Rags To Riches Chapter 479-480

 Chapter 479

Huang Shaohao came to the door to provoke, first with the look of bragging about his relationship with Sun Changxi, showing off his career success, mocking Qin Ming a college student is not qualified to pursue Sun Changxi.

                Then worried that he was cuckolded, the future will marry a second-hand goods, a forced Qin Ming does not prove his innocence, do not give you go look.

                First of all, not to mention whether he can marry Sun Changxi, a single Qin Ming did not help him prove that obligation.

                He has said the location of the cell, let him check the monitoring well by himself, but he still wants to fight with Qin Ming, forcing Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming is also angry, you are too much, really think he is a good persimmon pinch?

                "This street road, you provoke us like this, the tiger does not give vent to you think I am a sick cat?" Although Qin Ming has never practiced fighting, but he grew up to be the master of fighting, known as the little bully of Baishui Town, it is false to say that he does not know how to fight.

                Qin Ming also craned his neck and said, "Okay, if you beat me, I'll take you to the place where she stayed last night."

                The corners of Huang Shaohao's mouth raised, showing confidence and and fierce fangs, said "to wine not to eat the penalty, I have been very polite to you, have to force me to fight, eat bitter, this is a cheap bone, right."

                Qin Ming frowned, you guys, bring the pride? Look down on people?

                "Hey!" Huang Shaohao lower plate is more stable is Qin Ming is very surprised, since he began to practice, also know how to distinguish people's lower plate is not stable, this Huang Shaohao looks like really learned some fighting.

                Qin Ming made a stopping gesture towards Ah Long, who was about to strike, this guy he wanted to clean up personally.

                The casserole-like fist hit Qin Ming's face.


                Qin Ming took it hard with his bare hands!

                Qin Ming was forced to take a step back by the tremendous force of the punch, which was fist for fist, still made his fist a little painful.

                However, Huang Shaohao was just stunned, his punch right in the middle had failed to knock Qin Ming down?

                "Ha~!" Huang Shaohao a punch does not work another punch, Qin Ming also reacted very fast, constantly dodging, constantly pulling the distance, Huang Shaohao froze and could not hit.

                "Walking around, are you a mouse rat?" Huang Shaohao annoyed mocked.

                Qin Ming sneered "you think everywhere is your ring can not? Street fights with you to talk about the rules?"

                Huang Shaohao annoyed "I read that you are just a student, I have not really, you are so arrogant and do not cooperate, want to die?"

                Damn, who is arrogant? Qin Ming found that she hated this guy more and more, a look of empty eyes.

                The first time I saw him, I was able to get to him.

                Boom, a flesh against fist, Huang Shaohao brow locked, this time it was his turn to take a step back.

                Qin Ming see Huang Shaohao brow wrinkled into a look, laughing "how? The usual fights are protected by gloves, right? Today there is no more, it is difficult, right?"

                Huang Shaohao's situation is really he was right, he practiced fighting are a full set of protection, rarely suffered the flesh, endurance is not as good as Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming is used to flesh and blood suffering, do not feel anything.

                Huang Shaohao face Qin Ming this smiling mockery, angry, owl rushed up left hook right hook, fight with a pattern, very frightening.

                But Qin Ming is with him hard, than power, head-on hard, special treatment of these fancy movements.

                Boom boom boom ...... connect three punches later, Qin Ming fist began to heat up, arm muscles full of power, and Huang Shaohao is miserable, his arms trembling and sweating, this is not the same as his boxing practice in the club, the other party is not sandbags ah!

                Qin Ming took advantage of a gap in Huang Shaohao's retreat and went forward with a kick, bang!

                He kicked Huang Shaohao egg above, this move is absolutely forbidden in the ring, but street fights definitely see quick results, Qin Ming was taught a lesson by a girl when he was a child, from then on fighting he loves his eggs.

                "Oh~!" Huang Shaohao covered his crotch and fell to the ground in pain, cursing "Qin Ming, you beast, are you still a man? Oh ...... you bastard."

                Qin Ming, with both hands, said "Huang Shao, I did not use much force, you do not have to worry about not being a man, but you just give me a little bit of peace, and then come to bother me, I am not so good at talking."

                Qin Ming whistled, humming a little song, in a good mood, about to leave.

                But the roadside came another extended Mercedes, the car unexpectedly first down two sturdy bodyguards.

                Qin Ming heart a tight, this Huang Shaohao play real?

                A Long immediately went to Qin Ming's side, in case the other side had weapons, said "Young master, back a little."

                However, the bodyguards did not go to take care of Huang Shaohao, but to the back seat to open the door, the car came down a noble dress, a long skirt covering the legs, white and delicate noblewoman, just look at the face, about only thirty feelings, too young.

                At the same time, the car also came down Sun Changxi.

                Qin Ming was stunned and thought, "Hmm? It can't be Sun Changxi's mother, right? Two people look like two sisters ah. Is it also coated with the Lin family's beauty insect paste? The effect is also too good."

                The beautiful woman and Sun Changxi first looked at the scene and found Huang Shaohao covering his brother lying on the ground, the two women secretly shook their heads, this is too bad, right? Even a student can not clean up.

                But in fact, it's really not the fault of Huang Shaohao not to give strength, it's really Qin Ming too cowhide, what skills do not need, a force to descend ten will, by brute force to win.

                The female beauty woman walked up to Qin Ming, said "Hello, I am Sun Changxi her mother, you can call me Mrs. Sun, you should be good friends, right?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said "Hello sister, I do know sister Changxi, she usually takes good care of me, she even bought me a drink yesterday."

                When it comes to drinking, Sun Changxi gritted her teeth and glared at Qin Ming, then said a series of words in her mouth across the air, but Qin Ming also does not know lip-sync, what the hell did she say?

                But it is clear that in front of her own mother, Sun Changxi completely rested and did not dare to have any creation.

                Mrs. Sun was satisfied that Qin Ming called her sister, after all, women love beauty, rich women love beauty, super rich women love to maintain youth.

                She asked, "Qin Ming, I heard Huang Shaohao say that you and my daughter finished drinking last night and she stayed up all night, where did you go? Did you do something to her?"

                Qin Ming's heart was stunned, turning his head to look at Sun Changxi, who was anxious, his eyes revealing expectations, expecting Qin Ming to set this matter right.

                At the same time, Qin Ming also annoyed this Huang Shaohao, but really annoying, this kind of thing and parents to complain? You junior high school student? No wonder Sun Changxi annoyed you, you are not infatuation, simply "infatuation line".

                Qin Ming played dumb and said "no ah, sister you misunderstood it, you do not believe their own daughter?"

                Mrs. Sun frowned, approached Qin Ming and whispered "a girl, the night before drunk, the next day walking posture is not normal, you say nothing happened? You don't have to be afraid, this is the legal system now, I'm just asking about the situation, I won't do anything to you, right?"

                The woman is really a woman, you have experience, you can see it at a glance.

                But who would believe your lies? If you really don't want to do something to us, why do you need to come here in such a hurry at night? Tomorrow teahouse while eating and talking can not?

                But Qin Ming has learned to naturally brag and lie, but also do not reveal the crack.

                He still played dumb and said "walking posture abnormal? Why? This how I know, sister, you are misunderstanding me, although sister Changxi is very beautiful, the body is very attractive, but even if I have a lustful heart, but also do not have the courage ah, I was afraid that she a gun popped me."

                Standing behind the Sun Changxi very speechless rolled his eyes, Qin Ming you damned cheap but also sell a good boy, but read in you did not say, temporarily spare your life.

                At this time, Huang Shaohao walked over with a crutch and said, "Auntie, leave this to me, I will definitely return Changxi a clean slate."

                Qin Ming and Sun Changxi heart at the same time are very speechless, want to stab this Huang Shaohao, you a talented rich generation, why is the emotional intelligence is so low?

                If you hadn't been jealous and snitched, would Mrs. Sun have taken it so seriously?

                Qin Ming realized that this matter must be resolved, or Sun Changxi and he are going to have big trouble.

                Mrs. Sun asked "Qin Ming students, this is quite important to our family, I hope you can prove it, not waste much of your time, I can give you some compensation afterwards, do you think it is possible?"

                Qin Ming frowned, there is no escape from this, thinking "it seems that we really can only go to Liao Qingxuan that, I hope she can cooperate. No, what if she is not there?"

Chapter 480

In fact, Qin Ming did not want to bother Liao Qingxuan, because he was worried that Liao Qingxuan would not react and spoil things.

                But going to big brother's place? That is not more pit? Big brother that honest a man, will not lie.

                There is no way out, Qin Ming can only lead the crowd to the city Green Island district, whether it is successful or not, Qin Ming can only take this step.

                Huh? How to fall behind the Sun Changxi mouth is still constantly saying what the hell? But did not dare to voice, that Mrs. Sun looked back at her, she immediately honest again.

                A Long looked aside and came close to Qin Ming to translate "Young master, the policewoman said, must not shake out what happened last night, or you will have to look good."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, good-looking? He did look good last night, but also to see can be cool.

                Qin Ming came to the second floor of a building in the district, knocked on the door, no movement inside.

                Qin Ming has a black face, Liao Qingxuan really is not in ah?

                Qin Ming actually has a key, before he lived in Liao Qingxuan here for a while, Liao teacher too much trouble to give him the key, but Qin Ming is now bad to pull out the key, ah?

                You have a student with a teacher's house key, how do you explain? The company's reputation was also ruined by Liao Qingxuan.

                Huang Shaohao face ugly, said "What's going on? You should open the door. Auntie Yang is also here, you do not want to cheat, or you can graciously admit what you did last night."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this Huang Shaohao really more and more annoying, the more he is afraid of Sun Changxi lost his body, the more anxious to let Qin Ming self-evidence, the more anxious, the more likely to say the wrong thing.

                It is not difficult to understand that he must be thinking in his heart that Sun Changxi is his woman now and cannot let others get their hands on her, and Qin Ming is a poor boy that he would never approve of, and if he knew that Qin Ming had gotten his hands on Sun Changxi, he would probably think he was cuckolded.

                This kind of self-righteousness, unauthorized Sun Changxi as a future wife, is also annoying enough.

                People Sun Changxi does not like you at all, right?

                Qin Ming said, "Maybe people are not in, it can not be blamed on me, right? Last night so late, I do not know where Changxi sister lives, and no money to stay in a hotel, can only come to my teacher la."

                Auntie Yang said, "You have such a good relationship with your teacher? That should have a phone number, right?"

                Sun Changxi was about to say something, Auntie Yang interrupted, "You do not speak, drink drunk all night and not return not enough shame? If your father knows about this, see how he will clean you up, our Sun family's face still want? You have been capricious enough, but not lawlessness."

                Once Qin Ming heard the beautiful woman's scolding look, it was really majestic, it should be the aura of someone who has been in a high position for a long time.

                Sun Changxi was scolded and flattened her mouth, not daring to speak.

                Qin Ming did see some clues, the reason why this Aunt Yang cared so much, I'm afraid not only worried about Sun Changxi lost his body to him, but also worried about this Huang Shaohao, right?

                Huang Shaohao's persistent investigation, so that he suspected Sun Changxi lost his body, once the hammer is real, I'm afraid that if you talk nonsense, then Sun Changxi's reputation is gone.

                If it is a general family, at best, relatives, neighbors, someone behind the finger, but for the gentry family, it is very likely to become a joke in the circle, the face of a loss to lose many years.

                That later who married Sun Changxi will be ridiculed receiver, honest people, meet people are embarrassed to greet, after all, the circle is the circle.

                People will not mention it to you, after all kinds of ridicule and look down on, who put who hard to bear.

                So, I'm afraid that Aunt Yang also wants to get a Sun Changxi "innocent" answer in her heart.

                Qin Ming sighed in his heart, really drunkenness is wrong ah, they two early not innocent.

                "Eh?" What are you guys doing in front of my house?

                Suddenly, a drunken voice came from behind, a beautiful young woman in a long dress, carrying a bottle of beer against the wall of the stairs, wobbling up, and the other hand kept pulling out the keys in the bag.

                The other hand kept pulling out the keys in the bag. Isn't that none other than Liao Qingxuan?

                Qin Ming had a black face, he forgot, Liao Qingxuan is a female alcoholic.

                Once there is something unhappy, love to drink, drink unconscious is a common thing.

                The reasoning is that Qin Ming did not help Liao Qingxuan get tens of millions, she has changed from a university dance teacher to an entertainment dance company owner who does stage shows with her own resources, a proper little rich woman, what else is there to be unhappy about?

                Qin Ming hurriedly went forward and said "Teacher Liao, why are you drinking again?"

                Liao Qingxuan see is Qin Ming, smiling reached out to hook Qin Ming arm, said "ah, you kid again, is not miss the teacher? Want to peek at the teacher's body again ...... oooh ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get drunk and talk nonsense. The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the teacher.

                Qin Ming immediately covered Liao Qingxuan's mouth with his hand, really poor taste in wine, the past is clearly you do not dress properly, wrapped in a towel in front of us wandering to fall down, what does it matter to us?

                But once you say that, our character impression score will fall to zero.

                Qin Ming quickly said "Mr. Liao, it is like this, last night we did not ask you to help take care of a friend? She slept at your place last night, so don't get drunk and forget, right? Teacher Liao? Teacher Liao?"

                Qin Ming was embarrassed that Liao Qingxuan had fallen asleep and was lying on top of him.

                He looked at the crowd helplessly and said, "Why don't you come back tomorrow? You see, there is indeed such a person, I do not need to lie to you."

                Sun Changxi took the opportunity to say "Yes, when I left this morning, it was here that I left."

                At this time, Auntie Yang's two bodyguards came up and said, "Madam, the district's surveillance has been retrieved, last night was indeed Huang's car drove in, but this morning was found Missy left the entrance of the district on her own."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, these people's movements are really fast.

                Qin Ming said "right? I did not lie. Sister Chang Xi spent the night here with Mr. Liao last night."

                Huang Shaohao hummed "I was afraid you would not take advantage of the opportunity to mooch."

                Sun Changxi got angry, isn't this Huang Shaohao adding to the mess? Besides, she was taken advantage of by Qin Ming, what does it have to do with him? All day long, a future husband's attitude, so Sun Changxi is very annoying.

                Sun Changxi said, "Huang Shao, you have money to throw dirty water on people? Can you be responsible for what you say? Don't think of people so nasty."

                Huang Shaohao hurriedly explained "No, Changxi you misunderstood me, I was worried, I was afraid that you would suffer a loss. I just scare him a little, he will be honest and dare not lie."

                Qin Ming's heart was happy, obviously worried that he did not have a chance to take "first blood" but here all kinds of sophistry.

                Qin Ming simply pretended to be angry and said, "I have been like this, you still do not believe me, so what can I say? Really, you have to have stereotypes in your heart, how I explain can not say."

                Aunt Yang said, "Well, what's all the noise? What do you think? Get out of the way and let the host family go inside. Qin Ming, we can go in and sit down, right? Just me and Chang Xi can, others do not go in."

                Qin Ming carried the drunken Liao Qingxuan into the house and said, "Wait a minute, I'll wake up Miss Liao and come back."

                Qin Ming got a hot towel for Liao Qingxuan wiped her face and woke her up.

                "Burp ...... hmm? How come it's not in bed? I want to go to bed I want to go to bed!" Liao Qingxuan woke up and surprisingly launched a drunken madness, twisted her body and frantically wanted to go to bed.

                The actual fact is that you have to be able to get a good deal on your own. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                He said, "Teacher Liao, wake up, hurry up and save your life."

                Liao Qingxuan's face was red with drunkenness, and she laughed foolishly and said, "Save your life? You can kiss me and I'll save your life. The first thing you need to do is to get a kiss. ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                Yesterday Sun Changxi drunk to beat him, this year Liao Qingxuan drunk to kiss him, you women are really annoying eh.

                Qin Ming hurriedly covered Liao Qingxuan's mouth with his hand, said "No, teacher, you must help, ah? Otherwise, there is a lot of trouble."

                "Hiccup ......" Liao Qingxuan burped, a small woman look spill, angry "I want to kiss, not kiss, not save life."

                ...... "Qin Ming that depressed, really want to slap the past, there are you so when the teacher? The day by day when an alcoholic, which day the road was dragged into the grove you will regret the intestines.

                No, last time she was not drunk, almost dragged into the grove? Thanks to Qin Ming passing by at the time.

                "Hiccup, you do not pro ...... I still have to drink, do not stop me." Liao Qingxuan smirked and went to the refrigerator to find wine to drink.

                Qin Ming is very anxious, know that this matter can not be delayed, no way, sacrifice the small self, complete the big self, he does not go to hell, who goes to hell?

                Death is death, no, kiss is kiss.

                Qin Ming took a big step forward, grabbed Liao Qingxuan's shoulder, said "Okay, Ms. Liao you have to wake up quickly, I kissed, well ......"