Rags To Riches Chapter 493-494

 Chapter 493

Qin Ming came back and said he had a friend without a seat, so he arranged for a small table in the private room.

                Qin Chaoyang and the others naturally had no opinion and listened to Qin Ming's arrangements.

                Liao Qingxuan felt very sorry for himself and said "Qin Ming, I ...... always bother you, I'm really sorry."

                Liao Qingxuan felt very sorry for herself and said, "Qin Ming, I ...... am always troubled by you, I am really sorry."

                Liao Qingxuan immediately smiled "Okay, you can eat whatever you want. I will try my best to keep our table from disturbing you later on."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, not really thinking so, he rather thought this was an opportunity.

                The atmosphere was better on Qin Chaoyang's side, asking him the usual questions about what his family did, what his education was like, how many younger siblings he had and so on.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                Once he heard Qin Chaoyang's conditions.

                "Oh, dirt bag." That Liao Qingxuan's future sister-in-law Xia Ling was happy, couldn't help but mock "eating in the same room, and still dislikes off my status."

                Liao Qingxuan frowned and said "People have given up their seats to us, you still dislike it? Then why don't you leave?"

                "Tsk." Xia Ling looked displeased and turned her head "Yuan Haohua, you don't dare to control your sister either? Did I say something wrong? What's wrong with some people being a rural bumpkin? The truth is the truth. You think everyone is like your brother, a thirty-year-old who has a successful career, his own company, his own house, all because your brother fought his way out."

                Liao Qingxuan wanted to hit someone when she heard that, it was all her career!

                Yuan Haohua knew that all these things were his sister's, but he was cheeky and said, "Come on, sister, stop arguing. What have you ordered to eat?"

                Liao Qingxuan grunted in annoyance, "I didn't order it, Dad ordered it, I don't know what to eat, you just know how to eat."

                The door opened just in time and a car of large lobsters came in, along with stone crawlers, abalone, eels, turtle and other aquatic products, all made with their own characteristics, looking good and tasting good.

                Yuan Haohua and others thought it was for them, but it turned out to be Qin Ming Yi Zhuo's, Australian large lobster and one for each, also too extravagant, right? Flying Maotai, too good at drinking, right?

                Not long after, Yuan Haohua and other people's table also served, some seasonal green vegetables and braised meat fried squid winter melon soup and other homemade dishes.

                There was no contrast, one table was a sumptuous seafood feast and the other was ordinary home-cooked food.

                The contrast is not very appetising.

                "What's this?" Yuan Haohua didn't wait for his daughter-in-law to get mad, he got mad himself first and said, "Dad, it's so easy for Xia Ling's parents to come, they've rushed all morning to catch a flight, how hard they worked, they even came to the seafood restaurant specially, how come they just eat these home-cooked dishes?"

                Yuan Bing said with difficulty "The same, the same ah. It's easy to get diarrhea when you eat seafood."

                Yuan Bing looked at Qin Ming's side with some depression, thinking that he was so rich? A table must be several thousand dollars? What's the point of having a lunch?

                Suddenly, Qin Ming came over with a whole Australian lobster and said, "Sister Xuan, this big guy is fresh, the meat is tender and juicy, you can try it."

                Liao Qingxuan was stunned and immediately smiled, not expecting Qin Ming to bring her something delicious.

                In fact, it was also a kind of statement from Qin Ming that he was giving face to Liao Qingxuan before sharing the private room with you people, telling them to show more respect to Liao Qingxuan.

                Once Qin Ming left, Yuan Haohua said discontentedly, "Dad, how did you order the food? Isn't this a joke? We want to eat lobster too."

                Yuan Bing was desperate, Nima, it's just an Australian lobster, you brat to do that?

                At this point, Mr. Xia spoke up and said, "No, Yuan, what are you doing here? Just eat what you can. I came here today to see your company and discuss your wedding, not to eat and drink."

                Xia Ling said, "Yes. Yuan Haohua, don't act like we've never eaten lobster before, it's just Australian lobster, I eat it all the time."

                Yuan Bing hurriedly said, "No, it's Xia Ling who knows what she's doing, Haohua, you're really something. The in-laws. I understand all the rules, but can we have a smaller gift? As you know, our business is developing and we need money in every aspect."

                Yuan Haohua acted as if he was the boss and said, "No, the company's assets now amount to more than 50 million, and I just bought a Ferrari sports car, so it's the right time to use the money. But there is an immediate plan to cooperate with the TV station to make a show, sister, you tell my father-in-law about it."

                Poof ...... was eating lobster Liao Qingxuan was stunned, she looked strangely at her old father Yuan Bing, this can not be heard of, how do you want her to work for her brother?

                The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money for the purpose of the project. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Later on, we have to get bigger, develop towards film and entertainment, and go public."

                "Dad!" Liao Qingxuan couldn't believe it, her dad was so far ahead of his time, taking everything she had and giving it to her brother in order to help him build a successful career and help him get married, and asking her to work for him.

                This was unbelievable, how could there be such a father in the world?

                There was finally a rift inside Liao Qingxuan, these relatives of hers had no little love for her.

                She envied Wang Xiaoli's parents for the way they doted on her at the table next door, and Uncle Wang even peeled crab shells from Wang Xiaoli.


                The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. How come you can't even come up with such a low demand of 10 million? The family next door to us received $50 million for their daughter's marriage, and that was a marriage into a wealthy family. Now my daughter is receiving $10 million, which is already a great loss. Besides, our dowry won't be any less."

                Yuan Haohua was not happy and said, "Then we will also pay $50 million for the dowry, we can't let my wife be aggrieved. Our family has plenty of money, right, Dad?"

                Xia Ling suddenly kissed Yuan Haohua happily again and said, "You're great, husband."

                Yuan Bing was the only one who wiped his sweat with stress, $50 million, not counting the money for the new house he had just bought in Beijing, he had spent $100 million before he even got married.

                Where could he get such a large sum of money? If he sold all his belongings, including his daughter's business, it would barely be enough.

                Mr. Xia added, "The in-laws? Really 50 million? Don't joke with me, if there is really a $50 million gift, then our Xia family will have a lot of face."

                Mrs. Xia also said proudly, "No, that Mrs. Zhao is always bragging about how well her daughter married, and every now and then she talks about the $50 million gift, making it seem like her family is so rich and her daughter married so well. How can our family be any worse? Our Xia Ling is also a thousand-year-old lady."

                Yuan Haohua affirmed and said, "Dad, it's settled, the marriage is a big deal, we can't lose face."

                Yuan Bing looked at his son again dotingly, as long as his son was happy, he didn't want to go against his son's idea, grit his teeth and think of a way.

                Suddenly, behind Qin Ming said loudly over there "Uncle Wang, Sister Xiao Li is your only daughter, the pearl in the palm of your hand, this marriage into our Qin family gate, certainly must be scenic, the gift must not be less, to let you two old people can enjoy their old age, you see 100 million is enough?"

                Qin Ming said this, not to mention the two families behind Yuan Bing and Xia Boss were stunned, even Qin Chaoyang and Wang Xiaoli's family were dumbfounded.

                How did it feel, 100 million in Qin Ming's mouth, as if it was 300 million qq joy beans? No, the average person didn't have 100 million joy beans yet!

                Qin Ming looked at Auntie Wang who had meat in her mouth and was so shocked by the 100 million that she forgot to chew it, and said "Where is your hometown? When Sister Xiao Li gets married, she will have to go back to her hometown to pay homage to her ancestors. I have a budget of 200 million on my side to build roads for Sister Xiao Li's hometown for the benefit of her hometown fathers and mothers, so that the people of her hometown will be proud of Sister Xiao Li and then get married with a bang, which also shows my big brother's determination not to treat Sister Xiao Li badly."

                The room was quiet for a long time, and everyone looked at Qin Ming, feeling that this kid was not pretending? Three hundred million is not money? A Qingming burning thing?

                Finally, Qin Chaoyang foolishly asked, "Brother. Is this unit of 600 million RMB?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "Brother, how can it be RMB?"

                "Hoo ......" The crowd relaxed for a moment, "Nima, so you are pretending to be joking, very bad, deliberately clamming up, it is estimated to be Korean Won, or at best, Yen.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming said again, "It's three hundred million dollars."

                Poof ...... Qin Ming's words fell, two tables, at the same time, three people a mouthful of wine was shocked to spray out.

Chapter 494

The quietness of this large private room was eerie.

                Qin Chaoyang foolishly asked, "Brother. Is this unit of 300 million RMB?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "Brother, how can it be RMB? It's three hundred million dollars. If we don't build the road, we can buy some properties abroad, so that we can have a place to live when we travel abroad on holiday, right? Nowadays, society is a global village, so you can take your four elderly people on a global tour and enjoy the benefits if you need to, right? Our father also said that there should be conditions, how can we condemn the daughter-in-law who married into the Qin family door."

                This time, Wang Xiaoli's parents did not dare to speak.

                Qin Ming's opening mouth of over a billion dollars and shutting up about dollars scared people.

                They were really intimidated.

                They were only middle-income people, and although their days were not bad, they had never seen big money in the tens of millions of dollars.

                The original thought was that Qin Chaoyang was earning a million a year, so he would receive a gift of 500,000, hold the wedding in style at his hometown, and turn around and pay part of the bride price.

                The company's business is not a business, but it is a business.

                Wang Xiaoli was so happy that her heart was thumping, she didn't think she had chosen such a rich husband, so she could live without worrying about food and clothing in the future.

                Qin Chaoyang also said happily, "Then, brother, everything will be done as you say."

                Qin Ming's words deeply stimulated the people on Xia Ling's side, they were still bargaining for the bride price of ten million fifty million, over there Qin Ming directly threw out three hundred million dollars, also said what global village, foreign purchase of property, real wealth, simply envious.

                "Bragging rights." Yuan Haohua was a little upset, feeling that Qin Ming was tearing down his stage and embarrassing him.

                The voice was not too loud, but everyone could hear it.

                At this time, a waiter came in and said, "Hello, sorry. Which one of you owns the brand new Mercedes S560 at the door? Can you move it? There is a car that is blocked from getting out, so please move it, thank you for your cooperation."

                Qin Chaoyang hurriedly got up and said, "Oh, our car. Hey, I don't have a driver's licence, Xiao Li, go and move it."

                Wang Xiaoli immediately took the keys and went to move the car.

                A brand new car? How can you afford a brand new car without several million dollars? Obviously, Qin Ming's table had that kind of power.

                Yuan Haohua could not afford to drive a big Ben, and the Ferrari he bragged about had been obtained through his old father's prank on his sister, so he immediately held his face red and kept quiet.

                The more you look at Qin Ming, the better you feel.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public, including the provision of services to the public, the provision of services to the public, and the provision of services to the public.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                In fact, Wang Xiaoli would like to save a little, but thinking that women get married once in a lifetime, which woman does not want a beautiful and romantic, like a royal princess wedding of the century? The fact that Qin Ming had made the arrangements, so she simply listened to them, made her heart grow fonder.

                The wedding will cost at least a billion dollars, which has already made the two families at the next table unable to eat.

                In fact, the wedding will cost more than a billion dollars, but Qin Ming is talking about exaggerated figures to stimulate the people next door.

                Yuan Bing was even more sad, he felt that rubbing Qin Ming's private room to come in for dinner was the wrong decision, his son was completely outclassed.

                Xia Ling was even more completely set his mind and spirit on Qin Ming's side, listening in fascination, obviously envious of this wedding of the century for Wang Xiaoli.

                Mr. Xia couldn't sit still any longer and lifted a glass of wine and said, "Mr. Liao, I didn't expect you to know such a powerful person, why don't you introduce us to him? Can you do us a favor and introduce us?"

                Yuan Bing also immediately said, "Yes, yes, Xuan, your friend is so powerful, how come we didn't know? I thought he was just an ordinary person."

                Xia Ling was also very interested and said, "Yes, yes, Miss Liao, you can introduce him, such a young and top-notch second generation, we are all in business, we can earn money together in the future."

                The only one who had a problem with this was Yuan Haohua, why did his wife care so much about the guy at the next table? Today we are discussing his wedding and we are going to visit his company later on.

                Liao Qingxuan was speechless, as far as she knew, Qin Ming used to be a poor student, then he made a rich white girl friend and became rich, but then his girlfriend's family went bankrupt, he should have gone back to his original form, then she heard Qin Ming say that he was speculating in stocks and making big money, she originally did not believe it, but now she had to believe it.

                Liao Qingxuan gave a speechless blank look and waved towards Qin Ming, saying "Qin Ming, come here for a moment."

                This tone of voice was really like a big sister greeting her little brother.

                Qin Ming had almost finished, and said, "Brother, why don't you guys go to the villa at the top of Cloud Mountain and take a look, I'll talk to my friends for a while. Oh, the meal has been paid for, you guys can go straight away."

                Wang Xiaoli's parents answered and walked out with smiles on their faces.

                Qin Ming walked over and Liao Qingxuan gave up her seat and let him sit next to her.

                "Aiyo, little handsome boy, what's your name?" Boss Xia gave Qin Ming a toast at the first opportunity, as if he was a VIP.

                Qin Ming declined the drink, made a Daoist fist hug, raised his mid-air and said "Thank you, Boss Xia, but I am a monk, I don't drink during the day, and drunkenness can easily lead to mistakes."

                "Eh? A monk?" The group was stunned.

                Even Liao Qingxuan was dumbfounded, thinking, "What are you pretending to be? Aren't you a senior student at the China Provincial University of Technology? You're pretending to be a godly man here?

                Qin Ming smiled, straightened his back and said, "I'm not going to hide it from you all, I'm the heir of the 560th generation of the Heavenly Master, the head of the Daoist sect of the Tiger Dragon Mountain, I'm a proper monk."

                "Oh, so you are a religious person." Boss Xia and his wife followed suit and made a fist hug.

                Liao Qingxuan instead secretly snickered as she reached down to the bottom of the table and secretly pinched Qin Ming, indicating that you are so bad, so good at lying to people.

                Xia Ling said curiously, "Wow, is it so much money to be a Taoist priest now?"

                Yuan Bing said, "That's not true. If there are many followers, the incense will flourish. I know a Buddhist master who drives a Rolls-Royce and lives in a European-style house, and everyone who sees him calls him master.

                "Master Qin, thank you for your respect." Boss Xia hurriedly said "Master Qin is so young and has such achievements, I really admire him."

                Qin Ming said "Eh, Boss Xia, Boss Yuan, you have misunderstood. I am still only an apprentice, a master is too far away for me. The reason I'm rich is because I helped the Mu family, the local gentry of Guangzhou, with the feng shui fortune theory taught by my teacher, and helped them through two difficult times, and they returned the favour by sending me a billion dollars. I'm a monk, money is an external thing, it just so happens that my elder brother is getting married, so I took some out and gave it to my elder brother."

                Gollum ......

                A billion, extraneous things?

                He, Yuan Bing, could not take it out.

                The eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Boss Xia seemed to be unable to take it out either, looking like they were limited even for the more luxurious.

                 You kid is not shouting my sister teacher? Don't brag."

                Qin Ming smiled faintly "This thing did not happen long ago, you can be on the Mu family family change incident, when the city of Guang circulated quite a lot."

                Yuan Haohua is still not convinced, directly out of the phone to check when the Mu family brothers turned against each other, the murder of the family property case, and the Mu family to get help from mysterious people, the old man's illness was cured, all disclosed, and which has Qin Ming when the Mu family company at the gate to hand out money to stabilize the borrowing people's photos.

                The table all scrambled to check Yuan Haohua's phone and found that it was indeed true!

                The Mu family is the oldest and most powerful family in the city of Guangzhou, known as a hundred billion dollars, rich as hell, giving Qin Ming a random billion is nothing.

                After reading it, Mr. Xia came straight up and grabbed Qin Ming's hand, crying out, "Oh, Master Qin ...... is really a real person, I'm really lucky to know Master Qin today, please save our family."

                Qin Ming drew back his hand and laughed dryly, "Oh, you're welcome, Mr. Xia, what are you doing? Aren't you all fine?"