Rags To Riches Chapter 499-500

 Chapter 499

Yuan Bing was actually curious as to why Qin Ming had told Boss Xia's fortune yesterday and suddenly left in the middle of the calculation.

                Now Qin Ming suddenly mentioned it, could it be that there was some kind of metaphor?

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I saw that Mr. Xia, although he was dressed in high class and luxurious clothes, his face was fierce, his seal was bulging, his hands were gloomy and weak, and he had a lot of bad luck. I was right in my prediction that he was a crook, or perhaps a wanted criminal. I was afraid, afraid that he would pass on his bad luck, so I took Sister Xuan and left first."

                Er ......

                The first time I saw the man, I was so scared. He was still living under the same house last night and stayed for a day, wouldn't it be bad luck after bad luck.

                The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

                This means you damn well don't pass on your bad luck to me.

                Yuan Haohua also subconsciously pulled back a bit.

                Yuan Bing was so depressed, he was innocent.

                The first thing I said was, "I told you, that would be a crook, otherwise why did he steal my bank card and some of the decorations in the house."

                Yuan Bing was so tired that he said, "Shut up."

                He actually hoped that Mr. Xia was the real boss, if he was a crook, then he had lost a lot of money this time.

                Yuan Bing sat down on the sofa, his face was haggard, and now he was even more haggard by more than ten years. He had thought that his son would marry a rich woman, and he had even visited the Xia family, the big villa, it couldn't be fake, right?

                But if they were really serious people, would they cheat on their bank cards and roll away important company documents and official seals?

                Yuan Bing did not know how to face this fact, the money was all cheated and the other party's name could be fake.

                The company's name may be fake.

                Qin Ming said "Sister Xuan, I'll do it, I have acquaintances at the police station, maybe it's still too late, after all, there is surveillance at the entrance of this district, where they went, it should be easy to find."

                As if she had found a lifeline, Liao Qingxuan hurriedly took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Fine, fine, Qin Ming, I'm counting on you for this."

                Qin Ming called Sun Changxi's mobile phone and soon heard Sun Changxi's unhappy voice, saying "What are you doing, Qin Ming? My mum hasn't left yet, are you trying to get an inch?"

                Qin Ming was puzzled, what was the point of taking an inch?

                Qin Ming told the story, and implied that Sun Changxi went somewhere to look for "Xia Ling's family", after saying clearly, Sun Changxi realized that she misunderstood, said "Oh, this ah, you are good, I am worried about nothing to do, can not get rid of my mother, hahaha, do not worry, immediately catch you back. "

                Qin Ming didn't know what to expect, but if Sun Changxi was going to do it, there should be results soon.

                After Qin Ming called this side, he calmed down Liao Qingxuan's mother and daughter, then the group went together to take a look at the commercial room on the first floor.

                The house was in a mess, the paintings on the wall had been stolen and the sofa had been turned over.

                Many of the valuable decorative items in Qin Ming's house were also stolen, which is a huge loss.

                Qin Ming suddenly said "Mr. Yuan, I remember we have signed a rental contract, once I lost something in this house, you have to pay back ten times the price, moreover, you were to rent for a year, otherwise it is considered a breach of contract, also have to compensate for the breach of contract."

                The corners of Yuan Bing's mouth twitched, his face was unusually ugly, and he said, "Xiao Qin, you and our Xiao Xuan are good friends, you can just call me Uncle Yuan, it's too much to call me Mr. ah. Eh, let's not talk about that now, Xiao Xuan, join Dad and tidy up the house first."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, this Yuan Bing should be scared this time, right?

                Liao Qingxuan didn't shake him off in the slightest and said "Don't destroy the scene, when the police come later, they may need to collect fingerprints and other evidence."

                In fact, it didn't take long for Qin Ming to receive news from his men that Xia Ling had been disposed of by Song Ying, and that the fraudsters, Mr and Mrs Xia, had been caught by Sun Changxi.

                The police then came to the door to inform them of the situation, but the company's seal and documents were recovered, but the bank card that held tens of millions of dollars was not.

                The team worked for a long time and did not return until the evening.

                This time, Yuan Haohua the old man is a poor man, the money is the old father's expenses, in addition to learning that his fiancée is a nightclub "Miss", or a scammer, was hit, there is no loss.

                Yuan Bing also lost some of his investment money that was fooled by "Boss Xia", but it wasn't much.

                The only thing she kept was the company's important contracts and documents, all of which Yuan Bing had cheated her out of because she was too naive.

                In addition, Xia Ling has been told that she has not been found and has disappeared. Moreover, Xia Ling has not acted together with "Mr. and Mrs. Xia", who are the culprits of the theft of precious accessories from Qin Ming's house.

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                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. You are a pig, you have ruined your son and now you are ruining Xiao Xuan. Look at the son you have educated, he is nothing but a nibbler. Qin Ming's family is poor and comes from a rural background, but he is a thousand times better than Yuan Haohua, who grew up with a lot of privileges.

                "Yuan Haohua, why don't you grow up? You are almost thirty years old. You still have to rely on your sister's career and money to save face when you get married, is face as important as your relatives?"

                "Now that people and money are empty, when are you going to grow up? Can't you listen to a single word I've taught you before?"

                Headmaster Liao lamented and was so angry that he wanted to crush the heads of these two fathers and sons.

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                The first thing you need to do is to sue him, sue him to the death."

                Seven hundred thousand ten thousand sets of seven million, is this not a pit?

                Moreover, the dirty things are still in the police station, can't go back? This secretary of yours is too insensitive, right?

                Song Ying's words plunged the haggard Yuan Bing into even more painful stress, he wanted to find Qin Ming to have a proper chat, but Qin Ming had already dragged Liao Qingxuan upstairs, and Principal Liao kept blocking him from seeing his daughter again.

                The house had been re-packed by Song Ying, and Qin Ming handed a glass of water to the unstable Liao Qingxuan, saying "Sister Xuan, do you have your card? Check it out, maybe the money is still there."

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                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. By the way, when cleaning the house today, the workers said they found some things that don't belong here, among them was a bank card, Sister Xuan, please see if it's yours."

                Liao Qingxuan was stunned when she saw Qin Ming handing over a plastic bag, and with the intention of casually rummaging through it, she picked up a bank card and exclaimed, "How come it's still here? This card is my bank card, tens of millions of dollars are here, where did Qin Ming find it?"

                Qin Ming was also "surprised" and said "Really? Sister Xuan, that's great. The worker said he found it under the stall at the entrance. So, that Xia Ling cheated the card last night but dropped it again."

                "Yes, it should be, it's this number, my god, this can even be recovered, it's too godly." Liao Qingxuan was so happy that she jumped three feet high.

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                Qin Ming looked at such a happy Liao Qingxuan, his heart was also happy, he secretly did a lot of things, and later on, with some of his godly words, then his name of the divine calculator sat true.

                Suddenly, the exuberant Liao Qingxuan hugged Qin Ming, then stretched out her jade arm, hooked Qin Ming's rear end and gave him a kiss.


Chapter 500

With this peck, Qin Ming was stunned.

                Although Liao Qingxuan's soft lips only pecked the left side of his face like a dragonfly, Qin Ming still felt electrified, especially when Liao Qingxuan suddenly hugged him, the friction between her body, her thin outer clothing, the squeezing sensation of her bulging chest, made Qin Ming's heart flutter with charm.

                This was too unexpected, Qin Ming never thought that Liao Qingxuan would be excited to such an extent that she would take the initiative to kiss him back and express her happy emotions.

                Although it was a kiss on the face, Qin Ming's face had sweat and face oil all day and was actually a bit dirty, but Liao Qingxuan was not bothered.

                Qin Ming was worried about Liao Qingxuan falling and also hugged her slim little waist, which felt very thin and soft, worthy of being a dance practitioner.

                Qin Ming carried Liao Qingxuan around and then put her down, saying "Be careful, Miss Liao."

                "Hey hey hey ......" Liao Qingxuan happily kissed her bank card again and said "Qin Ming, your calculations are really accurate, I don't seem to have any losses now. The company and the car and house, my mother helped me to get back. The savings were also unexpectedly recovered. You said that the Xia family's people are liars, and they are really liars. Tsk, it seems that you guessed everything right."

                Qin Ming proudly ran his hand through his hair and said proudly, "That's not true, Sister Xuan, I'm not bragging. If you have a puja done for you, your qi will naturally flourish, and if your qi flourishes, then you will have great luck. If you go out now and appease your father and your mother, but don't say that you've got the money you lost, not only will you look like you know how to be generous, but you'll also make your father feel guilty about you, and he might care more about you in the future."

                Liao Qingxuan, still angry, flattened her mouth and said "I don't think so, he's too much of a patriarch. I'm not asking him to be nice to me, but at least he shouldn't be too biased towards my brother. But he hasn't been able to do that for so many years."

                Qin Ming could see that Liao Qingxuan did that with her mouth, but in her heart she was still somewhat expecting her old father to care for her, after all, who can be unfeeling if people are not grass? The lack of fatherly love since she was young was always a hurdle that she could not get over in her heart.

                Qin Ming had already made preparations, he had a final insurance policy for Liao Qingxuan.

                In the quiet of the night, with Qin Ming's help, Liao Qingxuan moved all her luggage back to her original two-room apartment and could finally sleep in peace.

                Qin Ming deliberately strolled around the area, knowing that Yuan Bing and his son would come looking for him, according to his beginning psychology.

                As expected, the two father and son Yuan Bing leaned up to Qin Ming as soon as they saw him.

                "Master Qin ......" Yuan Bing took Qin Ming's hand as soon as he met him and said, "Master Qin save me."

                Qin Ming was stunned and said "Oh, Mr. Yuan, what's wrong?""

                Yuan Bing sighed and said, "Can you make an accommodation for that rental agreement ......?"

                Qin Ming said, "How can I do that? Mr. Yuan, you haven't even paid the deposit and the first month's rent, and you've lost all the precious collections in my house, so I guess you won't be living in the back, right? Of course, if you want to keep paying the rent, you will not be charged for the breach of contract. Let's just charge ten times the price of the lost collection."

                Yuan Haohua was annoyed and said, "What do you mean by living here? We are from Beijing, who would come to live in your city? If we don't live here, will we still pay you rent and provide you with accommodation? You have a good calculation."

                Qin Ming said helplessly with both hands, "Then you pay the rent and live here, right? The penalty for breach of contract is ten times the rent, will you pay ten times the penalty or will you pay the rent? What? Don't you have any contractual spirit? Are you in business? Oh, I forgot, Young Master Yuan is an old man, not a businessman. As long as Dad is around, you can renege on anything"

                "You!" Yuan Haohua was furious when he heard Qin Ming's gloomy mockery and stepped forward with a punch.


                But Qin Ming caught it with one hand!

                Even though Yuan Haohua was a big bull, he was not half as strong as Qin Ming, so he was easily blocked by Qin Ming's hand.

                Qin Ming twisted Yuan Haohua's wrist with a little force, causing him to scream in pain, "Let go, ah, kill someone, ah ...... pain, pain me to death."

                The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

                Qin Ming sent a hand to push, a light smile, said "Uncle Yuan, how the contract is written, how you compensate, seven million not a penny less than my. As for renting a room, you can rent it for your daughter for a year to make up for the rift in your father-daughter relationship, see how thoughtful I have been on your behalf."

                Yuan Haohua said with displeasure, "Why should I? My sister has her own company and makes her own money."

                Qin Ming angrily rebuked, "Just because you, a pig, gave that important bank card to a nightclub girl! You've been cheated and you don't even know it. You think you're great, but you're no different from a pig in the eyes of everyone! Don't you know you're a piece of shit? You've lost your father, so what are you? What? Tens of millions of dollars lost to Liao Qingxuan and it's like nothing, huh, scum. Now you're asking you to pay your sister less than 100,000 a year in rent, and you're not willing to do it? Your father has even bought you a house in Beijing, what are you still not satisfied with?"

                Yuan Haohua was scolded by Qin Ming, his face was red and he couldn't say anything, his dad valued sons over daughters he knew, but he was the one being valued, he naturally wouldn't have a problem with it, just enjoy his father's pampering of him, why think so much about it?

                "Ahhhhh~!" Yuan Haohua broke down and shouted loudly, punching at the trees on the roadside, venting his inner anger and incompetence like a fool.

                Qin Ming smoothed out his mood, patted Yuan Bing on the shoulder and said, "Mr. Yuan, I am under the tutelage of Master Tiger Dragon Mountain, and those who know me call me the Younger True Daoist, the Sai Half Immortal, and although I am still uneducated in fortune-telling, I can tell fortunes with people without them having to ask. Yesterday, when I told the fortune of the Xia family, I knew that they were strange and frauds, but today it is not true?"

                "Meeting each other is destiny, if for the sake of Sister Xuan, how about I give you a free calculation, calculate your old age, whether you will enjoy both blessings and fortune, or if you will violate the eclipsed year, how about that?"

                Yuan Bing saw that Qin Ming did not want to waive his compensation payment, and was in no mood to tell his fortune.

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                The company will soon be paid, so how can you do a show without money? The only thing she can do is to find someone else to buy the company, and she'll be lucky to get out of it. My mum doesn't have much money either, she can't help much."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and lowered his head to Yuan Bing's ear, "Actually, Uncle Yuan, you don't need me to calculate your situation to understand it yourself. A son like that can provide for you in your old age? Isn't that a joke? Uncle Yuan, your mid-star Taiyang has left the nest, and from this year onwards your qi will be exhausted, and you are also charged with Taiyang, so it can be said that you are carrying a comparable fortune at this time."

                Yuan Bing was stunned and asked curiously, "What does it mean to have a time of great fortune?"

                Qin Ming said in a pretentious manner, "There is a cloud in the Book of Changes that says that it is not good to be wealthy when you have a time with a robbery, you will have difficulties in raising children, your old fortune will be less secure, your life will be weak, you will be sick and hurt, your death tomb will be empty. Uncle Yuan, I advise you to pay the rent of my house, give a few good words to Liao Qingxuan, let her live on, as a way to leave yourself a way back, after a year and a half there is still a chance of survival. If you walk away from this, the gods will not be able to help you."

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                Later, after Qin Ming learned that Yuan Bing had paid out seven million dollars in compensation for the collection, he continued to pay the rent according to the contract, saying that it was for Liao Qingxuan to live in, but Liao Qingxuan did not appreciate the situation, instead she felt that Qin Ming had cheated her father out of his money and wanted to settle the score with him.

                Qin Ming no longer has time to care about these trivial matters, that these people hammer him.

                Because Feng Dongxiang, one of the group's four patriarchs, is here again, he wants Qin Ming to attend the engagement ceremony between Qin Ming and the Zhao family's child, Zhao Xinran.