Rags To Riches Chapter 487-488

 Chapter 487

"Do you still believe your father?" Qin Ming asked seriously.

                "I ......" Liao Qingxuan covered her face in pain and said, "Reason tells me that my father is lying to me. He took everything I have to fill my brother's old age, he's thirty years old and all he knows how to do is play games and buy hand-me-downs, eat, drink and play, he's never tried to earn a penny on his own."

                "My dad spoils my brother too much, his company used to be worth over 100 million, but now my brother has lost tens of millions. I don't see any growth in my brother, just a spoiled social giant, and I feel like I can't get back the money I was cheated out of."

                "But I I couldn't say no once I faced my dad, I couldn't say no, I looked at him and thought he was telling the truth and he would give me my money back."

                "Because because I don't want to lose them, you don't know, I used to spend it all with my mother, when I was studying, I was envious when I saw other people's fathers present at parents' meetings."

                "On New Year's Day, my mum had to work and I spent it all alone. My dad would even call me, I especially didn't want to lose them."

                Qin Ming added "I understand how you feel, the less people have, the more they become overly concerned. Listen to me this time, not only will you not lose your dad, but you won't lose your career or your house."

                Liao Qingxuan looked up in surprise, she looked at Qin Ming and asked "You can really do that?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course I can, I have learnt some skills from a fortune teller, Miss Liao, your fortune is good, you are blessed with good fortune, and your life will be smooth and smooth."

                Liao Qingxuan couldn't help but say, "You're coaxing people."

                Qin Ming said, "Why don't I show you my palm? I can guarantee that I can guess your recent luck, so you should believe that I am a fortune teller, right?"

                "Sure, you can read it." Qin Ming took it and found that Liao Qingxuan's fingers were long and thin, and her skin was tender and good to touch.

                He pretended to masturbate for a while and then, following Zhang Quanzhen's example, said, "Well, Miss Liao, the first half of your palm is not good, but the second half is good. "

                Liao Qingxuan heard Qin Ming speak in a serious manner and said, "Really? Let me see ......"

                Liao Qingxuan also lowered her head to study, muttered "I can't understand ah,, then how do I have to do? I can't understand it. To live a good life? The first time I met Prince Charming?"

                Qin Ming said, "You don't need to do anything now, just do what you need to do, I'll do a puja for you later, heaven and earth are mysterious, the dao is reincarnated, once your qi arrives, everything you've lost so far will come back."

                Liao Qingxuan was so confused by Qin Ming's words that she felt false and untrustworthy, but she could not help but believe that she was blessed with a lucky star and that she would be able to meet her destined man, Prince Charming, and live a happy life if she had to pass through this calamity.

                Liao Qingxuan finally nodded her head and said, "All right then, let's do the spell. But I don't have the money to do the spell for you now. I still have a contract with the TV station, and my dance students are waiting for my salary."

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, what kind of relationship do we have? What's the point of charging money to perform a spell for you? It's free. In addition, I can temporarily lend you a little money, so that you can complete the TV station's dance contract first, so that you do not have to break the contract, lose money and reputation, how about it?"

                "Oooh ...... Qin Ming you are too kind." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                However, she was full of doubts and said, "No, Qin Ming, aren't you a poor student? Your rich white beauty friend Nie Haitang's family is also broke and gone, where do you have so much money?"

                Qin Ming said "I earned it from stock trading, but it's not much, I gave you all mine."

                "Stock trading? You're a stock market god?" Liao Qingxuan was dumbfounded "Don't lie to me, the Chinese stock market can make money, sows can fly to the sky. Big capital can make money, you are a small shareholder, how can you make money?"

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, didn't I learn to tell fortunes? I followed an insider to speculate on stocks. He is very powerful, so I work for him as a junior. He is very low-key and forbids me to talk nonsense."

                Liao Qingxuan patted Qin Ming and said, "That's great, you still know how to follow a big capitalist to speculate, you've earned a villa and a house, alas, it's true that boys are better, no wonder my father is so patriarchal."

                Qin Ming said, "No, you're the one who's great, you're a national level dancer at a young age. It has nothing to do with gender, it depends on the family's ability to educate."

                Liao Qingxuan smiled gratefully and said, "Good, I love to hear that. Don't call me teacher, call me Sister Xuan, I'm not older than you by a few years anyway, so I'll take you on as my reliable little brother."

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "This is not easy, I have always been treated as an immature boy by Liao Qingxuan, but now I have finally received her approval and am being treated as a man.

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Okay, Xiao Xuan."

                "Oh, you bad boy, don't shout that the generations have crossed over." Liao Qingxuan snapped, "You want to take advantage of me?"

                Qin Ming said with a playful smile, "Sister Xuan, I'm just shouting at you to be younger."

                Liao Qingxuan smiled and was filled with joy, not expecting to move out of the commercial house and into a big villa, and Qin Ming was so clever and coaxing that she felt that Qin Ming was really something.

                She even helped Qin Ming to open an altar to perform a spell.

                Qin Ming naturally did not know how to perform any spells, but just followed the example of the Taoist priests in the TV series, dancing with swords, shouting the spirit of heaven and earth, and then spewing out a line of fire with a mouthful of wine, and gave Liao Qingxuan a vermilion mark on her forehead with three flowers.

                Qin Ming looked at the way Liao Qingxuan knelt in front of the three qings and prayed piously, Qin Ming laughed in his heart "Hahaha, I found out that I can also fool around quite well, I successfully tricked Liao Qingxuan."

                After Qin Ming had done this, he also went back to school.

                His new Chaoyang Group, a few alumni from the school had already started working on it, titling it into the Huan Yu Century Group, while on the other hand Chang Hong Xi gradually handed over the global business within the group to Qin Ming's side to start.

                Ah Long has also reshuffled the assassination squad, gradually ripping out the squad leaders as long as they have their hearts set on their old masters and replacing them with people who are only loyal to Qin Ming.

                Everything went according to plan, as all his men were quite capable and Qin Ming didn't need to do anything, he was happy to be a hands-off boss.

                When it came time for self-study in the evening, his elder brother Qin Chaoyang called.

                Qin Chaoyang said, "Xiao Ming, that's great. Xiaoli has agreed to take me to see her parents."

                Qin Ming said, "That's good, brother, Sister Xiaoli also seems to want to marry you."

                "Hey hey hey ......" Qin Chaoyang a giggle, said "I also think so, Xiaoli parents live in Hangzhou, is not far, tomorrow will arrive. The actual fact is, you can borrow a car? I'm going to pick them up, always get a car, decent."

                Qin Ming said, "Brother, that won't work. You have to go by yourself."

                Qin Chaoyang said "This ...... won't be a good impression, right?"

                Qin Ming continued, "Brother, what's wrong with that? I'll go with you, our family is indeed poor, there is no need to pretend."

                Qin Chaoyang gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, let's go together tomorrow."

Chapter 488

The next morning, Qin Ming secretly arranged for Wang Xiaoli to supervise a batch of goods from the supermarket to the warehouse, so she could go and supervise.

                This left his two brothers to pick up Wang Xiaoli's parents at the airport.

                Qin Ming is still the same, washed white year jeans, a white fast line of round-neck t-shirt, a pair of old back to the force shoes.

                On the contrary, Qin Chaoyang in order to take into account the image, suit, but also wore a wristwatch, do hair, looks quite like a successful career manager.

                The two took a taxi to the airport, Qin Ming asked "Brother, did Sister Xiaoli tell you what their family is like?"

                Qin Chaoyang said "said, she is the only daughter, the family's pearl, their families are working people, but not ordinary working people, are in charge of the unit manager, the old family has a small house, Hangzhou also has a house worth more than one million."

                Qin Ming said "quite good ah, brother, Xiaoli sister and you is the first time? Seeing red?"

                Qin Chaoyang was a little embarrassed, said "you ask this why? The first time is very important? Brother, you are disrespecting women."

                Qin Ming smilingly asked "brother, I am not curious ah."

                Qin Chaoyang nodded "is the first time, that day do not enter a batch of imported snacks? Find a trading company to pick up the goods, in order to lower the price of the goods, accompanied by customers to drink a lot of wine, and then we went back on the good."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, turtle, and is drunk and promiscuous, men really can not just drunk ah, these two brothers are suffering from heavy.

                However, this is not a loss to our brother, Qin Ming also did not say more.

                Qin Chaoyang said "I think, Xiao Li is really like me, will not care if I have money, because I am very stupid, can not calculate, when a manager, rather than say I when, rather than say she when. The people in the company listen to her, do things especially fast, see me all shady, behind the scenes also ridiculed me rely on relations to get to the top."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, those old greasy employees, will also pick the leader? Of course, Qin Ming did not intend to go for the big brother, this kind of trivial matter, the big brother survived, but also a kind of training.

                Qin Chaoyang continued "But then, Xiao Li did not look down on me, she taught me by hand, encourage me, but also very patient, I was tired at night and gave me from the coffee. In the community house, she also undertake breakfast dinner."

                Qin Ming listened, tsk, this is really a real sense of personal secretary, life things also give catch up.

                Qin Qinming said "okay, I'm quite satisfied with sister Xiaoli, just graduated from college, capable, people are also beautiful, the key character is also good, depending on her parents."

                Qin Chaoyang said, "In fact, her parents have a little bit of character and what's the harm, I'm a little bit of aggravation is okay."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Brother, you can't say that. The marriage is not just a matter for you two, it's a matter for both families, there is a long way to go, you want to be in a difficult position in the future, as a sandwich cookie, that's hard to bear. We are not at a disadvantage, we have the initiative in hand, let's see first."

                The two did not wait long to see a middle-aged couple came out from the inside and walked toward the sign Qin Chaoyang.

                The older man came up and asked, "Hey, you're our Xiaoli's boyfriend, right? Your name is Qin ......"

                Qin Chaoyang busy nodding, said "uncle and aunt hello, my name is Qin Chaoyang, this is my brother Qin Ming, originally Xiaoli came with us, but she temporarily have work."

                The two old men said "Oh, work is important, let's go to where you live first."

                Aunt Wang, who had been looking at Qin Chaoyang, suddenly said, "Eh? Don't you have a car?"

                Qin Chaoyang pursed his lips and said, "No."

                Qin Ming hurriedly said "uncle and aunt, I have called the drop, the same, waiting there."

                Once you hear that Qin Chaoyang does not have a car, Aunt Wang frowned, seems a little less satisfied.

                Uncle Wang is more open-minded, said "used to it, go to the place where you live first, listen to Xiao Li said, you now live in a high-end district, the environment is very good, is it the house you bought?"

                Qin Chaoyang shook his head again and said, "No, that is someone else's, now repossessed, Xiaoli and I temporarily rented a house in the city village around the east to live."

                Auntie Wang frowned again and said loudly, "What? The East Village? That place, the last time we went, too chaotic, dirty and smelly, outside the window is the gutter, tsk ...... Xiao Qin ah, listen to Xiaoli said, you do not manager? The monthly salary of 30,000, must not be better for my daughter? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

                Qin Chaoyang was this question, made a little embarrassed, said "Auntie, I ...... I deducted social security will be left more than 20,000, the family gave 10,000, but also to pay for his sister's education, counting the daily treats and dinner expenses, there is not much left. But next month I'll save some money."

                Auntie Wang had a sarcastic look on her face and said, "Tsk, so stingy, and so generous to the family, but also rubbed my Xiaoli's rented room to live. My own sister to enjoy the blessings of my daughter as a nanny can not?"

                The voice is not loud, but anyone can hear into the ears, Qin Chaoyang anxious, said "Auntie, no, I am very small Li, I also do not want her to suffer. In the future, when I earn money, I will buy a big house for her."

                Uncle Wang said, "Come on, what is the noise? East around the village of the city we have been to rent a room, just a room, we will not go, go directly to your supermarket, it is almost noon, and then eat a meal together."

                Uncle Wang did not complain too much, but Auntie Wang complained as soon as she got into the car "also drop, these days, who does not have a car at home ah? And do not want any Mercedes-Benz BMW, Azeri Geely always have it?"

                Uncle Wang persuaded "you say a few words, people's careers are not just starting? Besides, the monthly salary of 30,000, how difficult it is to buy a car? This child gave the money to the family, but also a person with filial piety."

                Aunt Wang muttered in a low voice, said "Oh, talk about a girlfriend, do not love or man? Our little Li grew up, which has suffered? She graduated, we bought a Volkswagen Sprint to her, originally thought of her to stay in our Hangcheng work, but the result is to come to the city of Guangzhou to work, instead of living badly, eat badly, the means of transportation are not a.. Aigoo, when I think of her so hard, my heart aches, Xiao Li is my heart's flesh ah."

                The voice is not loud, Qin Chaoyang heard very hard, blushing, and immediately assured that "uncle and aunt, buy, I saved enough money at the end of the year to immediately buy a joint venture car to Xiaoli."

                Qin Ming see big brother Qin Chaoyang that anxious look, secretly shaking his head, big brother still can not be patient ah.

                Uncle Wang smiled awkwardly "This, Xiao Qin, we are not forcing you ah, you do not misunderstand, Xiaoli is our only daughter, we attach more importance."

                The four came to the university city, the October day is also very toxic, the back of the supermarket is into a batch of goods, Wang Xiaoli is under the sun carefully count, sweating.

                As a result, Auntie Wang shouted "Oh my! My goodness, clearing the goods such a thing, but she still need to do? Qin Chaoyang, aren't you the manager? You're trashing your girlfriend like this?"

                Qin Chaoyang also did not know how to respond, can only rush to call Wang Xiaoli over, so that the warehouse management to accept.

                "Xiaoli, why did you order goods ah?"

                Wang Xiaoli shook her head and said with a smile "Nothing, this batch of goods is more important, the number is large, I must personally see. Hey? Mom and Dad, you're here?"

                Auntie Wang saw her daughter sweaty appearance, immediately fire, said "I told you, poor boy can not marry."