Rags To Riches Chapter 475-476

 Chapter 475

Qin Ming was very surprised, he got up early in the morning and found that his physical quality had changed.

                The daily horse stance became surprisingly easy, the muscles were not as tense and tired as before, and his spirit was so good that he was surprised.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but wonder, could it be that doing that kind of thing between men and women could also help him practice martial arts? This is too exaggerated, right?

                And now Qin Ming, not so deep desire as before yesterday, the body needs are not so strong, even though Qin Ming now recalls everything that happened with Sun Changxi last night, remembering her body softness, her intoxicating aroma, her intense voice, Qin Ming also does not have such a strong desire.

                Before that, Qin Ming had been holding back very hard ah.

                This back and forth change surprised Qin Ming, and he wondered, "What's going on?"

                Qin Ming tried a few punches, because not a professional boxer, his posture is not quite correct, but the wind from the punch is very fierce.

                Qin Ming muttered: "The idea of that kind of thing between men and women has decreased a lot, and suddenly became cold. And body strength and lung capacity is greatly improved, what's wrong? Forget it, call to old man Zhang and ask."

                After Qin Ming became Zhang Quanzhen's student, he also had Zhang Quanzhen's contact information. This bad old man actually had a cell phone, but he only had three people's numbers in his phone, and now there was one more Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming dialed Zhang Quanzhen's number.

                The voice on the other end of the phone was a little noisy, and it seemed to be from a speeding car.

                "What's wrong?" Zhang Quanzhen asked.

                Qin Ming asked, "Teacher, what martial art did you give me to practice? What's the name of it?"

                Zhang Quanzhen explained, "Nothing special, just some basic Daoist breathing and martial arts guidelines for exercising muscles, all the accumulated wisdom of previous generations, which is good for you. Prevent your future kidney deficiency. Oh ...... I guess, you this kid looking for me early in the morning, last night with do not know which woman did it?"

                Qin Ming made a face red, coughed twice and said, "Teacher, you are not pitted me? This martial art is so lewd and evil?"

                Zhang Quanzhen scolded: "You do not practice to return the book, obviously you are not good enough self-control, can not blame others. You practice to a certain limit, there will also be a great change. No need to do that kind of thing with women as an aid. You practice for another month and a half, and you'll be back to your previous limit. You try not to find a woman as an aid, and you can achieve the same effect after another half month of hard work."

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin and muttered, "Is it that amazing?"

                Zhang Quanzhen hummed: "There are many magical things in this world, you are ignorant. This is originally for children who started to practice martial arts at the age of three, people practice until they are teenagers, especially masculine, and that aspect will also be very strong help. And you are too late for the desire to explode, but it is not something that can not be tolerated, you do not get the advantage to sell a good thing. Also, in the future, do not move to find a woman to help you break through the fire, rely on your own to suppress this fire is also very beneficial."

                Qin Ming scratched his head, so that is what happened, this is a small child practice, no wonder he an adult practice, will affect so much.

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, also understood the special place of this martial arts guidelines, the more admiration for Zhang Quanzhen's skills, what he has seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg Zhang Quanzhen skills, there is more need for him to learn in the future.

                Qin Ming went back to school after practicing, and at noon Song Ying came to inform that the head of the regional industry in Europe, Pete James, had come to meet him urgently. He was informed that Pete James, the head of the European region, had come to meet with him urgently to discuss something important.

                This Pete James is the head of the European region. He asked for the cooperation of the eu division when he went to Nie Haitang, but this Pete James did not like Qin Ming. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                The current personnel transfer of the Chinese branch has affected the entire Asia, this Pete? James arrived at this time, and bumped into the third quarter of the financial summary, several continents of administrative affairs, have been transferred to Qin Ming's side.

                Qin Ming control of the Universal Century Group is the trend.

                Qin Ming felt that this guy was here to show his loyalty, because he had asked Song Ying to provide some lists of personnel to be sent to foreign countries.

                At noon, Qin Ming came to the Century Building, and according to the agreement, he was going to have lunch with Pete? James had lunch together and would also be listed to meet his subordinates.

                When Pete saw Qin Ming, he gave him a warm hug and said in his not-so-fluent Chinese, "Qin, my boss. Hello, I'm honored that you took time out of your busy schedule to have lunch with me."

                Qin Ming looked at this Pete, blond hair, white skin, tall and lanky, with a bearded face, hawk nose, blue eyes, still looking middle-aged, but Pete was already fifty years old.

                Old age, as well as once held an opinion about Qin Ming, is the reason why Qin Ming wanted to replace him.

                However, now Pete is like a new person, very enthusiastic to come up to embrace.

                But Ah Long blocked him with a cross body, making Pete make an awkward scene and said very aggressively, "Come on, just a hug."

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                Qin Ming went up to shake hands with him and said, "Sit down, Pete, I'm honored to have lunch with you too. Xiao Ying, open a bottle of classic Lafite, and have enamel cuisine today."

                Pete said happily, "Boss you actually know that I am an enamel countryman, I am deeply honored."

                Qin Ming said, "Pete, don't talk about these useless things, what's the matter, you can say it directly. You should know that now the group is in a very special period, my righteous father has been recovering in magnesium, I have started to take over the business in Oceania, and soon it will be Europe."

                Pete Nui Niu mouth, said: "boss, you should know, now eu countries, there are refugees everywhere, the general environment is also bad, profits are not as good as in previous years is certain, I have worked for the group for decades, do ten years ceo, responsible for most of the eu affairs, has always done a good job. Why is it ruled that I didn't do a good job because of the profit issue in the first two quarters of this year? This is very unfair."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and he said, "Pete, is it fair or unfair, is it useful in my case? I know you are a talented person, but with the conditions of the group, talented people who are a little bit worse than you can do the same success as you. This is you do not want to leave? Then what do you take in exchange with me? You didn't come to me without knowing what I wanted, did you?"

                Pete was silent for a moment and said, "I know, boss, a lot of people are against you, not only our eu branch, but also there in the magnesium headquarters. Now that Boss Chang is still around, so no one has too many opinions, I can give you a list of some of the people who are opposed to you, as well as evidence."

                Qin Ming looked at a flash drive that Pete handed over, which contained the information of all the opponents of the eu division, this was undoubtedly a big help to Qin Ming, saving him a lot of effort in investigation.

                This Pete betrayed others and profited from his own behavior is very western.

                It looks like this Pete is very prepared to betray his friends and colleagues for the sake of his own interests in the group.

                Qin Ming asked Song Ying to check it out and confirm the authenticity of this thing.

                Qin Ming is not in a hurry to make a decision, should be anxious to know Pete? James, not him.

                He invited Pete to dinner, and also chatted some gossip.

                Pete was really anxious and thought he didn't have enough chips. He poured Qin Ming a glass of red wine and said, "Boss, I know you have achieved more than 70% support from the highest board of directors, and I apologize for my previous offense. Please trust me, I can create a higher profit for you. If you still have any hesitation, I can tell you a secret about the Supreme Board."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, there is still a secret?

                He asked, "What secret, tell me."

Chapter 476

In order to keep his position as the general director of the eu division, Pitt also prepared a lot of leverage, not hesitating to betray his former colleagues and friends, and handed Qin Ming a list of opponents.

                Qin Ming is very satisfied with that list, it can save a lot of time to select the disobedient people, so that the personnel transfer can become a faster process.

                Even he could leave it to Pete if he wanted to keep him.

                Within the Universal Century Group, there are two systems in existence, one is the people responsible for business operations, signing contracts, everyone is a wage earner, the difference is the level of authority and salary.

                The other set is the assassination squad, which exists in all continents and countries, and usually does something else when there is no task.

                The assassination squad is also directly under the jurisdiction of the highest board of directors, but after decades of operation and change by Chang Hongxi, assassination squads around the world have long been under the jurisdiction of the group's big boss, especially many of the part of the young members, are trained within the group, loyalty is very high.

                Chang Hongxi undoubtedly gave Qin Ming a very good foundation, but also made Qin Ming very convenient.

                It was this system of assassination squads that made Pete? James felt intimidated by the ability of the Huan Yu Century Group to infiltrate the top eu countries long ago, he used to offend many people by virtue of being the chief of the eu industry.

                Once Pete lost his job, it is the same as losing the shelter of the group, he is going to be screwed to death in a minute.

                Pete said, "Boss, I know, there are a few opponents in the highest board of directors who want to work against you, they once approached me, I found excuses to excuse myself from the past."

                Qin Ming was not surprised by this, the structure of the highest board was like this.

                From the history of the development of Huan Yu, it is to pull you in first, let you taste enough sweetness, and then start the struggle for power, once you are screwed, then your share of the benefits will be divided by others.

                This is too chaotic, before being Chang Hongxi reformed to centralize power in one person, but unfortunately Chang Hongxi got cancer.

                Qin Ming said while eating enamel country foie gras, "Is that so? Who are all of them?"

                Pete said, "Jordan? The people of the Serchiaque family and the Harrison family have joined forces and want to target you, boss."

                Qin Ming was still very calm, he knew there were many people who wanted him dead, but he didn't care much, he also had many people around him who could protect him.

                When Pete saw that Qin Ming did not care much, he became anxious, was this not enough leverage?

                Speaking in broken Chinese, Pete said, "Boss, I'm absolutely loyal to you, really, and I can do a lot more for your group, for you, too. Just like my father worked for your father, I can work for you until I retire."

                Qin Ming patted Pete on the shoulder and said, "This time you came to China, there is something else?"

                Seeing that Qin Ming was still not responding positively, Pete said feebly, "Yes, I brought a few heads of enterprises over, and I have to attend a technology exhibition tomorrow to see if there are some interesting new energy materials."

                Qin Ming nodded, and patted Pete's shoulder, saying, "This is your job, you do a good job, I will not treat you badly. Eat, it will be cold if you don't eat."

                Pete? James heart moved, Qin Ming this did not say any promise, but also did not say must remove him ah?

                This makes Pete in a good mood, maybe he just do a good job, will not be removed.

                Once you think about this, Pete's face is naturally pleasant.

                For Pete? James, who is the boss is the same, his salary is written in the contract, his power are not less, he knows how to offer his loyalty, then he is very stable.

                Qin Ming this is deliberately not to give a commitment, he is learning Zhang Quanzhen that book of autobiography, the so-called into and out of the degree, that is, can not easily promise, that is, Zhang Quanzhen often hanging on the mouth, the mysterious and subtle, the meaning of the heavenly machine can not be revealed.

                Do not promise everything is possible, once promised, your back way is less a large part.

                He gave Pete a hint with an intimate gesture like a tap on the shoulder, and let him guess the meaning behind it, that was enough.

                The two had lunch, and Pete talked to Qin Ming a lot more about the situation in the eu division, how many more planes the group had sold, some anecdotes about Pete's visit to the royal family of the Eugenia last month, and so on.

                And Qin Ming would know that the general affairs of the eu division had always been coordinated by the group's four patriarchal advisors, the Chinese Huang Jin.

                And Pete has not seen Huang Jin for two years, Huang Jin's affairs were temporarily replaced by Feng Dongxiang.

                This makes Qin Ming is very surprised, the four elders are often Hongxi powerful men, she has seen two, one of them has been in magnesium to assist Feng Dongxiang to clean up some opposition.

                And this Huang Jin, he also can not contact, there should not be any problem, right?

                Qin Ming has already thought about it, Maine? Heatherway attitude is very good can stay temporarily, Ah Long or Ao Mei later to replace Feng Dongxiang position, if not loyal, this Huang Jin will find Qi Yundong or Hou Qing to replace.

                These are follow-up plans, Qin Ming can not be implemented now.

                In the afternoon to send away Pete? After sending Pete James away in the afternoon, Song Ying also checked the documents of the "opponents" provided by Pete, in addition to the list, there are some irregularities they have done, Pete can really collect very carefully.

                Song Ying had a difficult face, said: "Young master, to replace so many top cadres, the impact is a bit big. The Chinese side already has its hands full."

                The company's main business is the development of a new product. James to do, let him appropriate change, our wings are not full enough, first let the people below the dog bite dog, will damage a certain amount of vitality, dragging the development of the back, but for the world of this super corporate monster, just a few small things."

                Song Ying said admiringly, "Young master, this is a great move of yours, so that those senior people who oppose you are busy engaging in civil strife with Pete, they will not have so much mind to target you, young master, and we will have enough more time to grow."

                Qin Ming said, "That's for sure, rice to bite, the road to take one step at a time, too much force will pull the egg. By the way, I removed a few Chinese assassination squad leaders, there is no chaos? What's the news about Xuanyuan Wu?"

                For the removal of Xuanyuan Wu, Qin Ming is still a little apprehensive, because he is Chang Hongxi's old subordinate for many years, hard work, night almost retired, suddenly removed, afraid of causing a backlash.

                However, the two comrades introduced by Ah Long are not small in ability, but can withstand the pressure.

                Song Ying said: "Young master, Xuan Yuan Wu is waiting for arrangements at home. He is the leader of the Chinese assassination squad and a spiritual symbol for many years, why don't we arrange some posts for him?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Then let him go to South Mountain Manor and stay with Ma Shaofu. Spiritual symbol? One down can push another, I'll push out whatever they want. Only those who obey my orders can stay."

                After arranging some things for Song Ying, Qin Ming took a long breath, recently the group has too many things, he is also deeply tired, she can trust too few people, he has to find some more reliable people to work for him.

                He originally looked for Zhang Quanzhen, but the result did not work, made the master and apprentice.

                But now, where is he going to look?