.

                Qin Ming also gave Chen Mulin wound medicine in a familiar hand, looking at her white and jade-like back, these fragrant shoulders, this waistline, this long black hair, too beautiful.

                Qin Ming said, "Schoolmate Zhao said you were looking for me for something?"

                Chen Mulin nodded and said, "Wanted to thank you, I can be where I am today thanks to you. I have something very precious that I have been keeping for many years, the most handy thing I can think of, and I hope you can get it under your hands."

                Qin Ming looked down at Chen Mulin, she was hugging her clothes and covering her chest, and her voice was very nice in a thin and gentle voice, this shy little daughterly attitude, showing the softness of a woman, Qin Ming liked it very much.

                Qin Ming laughed: "If you don't want to owe a favor, I don't mind accepting it. But actually, I didn't do any of these things, it was the big sister I asked to come and see you before."

                The corners of Chen Mulin's mouth lifted, at this point in time, still refusing to admit that it was you who helped me all along?

                She said, "Can you close your eyes?"

                Qin Ming applied the medicine, closed his eyes and said, "Okay, don't take too long."

                After Qin Ming closed his eyes, Chen Mulin plucked up the courage to stand up, her clothes slipped off in the process, and she stood completely unclothed in front of Qin Ming, who covered his heart thumping, so nervous, his face so hot, his feet a little weak.

                This was the first time in her life that she had stood in front of a man like this.

                Chen Mulin mentally reassured herself, "This is all what Sister Meng Hua taught me, she, she taught me, to leave a strong memory for Qin Ming."

                She gently grabbed Qin Ming's hand and slowly placed it on herself, then stood on tiptoe, raised her white neck and kissed it with a mouthful.