Rags To Riches Chapter 501-502

 Chapter 501

"Qin Ming, what did you say to my dad? How come my dad wants to rent this house for me to live in?" In the house in the subdivision, Liao Qingxuan questioned Qin Ming, saying "He is now sending me messages every day to greet me, and has temporarily lost me ten million dollars, saying that when he earns money in the future, he will pay me back all the money I lost, it's so unexpected."

                Qin Ming smiled and said "Maybe Uncle Yuan he has figured out certain things and is starting to value you, after all, daughters are all their father's sweet little coats."

                Liao Qingxuan held her hands together and squeezed out the two soft peaks of her breasts, Qin Ming couldn't help but look at them a few more times, there was a button unbuttoned on the lapel of her bodice, the white blossom buns were not to be seen for nothing.

                She added, "And what does he mean by sending my brother to my mother? My dad never wanted my brother to suffer, has he really changed? My brother complained about you, saying that you were pretending to be a magician and fooling my dad."

                Qin Ming didn't expect Yuan Bing to move so quickly, and seemed to have really been fooled by his fortune telling.

                But it was a good thing, he was so patriarchal that he had caused his wife to divorce, his daughter to hate him and his son to be raised as a waste, now he had learnt from his mistakes and actually handed his son over to his ex-wife for education, which was not a good thing for Yuan Haohua.

                Naturally, Liao Qingxuan did not say anything about the fact that she had already got her savings back, after this incident, she was also disappointed with her old father and kept an eye on him.

                Seeing that Liao Qingxuan was also at ease, Qin Ming also let Liao Qingxuan continue to rent the house to her.

                As for elder brother Qin Chaoyang and sister-in-law Wang Xiaoli, they now live in the villa at the top of Cloud Mountain and will soon be transferred to the Chaoyang Group to engage in multinational commerce, and the position of supermarket manager will be enough for another recruitment.

                Qin Ming is now also entering the time when the quarterly profits of the Huan Yu Century Group's business around the world are received.

                Generally the foreign exchange and gold brick collections of the oneworld century group in various countries, as well as the cash notes are placed in the World Bank, and the president behind the World Bank is Huang Jin, one of the four elders of the group.

                This Huang Jin, now in his sixties, manages the accounts for Chang Hongxi, and is likewise an old subordinate who has followed Chang Hongxi for many years. He is shrewd and capable, and is often subject to assassination, so he is followed by some righteous sons and daughters for protection, who are actually ruthless assassins he has trained.

                According to internal information, since Huang Jin became the big president behind the World Bank, he has been assassinated more than 300 times a year, which is really very terrifying, higher than Chang Hongxi, the kingpin of his generation.

                Generally speaking, after the group's interests have been counted by the Supreme Board of Directors' allies, a meeting is held to pull the various bosses within the World Bank over to share the money.

                But this year there have been no meetings for two quarters.

                Because Chang Hongxi had not held a meeting because he had put up his illness, Qin Ming did not know that there was going to be a meeting, naturally, and Qin Ming had no intention of having one either.

                Chang Hongxi wanted to reform and get rid of everyone on the top board, leaving him alone to control the super beast that is Huan Yu.

                Last time, Chang Hongxi also revealed that there were still eleven family forces on the Supreme Board that had not been eliminated. Qin Ming had taken over Chang Hongxi's position, and naturally, he did not like being constrained by others, and he was bound to embark on this blood-soaked path of cultivation.

                The century building's high-rise office, Qin Ming signed the European eu South Magnesia Oceania Asia and other regional industrial financial summary report documents, looking at the profit figures on that, simply incredible, that is minus the investment profits, a quarter still reached trillions of dollars, this is really a veritable wealth can be invincible.

                Qin Ming even found it unbelievable, there were many profitable enterprises in it, or some countries' state-owned enterprises, important power and energy, etc. The oneworld century group used corruption to infiltrate the dignitaries of various countries, which could be described as ghostly and unpredictable.

                Moreover, arms and aerospace technology are taking the lion's share in both quarters, not just the unrest in certain countries of the world, but the replacement of conventional equipment in many countries, behind which is full of the shadow of the Oneworld Century Group.

                Qin Ming felt his burden getting heavier and heavier, he needed more talent, preferably spread over all the very important positions within the group, so that his position could sit firmly.

                With so much money and so much power, it's no wonder that the family forces on the top board of directors are always fighting and playing dirty.

                Qin Ming said, "Xiao Ying, inform Huang Jin, one of the Four Elders, that I want to see him."

                "I'm afraid Huang Jin can't see him."

                Suddenly, a man walked in the door, was it not Feng Dongxiang? He was still the same, with a Tang suit and a pair of cloth shoes, but his old face was unusually bright.

                When Qin Ming saw Feng Dongxiang, he asked, "What does this mean, old man Feng? Is he sick or has he broken his leg? Is it irrelevant?"

                When Feng Dongxiang saw such an "arrogant" Qin Ming, he was displeased.

                But Qin Ming was deliberately making things difficult, he even wanted to replace Feng Dongxiang, but now Chang Hongxi had not yet officially retired, he still had to give some face.

                He was attacked by a mysterious group when he was collecting files at Yelldale, and he disappeared and was not heard from.

                Qin Ming was stunned and said, "Why didn't you tell me earlier about such a big deal?"

                Feng Dongxiang said with some resentment "Because young master you have been transferring troops and arranging management positions on the Chinese side, it seems that you have not taken this matter seriously."

                Qin Ming's face sank, was this an accusation that he only cared about installing his own cronies and didn't dare to let his old men live or die? Qin Ming also became more and more disliked towards Feng Dongxiang, you damn leaning on the old to warn me?

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                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. But I'm here today to discuss other matters with the young master. About the engagement ceremony between the young master and Miss Zhao Xinran of the Zhao family."

                After hearing this, Qin Ming said "Alright, let them send someone to Guang City."

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                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Qin Ming said, "I have classes to attend, I don't have time to go that far. The engagement ceremony doesn't need to be grand, so I'd prefer to keep a low profile."

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                The Zhao family was so powerful that Qin Ming naturally knew that even Chang Hongxi couldn't handle it and had repeatedly admonished it.


                Feng Dongxiang added, "This time I went to the Zhao family to discuss the engagement, Zhao Xinran's father, Zhao Songzhi, also said he came to meet his future son-in-law and followed him here. He is now waiting in the living room."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, someone from the Zhao family had come?

                It was also Zhao Xinran's father, Zhao Songzhi, which was a direct lineage of the Zhao family and a very vocal figure in the Zhao family.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming was a little nervous, not only because the identity of the other party was very significant, but he was not quite used to facing this kind of situation, where both sides were obviously hostile to each other, but they were forced to join in marriage and had to pretend to set up a relationship.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath and said, "Then please ask Mr Zhao to come in."

                Song Ying answered and turned to go out to collect the people.

Chapter 502

Zhao Songzhi is a middle-aged man with a generous heart and a fat body. He is sitting across from Qin Ming in a dark blue suit and is quite imposing, but he is smiling calmly when he meets him and seems to be in a good mood.

                Zhao Songzhi came up and bragged first "I saw it with my own eyes, Xiao Qin is really young, nowadays there are too few young and promising youngsters like Xiao Qin, especially Xiao Qin is young and suffering, he knows that the world is not easy and society is hard, his future is unlimited."

                Qin Ming couldn't figure out what this man was thinking, and he guessed the other party would be able to say such bragging words with ease.

                But Zhao Songzhi seemed to want to make good relations, and Qin Ming thought that he was still in the honeymoon period with the Zhao family, so he did not give him face, so he put on a smile and said "Mr. Zhao Liao praised me, I am too ordinary, if not for my father's promotion, I am just an ordinary person, I still have a long way to go, there are still many things to learn from Mr. Zhao."

                "Hey, Xiao Qin, you are being too insensitive. You are already engaged to my daughter Xinran, how can you still be so rusty?" Zhao Songzhi said with a smile "If you don't feel comfortable asking for it, you can call me uncle, or uncle, it's fine."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly "Uncle Zhao, are you here to discuss the engagement? In fact, I don't really recommend making a big fuss about it, after all, you know the current situation of the group, and the time overlaps with my father's illness, it's not good for him to be seriously ill and for me to have a big banquet to get engaged."

                Zhao Songzhi said indifferently, "Xiao Qin, you have such filial piety, it is really valuable. Since you don't want to be extravagant and wasteful, it's fine to keep a low profile.

                Feng Dongxiang said, "Wouldn't it be too low-key? After all, both families have extraordinary faces, too low key, I'm afraid."

                Qin Ming said unhappily, "Is there anyone else saying I'm stingy? When the time comes, you will tally up the list and I will clean up one by one."

                Qin Ming said this, extraordinarily domineering, and also clean up one by one, must know that can contact the Zhao family and the Huan Yu Century Group people, identity itself is not simple, Qin Ming this statement is either ignorant or confident.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                Zhao Songzhi narrowed his eyes and said, "Little Qin, this is a matter between you and my daughter, just discuss it yourselves. It is not for me to dictate the marriage. In fact, I also conveyed my father's words today."

                "Oh? Master Zhao Zhen Zhao?" Qin Ming asked.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Yes, my father said that he and Mr. Chang had many conflicts in the past, but he admired his skills and abilities. I am very sorry that he has fallen seriously ill, but it is fortunate for the group that you are now following in his footsteps. We, the Zhao family, will certainly give you our full support to succeed to the top board position."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "I have read your statement in the group. Thank you very much for the Zhao family's support, from now on our two families will be one heart and one body, working together."

                Zhao Songzhi added "Yes, from now on we will be a family. It is common for people in the Huan Yu family to become cliques with each other. But as time goes on, they often fall out and fight to the death, with one group of members coming and going. Hey, if I can get help one day to take over my father's position, I guess I'm also old and actually don't have any desire to fight for supremacy, it's not easy to hold on to a small family business in China, so I'll be satisfied."

                As Qin Ming listened to these words, he seemed to imply that he intended to "ally" with Zhao Songzhi?

                The oldest son of the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen, had four sons, and Ao Mei had already made enquiries for him.

                The eldest son and the third son were born to the same mother, the third son was born to a mistress, and the fourth son was born to an outside woman, so Zhao Zhen actually had three women that he apparently approved of.

                Whether there were other women and sons, Ao Mei had not yet investigated, and Qin Ming did not know.

                Zhao Songzhi was the eldest son, and also had a high status in the Zhao family, and was also an ardent advocate of the Zhao family succession, so this comment was clearly a hint to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming smiled lightly "Of course, Uncle Zhao is also my father-in-law in the future. If Uncle Zhao has many requests, I will naturally give my full assistance."

                Zhao Songzhi was delighted, rubbed his hands together and said, "Xiao Qin, it so happens that I have a recent project, an investment in Magnesium, which may not be that profitable, but if it succeeds, it can be a point of turning the tide when our country is in a trade war with Magnesium. Once I succeed in using the resources and influence of this project, I will have something to say in front of the state leaders, and then my weight in the Zhao family will be even heavier."

                "But this project requires too much investment, and I can't get that much money alone."

                Qin Ming's brow furrowed, couldn't this be a national strategy? The Zhao family could be that big?

                Qin Ming hadn't dabbled in it at all, and his heart was so weak.

                The company's main goal was to get the money for the project.

                Qin Ming smiled and asked, "So what kind of business is Uncle Zhao doing here? How much money do you need?"

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Oil. In fact, it doesn't need too much, almost US$500 billion is enough. Little Qin, why don't you lend me a portion of the two quarters of the group's profits that belong to our Zhao family. This is to be able to make it, it might be received by the state leaders, and I will definitely take you with me when the time comes."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, "You're still being received by the state leaders, you're really blowing it out of proportion.

                And, where will you get the oil? You're not going to get oil from within Huan Yu with money, are you? Qin Ming remembered that the group had several oil fields under development in East Asia.

                He felt that this was a chain of events.

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                However, generally speaking, everyone in the group had to listen to Qin Ming's orders.

                But Qin Ming did not want to give away 500 billion for nothing.

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                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. So, Uncle Zhao, you should understand my difficulties."

                Once Zhao Songzhi heard this, Qin Ming clearly did not want to give money.

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                He asked, "Does Elder Chang really want a meeting?"

                He said, "Yes, it seems that the righteous father said so, so the money does not dare to move, especially recently, Huang Jin disappeared, the World Bank's accounts are in a mess, I also do not have the authority ah."

                Qin Ming looked helpless as he said he was under the control of others.

                Zhao Songzhi smiled lightly "Oh, indeed. Little Qin, this time, you can reconsider, there is no shortage of benefits for you. The benefit is not how much money you can earn, but to speak in front of the national leaders."

                Qin Ming said innocently "Don't worry, Uncle Zhao, I will do my best in this matter, once I have the opportunity, I will contact you."

                Zhao Songzhi said yes, but they didn't agree on anything, and after some more nonsense, Zhao Songzhi made his excuses and left.

                As soon as he left, Qin Ming's face turned stern and he snorted, "This guy treats me like a pig's head, giving you a few hundred billion dollars to play with? What good can I do, it's ridiculous."

                Feng Dongxiang looked on and said, "Young master, you can't lie to him and say that Elder Chang is having a meeting."

                Qin Ming frowned and asked "What, does it have a big impact?"

                Feng Dongxiang said seriously "the impact is not only big, the highest board meeting, not just open, once said open, to discuss the content is too much, and ......"