Rags To Riches Chapter 515-516

 Chapter 515

"Who is not welcome to me?" Qin Shou heard the words in the hall, and to think that it was still a woman who wanted to expel him? The Cao family in the district? It was simply ridiculous.

                When he came to the Cao family, it was only to give face to the Cao family, and now because of the Cao family's poor security, he was also taken away for a severe beating and threat, he couldn't touch that girl called Chen Mulin, and he couldn't touch your Cao family?

                He couldn't touch the girl called Chen Mulin, so he couldn't touch your Cao family? This anger had to be vented somewhere.

                Qin Shou said in a loud voice, "Uncle Cao, how dare you guys put up a fight? Do you really dare to go against me? Have you found some new backers?"

                Boss Cao was embarrassed, he didn't know what to say, from the sound of his voice, he didn't seem to know him well, who was causing trouble?

                Didn't he know that the Cao family was in a dangerous situation? Do you want to provoke Qin Shou?

                At that moment, Chen Mulin, who was already dressed, slowly walked out of the hall, supporting Old Mrs Cao.

                In contrast, Chen Mulin seemed to be the most splendid pearl, and with that waist-slimming dress, she was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy.

                Qin Shou was stunned, he was also surprised to find two stunning beauties in a short period of time.

                Not true!

                Wasn't this woman the passerby girl he had spotted while drinking at the water bar earlier? At that time, he tried to hit on her, but failed, and Cao Xiangliang's little brother even injured her. Later, in order to get the other party, he even relied on his family's power to deal with this girl's family, thinking that after tossing and turning for a while, that girl would still behave herself.

                The result was that he regretted what happened afterwards.

                Qin Shou was surprised, "How did she appear here? They seem to be on the level of ordinary people, how come they are with Old Mrs. Cao?"

                Chen Mulin was actually a little flustered, but Qin Ming gave her the encouragement to berate Qin Shou at will and drive him away herself, and she chose to trust Qin Ming because she could only trust him.

                Chen Mulin once again chided, "Qin Shou, do you still want to suffer?"

                The crowd was shocked, who was this person? What kind of nerve does he have to speak to Young Master Qin like this? Can't you see that Boss Cao is standing by like a little brother? Can't you see that the children and relatives of the Cao family are all hiding away, not daring to show their heads?

                Don't you understand the principle of beating a bird with a gun?

                "Eh, sister, you should cut the crap." Boss Cao immediately stopped him.

                The other people also said, "Isn't this adding to the chaos? This is the righteous daughter that grandma has adopted, right? How come you've only just joined our Cao family and you're already taking yourself seriously?"

                "It's over, it's over, it's all over now."

                "Young Qin is about to get angry. Let's hurry and run."

                Some of those with less deep backgrounds saw that the situation was not right and immediately pulled the people around them away to avoid the fire at the city gate spilling over to the fish in the pond, they couldn't get involved with the Cao family anymore.

                Chen Mulin licked her lips, she was nervous, but looked at Qin Ming behind the crowd, who had not left, so she had the courage.

                She still mustered up the courage and said, "Qin Shou, why don't you say something back? Weren't you so arrogant before? What? Think our Cao family is easy to bully now?"

                Wei Guoping's brow was locked, as the person who had docked with the Huan Yu Century Group for discussions this time, could he not know who Chen Mulin was?

                Everything that had happened was caused by this Hong Hong Yan scourge.

                He didn't know his name yet, but according to the news, the other party was still studying in Guangzhou, and this time Qin Shou had kicked the iron plate of others.

                However, he never expected that this Chen Mulin would appear here.

                Qin Shou was also dumbfounded, could he speak? He had been warned by his family that he could not mess with the Chen family and this Chen Mulin any more, as the other party was covered by someone with a deep background.

                Not only did they scrap his bodyguards, they also scrapped him, and his family didn't dare to get angry, they only warned him about Qin Shou, so it was clear how terrifying the man behind the other side was.

                When the two sides were at a standstill, Cao Xiangliang saw this and thought he had a chance to kiss his ass, so he immediately ran out to scold him in public: "Are you crazy, Chen Mulin? Is this a place for you to stay? Apologise to Mr. Qin immediately. Ohhhh, young Qin, I'm sorry, this girl actually I haven't done a good job of thinking ......"


                Qin Shou suddenly gave a slap and cursed, "Are you crazy, Cao Xiangliang? Is Miss Chen something you can scold? Get the hell out of my way? No, apologise to Miss Chen first!"

                Cao Xiangliang was dumbfounded, he didn't know how this could happen, but how dare he say no? He hurriedly apologised to Chen Mulin.

                Seeing how useless her grandson was, Old Mrs. Cao sighed in disappointment, even if she doted on him.

                On the contrary, Qin Shou stammered, "So, yes, Miss Chen, it's a pleasure to meet you, a pleasure to meet you."

                When Chen Mulin looked at him, how come Qin Shou, who was so arrogant just now, had become a bit abashed?

                Chen Mulin was delighted and said, "Qin Ming was indeed right, he has been taught a lesson and does not dare to do anything to me. Qin Ming is really powerful."

                The group was also shocked, especially that Cao Xiangliang, who had helped Qin Shou to chase Chen Mulin in the first place, how come today he had suddenly become the righteous daughter of his grandmother? How could he suddenly become his grandmother's adopted daughter today? Wouldn't he be overpowered in terms of seniority?

                Chen Mulin said, "Since you know I'm here, why don't you go now? Your name is not on our Cao family's invitation sticker. Or did ...... you come to apologise to my righteous mother?"

                Chen Mulin hugged Old Lady Cao's arm, showing that the two had recognized their relationship as mother and daughter.

                Qin Shou froze in place, Chen Mulin and Old Lady Cao had acknowledged their mother-daughter relationship? Does that mean he can't touch the Cao family either?

                Then wouldn't he have endured what happened to him in the Cao family for nothing?

                Old Mrs. Cao looked at the atmosphere and suddenly said kindly, "Never mind, never mind, over the door is also a guest, and I am sorry for what happened to young Qin in our family before. Here is a small token of appreciation, please accept it. Then let's let bygones be bygones."

                Old Mrs Cao handed over a bracelet on her wrist, a Ming dynasty antique of great value, obviously on a whim.

                Once Qin Shou accepted the bracelet, then the matter of his pre-robbery at the Cao family would be considered as Qin Shou's own promise not to count.

                Chen Mulin said, "All right, accept it and go."

                Even though Qin Shou was holding back in his heart and still wanted to blackmail money from the Cao family, when he saw Chen Mulin, he had no more thoughts, that man in the Huan Yu Century Group was too capable of fighting, the other party's background was too big, he couldn't afford to mess with it.

                "Many thanks to Old Mrs. Cao." Qin Shou was forced to accept the bracelet and pretended to be happy, "Old Mrs. Cao, what happened before, although it was fierce, but I'm fine now, I'll let it go. As for my marriage to Cao Rui Yun, I think we can discuss it later. I have to rush back to Hai City now to receive treatment, so I won't bother you anymore. Wei Guoping, let's go."

                Wei Guoping gave Chen Mulin a meaningful glance and understood that the Cao family was also covered and could not be moved, so Qin Shou could only suffer a dumb loss this time, getting nothing out of it and getting all wounded.

                Qin Shou and his group came and went quickly, causing the crowd of guests to be completely confused.

                "What's going on here?"

                "That young Qin seems to be very scared?"

                "This Miss Chen is very pretty, but is there anything special about her? There's always something special about Old Madam Cao personally accepting her as her righteous daughter, right?"

                "I heard about Joy Luck and wanted to suck it into the Cao family. Now it seems that it seems to be quite effective. This young Qin is abashed."

                "Aiyo, this is a great move by the Cao family, punching the happy luck, huh? To recruit a son-in-law from the Mu family, huh?"

                "Who's so divine? I heard that there are also many conditions and restrictions for admitting a righteous daughter, otherwise it would be in vain, happy luck doesn't just happen."

                The Cao family were all stunned, such a terrifying Qin Shou, just like that?

                Suddenly, the crowd of Boss Cao exclaimed in excitement, "Master Qin! Master Qin! Please have Master Qin perform a spell!"

Chapter 516

Boss Cao was overjoyed. Qin Ming had said that as long as Old Mrs. Cao recognized a daughter, the Cao family would have good luck and the Cao family's calamity would be resolved.

                He had only acknowledged his daughter, Qin Shou came to his door, and immediately afterwards he was driven away?

                The over-excited Boss Cao didn't bother to think any further, thinking that Qin Ming's words were simply golden and accurate, and he immediately exclaimed, "Please have Master Qin!"

                Clang, clang, deh, dong, clang, the team of musicians paid to play the lute and suona immediately played the lute, beat the drum and blew the horns.

                The crowd's eyes were immediately drawn to a handsome young man dressed in a Heavenly Master's eight trigrams daoist robe, wearing a flower crown and holding a peach wood sword, between which Qin Ming walked slowly outside the courtyard in a dragon's stride, which could be described as imposing.

                Qin Ming walked up to the entrance of the hall and slightly owed his body to Old Mrs. Cao, saying, "Congratulations, Old Mrs. Cao, for recognizing a righteous daughter and being happy to add a daughter to your family, your qi will be added to your body and your calamities will be removed."

                Having just recognized a righteous daughter, the Cao family's troubles disappeared and Old Mrs. Cao was in a good mood.

                When Old Mrs. Cao saw Qin Ming, she smiled from ear to ear and said, "It is all because of Master Qin's brilliant fortune that he divined a fortune for me and recognized a good daughter, Mu Ling, that our Cao family's troubles have passed. Here is a red envelope for you, please be under Master Qin."

                Qin Ming took the large red envelope, which was thin and presumably contained a cheque.

                The people around looked at Qin Ming in amazement, prominently having make-up, making a pair of fire eyes and a face as tough as a knife, and then riding on this line of Daoist priests doing magic, people who were not familiar with Qin Ming, really could not recognize it.

                On the contrary, the Mu family were all stunned, what kind of show was Qin Ming playing?

                But they wouldn't rush out to question him at such a time, they would just watch from the sidelines.

                Qin Ming walked to the divine platform in the courtyard, and because he could not juggle, he could only light an incense in a meek manner, as if he respected the Three Purities of Heaven and Earth.

                After lighting the incense and dipping it into the water, Qin Ming naturally did not perform a spiteful spout of spirits and burned the tongue of fire, but began to dance with his sword, matching the music played on both sides and dancing the sword dance in a decent manner.

                These are all learned in a hurry, and then a few lines copied from the book began to recite the words: "The weather is turbulent, my dao is flourishing day by day, the cave of spiritual treasures, the high supreme jade emperor venerable, the letter rite high supreme jade emperor great heavenly venerable ...... Ayaa-choo~!"

                Qin Ming had a bad time and almost recited the monk's slogan and hurriedly sneezed and started over.

                After dancing with his sword and reciting a series of words, Qin Ming worshipped heaven and earth and took a bowl of talisman water and drenched Boss Cao's face with it, making it a so-called "blessing" ceremony that would bring great luck to the Cao family in the future.

                Originally, Mr. Cao did not believe in it either, but just now he saw Qin Shou being reprimanded by Chen Mulin, who said personally that he would not care about his being taken away from the Cao family after accepting the bracelet, and that he would not mention his daughter Cao Rui Yun's marriage.

                Cao immediately became a devout believer in his heart and admired Qin Ming a million times, because what Qin Ming said had come true, and the disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen really had some skills.

                He was even happy to have the talisman water thrown on him.

                Qin Ming was so serious that it was hard for others to point out any irregularities in his movements.

                After performing the spell, Qin Ming even deliberately said, "Aiya, Boss Cao, only after coming to your house did I realise that this time, it was a bad luck calamity that befell your family and fell on your son Cao Xiangliang, it was really unfortunate."

                Boss Cao has, looking back at Cao Xiangliang, recalled that this son has always been a fop young master, seems to be always in trouble ah, also not only this time the incident.

                Boss Cao said: "Master Qin, how do you say?"

                Qin Ming said, "Cao Xiangliang's seal is dark and his body emits bad energy, so he must be a calamitous yin god descending from his body. If you don't believe me, let's wait and see, next time he will stir up more trouble and get into trouble with someone more difficult to deal with. Moreover, it is not easy to get rid of this spirit of evil, and I am not yet able to do so with my Daoist skills. So some more disasters are going to happen to the Cao family in the future."

                Boss Cao was stunned and hurriedly took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Master Qin, you have to help me. As the saying goes, save a man to the end and send the Buddha to the west. You must have a way, money is not a problem."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Actually, I really don't have a method to get rid of the Calamity Yin God, but there is a method to circumvent it. That is for you, Boss Cao, to be patient and have your son Cao Xiangliang stay far away from your Cao family, at least out of the city's boundaries. And someone must keep an eye on him and always be on the lookout for him causing trouble, lest it gets bad. That way you can avoid getting the Cao family into trouble again."

                The Cao family had already been frightened up and down after they had messed with the Qin family this time, and Boss Cao was now a great believer in Qin Ming's fortune-telling skills, so as soon as he heard what Qin Ming said, he immediately said, "Master Qin, this is a good method. I'll send him back home and find him a master, so that he can suffer and know that the good life of our Cao family is not easy to come by."

                Qin Ming smiled meaningfully, the Cao family was a low-key gentry in Guangcheng, their children were all relatively educated, except for Cao Xiangliang, who was such an oddball, and now Qin Ming had gotten rid of him with a small trick, which also facilitated Chen Mulin to stand firm in the Cao family.

                After the act, the Cao family started the banquet. Although there were not many people at first, later on, one after another, the guests from all walks of life knew that the trouble of the Cao family was solved and Qin Shou seemed to be suddenly afraid and left with his own men.

                The wallflowers came back with all sorts of excuses that it was a misunderstanding, the most common being that they were "late".

                But the Cao family were not stupid, and whoever stood last this time would definitely be closer in the future.

                Qin Ming, a fake master and a real god, also became the main character of the banquet, and all the bigwigs came to get close to Qin Ming and pull strings.

                After all, bragging is not taxing.

                During the second half, Qin Ming had time to catch his breath in the garden when suddenly a pair of small hands behind him covered Qin Ming's eyes, then cupped his voice in his ear and whispered, "Guess who I am?"

                Qin Ming smelled this fragrance of Chen Mulin and deliberately teased, "Ouch, whose chest is against my back? This rubbing, Chen Mulin, why have your breasts shrunk?"

                "Hmph! Knowing so well, you still can't touch them?" Coldly, the person who replied back was not Chen Mulin, but Mu Si Chun, who stared at Qin Ming in annoyance and said, "Qin Ming, have you touched that Miss Chen? So familiar with it? You know more than me? Huh?"

                Qin Ming's face suddenly turned black, what was this? Surprisingly, it was Mu Si Chun.

                Qin Ming hurriedly explained, "No, how have I ever touched it?"

                Mu Sichen crossed her arms and puffed out her cheeks, which were red from the wine she had drunk, and said, "Qin Ming, you're lying. Huh?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "Mu Si Chun, what do you care about this?"

                Mu Sichen said in annoyance, "Aren't you comparing me to her? I'm not smaller than her. Tell me, when did you touch it?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly evaded and said, "Mu Sichen, you're drunk, go find your mother, I'm busy."

                As soon as Mu Sichen saw Qin Ming was leaving, she suddenly pounced on him, hugged him, intertwined her legs and hung on to him like an animal, suddenly wailing and crying, "Oooh ...... you are all bad, you all don't care about me, Qin Ming, don't you also don't care about me, I am alone, so lonely. "