Rags To Riches Chapter 497-498

 Chapter 497

What did Qin Ming see? All the information of Miss Xia's "family".

                I have to say, Ao Mei is worthy of being the elite trained within the Huan Yu Century Group, the information was found quite fast, it didn't take long to scrape out the full identity of Xia Ling.

                Qin Ming smilingly said "Miss Xia Juran, I do not eat fast food, not healthy."

                The fast food in Qin Ming's mouth does not mean takeout.

                He said the name "Xia Julan", and said the word fast food, the implication immediately made Xia Ling application a stunned, she looked at Qin Ming incredulously, asked "how do you know my original name?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said "How difficult is this? You have been arrested five times by the Chaoyang police in Beijing for engaging in pornographic services in the past. Tsk, this is to wash clean to find a rich man, to be a rich wife? Oops, this 'robbery' seems to be simpler than imagined."

                Qin Ming directly point out, Xia Ling more fear, her heart nest "Peng Peng" accelerated straight jump, suddenly turned his head, push open the car door, get out to leave.

                But did not take two steps, Ah Long pinch a stone, a throw in the air.


                Ah Long's wrist strength is also scary strong, accuracy is also high, directly hit Xia Ling's knee nest, Xia Ling directly fell to the ground.

                Qin Ming walked over without a moment's hesitation, saying "You can ah? You can cheat me out of a marriage. What? You think I'm like that Yuan Haohua, so easy to cheat?"

                "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But you guys are really professional enough, pretending to be quite decent, I still want to exchange acting skills with you."

                Xia Ling was scared out of her wits, hastily crawled over, hugged Qin Ming's thighs, and begged "Master Qin, please, don't expose me, I've resolved to be a virtuous person and not to do that kind of flesh business anymore. I know I was greedy and saw that you were richer, so I wanted to hook up with you, but I know I was wrong. I beg you to let me live, the dark lord Yuan Haohua has a violent temper and easily loses control of his emotions, if he finds out, he will definitely kill me."


                Ah Long pulled out a knife, the sword pointed at Xia Ling head, said "Young master, I'll take care of it, right?"

                Xia Ling saw that Ah Long had pulled out a real knife and was going to kill her? She was so scared that she directly fainted.

                Qin Ming frowned, touched her cheek, said "so unstable? Forget it, take it back first, I have to take a good look at this matter."

                In the afternoon, Qin Ming went to visit the new villa of his elder brother at the top of the cloud, and Wang Xiaoli's parents also chatted for a while, suggesting that as long as Qin Chaoyang and Wang Xiaoli first received the certificate, the $100 million gift money immediately arrived.

                Qin Ming also does not want to delay the marriage of the elder brother, because Qin Chaoyang is not young, are almost 30 years old, parents have been worried about the marriage of the elder brother, he took care of this matter, both to help the elder brother have a home, a stable career, a good wife, but also for the parents to do a filial piety.

                After all, he has the ability to ah.

                In the future, if he has a long and short, big brother by virtue of the career and money now given by Qin Ming, the rest of his life also worry about food and clothing, after all, Wang Xiaoli is a real 985 school graduate of high school students, how the future days will not be bad.

                Big brother is worried about food and clothing, then parents and sisters in the future is also worried about food and clothing.

                This is what Qin Ming cares most.

                His parents are too honest, he was afraid to give them too much money, stimulating their parents, that would be the opposite.

                That afternoon, Qin Chaoyang was encouraged by Wang Xiaoli's parents, and Wang Xiaoli first received a certificate, Qin Ming directly to the account of the practice elders played a hundred million dollars, never go back on their word, which can be the two elders happy mouth, a praise Qin Chaoyang good son-in-law.

                And then discuss the wedding invitations to pick the day and organize the wedding.

                These things, Qin Ming will not be involved, he has to start to help Liao Qingxuan put her "robbery" to resolve.

                In the big manor at the top of Cloud Mountain, Xia Ling was woken up by someone.

                She was trembling, looking at her surroundings, apparently a small dark room, surrounded by seven fierce men wearing only pants, she knew she had fallen into the hands of Qin Ming.

                She regretted in her heart, if not greedy Qin Ming more rich, she forged the identity of the rich white woman, next to the silly gnawing old man Yuan Haohua, that is also able to cheat a large sum of money.

                Greed, really hurt people.

                Qin Ming came in and said "Miss Xia, now you have two ways ahead of you, either let my men brothers finished, I send you to Yuan Haohua, you explain yourself to him."

                "Ah! Don't, please Master Qin, don't." Xia Ling was scared enough.

                Xia Ling cried and screamed "I promise you, I promise you everything. He knows I'm not a rich girl, I'm cheating on my marriage, he will kill me, oooh ......"

                The second way is to listen to me on everything. I need you to cheat Yuan Haohua out of everything."

                Xia Ling shouted "I promise you, Master Qin, please let me go, I'll do whatever I say."

                Qin Ming was satisfied and said "But you can't let the other two crooks know, got it?"

                Xia Ling said "I know, I will do it. That Yuan Haohua is very stupid, he was fooled by me, he gave whatever I said he wanted, don't worry, I will do it."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Someone will send you away, you have to wait for my phone contact at any time, if you dare to escape, the consequences do not need me to say it."

                Qin Ming finished intimidating Xia Ling, out of the small dark room, said to Song Ying standing at the door "this person is a professional liar, know my background, I'm afraid there will be a bit of trouble in the future, after the end of this incident, deal with her."

                Song Ying's eyes glanced toward the door of Xia Ling, a casual glimpse of a killing machine, softly said "I know, young master."

                Qin Ming used Xia Ling as a pawn and disposed of her afterwards, so you can't blame him for being ruthless.

                He knows that his identity is now very sensitive, Xia Ling, a professional liar, or from the capital city, the hell knows what she has a way, what trouble will bring him in the future, to Song Ying to dispose of is the best.

                Caution can catch a thousand autumn Zen, careful sailing is the boat, is this reason.

                That night, Xia Ling lived with Yuan Haohua in the city greenway district house, she contacted Qin Ming in the middle of the night, she took advantage of Yuan Haohua asleep, stole Liao Qingxuan was cheated bank card, secretly transferred to Qin Ming.

                As for those forged mortgage documents of the dance training company.

                In fact, the company is still the same company, but Liao Qingxuan was cheated by Yuan Bing, Yuan Bing is not to take away, just cheated away the official seal, forged a lot of transfer documents.

                Xia Ling also a brain all steal out and give to Qin Ming.

                So far, Liao Qingxuan's deposits and the company's official seal and important information, all returned.

                The process was so easy that Qin Ming was surprised that it seemed to be a trivial matter.

                The next morning, the villa in the area, Liao Qingxuan got up early to make breakfast for Qin Ming, while doing so, complained "Last night my father also advised me to help my brother work, saying that my brother does not know how to manage the company, my sister-in-law is not the right professional, and said that the company is my heart and soul, do I want to see the company collapse? He let me take them by the hand for a while, and when they are familiar with it later, I can leave. Tsk ...... said more than an hour, even the salary did not talk to me, too abominable, I am still not his own life? Is only big brother is his own life?"

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                Liao Qingxuan sighed and said "Then our Master Qin, you said that after I did the puja, my qi will naturally turn to, things will turn around, I've been waiting for two days, the turnaround?"

                Qin Ming pretended to be mysterious and counted his fingers, saying "Well, as I expected, Sister Xuan, you count to three, the turnaround will come."

                Liao Qingxuan cute beak, said "you bad boy, fool me? You are so god? I do not believe, I will count, three two one ......"

                The words just fell, Liao Qingxuan cell phone rang, she was surprised to see Qin Ming, and look at their own cell phone, incredulous said "Qin Ming you so god? No way?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly "mysterious ah."

Chapter 498

"Hello? Mom, what's wrong?" Liao Qingxuan was surprised that her mother called early in the morning.

                Principal Liao said, "Your brother is getting married, and I heard that he came to Guangzhou, and he lived there with you last night, right? I'm almost at the entrance of your neighborhood."

                Liao Qingxuan hurriedly said "Eh eh eh eh, mom ...... I don't live on the second floor of that suite now, I live in the courtyard of the independent villa inside the district, the entrance is all the laurel trees that a villa."

                Principal Liao was stunned, said "your career just started, spend so much money to rent a villa to do what? The last time you said you wanted to pay for a Ferrari? Qingxuan, I'm not saying that you should not be too wasteful, you should wear a big hat if you are capable. Have you forgotten that you used to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit cards just to enjoy luxury?"

                "Hello? Mom ...... I found a bad signal here, hello ...... you know how to go? I hung up oh." Liao Qingxuan hurriedly hung up the phone, a long breath, said "to count me down again, my mother grew up, day after day, count me down, control me this, control me that, my father is different, my father does not care about me."

                The more he knew Liao Qingxuan, the more he felt that Liao Qingxuan was under control and had poor self-control, thanks to the fact that Principal Liao was an educator and knew how to be sagacious in Liao Qingxuan's ears from time to time, but Liao Qingxuan still felt the rumble.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                "What's going on here?" Both sides asked in the same breath.

                Liao Qingxuan asked, "Why did you come together?"

                Yuan Bing said, "When I came downstairs, your mother said you live here, I do not believe, so I came with."

                Then Yuan Bing looked at the independent villa in front of him in shock, but also with a private garden, the door placed a big Ben particularly conspicuous, he then said "Xiao Xuan, you your house? You have such a big villa?"

                Principal Liao was equally surprised "Xiao Xuan, you rented it and bought it? Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

                To be honest, Yuan Bing was jealous, he didn't have such an independent villa with a garden in Beijing either.

                The fact that his daughter gave up her commercial house, but he is living in a big villa, this old father is sour in his heart.

                Liao Qingxuan flattened her mouth and said with emotion "My house is occupied, I can only rely on friends. This is Qin Ming's house, I just live temporarily."

                The first mention of Qin Ming, Yuan Bing inwardly suffocated, that rich but very low-key rich young man, seems not easy to climb.

                But her daughter climbed up ah.

                The face of Yuan Haohua on the side was even more ugly, he stood at the door not quite wanting to go in, but there was nowhere to go if he didn't.

                The lobby of the villa, luxurious decorations, than the mansions inside the TV series more grand, a variety of antique collections set up, it seems that the house is very literary atmosphere, as if into here, since the temperament of the gods have been inculcated.

                Qin Ming was fiddling with the skeleton of the prehistoric creature Dodo bird, saw the arrival of Principal Liao, very enthusiastic forward to embrace "Principal Liao, welcome."

                Principal Liao asked "Qin Ming, aren't you a poor student at school? How ......"

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. It is my boss, the boss of my internship company, he moved to other places, his villa for me to watch, I have to watch a year and a half, I will boast that it is mine, so that Ms. Liao live in some comfortable. She does not have nowhere to go?"

                Principal Liao listened to this, and did not say anything about Qin Ming, but was grateful to Qin Ming for taking care of his daughter, and gave him a thumbs up, saying "This will be the teacher also have to thank you."

                Qin Ming laughed "Principal Liao, you often listened to your class teaching, those who help others, are often helped."

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good job.

                When Liao Qingxuan saw Yuan Bing, she didn't have the good look she had before, she was so upset about being cheated that she asked, "Where's your sister-in-law? Not coming?"

                Yuan Haohua said discontentedly "Don't mention that bitch."

                Liao Qingxuan was shocked, how could she become a bitch after only one day? Yesterday, they were still in love, discussing to go to the Maldives to get married?

                "What's going on?" Not quite understand the situation, Principal Liao frowned "Since Haohua wants to get married, that girl does not bring me to see?"

                Yuan Bing sighed and said, "This morning disappeared. Home was also robbed, things were taken away."

                Yuan Haohua viciously scolded "phone calls also can not be reached, we have to immediately rush back to the capital city, to go to their homes to investigate the situation."

                The two fathers and sons said this, directly to the sky to talk dead.

                Liao Qingxuan mother and daughter are stunned to look at the father and son.

                What do you mean missing? The family was also robbed?

                This is also too scary, right?

                Liao Qingxuan loudly questioned "What happened? What about my money? Where is my car? Where is my company's official seal?"

                Principal Liao was stunned again, "Xiao Xuan, did you pay for it? What happened? What's going on? You still have to use your money to get married? The first thing you need to do is to get your own money. The first thing you need to do is to get your son married, even if you can't earn money, you don't have money to pay for it? The fact that Xuan has a career is not easy, you want to harm her?"

                Yuan Bing hurriedly said "What are you arguing about, maybe there is some misunderstanding in it."

                The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

                Yuan Bing said with a gloomy face "the other party may be a fraudulent marriage. Anyway, I'll call the police first."

                "Have you guys made a mistake?" Liao Qingxuan did not believe the two father and son's bullshit, emotionally out of control cursed "from the beginning, said Dad's company turnover difficulties, need a large amount of money, my deposit full rhythm, and then also mortgage my company to loan, and then said brother's wedding, to buy a house money is not enough, and then said the company is not mortgaged, I want to give the company to Yuan Haohua temporarily, but also I have to work for my brother. Do the appearance to support the face, can not lose face."

                "Now tell me, what sister-in-law are fake, deceitful."

                "Stop it, I don't believe you." Liao Qingxuan completely collapsed, hysterically roaring "My money, my house are returned. I won't believe your words anymore."

                As Principal Liao listened, he became more and more frightened "Yuan Bing, you bastard! You're a son who prefers his daughter! For the sake of the son, all the daughter's things to cheat? I smoked you to death ......"

                The two couples who had already divorced, wrestled with each other.

                Qin Ming bottle watching, but not much touched, sent a message to Song Ying, said "notify the police, to arrest people back. That Xia Ling handle a little better."

                Soon Song Ying will be the message "Yes, young master."

                The two fathers and sons and two mothers and daughters quarreled for a long time, Yuan Haohua's full of care, Yuan Bing's sad face was scratched on a face of scars, Principal Liao's anger, Liao Qingxuan's despair and crying, all contrasting strongly.

                Qin Ming saw the two sides a little pause, then said "Uncle Yuan, know why I suddenly ran away yesterday when I told the fortune of Mr. Xia?"

                Yuan Bing was stunned, although he was also curious, but did not look deeper, now Qin Ming said, could it be related to what happened here? He then asked "Why?"