Rags To Riches Chapter 49-50

 Chapter 49

On the back wall of the Trendy Shopping Building, lights project two figures walking into the centre of the fountain.

        One dark figure is seated and the other, a shapely, slim dark figure, is bent over and standing.

        The crowd could see the projection was of a girl with a bar of chocolate in her mouth, moving towards the seated guy, what a romantic shot.

        "Wow~!" The passers-by around the fountain let out a gasp of surprise as many of them had failed to make it to the centre of their mouths, but right now this couple had succeeded.

        And Li Meng, who was holding a bottle of unknown liquid in her hand, rushed to see this scene inwardly jealous and ruthless, Qin Ming was so lucky that he used this love fountain to pick up girls, and he damn well let him succeed?

        Li Meng had just been dumped by Yang Wei and had no money to spend, while he, Qin Ming, had immediately picked up a real rich girl and was soaring to greatness.

        And in the middle of the fountain, Qin Ming looked at Nie Haitang who was bending over, her shell teeth biting into the chocolate, moving over inch by inch, her eyes big and clear.

        It was self-evident what this wanted to do.

        He could see that both of Nie Haitang's hands were in a death grip on her clothes because she was nervous.

        Qin Ming's mind was clear at this moment, and the grief and resentment that had built up before because of Li Meng's break-up was taken over a little by Nie Haitang's tenderness at this moment.

        Little by little, his broken heart was healed.

        Qin Ming opened his mouth and bit into the bar of chocolate. As if on purpose, the two began to nibble on it coincidentally, as if a couple was nibbling on a black and white match.

        When the chocolate was nibbled down to the middle end, their lips touched together.

        Nie Haitang closed her eyes, Qin Ming reached out to caress her ear, and their lips pressed together as the two melted the chocolate in their mouths, not separating from each other.

        "Ho!" There in the square, passers-by who couldn't get into the fountain looked at the black projection on the wall and shouted in excitement, it was a very, very romantic kiss.

        They couldn't get in, so they could only shout their blessings.

        She knew Qin Ming was a bit of a romantic, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to be together in the first place. Now that she saw Qin Ming had set up Nie Haitang again, the thought that he would soon be able to live a rich life thanks to the Nie family made Li Meng feel uncomfortable inside, unbearable, worse than killing her.

        Not long after, Qin Ming pulled Nie Haitang out.

        Slap, slap, slap ......

        "Brother, that's romantic enough."

        "Bro, reveal it, how does this fountain maze go?"

        "Wow, so romantic, you guys are quite a couple."

        "Sister, such a romantic man, marry him."

        With so many people watching, Nie Haitang felt her cheeks burning and she bowed her head in shyness as Qin Ming took Nie Haitang's hand and hurriedly left the place.

        The two of them ran for a while and stopped at the side of the road. Nie Haitang caught her breath, her delicate face was white and red, very eye catching.

        She looked towards Qin Ming, her heart bursting with sweetness, but she had to wait, for a word from Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming was actually quite aware of this as he looked towards Nie Haitang and felt that he must have saved the Great Heavenly Kingdom in his last life to be favoured by Nie Haitang in this life.

        The fact that Nie Haitang did not know that he was already the richest man in the world and only treated him as a poor boy, but still treated him well, was enough to move Qin Ming a million times.

        He thought to himself, "I must not let such a good girl down.

        Qin Ming took Nie Haitang's small catkin hand, and the latter's delicate body shook. She was smart enough to guess what Qin Ming was going to say, and her cheeks flew up in a haze, and she shyly lowered her head and waited for Qin Ming to say the words.

        Qin Ming said tenderly, "Haitang, be my ......"

        Before the words were out of his mouth, suddenly Qin Ming saw a familiar woman behind him, Li Meng, who was holding a glass bottle in her hand, the liquid inside shaking out, she ran towards the two of them with quick steps, shouting as she rushed in, "Suffer death you pair of dogs and men."

        Qin Ming's pupils shrank, often watching the news, from time to time in society there would be news of couples breaking up and a certain party being disfigured by throwing acid.

        At this moment, Li Meng, who was acting like a madman, threw that unknown liquid over, could it be sulfuric acid?

        Qin Ming immediately hugged Nie Haitang and blocked her behind him, while subconsciously using his hands to ward off the unidentified liquid thrown over, secretly regretting in his heart, "Damn, I didn't inform my bodyguards to follow today, I really didn't expect that there were no killers against me, but my ex-girlfriend wanted to deal with me."

        Qin Ming blocked all the unidentified liquid, was protected down Nie Haitang was shocked, she exclaimed, "Qin Ming! You, you ...... Li Meng you want to die? Qin Ming are you alright? How are you? Don't you scare me. I'm calling the police and an ambulance."

        Qin Ming was fine, he just felt that the liquid was a little cold, not the burning sensation that he imagined those sulfuric acid to be, but the stench of shit from the toilet.

        Come on, it wasn't any sulfuric acid, it was the stench of urine.

        Motherfucker, Li Meng, are you a kid? Are you a kid? You got dumped by Yang Wei and you're looking for him to throw urine on you to vent your anger?

        Li Meng saw Qin Ming being splashed with urine and laughed heartily: "Hahahaha ...... Qin Ming, you deserve it. If you ruin my good deed, you can go and become a licking dog and eat soft rice. Nie Haitang, look at him, he usually smells like this, you can still stand it?"

        Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming's opponent, very angry, and said, "What do you care what I like? The police will be here soon, don't you run."

        Li Meng was shocked and hurried away, but it was already too late, places like the Star River Trend Plaza were densely populated, and the police patrol arrived right then and there, quickly arresting Li Meng and placing him in administrative detention for forty-eight hours for intentional bodily harm.

        And although Qin Ming was a little annoyed at being splashed with dirty water, Li Meng had already been arrested by the police, so he couldn't go to the police station and have a real-life poker fight with Li Meng, could he?

        When Qin Ming was made to feel this way, he was also not interested in continuing the date.

        He said, "Tch, that Li Meng is really unbelievable, I'll settle the score with her next time. Forget it, I'll go back to school first."

        When it comes to Li Meng, Qin Ming is still very sensitive inside, after all, he had his first love, after all, he had loved, after all, he had slept with her, he still had some feelings, so he spilled some urine and did not bother with her for the time being, he would settle the score next time he saw her.

        Nie Haitang said, "I'll send you back."

        Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Your luxury car, what can you do if you get it dirty? It costs a lot of money to wash it. I'll just take a drop back myself, and it's late, so your family will be worried about you. It's okay, we'll meet again in a couple of days anyway. You can go back."

        When it came to her family, Nie Haitang was also a bit helpless, she had indeed been instructed by her family not to go out too late recently.

        Nie Haitang said reluctantly, "Alright then, take care of yourself, see you next week."

        Qin Ming had a drip and soon returned to school, but his sour smell was too much even for him to bear, so he wanted to go back to the dormitory and take a shower.

        Only halfway back to the dormitory, Qin Ming's phone rang, and it was actually his sister?

        Qin Ming was frozen in place, he and his sister had not spoken on the phone for a long time, because his sister was a senior in high school in her hometown this year, her grades were not bad, Qin Ming had to earn tuition fees, he had been working in Guangzhou for three years and did not go back during the summer and winter, usually only to talk a few times during the New Year.

        Why did her sister suddenly call her? Did something happen at home?

Chapter 50

"Brother? I heard that you've made some money recently?"

        As soon as the phone call was connected, his sister Qin Susu talked about the money, which was all minor, and the stone hanging in Qin Ming's heart was put down.

        Qin Ming guessed that maybe he had called his parents earlier and they had refused to accept the money, and then his sister found out about it.

        In fact, Qin Ming also thought that tomorrow he would find an excuse to send some money to his family, his parents had worked hard all their lives and it was time to enjoy the benefits, his elder brother was also time to get a daughter-in-law and his sister Qin Susu could also have a better life.

        Qin Ming said, "Yes, what's wrong?"

        Qin Susu was overjoyed at hearing this and said with some haste, "Brother, can you, can you give me three thousand yuan? I, I want to buy a second-hand Apple phone, all the students in my class have smartphones, and I'm still using those old antiques that can only make phone calls."

        Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "Brother will give you twenty thousand, ten thousand to buy a brand new Apple phone and ten thousand for you to buy some new clothes and stationery and study hard."

        Qin Susu was overjoyed, "Ah? Really? Thank you, second brother, you're really something."

        Qin Ming hung up the phone and went straight to the bank teller machine to transfer the money to his sister, and only after the transfer did Qin Ming return to the dormitory.

        However, just as Qin Ming returned to the dormitory, he was greeted by two angry parents, Li Meng's parents, whom he had met once, back in his sophomore year.

        But it was not a pleasant conversation at that time, because Qin Ming was poor.

        After entering the dormitory, Qin Ming found that there were quite a lot of people, apart from Li Meng's parents, there were also the tutor, the class teacher, and a few middle-aged socialites, not a big dormitory.

        On the contrary, the three brothers, Zhao Liniu, Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng, were squeezed to the side and had no part in speaking.

        Qin Ming frowned and felt that something was not right.

        Because the tutor and class teacher were there, he still asked rather politely, "Uncle and auntie, what brings you here? Is there something wrong?"

        Pa, Li Meng's mother slapped the table angrily and said, "Qin Ming, my family Meng Meng doesn't mind you being poor, doesn't mind you being a janitor, dishwasher, or delivery boy, and how many losses have I eaten to you by getting involved with you. What about you? How did you treat her? How dare you let her suffer? What do you mean? Are you still a human being?"

        Li Meng's father was also angry and pointed at Qin Ming, frothing at the mouth and cursing, "Our daughter is really blind to see you. Do you see what you are capable of? You have to go to work even on vacation? Aigoo? What is this smell? Qin Ming, you're not going to work washing toilets, are you? Tsk, what a lowlife."

        Li Meng's mother also pinched her nose in disgust and said, "Ouch, I didn't know that until you told me, husband, I wondered where the strange smell came from, I thought it was the poor man's nest that smelled like this, but it turned out to be from Qin Ming's body."

        Qin Ming said speechlessly, "If you guys are here to scold me, you can go now. This is my dormitory."

        "What's your attitude? What a growing arrogance, teachers, look, is this the kind of attitude your students have?" Li Meng's mother was so angry that her face turned red, she shouted in a stern voice, "Qin Ming you'd better know your own identity, do you still want to be with our Meng Meng? We are all from the city, you are a poor boy from the countryside, it's a blessing in several lifetimes for you to be favoured by our Meng Meng, do you know that?"

        The blessings of several lifetimes ...... Qin Ming's heart ached again, he did think so at first, but the reality was cruel, the once innocent Li Meng changed her heart.

        Qin Ming asked, "What do you want to see me about?"

        The tutor, Mr. Wu, raised his hand and said, "Well, let's cut the crap and get down to business."

        Suddenly, an older woman came out and said discontentedly, "What, still not convinced? My sister is right. This poor boy from the countryside is lucky to have my niece, Li Meng, in his life. But he doesn't know how to cherish it, he cheated on her, and he hurt my niece."

        Another uncle came out, "Isn't that so? It's not often that you find a girl as good as Li Meng, who doesn't mind the poor and loves the rich. But this boy doesn't know what he's doing, he's stepping into two boats, pursuing that rich white girl and abandoning Li Meng. Teacher, how can your school take in such a student with a deficient moral character?"

        Teacher Wu also had some difficulty, as several parents came aggressively to denounce Qin Ming, he said patiently, "Let's get to know the situation."

        Li Meng's mother was so angry that she cried and cried, "What else do you want to know? My Meng Meng is still suffering in the police station, and he? He's free and easy. Isn't it all his fault?"

        When Qin Ming heard this, nevermind, the so-called aggravation was that Li Meng was in the police station and had approached his family to ask for help.

        There was no need to guess, they must be looking for Qin Ming, the person in question, to explain clearly that it was a misunderstanding so that Li Meng could be released.

        Otherwise, Li Meng would have to spend forty-eight hours in the guardhouse.

        It would be hard for an ordinary person to spend half a day in a detention center, let alone a delicate woman like Li Meng, who would have to spend two days.

        It was Li Meng who threw the urine first and Nie Haitang who called the police later.

        Mr. Wu said calmly, "Qin Ming, you have always been a good student and diligent, why did you get into such a mess with Li Meng? You even got Li Meng into the police station? I heard from other students that you and Li Meng are still in a relationship, so why did you get into such a mess? Let's talk about it properly."

        Qin Ming was aggrieved and said, "Counselor, it's true that Li Meng and I have broken up. But what about ......"

        The moment this statement was made, Li Meng's aunt immediately arrogantly interrupted and said, "Listen, isn't this an admission that he cheated? Our Li Meng is such a good girl, her grades aren't bad, right? He is lucky to have fallen in love with her. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in the marketplace. The poor? What's the matter? The girl's grades are not bad.

        Li Meng's mother also scolded harshly, "Hey, class teacher Wang, you don't discipline your students either. You are too bad in character, aren't you? Hurry up and contact his parents and ask them to come over."

        The class teacher said with slight embarrassment, "Qin Ming's home is quite far away, and their parents can't come for a while."

        Li Meng's father said disdainfully, "Of course they can't come, they don't have a car at home and it's expensive to take a bus, so they won't come. This kind of poor family, the poorer they are, the more unproductive they are. It's true that the oldest son has a son of any kind."

        "That's enough of you! Remember to brush your teeth if your mouth stinks." When Qin Ming suddenly heard his dad being scolded, he immediately became furious and rushed forward to slap him across the face.


        Li Meng's dad was slapped and fell to the ground, he also roared in anger, "How dare you hit me? You poor devil, you have two boats in your feet, and you still hit me? Do you believe I'll get someone to kill you? Don't you see what kind of status you have?"

        But Li Meng's mother started to shout, "You're beating people up! Teacher Wang, this student must be expelled, expelled."

        Qin Ming said, "I know why you are here, to force Li Meng out of the police station, but I tell you, there is no way."

        Li Meng's father was furious: "If you do it today, you do it, or you don't, you poor bastard? You're a poor man. The badger is a bad guy. The company's main business is to provide a service to the public. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

        The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. If you have the guts to do so, just let your horse come."

        "Stop it all." Fiercely, a loud bellow of anger rushed out.