Rags To Riches Chapter 477-478

 Chapter 477

There are many talents in China, but not many of them belong to Qin Ming himself.

                Qin Ming accidentally recruited Aaron Corrie Olsen Chi Ming Hui is already very lucky, Zhang Quanzhen became his master, but that is the key moment to invite.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart this "hey? Or go to school to look for a few, I do know a few capable and capable classmates, before also part-time work together, now less contact, but the relationship is still good. Now is the time for everyone to find a job, ah."

                Qin Ming thought of doing, took out his phone to contact some of his former friends.

                Qin Ming immediately sent a message in the group "brothers, who is free? Tonight for a drink? There are long-lasting good jobs introduced."

                Once Qin Ming sent the group, someone immediately responded.

                "Ah, the boss Qin finally remembered us, I told you, the boss Qin rich will not forget us."

                Immediately someone sent a photo of Qin Ming holding Zhang Xiaoyan's hand in a helicopter, accompanied by the comment "Boss Qin begs to take."

                "Gou Fu Gui, really do not forget each other, the boss Qin begs to take."

                "How did you become a vice president, Mr. Qin?"

                "Boss Qin introduce a girl, pass on your pick-up technique to us, we are all single."

                "Qin Ming where to eat? You treat, that must be given face."

                "Yes, more than three years have passed, before Qin Ming also every day in the group released part-time jobs, finally boiled the head, we are still looking for work."

                Qin Ming looked at the alumni of various faculties and departments in the group quite actively and enthusiastically, these people he knew the bottom line, although their skills were not particularly strong, but they had a strong learning ability, and they had nothing to do with any power in the group, they knew him Qin Ming.

                Once they adapt and get used to the rhythm of Huan Yu Century Group, through Qin Ming and their learned skills to stand firm, then they will be a big help for Qin Ming.

                More reliable than the group's internal reserve cadres.

                Qin Ming also said "want to come, tonight rose bar together to talk."

                Qin Ming did not call on Zhao Li Niu and Sun Zhipeng two people, they are Qin Ming's good brothers, there are good things Qin Ming naturally will not treat them poorly, as early as the position of general manager reserved, do not need to come to do from scratch.

                7:00 p.m., off-campus the rose bar

                The last time or Yong young love to buy drunk, encounter Zhao Meng Hua encounter liar it.

                Qin Ming took the information prepared early in the morning with him, the group responded to a lot of people, there are more than a dozen so many, are Qin Ming called on the name, he knows the root of the root.

                The main thing is that it is quiet and the drinks are all shallow.

                The reason why Qin Ming did not want to go to dinner, one is to save money, the second to drink two cups, each mind is not sober, it is easy to agree to chant.

                At seven o'clock, five men and one woman, six alumni appeared on time at the Rosebud Bar.

                "Xiao Nan A Fei Cai brother Fang Hao Xiao Ma Qi Weidong ...... how only you six?" Qin Ming finished greeting, wondering, not a dozen people responded to it?

                The company's reputation is not good now," said Liusunan. Although the school previously clarified that the school members deliberately rumors to smear you, but people still say you capricious since the school flower harvesting machine, huh huh."

                Liu Xunan is a slim girl, wearing glasses, face and one or two pimples, although not a big beauty, but also in the upper posture, mainly young, often molested in the group.

                Qin Ming laughed bitterly and said "Xiao Nan, I am really misunderstood ah. You have to believe me."

                A Fei patted Qin Ming said "Qin Ming you do not also fly a helicopter to pick up girls, you know how much stimulation our school's singles received last time? Your class Zhang Xiaoyan so beautiful, legitimate loli ah, the beauty anchor, are you taken, right?"

                A Fei's real name is Xue Fei, a senior student in the business school and a perennial scholarship winner.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                The crowd nodded, said "very much like ah, before looking that one pure and honest, now a bad face, specializing in hooking up with beautiful women, your waist is still good? Hahaha."

                Rub miles, Qin Ming see classmates a burst of laughter, depressed, but he could not help it, these guys are the masters, have to serve.

                Cai Zhong Jin said "Okay, you guys don't start. Xiao Ming, you said there is a good job introduction, we also know each other, you tell us, what good job?"

                Pray Weidong also said "Yes, Qin Ming, I heard that you are in a foreign company to the vice president, too bull. The annual salary is a million, right?"

                The crowd cast envious glances, they are all from similar families, they used to study together how to balance part-time work and study, and Qin Ming is undoubtedly doing better, three years of college living expenses and tuition fees are earned by himself, but also incidentally pick up a class flower Li Meng.

                The previous Qin Ming they are envious of, not to mention now when the vice president of foreign companies.

                Qin Ming also did not break, modestly said "just a posting, because I have a very good project in hand, the big boss let me set up a branch, then the head office there can pull investment, the money ghost big boss half, the rest we engage in the project."

                Liu Shunan cherry lips slightly open, pushed the glasses, said "you this trick empty glove, quite powerful ah."

                Xue Fei said "the company got up?"

                Qin Ming said, "up, the money is in place, the project has, good prospects for development. To be honest with you, I have no name in the head office side, are relying on the boss to work, this project does well, I can go up, I went up, after everyone can go in, our head office is a multinational enterprise, the world's top 100, a quarter on tens of billions of dollars in profits."

                Gollum ...... people listening to the wild gulp, they are still senior students, although they are beginning to anxious about their jobs, but also did not think that can go into the company so cowhide ah?

                A moment, the crowd had a feeling that the level gap, they and Qin Ming seems to have been not a level, not a world of people, although they are all still in the same school, are senior students, but the gap in the heart formed.

                "Really? Qin Ming you don't fool us?" Pray Weidong asked suspiciously.

                Fang Hao also said "sign a contract? How about the salary?"

                Qin Ming said "of course sign the contract, salary from 10,000, depending on the arrangement of the position and performance, a freshman in Guangzhou City from 10,000, is also considered very good, many undergraduate students are fighting for two or three years are not yet this price."

                Qin Ming took out the prepared information on hand, handed it to the crowd and said, "You can look at it first."

                The people took the information, Qin Ming's company is newly registered as a subsidiary of the Chinese branch of the Universal Century Group, the purpose is to give him a springboard to train his cronies.

                The peculiar existence of the highest board of directors allowed Qin Ming to have to speed up his control over the group.

                At this time, far away in a hospital in magnesium, Chang Hongxi sitting on a hospital bed looking at some documents, a man came to his side, whispered "boss, the young master he replaced many important positions, in addition to airborne and broken promotion, even the assassination squad are all in the hands, the Chinese side, we can no longer intervene."

                Chang Hongxi said "nothing, let him toss and turn, he should have anger. Oh, this kid has a personality, do not like to listen to others. I like it, but there is no one on the top board to stop him from becoming the new alliance leader. It's his turn, he grabbed it."

                The man added, "Boss, what's our next step?"

                Chang Hongxi put down his handwriting and sighed, "It's time for me to retire, it's time to hand over this beast to the young people."

Chapter 478

The six people, including Xue Fei Fang Hao, were tempted by Qin Ming's high salary offer and promising career plan, and all of them agreed to join Qin Ming's new company, the Chaoyang Group.

                The owner of this company is naturally his elder brother Qin Chaoyang, after all, the fat water does not flow outside the field, money to earn or send home.

                Qin Chaoyang has been the manager of the supermarket for a few months, although he has a low education, but he learns quickly, there is a secretary Xiaoli, a high school student to help, cope with the general daily affairs is quite okay.

                After the people talked, Qin Ming gave the follow-up work to Song Ying, first let them work out well, and then promoted to important positions when there is a suitable opportunity.

                These are his people! Qin Ming, of course, will not immediately entrust them with heavy responsibilities, that has to be arranged slowly, step by step, he and Song Ying has also long developed a set of processes.

                It can be said that Qin Ming has already set these alumni of his classmates into his plan to control the Huan Yu Century Group, they have all become Qin Ming's pawns.

                After Qin Ming made a deal and celebrated with the people drinking, each one shouted that Qin Ming would cover them in the future and earn money together, Qin Ming was also full of promises.

                Drinking until more than ten o'clock, a group of people only to disperse.

                Qin Ming walked alone on the night road, the cold wind blowing, since the practice of martial arts guidelines, he drank non-headache, but also become special can drink, for some of their own changes, whether it is the physical physique, or the maturity of mind, Qin Ming sighs.

                "Can't go back ah." Qin Ming looked up at the moonlight overhead and sighed.

                How simple he used to be, every day just know to read to coax Li Meng occasionally do sports, did not think that more than three months have passed, he has become the world's richest man.

                Also with Chang Hongxi fell out with a parting shot, to the crown prince on the throne, seized power.

                However, there is not much opposition from Chang Hongxi's side, as long as he joined forces with the Zhao family and got the support of the Zhao family, Chang Hongxi has no more voice.

                Qin Ming maintained also twice sacrificed his principles, becoming more utilitarian, can really be said to be a saying, only children will be serious about right and wrong, adults are choosing the interests.

                Qin Ming chose the interests.

                Qin Ming was about to go back to school, the roadside suddenly came a Bentley, the car Huang Shaohao came out, said "Qin Ming, you stop."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this Huang Shaohao how has not left the city of Guangzhou?

                Qin Ming teased "Huang Shao, I have not offended you, right? If arm wrestling can be called offending people, your temperament is too little."

                Huang Shaohao cursed and said "you kid let me a good search, I ask you, where did you take Chang Xi last night?"

                Qin Ming's heart moved, playing dumb, "No, after using your car to go for a drive, Chang Xi sister back to the dormitory by herself."

                Huang Shaohao said "impossible, I have long spent money to buy her dormitory girlfriends, she did not go back to the dormitory last night, I also investigated all the hotels in the city, there is no record of your two open rooms ......"

                Qin Ming a black face, this man can really persistent.

                He asked, "I said Huang Shao, you have to do? The sky is the limit where there is no grass? Why do you love a flower alone?"

                Huang Shaohao said, "I have been chasing her for ten years, you ask me why I love a flower? Our two families are family friends, the elders even said we were engaged in a baby marriage, of course, that was just a joke, but it is clear that our two families have a good relationship. We are also considered childhood friends, I have been waiting for her, I went out of my way to reject many beautiful women for her."

                "She likes type, so I joined the gym, spent money to play with guns, even went to tan my skin, I remembered her favorite color her birthday, and deliberately went to the same high school with her, attended the same class, and visited her house every New Year's Eve."

                "You ask me why I love a flower alone? She is the best in my eyes, and I will definitely marry her."

                Qin Ming mouth corner twitch, this can really infatuation a man, but also a little perverted, people girls will like you would be strange, but you definitely do not want to hear what happened last night Sun Changxi with us.

                Qin Ming back and forth but engaged three times, so far the memory is still fresh.

                "Well ......" Qin Ming is now in a difficult position, this is not the average rich second generation ah.

                He is a quality rich second generation, cultured, capable, but also so infatuated, Qin Ming felt bad good account, the other side will not let him go.

                Qin Ming deliberately teased Huang Shaohao said "I took Chang Xi sister back to the dormitory, do you believe?"

                Huang Shaohao black face, pulled the suit lapel buttons, said "less cheat me, I asked your dormitory classmates, but also retrieved your school boys dormitory monitoring, last night you did not return to the dormitory. You give me an honest account, where did you two go last night?"

                Tsk, Qin Ming shuddered a bit, what did you guys do? This is not a stalker?

                Qin Ming said "I said Huang Shao, you did not come to a blind date? Since the blind date failed, why do you still stay in Guangcheng?"

                Huang Shaohao arrogantly grunted, said "by the way business, you think I am like you, 20 years old, still rely on father and mother, I rely on my own to earn money. I am talking about a big business in Guangcheng, I want to make some achievements to Changxi, to prove my excellence."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this guy is really arrogant, completely despise as a student of Qin Ming.

                Huang Shaohao said, "I'm not going to hide it from you, Changxi her mother also came to Guangzhou City, is also to talk about a big business, I can help, you are younger than Changxi students, and Changxi is impossible, you will die that one heart."

                Qin Ming wronged, he did not have that heart, right, Huang Shaohao misunderstood him.

                Qin Ming did not panic, smiling and said "Huang Shao, you are so nervous about what? So concerned about what? Are you afraid that I had sex with sister Chang Xi last night?"

                As soon as he heard the words "had sex", Huang Shaohao's veins rippled, and he immediately went in front of Qin Ming, tit-for-tat, threatening "How dare you? Qin Ming, I warn you, if you touch a hair on her head, I will not let you go. Although my Huang family's power is not in Guangzhou, it is still easy to deal with you."

                Qin Ming sneered in his heart, he had not only touched a hair of Sun Changxi?

                However, Qin Ming could not explicitly say, explicitly said, is not to Sun Changxi and he added trouble ah?

                This Huang Shaohao also said that Sun Changxi's mother came over, it is estimated that is also to see the daughter after working outside, he can not give Sun Changxi more trouble.

                Before marrying someone first lose their body, although in modern society is very common, but for many families, it is still difficult to accept, especially some of the big gentry.

                Qin Ming rudely patted Huang Shaohao chest with the back of his hand, said "look at your anxious look, people who do not know also think you are Chang Xi sister boyfriend. What do you take sister Chang Xi for? She went to sleep with another girlfriend last night, in the nearby Green Island neighborhood."

                Last night Qin Ming's car is parked in the community villa, he this Huang Shaohao and go to investigate the monitoring, so can only arrange a long time no see Liao Qingxuan that.

                Qin Ming found that since he read the autobiography book given by Zhang Quanzhen, lied, face not red heart, a say an accurate, simply stunned him.

                Huang Shaohao frowned and said, "The neighborhood?"

                Qin Ming said "Yes, you can check the monitoring. I'll leave you to it."

                Huang Shaohao stopped Qin Ming, said "No, you take me to a trip, I can pay you."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "I'm not short of money."

                Huang Shaohao still stopped him and said "What if I must ask you to take me there?"

                With that, Huang Shaohao squeezed his finger bones, crackling, and he twisted his neck to relax his muscles.

                Huang Shaohao arrogantly held his chin up and said "I lost to you yesterday in a match of wrist strength, but I am proficient in all kinds of fighting, you can't walk under me in five moves, do you believe me?"