Rags To Riches Chapter 481-482

 Chapter 481

Qin Ming knew that he could not delay any longer, and in the face of Liao Qingxuan's unreasonable request, he could only accept it with a sigh of resignation.

                With the spirit of saving the "innocence" of the deflowered girl Sun Changxi and sacrificing his own sexuality, he decided to put up a fight.

                Qin Ming grabbed Liao Qingxuan's shoulders and had to say that the shoulders of a woman who practiced dancing were really soft and boneless, her body was really slim and slender, her waistline was good and her body was also without a trace of fat, giving people a feeling of a light body and soft and easy to push down.

                The key is not like Sun Changxi who will have some muscles.

                It was only the last time he embraced the sports-loving Nie Haitang that Qin Ming felt such a superb figure.

                "Well ......" Qin Ming nudged his mouth about to kiss over, his heart actually a little excited, wondering what Liao Qingxuan's lips tasted like.

                The slap.

                The result is a slap to give Qin Ming to wake up.

                "Qin Ming what are you doing while I'm drunk?" Liao Qingxuan suddenly regained her senses, and with a "vicious" look, she slapped Qin Ming's face with her hand and said, "You kid, you're young, but you've learnt something bad, haven't you? I am your elder, how dare you treat me badly?"

                Qin Ming was wronged and innocent, and said, "You said it, no kisses, no life saving. Am I not fulfilling your request? I'm in a hurry to save my life, but you have to go crazy and play with kisses."

                Liao Qingxuan hummed "Bullshit, how could I possibly say such a frivolous request? Don't I give you benefits for nothing? You're full of train wrecks, covering up for your own indecency?"

                Qin Ming wanted to cry and said "Teacher, it's really important to save lives now. You have to cooperate later ......"

                Once Qin Ming told the story, Liao Qingxuan washed her face and also sobered up a bit before realizing that she had misunderstood Qin Ming.

                 Tsk, I can't see that you are quite honest, but you are so bold?"

                Qin Ming had nothing to say now, because he had really done that and could not refute it.

                He said, "The teacher is not what you think, will you help? People's lives are at stake."

                Liao Qingxuan propped her head up and said, "Fine, I'll say she slept with me last night. However, I don't welcome strangers into my home, I'll talk outside."

                Liao Qingxuan held Qin Ming's arm and staggered out of the room. As soon as she reached the door, she smelled of alcohol and Auntie Yang frowned.

                Qingxuan Liao said, "What's wrong? There's a bunch of people blocking my door, say something quickly, I want to sleep."

                Auntie Yang asked, "Hello, did my daughter stay at your house last night, we are here to say thank you, sorry for the inconvenience."

                After saying that, a bodyguard next to him brought over a box of wild ginseng as a gift.

                Qin Ming took a look, this Auntie Yang was good at talking and doing things, and would not cause dissatisfaction to anyone, in contrast, that Huang Shaohao, his emotional quotient was really far from good.

                Although taking people's hands, Qin Ming was an acquaintance.

                Liao Qingxuan didn't look at the gifts and said, "Oh, I remember, it was too late last night, Qin Ming brought a friend over and said it was inconvenient for a girl to stay outside, so he borrowed my place for one night. What's wrong? What's the problem? I don't have any video surveillance at home, believe it or not."

                Auntie Yang smiled and said, "No problem, I see you look familiar, may I ask if you are a dancer who used to dance in any TV station?"

                Liao Qingxuan was stunned and sobered up a bit, saying "Sort of, I did appear in the Spring Festival Gala when I was young and won some fame. Now I'm a teacher at the Guangdong Opera University. What? Don't believe me? My name is Liao Qingxuan, you can check my profile."

                Auntie Yang hurriedly said, "Oh, the famous Miss Liao, no, no, no, I didn't think that. I just didn't expect the famous Miss Liao to come to the south, I thought you had been studying folk dance with Miss Bi."

                A big name? Qin Ming was puzzled, he didn't expect Liao Qingxuan to be so famous, no wonder some of the people he had met before were quite rich.

                It was true that people wanted to be famous before it was too late.

                Liao Qingxuan hiccuped and asked, "My teacher is getting old and has stopped teaching dance long ago. You guys don't have to worry, I'm not lying, hiccup ...... What else do you guys want?"

                Qin Ming said, "You hear that? It's very late now, so don't disturb Miss Liao's rest. If you don't believe me, I won't care. If you bother me, I'll get mad."

                Auntie Yang got the confirmation and smiled heartily "It's true that I have disturbed you for a long time, Teacher Liao is very sorry that my daughter disturbed you last night, next time I will come to the door to thank you."

                Liao Qingxuan waved her hand and said "It's alright, it's nothing."

                Qin Ming sent the people back, Liao Qingxuan lying on the bed in a daze said "Qin Ming, this is what you owe me, I lied for you, I really ...... never lie."

                Qin Ming said "Teacher you sleep, I'll lock the door for you, thank you this time, next time buy you dinner."

                "Well ........." Liao Qingxuan fell asleep in a daze "What kind of meal are you inviting me to eat, which time am I not cooking for you."

                Qin Ming went out and found these people still there.

                "What are you doing? What else do you guys want to do?" He asked.

                Huang Shaohao's black face immediately said, "Qin Ming, you slept here last night too, didn't you? The surveillance at the entrance of the area shows that you left this morning. You also slept here last night, this house is two rooms, your teacher sleeps in one, you Chang Xi sleeps in one, you sleep in the living room, is it possible for you to ...... in the middle of the night"

                The latter words were not finished, but the meaning was self-explanatory, implying that Qin Ming climbed into Sun Changxi's bed in the middle of the night.

                Sun Changxi was so angry that her face turned white and she said, "Huang Shaohao, what are you trying to say? I ......"

                Aunt Yang immediately said "You shut up!"

                Sun Changxi immediately did not dare to speak, the atmosphere of the arms clasped.

                Qin Ming was also stunned, this Huang Shaohao had no end to it?

                Qin Ming could understand, he took the attitude of Sun Changxi's future husband, found out that Sun Changxi had not returned last night, he was afraid and worried, he was very worried that Sun Changxi had lost her virginity, so he had to break the sand pot to the end.

                But this would be too much, it has risen to the level of insulting Sun Changxi, and that would be more than worth it.

                Auntie Yang asked, "Qin Ming, where did you sleep last night? Since we've already checked here, you should also testify yourself so that nothing will happen in the future, okay?"

                Qin Ming coldly snorted "Really, you guys have to ask me to prove this and that, isn't it annoying? If I am proven innocent, what do I have to do? I want Sister Chang Xi to accompany me to see a movie, how about this condition?"

                Qin Ming's move was a retreat, it looked like he was being rude, he looked like he was taking a big advantage by asking to watch a movie with Sun Changxi here, in fact it looked like he didn't get any advantage from Sun Changxi, he was secretly protecting Sun Changxi.

                Huang Shaohao said "Oh, you are delusional, toad wants to eat swan meat."

                Sun Changxi said, "Qin Ming, just say it straight."

                Qin Ming shook his head helplessly and said, "Really, my big brother's family lives next to me, I stayed at my big brother's house last night."

                As he said that, Qin Ming took out his keys and opened the door.

                Qin Chaoyang was watching TV in the living room, and when he saw Qin Ming enter, he said, "Hey? Xiao Ming, you're here? Did you bring your friends? I have to clean up the living room."

                "Brother, it's okay, they won't come in." Qin Ming turned back and said "I'm tired of you guys asking me to prove this and that, so get lost wherever you can and leave me alone."

                The door slammed shut, leaving behind an embarrassed crowd, so this is where the family lives.

                Seeing that the proof was almost complete, Sun Changxi said, "Now are you convinced? I just fell down and hit my stomach. I was walking in the wrong position and you said I was having sex with someone else. You even dragged my mother to find someone else to prove this and that, what were you thinking? Why don't you call her brother to come out and prove that Qin Ming slept here last night?"

                Auntie Yang said indifferently, "The matter has been proved, you are innocent. Chang Xi, don't blame Huang Shao, he's just worried about you, you have to know that in our circle, if there's a little thing that doesn't see the light of day, it's all over the news."

                Huang Shaohao saw that the proof was over, and his heart was relieved to know that Sun Changxi was still innocent, and a smile appeared on his face.

                He hurriedly said with a smile on his face, "Yes, Changxi, I am also worried about you. I definitely believe in you in my heart, but I'm afraid you'll be at a disadvantage. I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

                Sun Changxi lost her temper and said, "Humph, I'm going back, you guys continue to spend time here."

                As she got into the car, Sun's phone rang and a message came from Qin Ming, "Sister Changxi, did you still say you were going to watch a movie? Let's watch 'Nezha' together?"

                Sun Changxi smiled, she had taken a big step forward today and did not let her family find out what happened between her and Qin Ming last night, otherwise she would not have been able to eat at home and her old father at home would not have wanted her life.

                What happened last night, Sun Changxi did not feel that she had suffered a loss, it was originally Zhou Yu beating Huang Gai, a matter of willingness to fight and a willingness to suffer.

                She could not shamelessly say that it was all Qin Ming's fault, right?

                So, Sun Changxi just wanted to treat it as a "beautiful encounter" and forget about it.

                As for the future? Although she regretted losing her virginity, not all men in China care about the membrane, and she would not marry Huang Shaohao, a straight man with advanced cancer.

                In the small house, Qin Ming was holding his mobile phone and received a message from Sun Changxi "No, I'm not going, I've lost my virginity to you over a meal. I'm afraid I'm not going to get pregnant watching a movie?"

                "Hahahaha ......" Qin Ming burst out laughing, it looks like the night was handled well.

                Qin Ming was about to put his phone away and take a break, but at that moment, Liao Qingxuan called.

                Qin Ming's heart stirred "Hmm? Isn't Miss Liao asleep? Why ......"

Chapter 482

"Well ...... Qin Ming, I feel so bad...I've shouted at you so many times, where are you?" Liao Qingxuan rattled on the phone.

                Qin Ming sighed, how could this Liao Qingxuan be a teacher? Every other day, she got drunk.

                He had to go back next door and found Liao Qingxuan lying in the living room again, holding a bottle of red wine and pouring it down her throat.

                The floor of the living room had also been vomited on, and the vomit stank of the floor.

                Qin Ming was really angry, drinking like this, do not want to die?

                But for the sake of his mentor, Principal Liao, Qin Ming couldn't ignore it.

                He went forward and grabbed the red wine, saying "Liao Qingxuan, what are you doing? You don't want to drink any more liver?"

                 I still want to drink ...... drunk, you can have whatever you want, there are luxury cars, good Chanel, Ferrari, and award-winning ......"

                Qin Ming said in annoyance "You really want to drink into the hospital, how can I face Principal Liao ah? She has helped me so much, can't watch you degrade yourself."

                "Qin Ming, give you a kiss, you give me wine." Liao Qingxuan hugged Qin Ming's thigh and went booze crazy, saying "Kiss wherever you want."

                Qin Ming kicked him away and said, "Go, go, I won't give you any more wine. What do you want to kiss, you know how to cheat people."

                Qin Ming carried Liao Qingxuan back to the room, Liao Qingxuan smoothly hooked a pair of jade arms around Qin Ming, said "Qin Ming, am I very heavy?"

                Qin Ming said "You're not heavy, what's wrong?"

                Liao Qingxuan smiled and poked Qin Ming with her hand, saying "No, humph, you can talk, no wonder you can trick girls into staying home at night."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, it was true that he had just said that the kissing was a lie, this woman was really getting mad when she was drunk.

                Qin Ming got Liao Qingxuan some more boiling water and cleaned the living room again, after working for a while, Liao Qingxuan was already asleep lying on the bed.

                Qin Ming was speechless, why did Liao Qingxuan notify him first when something happened?

                The last two times it was Liao Qingxuan who grabbed his hand and wouldn't let him go.

                The last two times it was Liao Qingxuan who grabbed his hand and wouldn't let him go." Qin Ming calculated, "Alas ...... sleep on the sofa."

                "Qin Ming, I'm so hard ...... should we women have to be like this?" Suddenly, Liao Qingxuan muttered something in her sleep.

                Qin Ming was stunned and asked "What's so difficult for you? Aren't you properly a little rich woman?"

                "Oooh ...... I've been cheated." Liao Qingxuan muttered in a daze, and a line of hot tears actually flowed down from the corner of her eyes.

                Qin Ming was very surprised, cheated? How was she cheated?

                But it was no longer possible for him to pursue the question, Liao Qingxuan had already started to snore, her charming face, white and tender, although her wine taste was not good, her sleeping face was really nice.

                Qin Ming was somewhat concerned about what Liao Qingxuan said, Qin Ming was a man of great affection, he treated Liao Qingxuan as a friend, when his friend was in trouble, he was naturally happy to help, as if Liao Qingxuan had just lied for him.

                Qin Ming walked to the living room sofa and went straight to bed.

                When Qingxuan Liao woke up the next day, she touched her body, her clothes were in good condition, and said to herself gratefully "I didn't do anything bad, not bad, good boy."

                Liao Qingxuan walked to the living room and found that Qin Ming had already made breakfast and greeted her, "Teacher Liao, are you up? Come and eat."

                Liao Qingxuan sniffed the noodles with her nose and said, "There's too much salt. The taste is average, not bad."

                Qin Ming grinned "It's definitely not as good as yours."

                Liao Qingxuan was surprised and asked "Don't you have classes? It's already past nine, ah ...... I'm late for class again, forget it, let someone else take my place."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this woman is really, how can she be a university teacher? It was late and still full of care.

                Liao Qingxuan propped her head up and asked as she ate, "I was drunk last night, I didn't say anything strange to you, did I?"

                Qin Ming joked, "Yes, you said you wanted to kiss."

                Liao Qingxuan suddenly made a red face and her cheeks flew up, she hurriedly used her hands to cover up and said "This ...... is because I was drunk. Is there anything else?"

                Qin Ming said "There is also, you said you were cheated. Ms. Liao, what kind of person have you been cheated by? Tell me, I'll help you settle the score."

                Liao Qingxuan shook her head and said, "Forget it, you're a kid, you can't help. You're already a senior, graduate well and find a good job. My business ...... alas ......"

                As soon as Liao Qingxuan talked about her sadness, she went to the fridge again to find beer to drink.

                This early in the morning to drink?

                Qin Ming immediately pressed the fridge and said "Liao Qingxuan, I'll state solemnly again, I'm not a kid, I'm 21, teacher, aren't you only 26?"

                "25!" Liao Qingxuan immediately corrected, exasperated, "Virtual age 26."

                Liao Qingxuan ruffled her hair and said "Anyway, I'm a teacher, you're a student, you're a kid. You can't help me with my business. And it's not a life-threatening matter, it's a family matter."

                Qin Ming took a bottle of wine and said "I won't give you a drink until you say so."

                Liao Qingxuan looked at Qin Ming with mixed feelings, the last time she was disturbed by Zhang Jundong, a big brother of the grey forces in Guangcheng, she even involved Qin Ming at that time, later it was Qin Ming who enlightened her and did not let her worry too much.

                Later on, she was helped by someone who took care of Zhang Jundong and made him pay a huge sum of 50 million dollars, which instantly turned Liao Qingxuan from a debt-ridden woman to a rich woman.

                Later on, Liao Qingxuan asked around for some people to help her with her troubles, but there was no news, instead she had a vague feeling that Qin Ming was involved in these matters.

                But she had no evidence, and Qin Ming was just a student, right?

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, I've been waiting for you all night, just tell me. One more person has one more idea, two stinkers are better than half a Zhuge Liang. Hey, did you forget? The last time you were in trouble, I was the one who told your fortune and came up with the good luck. My fortune-telling skills are even better now."

                Qin Ming naturally did not know how to tell fortunes, but in that autobiography of his Zhang Quanzhen, many of the so-called fortune-telling was to ask the subject to do something weird and chaotic and pray to God for blessing, and then Zhang Quanzhen secretly facilitated a coincidence, a result, and that result was what the subject said he prayed for.

                After such a thing was done, Zhang Quanzhen's fame rose.

                Qin Ming now also has a bit of an idea in this regard, as a training exercise, after all, this is the most basic of Zhang Quanzhen's skills.

                When Liao Qingxuan saw Qin Ming's persistence, she sighed and said, "Didn't I make a small fortune and easily set up my own company? I've also done a few shows and just made a name for myself."

                Qin Ming asked, "Well, what happened? Who in your family cheated you?"

                "My dad." Liao Qingxuan clenched her fist in pain, her eyes filling with hot tears again "He lied to me and said that his company was in trouble and needed a large sum of money to turn around. He wanted to take my company as collateral to borrow money, he talked to me for a long time, and I agreed to him in a moment of weakness. As a result, he lied to me, his so-called company, just an empty shell, my company's public accounts were all transferred by him, to my brother, opened a new company ...... my company was finally seized by the bank."

                "?" Qin Ming listened, the whole person is a question mark, asked "Why did your father do this ah?"

                Liao Qingxuan said in pain "Because my dad is patriarchal! Because my brother met a rich white girl friend, and the girl's family disliked my brother for being unproductive and a nibbler. My dad just took my dreams and hard work and gave it all to my brother. If it weren't for his preference for sons, why else would my mother have divorced him?"

                "Oooh ...... Qin Ming, I have nothing left, why? It's so hard for me, I just bought my Ferrari last month and I haven't paid the outstanding amount yet, what should I do?" When Liao Qingxuan reached a sad point, she was at a loss and helpless, leaning her head against Qin Ming and crying loudly.

                Qin Ming's heart fluttered, "Can this be considered a family matter? It was clearly a fraud.

                He saw how pitiful Qingxuan Liao was, what should he do now? What should he do now?