Rags To Riches Chapter 507-508

 Chapter 507

The Cao family of Guangzhou, as an old and powerful family, has always kept a low profile and understands that the more they dance, the faster they die.

                However, the Cao family has a grandson, Cao Xiangliang, who is a typical playboy, idle all the time and an internet celebrity, with all kinds of negative news about the entertainment industry, either sleeping with wild models or hanging out with female celebrities.

                The old lady dotes on her grandson, so the Cao family can't do anything about him, and they can't even scold him.

                Now, Cao Xiangliang has done this again, befriending the world class gentry in the city and bullying Chen Mulin, a modern version of forcing a good man into prostitution.

                Now Chen Mulin's family's business has been affected, and they are not given a chance to live.

                Ah Long drove the car to the entrance of the Cao family's neighbourhood, which was relatively low-key, with a house in a small detached house in an old neighbourhood in the old city, similar to the houses in Qin Ming's Green Road neighbourhood.

                The Cao family's power and wealth in Guangzhou, this is really very low-key, do not see the Mu family directly get a manor-like large house.

                Qin Ming would no longer need to deceive Chen Mulin this time, he had changed his face back to his original appearance, he said to Ah Long, "Try not to hurt the Cao family, that Qin Shou won't need to be too polite, just keep his little life."

                Ah Long answered and dressed as a sanitation worker he entered the old small area.

                Qin Ming stood at the intersection, leaning against the car and waiting quietly. At that moment, an old woman happened to walk over alone, looking quite serious and sad.

                That old woman walked up to Qin Ming and suddenly said in surprise, "Aiyo, isn't this the Mu family's son-in-law, Qin Ming?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, wasn't this the old lady of the Cao family?

                The last time they were at a small auction in the city, they were bidding against each other over a dzi bead, so Old Mrs. Cao was one of the few people who knew that Qin Ming had once been a member of the Mu family.

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Old Mrs. Cao, it's been a long time, where are you going at this late hour?"

                Old Mrs. Cao smiled bitterly, "What can I do? It's just to make a living, my son is incompetent, so I can only rely on my old bones to move around. We, the Cao family, don't have such good times as your Mu family."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "The Mu family had a hard time a while ago too. Every family has a hard time, right?"

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "Indeed, every family has a difficult scripture to read, but this one is a bit too difficult for our Cao family. There's a big Buddha in the ...... family, and we can hardly breathe. Your Mu family, how can you also have Mu Hai Ran to hold up."

                When Qin Ming heard Old Mrs. Cao's complaint, his heart twitched, could this big Buddha be Qin Shou?

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Old Mrs. Cao, I did hear some news about how you have provoked the super gentry of Hai City? But the other party can't be too tough, right? Is it necessary for me to talk to Master Mu about it? He said there might not be a way out?"

                Qin Ming still had a good feeling about this Old Lady Cao, an amiable old lady who had even made it possible for him to auction off dzi beads for his collection at the last auction.

                Old Mrs. Cao was stunned, and then slapped her forehead, as if realising that she had spoken too much.

                However, seeing that Qin Ming had pointed out the truth, she felt that there was no point in hiding it.

                Old Mrs Cao said, ''Mu Hai Ran can't tie me up, I heard that after you joined the family, your Mu family is doing well now, no more trouble whatsoever, it's really enviable. I don't believe you either when you say something like Feng Yun Fateology, but it tends to have his reasons."

                Qin Ming was puzzled, how did it give way to feng shui fortune science?

                Old Mrs Cao continued, "I heard that you had asked Zhang Zhen Zhen to help you?"

                Qin Ming was not surprised now, he did not know that his teacher, Zhang Quanzhen, was so famous before, but now he did understand.

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, does Old Mrs. Cao also want to ask about True Father Zhang?"

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "If little brother Qin wants to help, could you help me get in touch with him, he is the only one who can solve this matter in our family."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously, "Coincidentally, Old Mrs Cao, I have already studied with him, I am his student, and I have learnt a lot of his skills."

                This time it was Old Mrs. Cao's turn to be surprised and asked, "What do you mean by that, Little Brother Qin? How dare Zhang Zhen Zhen take on students? You are not lying to me, are you?"

                Qin Ming said, "Old Mrs. Cao, why would I lie to you? You don't know the relationship between Mu Hai Ran and my master, do you? Besides, we both know each other, so what benefit could I gain by lying to you? Since you are looking for my master, I think you want to get rid of the big trouble in your family, then I can do it on my master's behalf."

                Old Mrs. Cao was skeptical, she did know that Mu Hai Ran had a good relationship with Zhang Quanzhen, but to say that Qin Ming had become Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, she didn't quite believe it.

                However, she was surprised that Qin Ming was so convinced.

                Qin Ming reached out and twisted his hand and said, "Old Mrs. Cao, do you know why I am standing here today?"

                Old Mrs. Cao asked, "Why?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Back then, Old Mrs. Cao, you gave up your love at the auction and released the Heavenly Beads to me, forming a good cause, and I have always been grateful. Recently, I saw an evil star descend on the city of Canton, and when I divined it, I knew that the city's powerful families were in trouble.

                Old Mrs. Cao frowned and said, "This is too much nonsense, isn't it? Little Qin, you lad seeking my pleasure?"

                Qin Ming said very seriously, "Oh, Mrs. Cao, do I look like that? I have a wonderful plan that the master has entrusted me with a dream that will help your Cao family to tide over the difficult times and make your grandson, Cao Xiangliang, return to the fold, see if you believe me, if you do, I will tell you."

                Two days earlier, Qin Shou, from the old Qin family, a powerful family in the city of Shanghai, had come to see his grandson Cao Xiangliang, and the two of them had been hanging around, doing unruly things and relying on Qin Shou's background to do a lot of things that people were outraged by.

                The old lady was too old and kind-hearted to lay a hand on her beloved grandson, and Qin Shou was too uncomplicated to be touched by anyone in the Cao family.

                Now Qin Shou is living in the Cao family and has taken a liking to her granddaughter, Cao Rui Yun, and says he wants to marry her, forcing the Cao family to say yes, but Cao Rui Yun does not like this shady Qin Shou at all and is unlikely to say yes.

                As a result, Qin Shou uses his own family history to pressure the Cao family. Although the Cao family is a powerful family in Guangzhou, it is still very weak against a world class family like the old Qin family in Haixiang, and is simply unable to compete.

                This is why Mrs. Cao is worried and hates her grandson, Cao Xiangliang, for causing trouble.

                She knew that she could not solve this matter without finding someone capable, but she begged a lot of people, but once they heard that they were from the Qin family, they were all embarrassed, not because their friends did not help, but because the other side was too powerful.

                Qin Ming's words could be said to have struck a chord in Old Mrs. Cao's heart, making her itch.

                It was a good thing that she could solve the danger to the Cao family and bring back her favourite grandson. Can this Qin Ming do it?

                Old Mrs. Cao hesitated for a moment, and after beating a dead horse, she gritted her teeth and said, "Little brother Qin, what kind of payment do you want for this? If it can really be done, my Cao family will definitely not treat you poorly."

                Qin Ming laughed and suddenly became modest, saying, "Old Mrs. Cao, of course I can do it. Although I have only been a teacher for a short time, this kind of fortune-telling calamity can still be easily resolved. We are sincere in fortune telling, and we don't charge if it doesn't work."

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "Then tell me, what exactly do you want to do? Do you want to do a puja, or buy something to hang your body on?"

                Qin Ming pretended to pinch his fingers for a while before he would say, "Well, this robbery is very well resolved, it is not difficult to resolve at all, Old Mrs. Cao, your Cao family needs a lineage of joyful luck, and it will bring life."

                Old Mrs. Cao was stunned and said suspiciously, "Joyful luck? That means having a child? But no one in our Cao family wants to have children now either."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously, "Old Mrs. Cao, it doesn't matter if no one has children. You can adopt a daughter or a goddaughter, right? But if it's a succession and a goddaughter, then you have to match the eight characters, you have to have the eight characters that match."

                As soon as she heard Qin Ming say that she wanted to adopt a goddaughter or a stepdaughter, Old Mrs. Cao became upset and said, "Little brother Qin, you're not lying to me, are you? Can such a thing be done?"

                Qin Ming looked like he didn't believe you and said, "Old Mrs. Cao, do you believe that once your Cao family recognizes your goddaughter, then Qin Shou will immediately get out of your Cao family? If he doesn't get lost, I'll take off the name of Qin Half Immortal, a gift from my friends in the Dao."

Chapter 508

Qin Ming's mouth is full of trains, which makes Old Mrs. Cao, who is already worried, even more uncertain.

                Now the Cao family has a "great god" who cannot be invited away, cannot be touched, and is bullying her granddaughter.

                Suddenly Qin Ming, the godly man, comes to her and says that if the Cao family can acknowledge a goddaughter, she will be able to solve this calamity, so she doesn't dare to believe him.

                But if she didn't believe him, there was nothing she could do.

                Qin Ming said, "Old Mrs. Cao, do you believe that once your Cao family acknowledges a goddaughter, Qin Shou will immediately get out of your Cao family? If he doesn't get lost, I'll take off the name of Qin Half Immortal, a gift from my friend in the Dao."

                Old Mrs. Cao was fooled by Qin Ming, but still, she did not listen to Qin Ming directly, and politely asked him to help her contact Zhang Quanzhen.

                Qin Ming also agreed, saying that he could help with the contact.

                As soon as Old Mrs. Cao left, Qin Ming called Zhang Quanzhen and asked, "Teacher, I have a matter on my side, the Cao family in Guangcheng is in trouble."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I know, Qin Shou went over to make trouble, right?"

                Qin Ming was stunned and said, "That's fine, you bad old man, how did you know about it?"

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed, "I fooled him into going over there, could I not know? To give you practice, you can gain the Cao family's kindness and also let you try out the skills you have learned, Qin Shou is considered a small and significant opponent for you, the key is not in him personally, but the powerful family behind him."

                When Qin Ming heard this from Zhang Quanzhen, he was also speechless, daring to say that what happened to Chen Mulin and the Cao family were all undeserved disasters suffered by Zhang Quanzhen in order to train him?

                Qin Ming said, "I told Old Mrs. Cao about a method, but she didn't believe that I was capable and said to ask you to do it."

                Zhang Quanzhen hummed, "You can't manage this little thing, let alone being my student. There are always more solutions than difficulties, you boy use your brain more, have you finished reading the book I gave you?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, I have finished reading it, I am reading it for the third time."

                Zhang Quanzhen was stunned and then smiled, "Well, you're quite a good learner. I'm sure you can handle it on your own. Even if it's the same set of plans with the steps switched around, it's actually feasible, depending on how you apply it."

                "I understand." Qin Ming nodded his head.

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and sighed twice in his heart, if he hadn't called to ask, maybe Zhang Quanzhen would have been silently staring at him behind his back?

                "Is there still such a way to be a master? I'm so mad at you." Qin Ming cursed in his heart, and then muttered, "Old Mrs. Cao is not easy to get at, so Cao Rui Yun's parents are easy to get at, right? I have to rely on this to spread my fame among the rich and powerful."

                Qin Ming waited a little longer before he saw Ah Long pushing a rubbish cart with a large bag inside, needless to say, it must have been Qin Shou himself.

                Qin Ming drove the car into the surveillance blind spot, then Ah Long quickly threw the person in the car and left.

                At night, inside a disused factory on the outskirts of the city.

                Qin Shou is tied to a chair with a mouthful of headlights shining on him.

                The last time Qin Ming looked at Qin Shou, he was still spirited and handsome, but now he looked, much more haggard.

                I heard that chemical castration could cure it, and I don't know if he was cured, but curing it would have a big impact.

                As soon as Qin Shou woke up and felt the glare, he immediately shouted, "Who are you? Do you know who I am? How dare you kidnap me? Are you tired of living? Who sent you here? My bodyguard will find me immediately."

                Ah Long said indifferently, "I just put down your bodyguard before I went in to arrest you."

                "......" Qin Shou immediately shut up.

                He added, "Buddy, are you seeking money or are you mistaken? I, Qin Shou, would like to keep a low profile and never do anything reckless, is this some kind of misunderstanding you guys have made?"

                Qin Ming smiled in his heart, this guy was quite calm in his heart and did not shout and scream.

                Qin Ming pressed his voice and said, "Even if you are still in the old Qin family, in that manor compound, it is still easy for me to catch you. Even if you find help from the Zhao family in the capital city, I am still not afraid of you. Got it?"

                Qin Shou swallowed hard, the other party had named his identity and also named his Qin family's important ally and backer, the Zhao family in Beijing, the other party was obviously prepared.

                Qin Shou hurriedly said: "Big, big brother ...... I am just an ordinary person, although my family is rich, but it has nothing to do with me at all, I am not loved by the old man at all, and it is not my turn to inherit, you arrest me and they are not heartbroken. If you want money, I can give it to you myself. Let's change places and discuss it slowly, shall we? Apart from money, I can give each of you a starlet, how about that?"

                Qin Ming was annoyed, all these men could think of was women all day long? He was sick of women now.

                Pa, Qin Ming kicked over, "Fuck your sister's actress, do you think I'm you, thinking about life with your dick all day?"

                "Ouch." Qin Shou fell to the ground and immediately changed his tone, "Big brother, if you don't want female ones, then male ones are fine too, I also have resources for young meat, I guarantee they will be submissive."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, what was in this person's head?

                Ah Long suddenly pulled Qin Ming and immediately went up and pulled out a button shaped communicator from behind Qin Shou's hand!

                Ah Long immediately crushed it and said, "Young master, I've been fooled."

                That Qin Shou's face turned white, and this time he didn't quite dare to speak.

                The button on the sleeve of the suit was actually a communicator, this was hidden enough, so Qin Shou had been stalling for time from the start.

                The other side's bodyguards soon came to reinforce him.

                After Qin Shou stroked his breath, he suddenly became fierce and said, "Since you know my family history, you are also well aware of the capabilities of our old Qin family. I don't care who you are if you dare to kidnap me, what are you capable of to meet the wrath of my Qin family?"

                Qin Ming smiled at Qin Shou, this was what he envisioned Qin Shou should look like, and said, "Oh heh, very arrogant now? Take this business card and go home and ask if you can be offended. Otherwise, you don't want to leave Guang City alive."

                Qin Ming put a mysterious business card into Qin Shou's coat pocket.

                Afterwards, Qin Ming and Ah Long quickly left the scene, and before they could go far, a large number of cars and helicopters immediately arrived.

                Ah Long looked on and said, "Young Master, I'm sorry, I'm the one who didn't notice that he was making small moves. It's a good thing we left quickly, otherwise we would have been surrounded, and when both sides barge into the fire, I'll be sorry if anything happens to young master."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "It's alright, the purpose was achieved. This guy is a bit more interesting than I thought, I'll take my time with him."

                On Qin Ming's side, he was about to leave the scene when suddenly three black Audi cars chased after him, stopping their car.

                A group of bodyguards got out of the three cars on the other side and yelled at Qin Ming in the back seat, "Get out of the car, get out of the car ......"

                Bang Bang Bang, Qin Shou's bodyguards even knocked directly on the car window, demanding Qin Ming and Ah Long to get out of the car.

                Qin Ming's smile instantly froze.

                Qin Ming's body suddenly burst out with a kingly aura of a superior and said, "Ah Long, scrap them all for me and let that Qin Shou walk back on his own tonight."

                Without looking back, Ah Long got out of the car and responded, "Yes, Young Master, please wait for a moment."