Rags To Riches Chapter 51-52

 Chapter 51

Qin Ming was really angry with these family members of Li Meng, who were obviously begging him, but they acted as if they had kidnapped the tutor and class teacher to bully him.

        But Qin Ming was not afraid at all, he was different now, he did not have to give Li Meng's family face.

        What made Qin Ming laugh most was that these people clearly wanted Qin Ming's help to go to the police station to intercede for Li Meng, but they didn't say so directly and acted as if they were forcing Qin Ming to take the initiative to fish for Li Meng, huh, dream on.

        The atmosphere in the dormitory was getting hotter and hotter, and the two sides were pushing and shoving each other to the point of starting a fight.

        Teacher Wu, the tutor, was so angry that he punched the table and said angrily, "Stop it, all of you."

        He was the teacher here after all, so he waved his hand and said, "Everyone go out first, and let Li Meng's father and Qin Ming stay here while I have a talk."

        In a short while, Li Meng's father and Qin Ming were left, and Teacher Wu said, "Student Qin Ming, Li Meng is now at the police station, she called home and said that you bullied her and got her put in the police station."

        Li Meng's father took the opportunity to point at Qin Ming angrily and said, "Degrading, you scum. It's a shame my daughter fell in love with you."

        Qin Ming laughed and said, "Teacher Wu, this is wrongful. How did I bully her?"

        Li Meng's father pooh-poohed and said, "You have two boats on your feet, cheating on your wife, climbing up the ladder, and being a Chen Shi Mei. I tell you, this person is finished, his character is corrupt, you are hopeless."

        Qin Ming calmly opened his computer and said, "This is the group chat record of our class group, we all chatted more openly, so I won't say anything, please take a look, after Li Meng cheated on Yang Wei last week, some students in the class voiced their discontent for me, only Li Meng defended Yang Wei can be very active, scolding me unpleasant words I won't say. Mr. Wu and Mr. Li, please take a look."

        The two men would be convinced and padded over to look at the group chat of the class group.

        "Li Meng you've gone too far, haven't you? You still scolded Qin Ming like that after the breakup?"

        "I just scolded him? After two years, he can't give me anything, he's not even as good as a hair on his head as Ah Wei.

        "Qin Ming is a stinker? What's wrong with him? He's not as good as a hair. B utopia knack for searching di!

        "Li Meng, it's obvious that you cheated first."

        "What cheating? Now that we're all free to fall in love, you Ching relic? So what if I dumped him? He was so cheap that he went to scrub the dishes. Hahahaha, he's the one I dumped. If any of you say one more bad word about Ah Wei, I, Li Meng, will not spare you."

        "Zhang Xiaoyan you say one more good word to Qin Ming, I won't let you off the hook, be careful with your live stream."

        "See? This is what happens when you speak up for Qin Ming, he's a country bumpkin, stinky? Pan Jun? Usually the window is cut. Lesson B utopian shore luck? Mang????? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. I'm sorry.

        "Dump that stinking Qin Ming? Pan Jun? The first thing you need to do is to criticize? The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. ugly woman? The game? The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all.


        Looking at a group chat record and watching Li Meng's speech, Li Meng's father fell silent and blushed, and Teacher Wu's brow furrowed.

        Qin Ming said at the right time: "You all saw it, right? To say that I cheated on you is simply ridiculous. On the day she cheated on me, I was still in the dining hall literally washing dishes, planning to save up to buy her a present. She scolded me for cheating, but she was jealous because she saw a girl treat me to dinner and couldn't see me having a good time."

        Li Meng's father said with a stiff upper lip, "Did my daughter say something wrong? Isn't it right to be free in love? You're both 21 or 22 years old, adults, you can't earn money and you blame my Meng Meng for falling in love? You're poor and you're justified? You are poor and narrow-minded. Isn't that right, Mr. Wu? These days it's hard to find someone as poor as this poor boy."

        Teacher Wu said, "I don't want to talk about emotional matters. Classmate Qin Ming, what argument did you have with Li Meng that led to her being arrested and taken to the police station?"

        Qin Ming took off his clothes, which smelled like urine, and handed them over.

        Li Meng's father immediately walked away, cursing, "Take it away, you toilet cleaner, it's really dirty, don't come near me, keep five steps away. Tsk, I wouldn't come to such a filthy doghouse if it wasn't important."

        Qin Ming threw his clothes at Li Meng's father's feet and said, "Hmph, isn't that what your daughter did? She threw urine at the girl who invited me to dinner in a public place and I gave myself up to block it, that's why she was arrested by the police and put in the guardhouse."

        Hearing this, Mr. Wu said with dissatisfaction, "Mr. Li, you said that Li Meng got arrested because she had a falling out with Qin Ming and got into a fight. What you said is completely at odds with the facts."

        Li Meng's father was furious, "My daughter didn't do anything wrong. This is not a small fight, is it? Teacher Wu, he's a dead poor man? Pan gnaws at the man's maliciousness? The nephew's family? The school's school is a very important part of the school. Neonbakery? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. The use of the newest technology The use of the 3 dreaded 11-use The use of the newest technology The city of Leeds The quarrelsome instigation? Can. Jun

        Qin Ming laughed, Li Meng posted money for him? You'll be able to get a lot of money from the company.

        The first time Qin Ming saved a thousand dollars to send home to his parents for New Year's Eve, but he ended up buying Chanel perfume for Li Meng to make her happy.

        The company's main focus is on the development of a new product that will be available to the public.

        Qin Ming said, "I'm not a cop, I didn't arrest Li Meng, I didn't call the police, and I didn't detain her for 48 hours, I'm still a fucking victim, what are you looking for me for?"

        The atmosphere was slightly silent as soon as he said this, it wasn't even Qin Ming who called the police, so there was really nothing to say to him.

        But Li Meng's father was still unreasonable: "This is not because of you? If my daughter hadn't fallen in love with you, would she have met this kind of thing? You wasted her youth, you made her meet this kind of thing. My daughter didn't mind you being poor in the first place, and this is how you repay her?"

        Teacher Wu actually knew it in his heart, he pulled Qin Ming over and said bitterly, "This is something the teacher sees, it is indeed Li Meng's fault. But then, we are all in the same class, aren't we? There is no need to make such a big deal out of it, and locking up for forty-eight hours is no joke. As you can see, Li Meng's family is also very anxious and their aim is clear, they want you to go to the police station to explain the situation, that it was a misunderstanding and hopefully they can be lenient and let Li Meng out sooner."

        Qin Ming said very directly, "Teacher Wu, I, Qin Ming, don't cause trouble, but I'm not afraid of trouble either. I am the victim, and even if they don't apologise when they see me. They even disliked and insulted me, and even scolded my father, and they want me to help them? No way."

        Teacher Wu patted Qin Ming and said, "It's normal for young people to have personalities. But Qin Ming, just think of it as the teacher begging you, okay? The teacher doesn't want any students to be detained in the detention centre and not be able to attend classes."

        Faced with the tutor's request, Qin Ming was silent.

        He had applied for scholarships for several years in college, and Mr. Wu had always been very dedicated to his work and treated every student very well.

        But Qin Ming was not happy in his heart.

        But he didn't want to embarrass his tutor, Mr Wu, who was a respectable teacher, and he was rather hesitant.

        Seeing that Qin Ming hesitated, Teacher Wu said again, "Student Qin Ming, Teacher Wu is begging you, you are a man, a man should not be so ......"

        Before the words of Mr. Wu fell, there was a sudden "bang" and the door of the dormitory was forced open with a kick.

Chapter 52

"Boom," the dormitory door was actually a light aluminium door that did not stand up to kicking at all, and someone outside the door roughly kicked it open.

        A tiger-headed, tiger-brained, brawny man walked in, standing at a height of a metre or so and covered in explosive muscles, he walked in and saw Li Meng's father and said, "Auntie, what's the use of nonsense? Just give him a beating, won't you be convinced? Cousin is still staying at the police station, where is that son of a bitch Qin Ming?"

        When Li Meng's father saw that Li Meng's cousin had come, he was overjoyed, he knew that his nephew was a fitness trainer, and looking at his muscles, it was frightening to look at.

        Li Meng's father pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Just him. Damn, he's still coming to temper, obviously a poor? Pan Jun? And? The case is small!

        Seeing that the other party was about to fight, Teacher Wu hurriedly stepped forward and calmed him down, "This family member, please calm down ......"

        "Cold your grandfather." Li Meng cousin impatient hair is a casual punch, will be caught off guard Mr. Wu knocked flying, hit the side of the desk, poor Mr. Wu more than fifty years old, this toss, hurriedly cover the waist loud scream.

        Qin Ming was shocked, and Li hurriedly went forward to help Mr. Wu and said, "You have gone too far. This is a university, not your backyard."

        Cousin Li Meng squeezed his hands, his bones crackling, he held his chin up and nostrils to look at people, and said in a stern voice: "Just you poor man? You're a poor man? What are you doing? What is your daughter's name? No, I don't think so. What are you doing? What do you think? What are the reasons for this? The service time is very long.

        Qin Ming frowned, suddenly saw the three brothers in the dormitory by the window at the entrance all looking at him worriedly, all three had bruises on their faces, it was obvious that there had been an argument just outside the door! And they had been beaten up.

        Qin Ming was furious, he had something to do with this? This has something to do with his brother in the dormitory? Was Li Meng's family reasonable?

        Zhao Li Niu pointed to the light bulb above, and Qin Ming immediately understood.

        Qin Ming rushed towards the switch and turned it off with a snap, instantly darkening the dormitory.

        At this time, Zhao Liniu shouted, "Brothers, charge!"

        Teacher Wu, who was suffering from back pain from the beating, could only persuade the fighters, "Don't fight, don't fight."

        But in the darkness, Mr. Wu was grabbed by Li Meng's mother and slapped her across the face, "Qin Ming, you beast, my daughter is blind to see you, but you don't cherish her, and you dare to hinder her happiness? You're a stinker? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

        Teacher Wu was wronged and said, "Mrs. Li, I'm not, ah, don't hit, don't hit, I'm not Qin Ming's classmate."

        The dormitory was in chaos, Qin Ming climbed onto the bed in the dark, a sheet was thrown down and covered Li Meng's father, then Qin Ming jumped straight down and did a Buddha sit on his face.

        "Ah!" Li Meng's father let out a miserable cry.

        This is not to mention that Qin Ming punched him so hard that he begged for mercy: "Hit the wrong person, I'm not Qin Ming. I'm not Qin Ming."

        Qin Ming squeezed Li Meng's father's ear and said sarcastically, "But I am Qin Ming."

        In the darkness, Li Meng's cousin, who could not see, was throwing punches and kicks indiscriminately, and inadvertently hit his own father.

        "Rebel son, look carefully before you hit. That boy Qin Ming is over there."

        "Dad, you guys get out, what are you all doing in here? Ah!!! Who stabbed me with a broom? Who stabbed me with a broom?"

        The dormitory was not very big, so the crowd was chaotic. Students from the next dormitory also came over to join in the fun, and when they saw their classmates being beaten up, they also joined in with a punch and a kick.

        In the end, I don't know who turned on the light, and the moment the light came on, everyone found Qin Ming pressing Li Meng's mother and beating her; Teacher Wu was lying on the bed shouting to stop, class teacher Wang was hammered by Li Meng's cousin to the point that her head was covered in buns, Li Meng's father was in a state of tug of war with Li Meng's aunt and uncle, and Li Meng's aunt was pushed to the ground, covering her waist and shouting, "Ouch, it hurts me."

        Sun Zhipeng stood in the doorway with a tray of footwash was planning to find a target to pour down the way, Zhao Li Niu pressed Liang Shaoyong, looking at each other awkwardly, hit the wrong person ah.

        "Qin Ming!" Li Meng's family members were greatly annoyed, they felt that Qin Ming turning off the lights was too abominable, shameless!

        All of Li Meng's family members stared at Qin Ming and ran towards him one by one.

        Qin Ming got up and tried to escape, but just as he got up, he was grabbed by Li Meng's mother's right foot, and Li Meng's mother shouted heartily, "Honey, I've got him, hurry up. Beat this brat to death and avenge our Meng Meng's death."

        Qin Ming thought to himself, "Oh no, this crazy woman won't let go yet.

        "Ahhhhh!" Cousin Li Meng let out a roar, swung his fist and punched over fiercely, that fist was full of power, a punch down Qin Ming was afraid that he would not be able to take it well.

        When it was too late, a man suddenly flashed in the doorway and crossed in front of Qin Ming.


        Cousin Li Meng's punch landed solidly on the man's chest, but the man was fine.

        When Qin Ming looked at him, he was surprised, "Ah Long?"

        It seemed that Song Ying had arranged quite a lot of work for him, but Ah Long knew what it meant to be a bodyguard and lurked at Qin Ming's school after doing the job at hand so that he could easily protect Qin Ming at any time.

        Ah Long squeezed the fist that hit him on the chest and scoffed, "Yo, big guy, haven't eaten, huh? Scratching like hell."

        Cousin Li Meng's face paled as he realised that his hand was squeezed well as if it was nailed to Ah Long's heart and he could not pull it back.

        Cousin Li Meng let out a scream and then fell to his knees in a cold sweat.

        Ah Long said disdainfully, "This muscle, you got it from eating protein powder, right? It's useless."

        And in passing, Ah Long kicked Li Meng's mother, making her release Qin Ming's thighs.

        Ah Long's inquiring eyes looked over, wanting to ask Qin Ming what he was going to do to clean up these people.

        Qin Ming thought about the fact that so many people were watching and the people in the next dormitory had their cameras out for video, so he said straight away, "Call the police to deal with it!"

        In fact, someone had already called the police, and within a few moments, the police arrived, and they wanted to ask what was going on.

        The teacher Wu, who had been hit in the back, suddenly shouted in anger, "It's them! It was them, a group of brutal and violent family members, who led the trouble, smashed the dormitory, beat up the teachers and beat up the students. Comrade police, it's them, arrest them quickly."

        Teacher Wang was also furious: "It's so outrageous that Li Meng's family members have to beat people up when it's obvious that we can talk about things properly, and we don't even have a chance to mediate. It's too much, it's too much."

        Zhao Liniu hurriedly trips on and plays dead: "Ouch, my head is so dizzy, I just got a concussion from this big guy, call an ambulance."

        Liang Shaoyong also covered his chest and shouted, "Comrade police, this big guy hit someone. The others saw it too, the three of us were beaten up by him."

        Sun Zhipeng directly pretended to faint and lay on the ground.

        Li Meng's cousin was not convinced, "My hand is still dislocated, your talent is great, where is that guy just now?"

        Li Meng's mother also pointed at her face and said, "Look at the footprints on my face, they kicked me, comrade police, just arrest them. Where's the inch-head just now?"

        Ah Long? Qin Ming had let him go a long time ago, keeping it to take back?

        Qin Ming said, "Who are you talking about? You're such a big guy, we can't even beat you. We have the video as proof, students, you bring out the video."

        The policeman meanwhile looked at the videos taken by the crowd, which were basically of Li Meng's cousin beating Zhao Liniu, and the pushing down of Teacher Wu, and finally the melee and fight in the dormitory, but by then Qin Ming had already pulled away.

        The police comrade immediately drank: "All right, ironclad evidence, you are provoking trouble in the school, all go back with us."

        When Li Meng's father heard this, he was in a big hurry: "Huh? No, comrade police, listen to us, this is a misunderstanding."

        The police officer said in a cold voice: "Do you think we will believe your bullshit? Be honest with me. Let's go."

        Inside the police station, Li Meng sat sadly inside the detention centre, hoping that her parents would find a way to get her out sooner, as she felt scared and disgusted to be locked up here with some social youths.

        Suddenly, he saw that his parents, aunt and uncle, aunt and cousin's family were all here. Li Meng was overjoyed: "Mom, dad, cousin, you've come to pick me up? I knew it, you guys would come and get me out."

        But Li Meng's smile soon froze as the iron door opened and his family were all brought in.

        A helpless Li Meng was dumbfounded: "Mum and Dad, why are you, why are you in here too? No, who beat you up? You've been beaten and locked up?"