Rags To Riches Chapter 5-6

 Chapter 5

Qin Ming said in surprise, "What could have happened to the president and his wife? Isn't that Zhao Tuo very rich? Can't they afford to pay the bill?"

Nie Haitang smiled helplessly and said, "It's true."

She pressed the WeChat voice, and Zhang Qingqing's nervous recording came out, "Xiaotang, you're not far away, are you? Come back quickly to save the day. That Zhao Tuo is such a loser, his dad caught him before he even started, he stole his dad's money to buy an Audi car and now he's been arrested. These two tables, and three bottles of 92 Lafite red wine, a total of eighty-eight thousand, I dare not ask my family for money anymore."

Qin Ming listened to the voice over and felt that this kind of thing was really dramatic.

Zhao Tuo had left, so the person who was going to call for a treat was Zhang Qingqing, so the bill naturally fell on her head, although Zhang Qingqing was from a good family, but suddenly taking out eighty-eight thousand, she was going to be killed by her family.

But these people had eaten 88,000 yuan for a meal, that was too rich, right? It was like treating that Zhao Tuo like a fat sheep to slaughter.

Nie Haitang and Qin Ming had to go back again, and at that moment, in the private room, several security guards surrounded the badminton club students, with the attitude that if you all opened such an expensive wine but couldn't afford to pay, then don't even think about leaving.

The two tables of steaming dishes, but no one dared to move.

When Zhang Qingqing saw that Nie Haitang had returned, she was as happy as if she had seen a savior, crying and hugging Nie Haitang "You're finally here, ...... you can lend me $88,000 first, I'll pay you back later."

Nie Haitang hugged her best friend and said soothingly, "Okay, it's okay, I'm here, I'll pay the bill first, then we can eat together."

Nie Haitang followed the lobby manager out to the cashier, she took out a card and handed it over.

Qin Ming on the side was quite surprised, he knew Nie Haitang was rich, but he didn't expect to be that rich, swiping eighty-eight thousand without pain.

However, the cashier poked around for a while but said, "Sorry Miss, this card has been frozen and cannot be used."

Nie Haitang frowned and took out two other black cards from her purse.

The cashier tinkered for a while, but still shook her head, "Sorry Miss, these two cards can't be used either."

This time Nie Haitang was not calm anymore, she took out her mobile phone and made a call, and went to the side to talk quietly.

The manager, who thought she could settle the bill, was depressed again and couldn't help but curse, "Tsk, college students nowadays are really, don't pretend to be rich if you don't have money, and open such expensive wine, in the end it's the parents who suffer."

The waitress at the side also said, "No, the food is not expensive, it's just three bottles of 92 Lafite, just now I asked them if they wanted to wait for a while before opening, they insisted on opening it right away, now they regret it, right? What's the point of pretending if you don't have money? It's a disgrace."

The female manager looked at Qin Ming next to her and said, "Eh? You're new here, aren't you? What are you looking at? Hurry up and go clean up room number 2, another VIP guest will be here soon."

Qin Ming was depressed, his clothes were a bit easy to misunderstand.

However, he looked at the way Nie Haitang was getting more and more anxious after making that phone call, so he guessed it was hopeless.

Nie Haitang's family is well off, and the money is also given by the family, so it is estimated that something has happened.

He took out his own bank card and said "Sorry, I'm not your employee, swipe my card."

The female manager was immediately displeased, "Hey, are you tossing us around? A rich man left, a rich woman came, but also no money, you are dressed as a waiter, how much money can you have?"

Qin Ming said impatiently "You mean you won't charge?"

The female manager has seen a lot of rich people, looking at Qin Ming's dirtbag waitress dress, disdainful said "Ah Li, give him a brush, I see can brush a 800 not, really, nowadays college students are really laughable, one by one without money to learn people equipped with money, quite enjoyable? You guys just don't know how to be down to earth, this is the pompous wind of society ......"

"Drop, payment successful."

The female manager hadn't finished, she heard the mechanical sound coming from the poss machine, her whole body was dumbfounded, eighty-eight thousand, swiped?

The female manager, the waitress, the cashier girl, suddenly the way they all looked at Qin Ming changed, became shocked, became incredulous, became ambiguous.

Such a young college student, wearing the clothes of a waiter, so low-key, casually swiping eighty-eight thousand, not taking the card back seriously, the way he pursed his lips and winked was so handsome.

The first time the cashier girl took her mobile phone to find Qin Ming "handsome man, is there a WeChat?"

This is to add WeChat to make friends.

But Qin Ming had just lost his love and was not interested, so he politely declined.

"That, that handsome guy, I'm sorry." The manageress is also experienced, she hurriedly apologized and smacked herself in the mouth, "I can't spit out the ivory from my dog's mouth, handsome man, don't be common sense with such a rude person. You are a well-read college student, your stomach can hold the boat, huh."

Qin Wei gave her a look and said, "Okay, tell the girl later that the machine data is delayed and your card swipe was successful."

The female manager's head nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Qin Ming actually did not want to help Zhang Qingqing, but he did not want to see Nie Haitang because of this small amount of money difficult look, she is now the hope of all the badminton club, should shine like a goddess.

Of the many companies he inherited from Chang Hongxi, a quarterly profit of three hundred and forty-five billion, eighty-eight thousand dollars is really not much different from eighty-eight cents.

Moreover, Zhang Qingqing would pay Nie Haitang back later, and he didn't hate the fact that Nie Haitang had gotten the eighty-eight thousand for nothing.

Nie Haitang returned from the phone call, her white face, written full of gloom, apparently the money matter she did not do, she was about to speak "that, to ......"

The female manager hurriedly bowed and said "Ah ah, Miss, just now the machine malfunction, the original has been swiped successfully, the bill has been cleared, you can rest assured dining. I'm sorry to have disturbed you for so long, and as a token of our apologies, we will be serving you each a dessert."

"Huh? But ......"

Nie Haitang wondered, her bank card had been frozen by her family, how could there be such a thing as a delay?

She wanted to ask for clarification, but at this time, Zhang Qingqing and the girls came out.

Zhang Qingqing hugged Nie Haitang excitedly, "Xiaotang, my good sister, thanks to you. Great, you're the one who has the solution."

"Sister Haitang is so powerful."

"Yes, so rich."

"Don't you know? Miss Nie is a class rich girl."

"Anyway, thanks to Haitang this time, we're saved."

Nie Haitang was led into the private room like the stars, while Qin Ming didn't go in.

He didn't even go in, later Zhang Qingqing would say, "You stink of rancid food, why haven't you come back clean? So Qin Ming was going to have a real life pk with her?

Qin Ming wanted to leave, but someone forbade him to do so.

Zhang Qingqing turned around and saw him, immediately pushed the crowd away and shouted, "Hey, hey, hey, Qin Ming, why are you still here? Do you want to dine out so badly? Tsk, didn't I tell you to go back and wash up before coming back? Why are you still in this outfit?"

Qin Ming sighed and said, "President, I'll just go."

Zhang Qingqing said arrogantly, "Don't leave if you're here, humph, you're also from the badminton club. I mean, who's going to carry the bags when you leave? I mean, who's going to carry the bags when you leave?" "Today's meal is thanks to Xiaotang, you wait well for Xiaotang, you know?"

Qin Ming a tilt of the head, serve Nie Haitang? How a wait?

The badminton club re-entered the scene, while the food was still cold, one by one, a big mouthful of meat, a big mouthful of wine, the atmosphere gradually lively again.

Qin Ming also learnt that the so-called serving was actually helping Nie Haitang to block the drinks of whoever toasted him.

After a round of drinks, Qin Ming drank at least one bottle of Lafite wine by himself.

The more he drank, the stronger he became. After all, alcohol could numb his nerves and make him forget about his lost love for a while.

The more he drank, the more he cried and the more he drank, and before he knew it he was drunk and asleep.

He didn't know how long had passed, but Qin Ming rubbed his head and woke up slowly, and now he was lying, as if on someone's lap, soft and with a faint fragrance.

"Eh, what's going on? I'm actually drunk?" Qin Minrou said with astonishment, "I'm actually drunk on a mere glass of red wine?"

Suddenly, a small finger tapped Qin Ming's forehead, only to hear Nie Haitang's delicate voice "Because you're stupid, you blocked everyone who gave me a toast, in addition to three bottles of the most expensive 92 Lafite red wine, and a bottle of high number of Hennessy xo, not drunk is strange."

Qin Ming said in surprise "Ah? Zhang Qingqing's bunch of animals, why did they order so much wine?"

Nie Haitang spat out her tongue and said, "Who knows, they probably wanted to kill that Zhao Tuo. But as a result, they killed you."

Upon hearing these words, Qin Ming's eyes snapped open and he sobered up considerably.

He tilted his head to look and saw first two breasts with just the right amount of breeding wrapped in a thin green shirt, then Nie Haitang's long black hair hanging down, followed by her upside-down face.

So, he was lying on Nie Haitang's lap.

No wonder the legs were so soft, and no wonder the person smelled so good.

He immediately got up and looked around the room, there was no one else there, only him and Nie Haitang were left.

Nie Haitang smiled, nuzzled her chin and said, "Because I wanted to make sure that you paid the $88,000 for me, my bank card was frozen, so I couldn't have swiped it.

Qin Ming didn't expect Nie Haitang to be so stubborn and serious, so he had to admit it and said, "I did it, I didn't want to see their expectations of you fall through, you deserve to respond to their expectations."

Nie Haitang's face flushed, so it was because of herself that Qin Ming had paid.

She covered her slightly nervous chest with her small hand and asked, "Aren't you, aren't you very poor? How come you have so much money?"

Qin Ming thought for a moment, but instead of directly stating that he had inherited an astronomical inheritance, he lied and said "I forgot my major? I'm a senior student in economics, and I've had a lot of exposure to finance, I've been speculating in stocks recently, Hongxing Technology has been rising for a month straight, I just sold it today and made a hundred thousand dollars."

Nie Haitang asked "You gave so much and they don't know you saved them."

Qin Ming smiled plainly "I don't care, I just don't want to see you in a difficult situation."

Nie Haitang's heart rejoiced and she bit her cherry lips happily as she said "Don't worry, I will remember what you have given. When Qing Qing pays back the money later, I will pay you back immediately."

Qin Ming just smiled, he didn't care, right?

In fact, because of this matter, he had to sleep on Nie Haitang's lap for a few hours, he thought it was worth it.

Because Nie Haitang was one of the three school beauties of their Hua Province University of Technology, it was usually rare for guys to have a chance to say a few words to her.

Chapter 6

The next morning, as he had no classes in the morning, he took a comfortable shower and the rancid vegetable sour smell was finally gone from his body.

He had to do his Macroeconomics Paper Report today, so he packed up his things and headed for the library.

The university library was crowded, after all, not everyone came to school to mingle like Yang Wei and Li Meng, and exams had to be settled by sending money.

Qin Ming soon sank down to finish his homework, but he always had to go through some materials and came back to walk back and forth when he didn't have enough.

After walking around a few times, he noticed how there was an extra delicate cake in his seat.

Qin Ming looked around, but no one was spying on him, so who could have given him an expensive cake?

Qin Ming thought, "Could it be from Nie Haitang? I had a nice chat with her yesterday, does she want to see me today?"

Qin Ming hadn't actually eaten breakfast, but since he was in his seat, he didn't hesitate to take a couple of bites, which were moderately sweet and creamy, with an excellent taste.

In three bites, Qin Ming quickly finished it, and in order not to waste it, he even took the plastic at the bottom of the pad and licked it.

Suddenly, a long and pretty girl came along and she broke down and screamed "Ah~A~A! Who are you, my golden McTerry cake? Why are you stealing my cake?"

"Hmm?" Qin Ming's heart twitched, hadn't someone else given him this?

The girl pointed at Qin Ming in anger "You're still licking it? How poor are you? Stealing other people's food, haven't you ever seen such a superb silk?"

Qin Ming was embarrassed and hurriedly explained "Uh, no, that, you misunderstood, classmate. In fact, I ......"

The first time I saw a cake, I stole it and ate it, right?"

Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, wasn't that guy Zhao Fu Gui, who was in his class?

Zhao Fu Gui was a rich young man who had a good relationship with Yang Wei and usually looked down on him in a condescending manner, and he was laughing the most when he was ridiculed for the sour taste of the rancid food yesterday.

Zhao Fu Gui said "This girl, this person is from our class, his family is very poor, he works part-time every day, he is late for class, he can't even change his clothes, now he comes to the library to pretend to work hard, it turns out that he stole someone's dessert for breakfast, really poor people are short of ambition."

The pretty girl gave a disgusted expression after hearing this "Tsk tsk tsk."

The other students who were quietly doing their homework were also disturbed and each looked up at Qin Ming.

"Wow, what a pervert, actually stealing someone else's cake."

"Why study if you're so poor and don't go to work?"

"Isn't he the one who ran into his girlfriend cheating on him yesterday when he was working in the dining hall?"

"Oh, it's true that poor people are cheap, it's not for no reason that they got dumped."

The people around were all pointing at Qin Ming as soon as Zhao Fugui brought up the tempo.

Qin Ming did not want to pay attention to this Zhao Fugui, and explained to the pretty girl "But classmate, this cake was placed in my place, I thought ......"

The girl immediately exploded "What your place? You stole food and still have so many sophomoric excuses? I obviously put it here, so far away from your place, and my water glass is still here. Do you know that this Golden Mai Cui is limited every day, one serving costs more than a hundred dollars, even if you have money you may not be able to eat it, do you know how long I have waited in line?"

Hearing this, Qin Ming knew something was wrong, if this girl's cake was as she said, not placed in Qin Ming's as, then who was up to no good?

Qin Ming looked towards that Zhao Fu Gui, who seemed to be trying desperately to hold back his laughter.

It was a pity that there were no cameras in this study room in the library, otherwise the truth would have come out, and right now Qin Ming had no way to prove himself.

He shook his head and said as he took out his wallet, "Classmate, I'll just give you the money."

But Qin Ming took out his wallet and counted a pile of change on both sides, but it turned out to be only sixty-seven dollars, and the change was also dirty, which was not enough to compensate.

Seeing Qin Ming with a pile of change is not enough to compensate, Zhao Fugui finally could not hold back "Pfft hahaha ...... this poor sour laughs me to death, also compensation, match a fart."

Some other students also looked at laughing.

"Stealing food and still denying it, compensation and not enough money, this is a real joke."

"Aiya, isn't that Chen Mulin from the business school? She's a little pepper, a hot personality, a rich white girl who doesn't even put the king of heaven in her eyes."

"Maybe it's a new way to pick up girls. Only Chen Mulin doesn't fall for it, hahaha."

"If I were him, I'd really find a crack to burrow into."

"This guy is so thick-skinned."

When Chen Mulin heard someone talking about her, she was also furious, saying "I haven't seen such a poor person in these days, he doesn't have even a hundred dollars on his body, and he doesn't admit that he stole my breakfast, it makes me sick."

The first thing he said was that he had eaten someone's cake and he was in the wrong, but he still had more than 400,000 in his card.

When he saw Qin Ming handing over the money, Chen Mulin raised her hand and scattered the money all over the place. I've never used cash under a hundred dollars, I don't want your dirty money."

Chen Mulin took two steps back in disgust and angrily scolded, "I don't want you to pay for it, I'm already sick and tired of you. It's only a hundred dollars or so, I'll take it as a hit on the barker."

Qin Ming didn't blame Chen Mulin, she was also a victim, and the culprit should be Zhao Fugui who deliberately put Chen Mulin's cake in his place.

But he had no evidence to prove that Zhao Fu Gui had done it, they laughed at Qin Ming and could not prove anything.

At this moment, a young female teacher came over and scolded, "This is the library, what's all this noise? Those who are making a ruckus should go out."

When she saw the teacher coming, Chen Mulin became even louder "Teacher, this guy, who doesn't have money to buy breakfast, stole my breakfast and refused to admit it when he was found out."

And Qin Ming was bending down to pick up the money on the ground.

Qin Ming defended, "Teacher, I didn't, the cake was in my place when I came back with my books, I thought someone else had given it to me."

Chen Mulin was furious and said mockingly, "Don't be silly, I still have the small ticket. You're a real bitch for stealing food and not admitting it. I don't care about a cake, but when you breathe air in the same library as him, I feel angry."

She looked at Qin Ming was picking up the change on the floor, there were actually five 10 cents, these days, not to mention 10 cents, a dollar dropped on the floor, people are still too dirty to pick it up, how poor is this guy?

The female teacher more or less believed Chen Mulin's words in her heart.

She coldly waved her hand at Qin Ming and said, "This is the first time I've seen such a shameless student, one can be poor, but one can't have no ambition, pack up your books right now and get out of the library, you are not allowed to come in for a month."

Qin Ming finished picking up the money and was helplessly kicked out of the library, he couldn't fight with the teacher to prove himself, could he?

But when he saw Zhao Fugui's villainous face and making faces at him to provoke him, Qin Ming didn't even need to think about it, he must have taken advantage of the time he went to pick out the books to make secret mischief.

He was kicked out of the library for nothing.

Qin Ming was indignant, "Do you really think I, Qin Ming, can't fix you?"

Qin Ming took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Song Ying who was on standby at the Yunshan Villa Manor "There is a guy called Zhao Fugui in my class, he is now in my school library, teach him a little lesson right now and break his right hand."

Song Ying's message was returned in almost seconds.

"Yes, Young Master."

Qin Ming had just finished his message when he saw Zhao Fugui walking out with one of his little brothers.

Zhao Fu Gui mocked proudly, "Hahahaha, Qin Ming, you stinking silk, you should have guessed that I did it, right? That's right, I did it, hahaha."

The more Zhao Fu Gui laughed, the more arrogant he became, spitting his tongue and making faces, twisting his buttocks to stimulate Qin Ming.

Qin Ming's face was covered with frost as he questioned, "Zhao Fugui, I have no grudge against you, why are you trying to fix me? To avenge Yang Wei's death?"

Zhao Fu Gui sneered, "Hahahaha, silly, isn't your kind of silk a source of joy for me every day at school? Look at what you're wearing, what you're using, it's so classless, but it's just right for me to have fun and relieve my boredom. What's wrong with me? Are you capable of getting back at me? You're just an ant, I can do whatever I want."

"It's a lot of fun to play with a poor, stinking silk like you to beat the clock."

"The embarrassed look you had just now when you pulled out a bunch of change and still didn't have enough money, ouch, hahaha, laughing my ass off, not even a hundred dollars all over, hahaha."

Zhao Fugui laughed with his little brother, and even put his face in a cheap way, saying "Are you angry? Hit me, huh? You pussy, stinky silk, hahaha, isn't it your last rationalization that tells you that you're a poor man and can't afford to mess with a rich kid like me? Hey hey, I love to see your kind of stinking silk incompetent rage. You don't even dare to fight when you're told to, wimp."

Qin Ming couldn't stand it anymore, he raised his hand and was about to fling a slap over.


Suddenly a sharp black Mercedes Pv outside the school road did a drift, the tyres grinding out a few black marks, and then landed impartially right in front of the three.

The car door slashed open, and a thick arm reached out, grabbed Zhao Fugui's back collar, and pulled him into the car.


The gas went off, and the Mercedes-Benz Pv went away again, and did not go more than ten meters, only to hear a "Who are you? My dad is ...... ah ah ah, my hand."

Then the door of the Mercedes pv opened again, and on the way, Zhao Fugui was thrown out and then took off.

It was only a dozen seconds before and after.

The company's followers only came back to their senses and were so scared that they walked over quickly "Brother Fugui, Brother Fugui, what happened to you? Is there anyone? Is there anyone who can help?"

At the same time, a message and three pictures came from Qin Ming's mobile phone.

The first accompanying picture was of Zhao Fugui's surprised expression as he was suddenly grabbed inside the carriage, the second picture was of Zhao Fugui's right hand being broken by a big burly man with his bare hands, and the third picture was of Zhao Fugui being thrown out of the car.

The final picture was accompanied by Song Ying's words, "Young Master, mission accomplished."

Qin Ming smiled lightly, Song Ying was really efficient.

Qin Ming was just about to put his phone away when another message came through "Qin Ming, come to the badminton court for the club activity right away."

Qin Ming frowned, he was asked to pick up the ball again and deliver water and towels? No way.

He replied directly that he would not be going.

However, before he could take two steps, his phone vibrated again and this time it was Nie Haitang who sent him a message, "Come on, let's play together."