Rags To Riches Chapter 509-510

 Chapter 509

Ah Long slammed the car door shut and swept a glance around at the eight sturdy bodyguards of Qin Shou.

                It hadn't taken long for Qin Shou to contact his bodyguards using the micro-communication, but they had come quickly, a speed comparable to their daily protection of Qin Ming.

                The eight bodyguards were no ordinary people, each of them was carrying a weapon in secret, and at the same time, they kept a certain distance, so they could attack and retreat, very professional.

                One of the bodyguards stepped forward and questioned, "What are you doing? Why are you here? There's not a single car around. Are you up to no good? Call your companion down."


                Ah Long suddenly threw a punch at the bodyguard who had spoken, but the latter reacted quickly and blocked Ah Long's fist with one hand.

                However, the strength of Ah Long's fist was so great that the other man was hurt by the force of the punch and stumbled back.

                The bodyguard immediately shouted, "Brothers, they are the ones who kidnapped the young master, go!"

                Ah Long saw these people immediately pulled out a knife from his hidden right hand, the corners of his mouth lifted and he said, "It seems to be a bit interesting today."

                With a whoosh, these bodyguards attacked two by two, left and right, in a very orderly wheel-to-wheel battle.

                Under the darkness, Ah Long dodged nimbly, but was not able to find a good opportunity, after all, there were many people on the other side, and these men took Ah Long's punches, but they did not fall so easily.

                On the other hand, on the other side, Qin Ming stayed in his car.

                There was a loud bang, these Qin Shou's bodyguards had actually smashed the car window.

                However, Qin Ming's car was bulletproof glass, it was not that easy to smash through.

                Qin Ming knew that he had miscalculated this time, and hadn't calculated Qin Shou's means of self-rescue very well, but had instead allowed him to reveal his foot.

                Then there was no choice but to let Qin Shou see his sleight of hand.

                After a minute had passed, Qin Ming looked outside the car and Ah Long waved his hands off. Eight of Qin Shou's bodyguards were down on the ground, which gave Ah Long a lot of pressure, but it was still Ah Long who was more powerful in unarmed physical combat.

                Qin Ming walked out and asked, "Ah Long, go, get that Qin Shou and waste all his men for me."

                Ah Long did not hesitate, Qin Ming's words seemed like a soldier's order, he stripped the clothes and some tools from those bodyguards on the ground and drove back in their car.

                Qin Ming had trust in Ah Long's ability, the name of a retired soldier king was not something that could be compared to a generalist.

                However, Ah Long had only been gone for a minute when Bi Yuan also arrived from quickly, bringing a large group of his men with him.

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master, do you need us to clear the scene?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "It's not good to get people killed, Ah Long will just go and scrap them. Later on you guys recycle all their cars, helicopters, you can't make a trip for nothing, meat from a grasshopper's leg is still meat, and a small amount of money is also money."

                Bi Yuan looked over at the scrap factory and was embarrassed, he used to be in charge of protecting Chang Hongxi and was always with him, now Qin Ming didn't like to have someone close to him from time to time, so he took this Ah Long.

                It was too strong for Ah Long, and many times he did not need the protection of them, the assassination squad, but became an errand boy instead, which made Bi Yuan depressed in his heart.

                Especially since Qin Ming had recently changed many of the captains of the assassination squad, this was still a very good job, and no one wanted to lose it.

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master, why don't I go and help, to save Ah Long from getting hurt."

                But as soon as he said that, a car drove over and Ah Long threw Qin Shou, who was shivering with fear, out of the car and said, "Young master, it's done."

                Qin Shou was blindfolded and could not recognise Qin Ming's appearance.

                Ah Long was not even injured, which scared Bi Yuan and the others.

                They saw that these bodyguards were unusual and they were afraid that it would take them a bit of time to clean up, but it turned out to be so easy and simple for Ah Long.

                Qin Ming glanced meaningfully at Bi Yuan and the others, who were all silent, as if Qin Ming's look had a deep meaning.

                Qin Ming walked over and lifted Qin Shou's lower handle and said, "Qin Shou, weren't you very dejected just now? I was going to teach you a lesson first, but you are not convinced? You still call people? Now scrap it all for me."

                Still unconvinced, Qin Shou said angrily, "You, you let go of me, my Qin family is not something you can afford to offend, have the guts to show me who you are?"

                Boom, Qin Ming punched Qin Shou directly in the face.

                Bang, another foot on his calf.

                "Ahhhh!" Qin Shou shouted in pain.

                Qin Ming squeezed his opponent and said, "I'm warning you, if you dare harass Chen Mulin again, I'll take your life straight away, I'll do what I say. It won't help if you send more people."

                Boom, after the warning, Qin Ming threw Qin Shou straight to the side, causing him to wince in pain.

                Qin Shou fell to the ground and said in pain, "Who the hell are you?"

                Qin Ming turned back indifferently and said, "Someone you can't afford to offend."

                Half an hour after Qin Ming left, people from the Cao family finally got the news and arrived, seeing that the scene was a mess, Qin Shou and his bodyguards were all invalidated and couldn't even stand up.

                "Who actually did this?" Boss Cao looked at the group of fallen bodyguards in the ruined factory, his heart palpitating, did anyone in Guang City dare to challenge Qin Shou?

                Although the Qin family was not in Guang City, but who in Guang City who had information and access did not know the power of the Qin family in Hai City?

                Cao Xiangliang was the first to go up and support Qin Shou, saying, "Brother Shou, you were actually injured? Who, who is so hateful that they dare to take you captive and injure you?"

                Qin Shou slapped him with his other hand and cursed, "What are you talking about? I was captured in your house, did your Cao family just let people in?"

                Cao Xiangliang was so embarrassed that he stood aside like a fool, not daring to touch the bad luck at all.

                Boss Cao had a black face, this great god had come here from his family, he couldn't afford to offend him, and now he couldn't protect him, it would be a bad time for the Cao family in the future.

                Qin Shou said angrily, "Why don't you hurry up and take me to the hospital, grass, you bunch of trash. I'll tell my father to kill you all."

                Cao Xiangliang immediately turned around and shouted to his bodyguards, "Yes, yes, what are you doing? Hurry up and take Brother Shou to the hospital."

                It didn't take long for the ambulances to arrive one after another, carrying away all sixteen of Qin Shou's bodyguards, each of them bruised and battered, with broken arms and legs and swollen faces.

                Boss Cao frowned and said, "When did such characters appear in Guang City? This is too exaggerated."

                "Son, do you have any clue?" Old Mrs. Cao stepped forward and asked, "This time, Qin Shou was robbed and injured at our Cao family, and our Cao family has to take the blame for all of this."

                Boss Cao also had a sad face and said, "Mother, did you go to the Mu family and find that Zhang Zhen Zhen? I heard that the real Zhang was very close to the Qin family some years ago, so if he asks, he should be able to settle the matter peacefully."

                Old Mrs. Cao sighed, "No. However, that son-in-law of the Mu family, Qin Ming, said that he had studied with Zhang Zhen Zhen and had mastered certain skills, but I didn't believe him, the gods and goddesses are unreliable."

                When Mr. Cao heard this, he became very anxious: "Oh, why didn't you say so earlier? Whatever, since he is Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple, if his disciple can't handle it, won't Zhang Zhen Zhen do something? I'll contact him."

Chapter 510

After this night, a mysterious cloud of gloom pervades the rich and powerful circles of Guang City.

                Qin Shou, the young master of the super-rich Qin family in Hai City, was taken captive by a mysterious man in the Cao family house, who also took down the bodyguard who went to save Qin Shou and even injured him.

                Everyone wants to know, what was done?

                But no one knew, only that the other party had asked to protect Chen Mulin, a woman who seemed to be nothing special except her face.

                And no matter how much these people tried to find out, they couldn't find out about Qin Ming.

                But those gossip magazines, intending to publish all sorts of strange content, before they could publish the content, were again suppressed by mysterious forces, and all the major wealth and entertainment magazines removed these articles.

                So these words were just passed around by word of mouth in the circle, and people were saying, "I'm afraid the Cao family is going to be the second powerful family to fall in Guang City after the Nie family?

                The people of the Cao family were also all in a bad mood, and their close friends from the past were all consciously or unconsciously trying to distance themselves from the Cao family to avoid the wrath of the super-prime Qin family from spilling over to them ah.

                Although Qin Ming was the instigator, he didn't take this seriously. He had already left the contact details, the lesson was given, and there should be results soon.

                As expected, Song Ying called that night, relaying the apologies of the still old Qin family, apologising to Qin Shou for injuring Chen Mulin, and promising not to target the Chen family again.

                But Qin Ming was still not very happy.

                When Song Ying saw Qin Ming's face was not right, she asked suspiciously, "Young master, are you worried that the Qin family will go against the law?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "The Qin family didn't even make an apology? Just an apology email?"

                Song Ying smiled faintly, "You've taken away people's planes and cars, and injured so many of their elite bodyguards, how can the Qin family still spare the money? This is still the old Qin family, which is said to be more stingy."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "No, this is meant to look down on me. The other party must know who I am. Oh, this old Qin family of Hai City, I really want to touch it with him."

                Song Ying said, "Young master you are the richest man in the world, still the Qin family is not influential but still not enough to face you, you don't need to be afraid at all, but their Qin family is close to the Zhao family, perhaps this is the bottom line."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "The Zhao family gives them more bottom strength than the pressure I give, so, this matter of Qin Shou, they just apologize and leave it at that, they really don't put me in their eyes, huh. His son is bullying men and women in Guangcheng, messing with my head, and thinks that an apology will get them over, indeed, I have little authority over them."

                Song Ying said, "Then Young Master, do you need us to step in and teach the Qin family a lesson?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Forget it for now, I already know what I need to know. Right now I have to get my second identity down. Master said it well, one has to have several layers of skin to live, and the more skin one has, the more paths one can take."

                Although not being taken seriously made Qin Ming a little upset in his heart.

                But Qin Ming was also sensible, people are not afraid of you, just send an email to apologise, they must have the courage.

                The next morning, after Qin Ming finished his class, he saw a row of cars at the campus intersection, and two suited bodyguards were waiting for Qin Ming.

                "Mr. Qin, our boss has an invitation."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and saw the people inside the car, it was the head of the Cao family, Boss Cao, and Old Mrs. Cao, this mother and son were here.

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I don't like so many people."

                "All disperse." Boss Cao immediately told the people to leave, and those bodyguards listened to the order and one by one, they hid away.

                Only then did Qin Ming get into the Cao family's car.

                The Cao family drove the car to an upscale restaurant and specially opened a private room for a banquet for Qin Ming, a courtesy that Qin Ming had guessed, mostly because his words had made the desperate old lady Cao choose him.

                Boss Cao politely poured tea for Qin Ming and boasted: "Come, come, little brother Qin, marrying Miss Mu at a young age is really a blessing, a beauty like Miss Mu is not often seen in the whole country. Eh? What do you want to eat, little brother Qin, you're welcome, feel free to order."

                Qin Ming didn't correct these things, he smiled lightly, took a sip of tea and said, "Boss Cao, let's get right to the point. I'm just a small person, so if you have something to say, just say it directly."

                Boss Cao said politely, "Little brother Qin is really straightforward, in fact ......"


                Before the words left his mouth, the door was suddenly kicked open and a line of people rushed in, no, knocked in the Cao family's bodyguards.

                This sudden turn of events scared Boss Cao's face.

                A middle-aged man at the head, full of authority, swept a glance at Boss Cao and said angrily, "Old Cao, after hiding several times, I finally caught you. Our young master was captured by thugs in your Cao family compound, and he was also ambushed at the scrap factory, losing many men, all because of your Cao family's poor protection.

                When Boss Cao saw the visitor, he hurriedly said, "Wei Guoping, I had arranged the best Century Mansion in Guangzhou for young Qin, but he refused to go.

                The majestic Wei Guoping sneered, "I'm not going to bullshit with you, I'm here to settle accounts with you. Our young master, and the manpower that was lost this time. You have brought shame to our Qin family, and the old man is furious, and feels that it is your son, Cao Xiangliang, who has brought down our young master."

                It was true that his son was a fop, but how much better was your Qin Shou? Isn't he a fop too?

                Old Mrs. Cao's face was ironic as she asked, "Little Wei, we have had many dealings and have given you many gifts in the past. Don't scare me, an old woman, here. What is the Qin family going to do, just pull out the bottom."

                When Wei Guoping saw Old Lady Cao's momentum weakened, he said, "What Old Master means is that since our Shou Shao likes your granddaughter, then your Cao family will agree to the marriage. In addition the dowry will be thirty billion, let's be in-laws and this will be over."

                When Qin Ming heard this request, he immediately saw Boss Cao clenching his fist and daring to speak in a state of anger, which was stifled.

                Old Mrs. Cao also pulled down her face, not only did she give away her granddaughter for nothing, she also had to pay a dowry of thirty billion? Isn't that bullying?

                However, even if the other party said so, the Cao family could do nothing.

                After all, the other party was so powerful that it could not be compared to the Cao family.

                Old Cao, don't say that I won't help you, but Shou Shao is the grandson of the old man, and he knows that he has been wronged, so he would have come to your Cao family. If it weren't for those of us who stopped him, I'm afraid that the old master's anger would have burned into your Cao family."

                Old Mrs. Cao suddenly stood up and said to Qin Ming, "Little brother Qin, what you said last time, was it true? I'm not afraid to laugh at you, as you can see, our Cao family is now in this state ......"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Of course, Old Mrs. Cao, can I make you happy with such things? As long as I do a puja, open a light and transfer the good fortune to your Cao family, then there will be no problem."

                Old Mrs. Cao immediately said, "Good, then let's admit it. I'll confess a goddaughter, little brother Qin, do you have a suitable candidate?"