Rags To Riches Chapter 513-514

 Chapter 513

Qin Ming looked at Chen Mulin, and then looked at the medicine in his hand, this is really, just now was left a little, but this kind of thing happened?

                Chen Mulin didn't know why, her heart didn't resist at all, instead her mind was full of Qin Ming's last incident at the hotel spa, it was as if yesterday was repeating itself, by mistake she was going to show Qin Ming her body again?

                But the nurse had run out because of other unexpected events, and it was too late to explain.

                But without the medicine, Chen Mulin herself couldn't reach her back, ah.

                Chen Mulin said shyly, "Why don't you help me with the medication, the nurse is quite busy. I'm afraid I'll have scars too. But, you have to, you have to lock the door first."

                Qin Ming grinned, he had no choice but to help.

                Chen Mulin unbuttoned her hospital gown and turned her back to Qin Ming, a backdrop that was too deadly, too tempting.

                The back was too deadly, too seductive. Delicate, fleshless shoulders and slender arms, a straight waist, curves that narrowed downwards but held up again when they reached the hips, Chen Mulin's figure was very waistline.

                As for the front?

                Ahem, Qin Ming had touched it last time, not to mention looked over, and it was also very maturely developed.

                Chen Mulin used her hands to hug her chest with her clothes to avoid going naked, but inside she was already shy and couldn't hold back her shyness, she muttered in her heart, "This hint, he should get it, right? How can a girl do this if she doesn't have a crush on a boy? Qin Ming is so smart, he should get it, right?"

                Qin Ming didn't get it, he didn't really think much about it, it was just a medicine, he looked at the traumatic opening below his shoulder bone, a finger-long sharp object stabbed him, the wound was quite deep.

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "That Cao Xiangliang hit so hard?"

                Chen Mulin bit her lip and shook her head, "It wasn't Cao Xiangliang from the Cao family. He just asked me for my phone number and when I didn't give it to him, his little brother couldn't stand it, so he came up and pulled me. The water bar we were at at the time had a punky decor and many of the accessories were metal, so I was pulled back by one of his minions and accidentally bumped into the wall hangings of the water bar, and the sharp metal stabbed me."

                Qin Ming said, "This dude of his is not that good, his follower's little brother is not good either, leave it to me, I'll ask that big sister to have someone scrap that follower's little brother's one hand to compensate you. As for that Cao Xiangliang, later on Mud became the righteous daughter of Old Lady Cao, her seniority is even higher than his, make sure he regrets messing with you."

                Although Qin Ming spoke bloodily and blew hard, Chen Mulin did not know whether it was true or not, but these sweet words coaxed her heart to blossom, she was in a time of fear, Qin Ming gave her timely comfort and made her feel safe.

                "Isn't that big sister you?" Chen Mulin muttered with laughter.

                Qin Ming asked as he changed her medicine, "What did you say?"

                Chen Mulin hurriedly said, "Nothing, nothing."

                After Qin Ming had applied the medicine, he licked his lips, because he was standing, there was always a view advantage from high up, and he saw Chen Mulin's chest at a glance.

                Although she said she covered it with clothes, it only covered generally, and squeezed out a half-finger-long deep cleavage, and the white peaks looked hot to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming hurriedly looked away and said in his heart, "So big and white. Cough cough, I can't look anymore, if I look again she'll be alerted."

                Qin Ming said, "Thigh there, you can do it yourself, right?"

                Chen Mulin's cheeks were on fire as she nodded and said, "Mmmmm. Thank you Qin Ming."

                "Just a handful." Qin Ming said with a smile, "We are friends."

                Chen Mulin's heart was warmed, all her other friends were too plastic, when something happened to her they were all gone, only Qin Ming was never absent, she said, "Qin Ming, last time I misunderstood you, it was that school girl Mu Sichen from the university of opera next door, I heard she was deliberately screwing you, I was impulsive again, I'm sorry."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, I won't take such a small matter to heart."

                Chen Mulin then asked, "So you actually broke up with Nie Haitang and have been single?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Well, you could say that. Don't worry, I won't force you to be my girlfriend on the pretext that I helped you.

                When Chen Mulin heard this, her eyes rolled up, she didn't mean that.

                She was anxious in her heart, "Qin Ming you elm head, you, you misunderstood. I ......"

                But she couldn't say it directly, at this time the door of the ward opened, the nurse sister who had just left came back, she said with a smile, "The medicine is tinted, right? It doesn't hurt, does it? Oh, it doesn't hurt when your boyfriend helps, does it? The young man told you that your girlfriend had been crying out in pain before the medicine was applied, but now she's not crying out in pain, tsk, the power of love."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and didn't bother to explain, this kind of misunderstanding didn't mean anything to him, and he didn't know this little nurse anyway.

                Chen Mulin made another red face, but she stole a glance at Qin Ming and her heart moved, "Why didn't Qin Ming refute the nurse's words? Could it be that he still had this in mind? Or is he actually panicking in his heart? After all, Qin Ming is still the same age as me, so he must have been shy when facing me?"

                Qin Ming waited with Chen Mulin again until the afternoon, when someone from the Cao family finally arrived.

                An old and morose secretary in a suit was actually also the butler of the Cao family compound, a profession that butlers would basically not come into contact with in the life of the average person, seeing that it was also in a TV series, or a TV series about a foreign country.

                But several of the big giants in Guangcheng have them, and the Mu family also has one, only also sturdy group affairs, a capable and important person.

                Both sides asked for some basic information and confirmed that Chen Mulin had been willing to acknowledge Old Mrs Cao as her righteous mother.

                "I am Ren Shengping, the Cao family's servant, the one responsible for welcoming Seventh Miss back to the compound." Ren Shengping, the housekeeper, bowed slightly and said, "The discharge formalities have been completed, and we have prepared the clothes and various jewellery, may I ask if Miss Seven needs to inform your birth parents?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, as far as he knew, Chen Mulin's parents seemed to be rather cold towards her, so he guessed that it was another family with a story.

                Chen Mulin thought about it and said, "Just tell my parents and keep them away. Qin Ming, did you come with me?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course, I have waited until now, I won't leave you behind, don't be afraid."

                Hearing Qin Ming's words, Chen Mulin's heart nest warmed and she gave him a sweet smile, saying, "Then I have nothing to pack, let's go."

                This smile of Chen Mulin's suddenly made Qin Ming stunned.

                A girl who loved to smile was always particularly good-looking, like Nie Haitang back then, but this was the first time Qin Ming had seen this smile from Chen Mulin, and the air was filled with the smell of love.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Why does she feel a bit different from her usual self today?"

                But Qin Ming didn't think too much about it, tonight he was going to perform a puja and dance in front of a large number of people for the first time, but he had to perform well and make a name for himself as Master Qin in the gentry circle of Guangzhou City!

Chapter 514

The Cao family in the old city had a big banquet today, and it was strange that Mrs Cao, who had long enjoyed the joy of family life with her three sons and three daughters, had to adopt a daughter.

                The guests in the hall were all talking about this. The girl must be very much liked by Mrs Cao, but what about the puja?

                But what about the puja? It's just a matter of climbing mountains and burning incense and buying a shrine, but to do it at home seems a bit feudal and superstitious.

                Even the Mu family was invited to the event, after all, they are a powerful family.

                Boss Cao pulled Mu Hao and said, "Boss Mu, this time, I still have to congratulate you."

                Mu Hao was stunned and asked, "What does it have to do with me?"

                Xu Shulan also said, "Old Cao, we have been friends for many years, don't beat around the bush, just say what you have to say."

                Boss Cao smiled and said, "Your son-in-law ......"

                Xu Shulan immediately said, "Hey hey hey, a son-in-law is a son-in-law, does it matter if he's at home or not? Our Qin Ming is very powerful, he has his own business, he is also the vice president of the Chinese region of a multinational company, he is young and promising, old Cao you remove the word door-to-door for me."

                Boss Cao smiled sarcastically and said, "OK, OK, OK, it's little brother Qin, your good son-in-law, who has worshipped Zhang Zhen Zhen as his teacher. Mu Hao, don't you always say that the glory of your Mu family today is all thanks to the help of Zhang Zhen Zhen? Now that your son-in-law has worshipped Real Zhang as his teacher, congratulations."

                At the side, Mu Sichen was surprised, "Uncle Cao, do you mean that my brother-in-law will be doing this puja? Tsk, what is brother-in-law up to? He doesn't come home every day, I thought he was thinking of picking up girls all day long."

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "Sister, if you talk about Xiao Qin like that, Xiao Qin will not do anything wrong to your sister. He's a senior in college, he's got a lot of school work and he's working for a multinational company, can he not be busy?"

                Mu Sichen flattened her mouth, recalling the conversation she had overheard between Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao in the study in January, and inwardly hummed, "The two of them had quietly agreed to divorce a long time ago, just to hide it from you. Brother-in-law still can't let go of that Nie Haitang, I see her snubbing my sister a lot."

                Mu Si Chun was not happy and walked aside to chat with Cao Rui Yun, whom she knew from the Cao family.

                "Sister Rui Yun, why are you sulking?"

                Cao Rui Yun said, "Xiaochun? Alas ...... you see, our Cao family has sent out invitations widely, the people who have come are less than one fifth of what they used to be, and the ones sent are also irrelevant people with all sorts of excuses to be busy, also your Mu family is still willing to have the whole family arrive. Everyone is afraid of the heat. The Qin family is too powerful."

                Cao Xiangliang on the side grunted, "Wouldn't you just hand it over to Qin Shou honestly? What's the big deal? You've already shown your body, what's the point of dilly-dallying?"

                Cao Rui Yun glared angrily at Cao Xiang Liang and said, "Cao Xiang Liang, get lost. You said you didn't know I was in the shower, but you did it on purpose. How did I end up with a brother like you? What advantage did his Qin family give you?"

                Mu Sichen looked on, also disgusted, to collaborate with an outsider to harm her own sister.

                Cao Xiangliang said angrily, "Then what do you think we should do? Can we afford to offend others? I don't know who cleaned up young Qin's mess and ended up causing our family bad luck. The old Qin family in Shanghai is one of the top five families in the whole of China, and is respected by both the black and white sectors. With a few words, the Cao family will not be able to continue their business. Do you understand that the lips are not as cold as the teeth? You are lucky that Mr. Qin has taken a fancy to you. If you have a son in the future, you will have a chance to fight for the family fortune.

                "You!" Cao Rui Yun was so angry that she stomped her foot, and her eyes were welling up with tears.

                Mu Sichen hurriedly pulled them apart and said, "Sister Rui Yun, don't cry, it's not worth it. This is not today your grandmother recognizes a goddaughter, your Cao family will be able to transit."

                "This ......" Cao Rui Yun sighed and shook her head, "Grandma has never been superstitious, and I don't know how this could happen now. Is there really such a thing as fate in the world? We are all highly educated and have never only believed that fate is in our own hands ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. I've been in a lot of trouble in my family for a while now," Rui Yun said. But since my brother-in-law married in, our family has been better off. This is a happy ending, my grandfather's illness is gone and now he is alive and well."

                The two women were chatting when suddenly there was a commotion at the door.

                "What are you doing? I'm in hospital and you're having a party here? An arrogant and domineering rebuke cooled down the whole lively atmosphere.

                He saw Qin Shou sitting in a wheelchair, his leg in a cast, his face obviously swollen and bruised, but that anger seemed to burn out everything, and behind Qin Shou was a group of bodyguards and Wei Guoping, who had come from his own family to help him.

                After Qin Shou's rage, he laughed strangely: "I've been beaten up and put in hospital, and you Cao family are so happy about that? Oh, how ridiculous. Thanks to you guys, you even told me in the beginning, don't be polite, just treat it as your own family, hahaha."

                Wasn't this temperamental look just Qin Shou in an extremely bad mood? No one from the Cao family dared to come up and say anything either.

                Old Mrs Cao was in the house, getting ready with her goddaughter Chen Mulin.

                When Qin Shou saw Cao Rui Yun, he sneered hideously again and said: "Yo Cao Rui Yun, have you thought about it? How about being my girlfriend? If I didn't have you on my mind, I wouldn't have come back to this shitty place, it's crippled and broken, and your Cao family is poor enough."

                The Cao family is relatively low-profile, as everyone in Guangcheng knows, this is the old city, naturally many places are not as well built as the new city, but to say that the Cao family is poor, that is really breathtaking, how rich must this Qin Shou be?

                But no one dared to contradict him, the Qin family was indeed rich.

                Cao Rui Yun was so frightened that she clung to Mu Si Chun's hand, which made Qin Shou see Mu Si Chun too, and he instantly lit up because he noticed that Mu Si Chun seemed even more beautiful than Cao Rui Yun, with a better figure, and was also younger.

                Qin Shou, who had always enjoyed hunting for beautiful women, was instantly turned on by the sight of her.

                Qin Shou's eyes went straight and he was about to say something when Wei Guoping, who was at the side, noticed that the young master's old habits were coming back to haunt him and immediately reminded him, "Young master, everyone is watching, so pay attention to etiquette. Your behaviour and demeanour must not bring shame to our Qin family."

                Having been warned, Qin Shou bristled, held his chin up, maintained his restraint, resumed his hypocrisy of posing in front of people, and with an attitude of tugging on the air, he said, "Uncle Cao. What should be said, Wei Guoping has told you at noon. I came here tonight to reply. This time when I had an accident at Cao's house, you spreads are fully responsible for this. Sometimes it doesn't help to have more people, and you can even drag your friends down with you."

                The threatening implication of these words was very heavy, as if he wanted to clean up the people who stood by the Cao family as well, to force the Cao family into a desperate situation.

                The crowd all looked at Boss Cao, wondering what he had to say, it was just at the time of the big banquet tonight that Qin Shou came to make trouble ah.

                Some of them were more truthful and simply took the opportunity to leave, not daring to linger lest they be missed by the Qin family.

                The number of guests who had come was already small, and this time there were even fewer.

                Boss Cao pursed his lips and said nervously, "Young Qin, tonight I actually had a banquet because my mother had taken in a righteous daughter, it wasn't anything special."

                "Acknowledged a righteous daughter?" Qin Shou said, "Uncle Cao, do you really want to laugh me to death? Does your Cao family really have the time to do something unnecessary? Fine, the old lady has adopted a goddaughter, I can't make a mess, I'll be said to be impolite. I'll just join in, and we'll talk about your reply after I've attended the old lady's goddaughter recognition."

                Qin Shou beckoned, and Wei Guo Ping and a group of his men, entered the compound directly, and for a moment, the atmosphere in the Cao family changed, this Qin Shou mixed in, who could still eat? Wouldn't they all drive them away?

                Wouldn't the Cao family be a joke?

                Suddenly, in the hall of the house, there was a sudden rebuke: "Stop right there, you're not welcome here!"