Rags To Riches Chapter 511-512

 Chapter 511

Old Mrs. Cao's perverse behaviour made the people at the scene quite surprised.

                Only then did Wei Guoping look at Qin Ming, wearing a pair of sunglasses and tugging like he was two-fifths of a man at such a young age, he didn't see Qin Ming in a good light.

                Wei Guoping put his words down straight away and said, "Old Cao, I've brought the message, give me news as soon as possible, I have to go to the hospital to deliver a message to the young master. As an old friend, I advise you to break off when you can, being in-laws, your Cao family will have more to rely on our Qin family for, and you will be able to get your benefits back a little."

                Old Mrs Cao grunted heavily and said, "Not everything can be measured in money."

                Wei Guoping said, "But having money is amazing."

                As the Qin family came and Wei Guoping left, Old Mrs. Cao went straight to the ground, looking at the bodyguards who had been beaten and bruised, she waved her hand impatiently and said, "Get lost, it's no use at all to hire you at a high price."

                "Alas ......" Boss Cao sighed, looked at Qin Ming and asked, "Is Little Brother Qin really a senior disciple of Real Zhang?"

                Qin Ming pretended to be profound, deliberately pushed his sunglasses and said, "Of course, if you don't believe me, you can ask my master for confirmation, can I joke about such things? Would I be able to joke about such a thing? My master's identity is something that ordinary people can use to cheat? Master Mu also has a deep friendship with my master, so if I were to joke about this, wouldn't I be asking for death? As long as you listen to my arrangements, the Cao family will definitely be transferred and the disaster will be relieved."

                The two listened to Qin Ming with some certainty as well.

                They really needed a strong hand to help them now, and when they thought that Qin Ming was Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, they had some trust.

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "Little brother Qin, what you said last time, is it true? I'm not afraid to laugh at you, as you can see, our Cao family is like this now ......"

                Boss Cao also said, "Yes, yes, yes, is this going to work? Little brother Qin, you have the ability of Zhang Zhen Zhen, we don't worry about this, but we are afraid of whether the spirit will work or not."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "If your heart is sincere, it will be spiritual. I have already chosen a woman for you. She has a good eight-character, and this year is also an auspicious year, so her luck is extremely strong."

                Boss Cao immediately said, "That's no problem, I'll just take her as my righteous daughter."

                Qin Ming was full of nonsense and said, "You can't take her as your daughter, it has to be Old Mrs. Cao, because your East Palace star is weak and your Year Star is dim, so you have no luck. Old Mrs. Cao is different, her destiny is the Lord of the Northern Dipper, rich and prosperous, and she fits in with the other party's eight-character destiny, complementing each other, and can help your Cao family to transit."

                Qin Ming blew it up, but in fact it was all from reading back in the book.

                But the Cao family was in so much trouble, they had asked everyone they could, and they were all desperate for help.

                She said, "Little brother Qin, I might as well take her as my adopted daughter. Will he agree?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't know if the other party will say yes or not. I have only helped you to find a candidate who meets the conditions, and I have made a lot of efforts to do so. As for the character, don't worry about this Old Mrs. Cao, I think it's okay, it won't be too bad."

                Boss Cao got a bit upset and said, "Isn't that the same generation as me? She doesn't need to have an inheritance or something like that, right?"

                Qin Ming said, "This can be distinguished by writing a copy of something when acknowledging the righteous daughter. And, after all, it's the adopted daughter, isn't Boss Cao afraid?"

                Boss Cao laughed dryly, he was really afraid that some kind of lawsuit scandal over the family's assets would arise later.

                Old Mrs. Cao nodded and said, "Little brother Qin, you have seen it. The old Qin family is aggressive in the city of Shanghai, relying on their wealth and power and their deep background, and they don't take our Cao family into account at all. If you don't succeed, you can inform your master."

                Qin Ming was very upset, he didn't trust us after all. He wanted to pull Zhang Quanzhen out through him, but Qin Ming would not allow that to happen.

                Qin Ming got up with a move, looking like an old godly man from a TV drama, and said, "Old Mrs. Cao, don't worry, although my dao is not as high as Master's, it is still enough to deal with such a small problem. You guys go back first and prepare the bill, glutinous rice, incense, three clear phases, peach wood sword, rooster's blood, talisman paper, vermilion sand and other tools for performing the spell, and I will bring someone over tonight to perform the spell while you recognize a goddaughter."

                After the deal was made, Qin Ming moved to leave.

                The two mothers and sons sat in the private room, staring at each other with wide eyes.

                Boss Cao asked, "Mum, are you watching Qin Ming? Can this "good luck" really be that divine?"

                Old Cao took a sip of tea and said, "I can't say. Do you know why this mediocre Qin Ming became the son-in-law of a wooden frame?"

                Boss Cao shook his head, "Maybe it's because the Mu family is more low-key? Miss Mu likes the ordinary type?"

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "How could that be. At that time, Mu Hai Ran was seriously ill and in critical condition, and could not be cured at the Nanshan Sanatorium. After Qin Ming joined the family, Mu Hai Ran's illness was cured, the Mu brothers' infighting was exposed, and the Mu family's crisis was over. Do you think, isn't it amazing?"

                Boss Cao rubbed his hands together and said, "Then we have to try it before we can say anything, and if it doesn't work, we can force the real Zhang behind him to do something, and with the real Zhang's friendship with the Qin family, we can solve it without having to do the deed, ah."

                "It can only be done." Old Mrs. Cao sighed silently, "I hope this little brother Qin can surprise me."

                In the afternoon, Qin Ming arrived at Chen Mulin's hospital.

                Her best friend Zhao Menghua was away, Chen Mulin was still at home alone, her family didn't care much about her, and Qin Ming looked at her with some pity.

                She remembered that last semester, she was taken for a ride in a Ferrari by a rich young man, Luo Shao, who was killed in a car accident when he failed to buckle his seatbelt, and the Luo family was so powerful in Guangzhou that they forced Chen Tian to do nothing and forced Chen Mulin to pay for her life.

                At that time, Chen Tian as a father had no intention of saving his daughter, but it was Qin Ming who helped.

                Now Qin Ming looks back and wonders if Chen Mulin rarely felt the warmth of family love at home. If so, it was a pitiful person.

                Suddenly, while stroking her hair and setting her face, Chen Mulin said to Qin Ming who was looking at the door lightly, "When you arrive, you arrive, why are you standing at the door?"

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, this girl even actually hurried to clean up her makeup? Love stinky beauty.

                Qin Ming looked at Chen Mulin, she looked much better today and was still as pretty as ever.

                He said, "The woman I asked to come, she helped to get connections, your matter has turned around, I will take care of the rest of the trivial matters. Don't worry, your family will be fine soon."

                When Chen Mulin heard this, she let out an oh and looked at Qin Ming, suddenly her pretty face flushed and her hand subconsciously covered her chest, back in the hot spring, the feeling of Qin Ming's hand surfaced on her chest again, she was suddenly hazy and shy.

                Chen Mulin bit her lips and lowered her head, thinking in her heart, "It's obviously you, you liar."

                But so what if she knew, Qin Ming had given up his life to save her, she still misunderstood Qin Ming afterwards, and Qin Ming had come to save her again this time, even wearing female clothes, not wanting to be misunderstood.

                When she thought of this, Chen Mulin felt that she was rotten, simply unbelievable, misunderstanding Qin Ming again and again, three and five, six and seven times, but Qin Ming had never rushed to the front line when she was in trouble.

                When she thought of this, she felt her heart beating faster, and she no longer had a bad impression of Qin Ming, but had some good feelings for him.

                She asked worriedly, "My family is fine, but what about me? Do I have to be a girlfriend for that rich dude?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "You need to be a righteous daughter to Old Mrs. Cao of the Cao family, who is a powerful family in Guang City and has extremely strong qi, so they can help you eliminate disasters and disasters and shelter you as well. Then your troubles will be over this time, and you will have good fortune in the future. However, after you become Old Lady Cao's righteous daughter, you may do one thing for me in the future."

                "Ha?" Chen Mulin was dumbfounded, what kind of operation was this?

Chapter 512

"What can I, what can I do for you?" When Chen Mulin heard that Qin Ming wanted her to do something, her heart was not repulsed, she was already grateful that Qin Ming could help her without leaving her name.

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's not much, it's just that my elder brother has built a trading company, the Chaoyang Group, and many of our school alumni have gone to work there, wanting to make a big splash, but it's always hard to start a business, if you are the righteous daughter of old Mrs. Cao, then there will be more resources and conditions, if you have the opportunity in the future, you will be more helpful to my brother's company, count on repaying me for this small favor. "

                Qin Ming actually did not have much in mind, firstly, to help Chen Mulin, also considered a friend.

                The second is to do some "magic" to enhance his circle of "fame", perfect his identity as a god, but also a little benefit, simply the best of all worlds.

                Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography describes the same thing, but the difference is that in his early years, he had no power of his own and relied on "borrowed power" to get what he wanted through the help of his friends.

                But behind Qin Ming was the global super-enterprise empire, the Huan Yu Century Group, which had accomplished the most difficult step.

                Chen Mulin immediately said, "This is not a small favour, this is a big, big favour, you have saved my life three times, I remember it all."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "No, it's me asking that friend, she's a big sister and warm-hearted, she owes me, I actually just came to inform you."

                Chen Mulin nuzzled her mouth and hummed in a small voice, "Big liar."

                She looked at Qin Ming and found that she was completely impervious to this man, who clearly did not want to approach her, but could stand up for herself at a critical moment, not knowing at all what was in Qin Ming's mind.

                Chen Mulin looked at Qin Ming and suddenly had a heartfelt feeling, she had no friends around her this time, and it was said that they were all afraid of the Cao family, as a result, only the best friend, Zhao Meng Hua, came to see her, and Qin Ming was the second friend who came to see her.

                As the saying goes, in times of trouble, one can see true love, and this was not the first time or twice. Chen Mulin felt that she could not misunderstand Qin Ming again and lose this friend.

                Chen Mulin suddenly said, "Qin Ming, page my number."

                Qin Ming wondered, "Why? Am I not here?"

                Chen Mulin said petulantly, "Just page me, it's not a disadvantage."

                Qin Ming did not know why, but he dialed Chen Mulin's number.

                Chen Mulin did not answer, immediately picked up the number and handed it to Qin Ming, saying, "Look, your notes, I changed them again."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, it turned out that when he saw Chen Mulin's mobile phone gave him the note 'Scum 39 Qin Ming', he casually complained about it, but he didn't expect that it was now changed over to 'Topper Qin Ming'.

                Qin Ming saw the cute note and grinned, "I'm just the errand boy, I'm not doing anything, I'm the big sister who asked for help."

                "Hmph." Every time Chen Mulin heard Qin Ming say that her female costume was someone else, her heart shuddered, always wanting to reveal it, but too shy to do anything about it.

                Qin Ming didn't bother with Chen Mulin that much, he went by his own little set of plans and said, "You can get out of the hospital, right? I'll have someone from the Cao family come to pick you up in the evening. Apart from Old Lady Cao making you her righteous daughter, I'll also do a puja for them."

                Chen Mulin said curiously, "A puja? You also know how to dance the Great Spirit?"

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, I studied with a Daoist master and mastered a bit of microblogging skills, telling people's fortunes, fortune telling and reading their faces, more or less."

                Chen Mulin was dumbfounded, not expecting Qin Ming to have such skills, she smiled sweetly and said, "Then, then I don't need to stay at Cao's house all the time, right? Do I need to inform my family?"

                Qin Ming said, "As you wish, you are a university student, your freedom must be high, the key is that this is an identity that will protect you, how you use it in the future is up to you. Once you become Old Mrs. Cao's righteous daughter, Cao Xiangliang won't dare to touch you, you are still higher in the hierarchy. You will not be treated badly by Old Lady Cao, who is a kind person and knows right from wrong. If the Cao family treats you badly, you tell me."

                Chen Mulin nodded with understanding, she also trusted Qin Ming in her heart, because every time she had an accident, it was Qin Ming who had set things right, and she had no one else to trust but Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said, "Understood, I'm leaving then."

                Chen Mulin immediately called out to Qin Ming and said, "Eh, wait a minute, I'm here alone and I'm bored, why don't you tell my palm to pass the time?"

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming went soft and said, "Alright, I'll sell it."

                When Chen Mulin heard that Qin Ming was willing to stay, she was immediately overjoyed, Qin Ming was still willing to leave his time for her.

                The moment she thought of this, Chen Mulin's heart couldn't help but be happy, and she smilingly extended her hand.

                Qin Ming smiled helplessly. He had memorized some classic sentences and allusions to fortune-telling, but he was not yet very good at applying them flexibly.

                Chen Mulin didn't care what Qin Ming said, she just felt Qin Ming's hand, it was big, very strong and warm.

                She looked at Qin Ming, and in her mind was again the day when Qin Ming came to her rescue by disguising himself as a woman, and the two of them were intimate and close in the hot spring, and if it wasn't for this incident, she wouldn't have known what Qin Ming had done in the first place.

                Qin Ming grabbed and scratched, why did he feel Chen Mulin's body rolling hot?

                "Is this a high fever you have? Why are you so hot?" Qin Ming froze and reached out to touch Chen Mulin's forehead, scaring the latter to hurry back and say shyly, "No, no, it's just a little hot."

                At that moment, the nurse came in and said, "Bed 16, it's time to change the medicine."

                Qin Ming hurriedly moved out of the way, but the nurse said, "Yo, your boyfriend is here? Just in time, this wound is on the back, so the boyfriend is here to help."

                "Hm?" Qin Ming was stunned, he shook his head hurriedly and said, "No, I'm not ......"

                He was about to say that he wasn't Chen Mulin's boyfriend when another cry was heard at the door, "Xiao Li, the patient in bed 8 fell unconscious while going to the toilet, it's an old man, there's not enough staff, hurry up and help send him to the emergency room."

                The nurse who was going to give Chen Mulin's injury medicine responded and then barred to hand it to Qin Ming, saying, "All right, you hurry up and give your girlfriend medicine, it's not difficult, you're a big man still afraid of what? Do you still want your girlfriend to have scars? If you don't put medicine on it, it will really leave a scar."

                After saying that, the nurse lady ran out.

                Qin Ming took the medicine for his injury and looked back at Chen Mulin, who didn't squeal, seemingly doing whatever you want.

                Qin Ming asked, "Chen Mulin, where is this wound of yours?"

                Chen Mulin blushed and whispered, "Behind my back, and my inner thigh."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this was difficult for him, wasn't this leading him to commit a crime.