Rags To Riches Chapter 495-496

 Chapter 495

The crowd checked the content on the phone, when Qin Ming did for the Mu family, part of it was also reported, Qin Ming was also photographed, although the content did not say too much, but it is true that Qin Ming was involved.

                This is now his words, the credibility is greatly enhanced.

                A young and gentle Taoist fortune teller? How dare he make the gang master Guang City's old and powerful Mu family have Qin Ming out to help?

                Obviously, this master Qin is really capable ah.

                Boss Xia suddenly grabbed Qin Ming's hand and begged, "Aiya, Master Qin ...... really real people do not show their faces, today I can know Master Qin, really lucky, please Master Qin save our family ah."

                Qin Ming drew back his hand and laughed dryly "Oh, Boss Xia is polite, what are you doing? You guys are fine, right?"

                Yuan Bing was also surprised, what does Mr. Xia mean?

                Mr. Xia said, "Here's the thing, Master Qin, I've been having a dream lately, our Xia family is in trouble. Can Master Qin give me a calculation?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "This ...... simple calculation of a face is not impossible, I will not charge the boss Xia, are friends of Sister Xuan. But I can not reveal too much, after all, the heavenly opportunity can not be revealed, once leaked, I am to break life."

                Qin Ming is not what to read, but he Zhang Quanzhen gave the autobiography book, he found that at the beginning Zhang Quanzhen also do not understand, Zhang Quanzhen from the beginning is not a Taoist old Taoist, he only began to believe in Taoism after he became famous.

                The table all looked at Qin Ming, even though Qin Ming was very young and not familiar.

                But Qin Ming had money. Money is the best status symbol, and Qin Ming had more money than all of them, so he got their respect.

                That Yuan Haohua also did not dare to make a reckless voice.

                Qin Ming first give Xia boss feel the bones, the hand is a bit rough, Qin Ming heart is puzzled, not the business people? He looked at the hands of Hou Qing and Qi Yundong, but it is fine skin and tender flesh, nails seem to be a little gray.

                Boss Xia's face is more fat round, a little pointed forehead, bald, smile nothing affable, but rather disgusting.

                Qin Ming recalled some of the contents of Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography, the boss Xia is not like a very rich and noble phase ah.

                But it doesn't matter, Qin Ming doesn't understand either, he just has to follow his plan.

                "Not good, not good."

                He suddenly became frightened, let go of his hand, revealing an expression of great misfortune, then picked up his fingers and wiped his hands, then Qin Ming immediately pulled Liao Qingxuan's hand, said "Xuan sister go, go."

                Qin Ming then pulled the unknown Liao Qingxuan ran out quickly.

                "Hey? What's going on here?" Yuan Bing Xia boss and others feel very strange, what is going on? No.

                Not fortune telling to see what strange things, right?

                The group looked strangely at Boss Xia, who wondered "What's wrong with me?"

                This is not to know what is going on, but the human psyche is like this, curious.

                The moment Yuan Haohua moved his body, with this future father-in-law to pull away from the first.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                Liao Qingxuan is not much happy, said "you do not save me, I also have nothing to be cheated by my father."

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. My father cheated me from the beginning, I should have known that I shouldn't have put up with it and should have gone through legal channels to get my money back. But time and time again, trust, but only in return for his inch of progress. I have already guessed that he will soon have to give me ideological work, to work for my brother, perhaps add a deadline, in short, to coax me is."

                Qin Ming said "I have already expected, your father's eyes, there is not too much concern for your eyes, he is all about getting money for your brother, to fill the face, to meet all your brother's requirements and desires. He is too patriarchal. Your brother, on the other hand, is a social baby who relies on your father for everything and has no idea that your career is not easy to come by, nor is he sympathetic to your father, he is simply a bottomless pit."

                Liao Qingxuan gritted her teeth and said, "Qin Ming, you're right. My father only cares about me in his mouth, but what he cares about in his heart is always Yuan Haohua, his son. I am a daughter, he does not care at all. My mother is right, my father is a patriarch."

                Qin Ming scratched his head, he also as a man, but for Yuan Bing this behavior is not over, the daughter is the father's sweet little coat ah, this old father but as a stepping stone, too abominable.

                Liao Qingxuan said "I will definitely get back what I have lost."

                Qin Ming said "Sister Xuan, didn't you say that you would leave it to me? I have already done the spell for you, don't worry, you don't have to do anything, your wishes will all come true."

                Liao Qingxuan said, "Qin Ming, you do not lie to me. You can't be a real Taoist priest, right?"

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously "Couldn't I be? Sister Xuan, do you think that you know me well?"

                Qin Ming said this, Liao Qingxuan really do not know much about Qin Ming, very unfamiliar, before only as a poor student, the result of Qin Ming again and again to give her surprises and surprises.

                Whenever Liao Qingxuan was in trouble, Qin Ming appeared by her side like a timely rain, as if he was the god of luck in her life.

                Every time Liao Qingxuan was inspired and helped by Qin Ming, she was always a little touched and felt that the more she looked at Qin Ming, the better she saw him, she just felt that Qin Ming was still young and a student, otherwise she suspected that she would fall in love with him.

                Qin Ming continued "Sister Xuan, look, you don't know me well enough either, do you? Actually, I'm really a Taoist priest, but I'm only a beginner."

                Liao Qingxuan asked again "Then what did you just tell that boss Xia?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "What did you calculate? I am deliberately, leaving a suspense, let them guess, they can not guess, will be itchy, itchy will not be able to sleep, can not sleep will come to me. This is called a trick to capture."

                This move is also Qin Ming learned from Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography book, there is a Zhang Quanzhen lesson black-hearted rich businessman case, and his today's Liao Qingxuan's "robbery" is quite similar, Qin Ming is only learning stage, of course, this he will not give Liao Qingxuan point break.

                The next time they come back, Qin Ming is already waiting for the rabbit, so he won't worry if you don't fall into the trap.

                Liao Qingxuan poked Qin Ming with her finger and said, "You kid, you are so bad. No, so smart. Hahaha, let you guys rush. I'll trust you and wait for your good news."

                After Qin Ming sent Liao Qingxuan back, he immediately sent the photos of Boss Xia's family, which he had just taken, to Ao Mei, who was building Qin Ming's exclusive intelligence.

                Qin Ming instructed "Ao Mei, give me a check, this family's situation in the capital city, seems to be quite successful entrepreneurs."

                After receiving Qin Ming's order, Ao Mei quickly replied, "Young master, give me half an hour, I'll get to the bottom of everything about this family."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, received the phone, leisurely rushed to the cloud mountain villa.

                As for the Yuan and Xia families, he was in no hurry, they came back to him.

                A dragon just drove the car over, suddenly heard a woman's shout behind "Master Qin Master Qin ......"

Chapter 496

Qin Ming saw the visitor, is not that Yuan Haohua's fiancée Xia Ling, how did she come out with?

                He looked at this Xia Ling for a while, this woman dressed fashionably, a black halter, red skirt, revealing a pair of shoulders and jade arms, and long legs, look quite okay, quite tender, but not into the eyes of Qin Ming, but the chest is a bit ordinary, Qin Ming like chest big, like Liao Qingxuan Sun Changxi Nie Haitang and other beautiful women as big.

                Qin Ming asked "Miss Xia, what's wrong?"

                Xia Ling softly whispered leaned over and said "Master Qin ...... you just left in such a hurry, is my father something happened?"

                Qin Ming "heart palpitations" said "heavenly information can not be revealed, or I have to break life."

                Xia Ling is not deep into this issue, and said softly whispered "that you do not say, that ...... people have not yet properly acquainted with you la. Master Qin is so capable, people also want to find Master Qin fortune telling ah."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly "Miss Xia, the north and south of the sky double flyers, across the shore is the former dust. I am not easy to tell fortunes with people, but if there is fate, we will meet again, maybe I can tell for you."

                After saying that, Qin Ming was about to get into the car, not bothering to deal with this woman.

                But that Xia Ling to take the first step, a fragrance puffed nose, she is slim, immediately sat in.

                Qin Ming cursed in his heart, this woman to shame?

                But Qin Ming still have to put on a smile, as a godly man, must keep a smile, this is called connotation.

                Since Qin Ming read Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography book, he felt that Zhang Quanzhen's smile often may be a fake smile, he has always been amiable feeling to people, but may often explode inside, cursing others ancestors.

                Qin Ming also sat in, crossed his legs and snapped his fingers for Ah Long to go around first.

                Xia Ling leaned over and landed on Qin Ming's shoulder, saying "Yo, Master Qin is still cheating, you're such a handsome man with a big hand, driving a Mercedes Maybach, but dressed like a bumpkin, so low-key, it's really rare. But isn't our meeting a destiny arranged by God?"

                Qin Ming was choked by Xia Ling's perfume smell, Qin Ming is not a casual person, and will not think of others so casually.

                But he is now in a strong sense of foreboding, as long as he opened his mouth, this Xia Ling immediately to be able to undress in the car for his service.

                Qin Ming was not tempted by her bent low shoulders, deliberately revealing, calmly said "Miss Xia, you are going to eat me? Well, you say, what do you want me to count? I'll make an exception today."

                That Xia Ling has been looking at Qin Ming's eyes and expression, see Qin Ming looked down at her, and immediately moved away, this is not the pure virgin shy?

                This is a young and golden young Taoist priest?

                Xia Ling actually contacted some religious people's children, they have in foreign countries to further study, there are dude show off rich, I feel that this Qin Ming is one of them.

                What can a young man be capable of? Most of the old father's ability to take the family money to show off.

                Xia Ling from the beginning to listen to Qin Ming hundreds of millions of dollars to help his brother's wedding, and then read the article about Qin Ming to help the Mu family through the difficult times, and look at him driving a Mercedes, already have an idea.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Always much better than that gnawing Yuan Haohua.

                Since you want to find a man, of course, to find a more money, more reliable existence.

                Men like goods, not afraid of no goods, afraid of goods than goods.

                She thinks she has all the poise, not worrying about this rich little innocent handsome man not hooked.

                But Qin Ming really feel bored, Qin Ming heart score, she is not as good as Li Meng, Li Meng body is much better than her, not to mention some other stunning beauty he knows.

                After all, you are used to eating mountains and seafood, suddenly let you go back to eat vegetables and rice, you can stand it?

                Xia Ling smiling against Qin Ming, whispering voice, reached out and took Qin Ming's hand, fell on the chest, said "Master Qin, help people calculate, how people here will develop?"

                Rub miles, although looking at little material, but after all, there is still, warm and whistling.

                Thumb ...... suddenly a sharp brake.

                The car of Ah Long to pull over in a car less greenway under the shade, I do not know where to pull out a box of condoms, and then did not return to say "young master, I go to the toilet, go to go back."

                Shit! What do you mean, Ah Long? I'm not going to have a car accident here?

                And you're just ten steps away from that smoking, you go to the toilet?

                "Young master?" Xia Ling heard the bodyguard and driver Ah Long's name for Qin Ming, his heart more certain, Qin Ming should be the son of a religious big brother, must be very rich.

                Xia Ling fortunately the whole body leaning in Qin Ming's arms, the other hand in Qin Ming's firm chest speculation, she came up to Qin Ming's ear, said "Little Taoist ...... you have opened the light of the hand, touched will develop?"

                Qin Ming took the opportunity to touch two times, withdrew his hand, said with a stern face "We are not worshipping the Buddha, what light? We are catching goblins, just like you goblins."

                Xia Ling hooked Qin Ming back strength, said "ouch ...... eh hey, people this little demon spirit not fall into the hands of the small Taoist master, Taoist master can love people."

                Xia Ling so active, is Qin Ming never expected.

                Ah Long so understanding, is also Qin Ming never thought of.

                But he really want to have something with Xia Ling in the car, it is impossible.

                Qin Ming said "Miss Xia, please come down first, I am curious, what I have attracted you? My money?"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

                Xia Ling asked softly and pitifully, "Master Qin, don't you like me? I fell in love with you at first sight, can you believe it?"

                Qin Ming laughed and took that Huawei thousand-dollar machine, the screen protector wallpaper is Mu Xiaoqiao, the phone application wallpaper is Nie Haitang.

                He said disdainfully "They are my girlfriends, Miss Xia thinks can compare with them?"

                Xia Ling was stunned, looking at the photos on Qin Ming's phone, whether it was Mu Xiaoqiao or Nie Haitang, her looks, figure and temperament were all a hundred thousand miles away from her, making her ashamed of herself, even as a woman, she could see the beauty of these two.

                The atmosphere became awkward, Xia Ling beauty plan failed, which can make her situation immediately become unstable.

                Dudu ...... exactly at this time, responsible for intelligence collection Ao Mei sent information, that is, the information of Xia Ling's family.

                Qin Ming smoothly open to see, this look is not good, directly directly sneer, said "tsk tsk, this can be hilarious it. Miss Xia."