Rags To Riches Chapter 473-474

 Chapter 473

"Buy a fucking set, huh? Ah Long, you're a nasty thinker." Qin Wei gave Ah Long a look and said, "If someone invited me to dinner and I slept with her, wouldn't I be worse than a beast? Do I look like that kind of person?"

                Ah Long nuzzled his mouth, thought seriously and laughed: "Young master, aren't you that kind of person?"

                "Shit! I, Qin Ming, no matter how much I can't help myself and knock myself out, I won't mess around with her." Qin Ming kicked over, and Ah Long went to the car with a big smile.

                Qin Ming actually did not drink much, but rather sober, Sun Changxi is particularly able to drink, already drunk, in the back seat of the car hugged Qin Ming a strong confession: "Qin Ming ah, if you were my father would be good, so I do not have to force me."

                Qin Ming depressed rubbed his forehead, said: "I am still your grandfather, ah ...... Chang Xi sister you do not pinch me ah."

                "Dad, I'm only so young, I want to do something, I don't want to marry so early, do you promise?" Sun Changxi was so drunk that she couldn't tell the difference between something northwest, grabbing Qin Ming's hand just very hard, and the other hand hit Qin Ming wildly.

                "Slap, slap, slap."

                Sun Changxi mouth also muttered: "Do you promise or not? You think you are the old leader is great? Huh? I can't say you, I still can't hide from you? Still looking for me, and even called that Huang Shaohao to come over to my blind date? Your old leader is great?"

                Qin Ming dodged while saying, "Sun Changxi, rubbing miles, I am not the father, you do not hit me, ouch ...... do not pinch my thigh ah, it hurts."

                Qin Ming immediately resisted, grabbed Sun Changxi's hand and pinned him down on the car seat, but Sun Changxi immediately twisted to break free, and then made a grappling hand, reverse Qin Ming hand clasped in the back and then pressed Qin Ming, cursed and said, "Reality does not dare to hit you, I dream still afraid of you?"

                "Dream your sister ...... me ......" Qin Ming is speechless, this wine is too bad, right? Drunk people are crazy?

                Qin Ming immediately got up and Sun Changxi wrestled into a ball, once again pressed her underneath, but a pull, but surprisingly her uniform ripped open.

                Once the uniform opened, revealing the purple corset inside, and a piece of snow-white skin, the hemisphere of the surge and two tender collarbones across the open a line.

                It is obvious that the skin on the chest is whiter, and the neck is tanned to a healthy wheat color.

                "Qin Ming what are you doing?" Somehow, at this time Sun Changxi regained her senses, she covered her chest with one hand and chided, "How dare you plan to take advantage of my drunkenness to lay hands on me?"

                "I ......" Qin Ming even rolled his eyes, how can this be explained?

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Chang Xi, it was you who wanted to hit me, I resisted this. You are drunk and crazy, blame me?"

                "I am not drunk? I am very sober, it is clearly you ......" Sun Changxi discontent to stand up, and the result "bang" head hit the roof of the car.

                Sun Changxi directly fell into Qin Ming's arms.

                Qin Ming sighed, this finally stopped.

                The car drove to the community villa, Qin Ming carried the person into the guest room to go, and then back to the master room to sleep by himself.

                But Qin Ming, just put the person down, Sun Changxi a hand to grab him.

                Qin Ming turned around in surprise and said, "Sister Changxi you're awake?"

                "Qin Ming, my head hurts, pour me a glass of water." Sun Changxi propped her head up and said, "Where is this? You're not really taking me to a hotel, are you?"

                Qin Ming handed over a glass of water and said, "A hotel with this kind of d├ęcor? This is my home, you can sleep in peace, I won't mess around."

                Sun Changxi smiled faintly and said, "I know, thanks. I'm fine, you go to sleep."

                Qin Ming walked out of the room and gently closed the door, then he let out a long breath of turbulent air, his brain was a little hot.

                Sun Changxi face drunken red, enchanting and charming, especially in uniform, the long legs under the stockings round and powerful, coupled with her beautiful appearance and temperament, none of which is very attractive to men.

                Qin Ming has been very restrained.

                She took a cold shower, walked to the villa garden, assumed a zigzag stance with her hands on top, and then followed the martial arts guidelines for breathing, three deep breaths and one shallow breath.

                Soon Qin Ming was sweating profusely, alcohol evaporating from the pores on his skin.

                Qin Ming used to drink alcohol will migraine, but now will not come, is because of the practice of such a martial art given by Zhang Quanzhen, his physical quality has been improved.

                Half an hour of persistence, Qin Ming sweat like rain, as if fished up in the water.

                When he nasally closed his hand, he turned around but saw Sun Changxi carrying a bottle of foreign wine leaning by the gate looking at him.

                "Hey? Sister Chang Xi, you still want to drink?" Qin Ming asked in surprise.

                Sun Changxi said with a smile, "When I was blowing upstairs, I saw you practicing horse stance in the garden and was curious for a moment. So this is how you won against Huang Shaohao, right? I saw you breathing in and out, and your chest was puffed up especially, is there anything special about this breathing? Can you tell me about it?"

                Qin Ming wiped his sweat, his body muscles bulged, his abdomen had four abdominal muscles, after sweating it looked like his body lines were very androgynous.

                He naturally would not say it explicitly, casually responded: "A Daoist priest from Tiger Dragon Mountain gave it to me, and said that it can strengthen the body, and a good practice a dozen."

                Sun Changxi laughed: "If you don't want to talk about it, forget it, but you still fight ten? Fighting is not arm wrestling, relying on brute force."

                Qin Ming approached, Sun Changxi inexplicably took a step back, her eyes did not look at Qin Ming, but looked at Qin Ming's body, after all, she is also a woman, facing Qin Ming's attractive body line, a little unable to look away.

                Qin Ming also found Sun Changxi's abnormal, but he is also a man, faced with drunken charming Sun Changxi, especially the collar of the loose button, a hidden piece of snow-white skin, especially seductive.

                Qin Ming swallowed his saliva, just after practice, men and women that aspect of the fire is particularly large, about to resist the impulse.

                Qin Ming shook his head, biting his painful lips, and mentally laughed at himself: "Just now I swore to Ah Long that I would not make a mistake, and now I can't help it?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly covered his crotch and said, "Sister Changxi I'll go back to rest first, you also go to bed early."

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming covering his bottom and stepping away in a very comical posture and couldn't help but laugh: "What a simple man, hiccup ...... but how did he come to such a big house? Just, I also sleep."

                Qin Ming went back to his room, took a long breath, and fell back to sleep.

                But before he could fall asleep, he heard the door open, Sun Changxi walked in, shaking and sleeping next to Qin Ming, then one hand over.

                Both of them were stunned, how did they sleep in the same bed?

                "Ah!" Sun Changxi immediately sat up and said, "Qin Ming, you're in the wrong room!"

                Qin Ming hurriedly look around, that shame, but really he went into the wrong room, he hurriedly climbed up, said: "Sister Changxi do not panic, I'm leaving, ah ......"

                Qin Ming climbed up in a panic, and ended up tripping over Sun Changxi's long legs, Qin Ming's whole body fell headlong and pressed on Sun Changxi.

                "Boing ......" Sun Changxi was this sudden overwhelming, suddenly felt the body fluttering a hormonal outbreak, biased Qin Ming head-first on her face, the two lips coincidentally kissed together.

                "Mmm!" A moment both feel each other, and then along with Qin Ming's body a slip, bang, rolled with the sheet two fell off the bed together.

Chapter 474

Qin Ming never thought that the drunk Sun Changxi did not go to the wrong room, he actually went to the wrong room?

                But this can't be blamed on him, he had never lived in this villa either.

                In a moment of panic, Qin Ming also accidentally tripped over Sun Changxi's long legs, and he fell headfirst, right into a kiss with Sun Changxi.

                "Mmmm!!!" The two felt each other's lips for an instant.

                Qin Ming one hand still pressed on top of Sun Changxi chest, that soft elasticity makes his body more evil fire, abstinence for several months, after Qin Ming practiced the martial arts guidelines given by Zhang Quanzhen, that aspect of the thought is getting stronger day by day, this kiss, is undoubtedly the biggest stimulus.

                As the saying goes, wine strengthens the courage of people, wine chaos sage wisdom.

                Qin Ming drank tonight, began to lose his mind a little.

                He knew it was wrong to go further, knew it was a mistake, but still sniffed Sun Changxi's body fragrance mixed with alcohol, and kissed her together.

                And although Sun Changxi sanity still exists, but only a trace, she is more drunk tonight, has been single she has not tried the taste of men, Qin Ming this kiss, is her first kiss.

                Also let her open the door to an unknown, untouched new world.

                Qin Ming's impression she is the most profound, the last time the case was solved when the hotel spa, Qin Ming men dressed as women when the two touched, this moment again by her memories, recalling the toughness of Qin Ming.

                Sun Changxi facing Qin Ming's offensive, surprisingly a little overwhelmed and try to try the idea.

                Because her drunken brain is also unable to think properly, her body honestly complies with Qin Ming's demands and counter-claims, and even enjoys.

                Sun Changxi body is not by reason, on its own with Qin Ming, with his touch and kiss, just let out a few words of little resistance: "Qin Ming, do not ...... you calm some, do not ......"

                But just move your mouth without hands, which is undoubtedly the greatest stimulus and inspiration for men, Qin Ming lost his mind after drinking, forgetting everything, transformed into a beast, buried his head in Sun Changxi's arms, buried madly in kissing her snow-white skin.

                "Uh ......" Sun Changxi also gradually feel, eyes confused, she wanted to push Qin Ming away.

                But I don't know why I pushed several times, I couldn't use the force, she knows very well that it's not her lack of strength, but Qin Ming's taste makes her also some can't resist, especially Qin Ming is covered in sweat, that muscle bulge up, look intoxicating.

                Qin Ming raised his head, and the unkempt Sun Changxi looked at each other, as if to confirm something, but also as if he was thinking that he had made a mistake again, it would not be allowed.

                Sun Changxi legs clenched, biting her lips, eyes half squinted, gasping, whispered, "Qin Ming do not ......"

                Said do not, but she did not have any resistance to the action.

                And Qin Ming looked at the uniform half-untied Sun Changxi, blood burst out, especially her desire to resist and welcome the gods, as if the secret language of the king to choose.

                Her beauty and the curve of her delicate body, but also full of temptation.

                Qin Ming swallowed, this time, the man's beast instincts prevailed, he forgot the promises he gave Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang, and mentally took the excuse that he was already single and leaned down again.

                Qin Ming reached out but untied Sun Changxi's clothes, one by one, faded off, and finally the two have been frank, flesh to flesh rolled on the sheets.

                "Qin Ming don't ......" Sun Changxi narrowed her eyes, feeling her body by this not to say love, but not hate, and not boyfriend, but also more than ordinary friends, but know and not too long, but very much appreciate the man.

                Perhaps everything is the effect of alcohol.

                Sun Changxi hugged Qin Ming's head and let Qin Ming caress her body, kissing her white skin, licking her body like a little titty dog.

                Unknowingly, Sun Changxi had already enjoyed in this fish and water pleasure, her legs clamped on Qin Ming's back.

                "Ah~!" Sun Changxi suddenly felt the tearing pain and screamed out, she grabbed Qin Ming's arm with both hands in a death grip, her nails were about to pinch into her flesh, she felt Qin Ming had entered her body, her body was on fire and dripping with fragrant sweat.

                But Sun Changxi's voice is very good, especially she shouted loud and clear, but also to stimulate the nerves of the beast Qin Ming, so that he is more vigorous.

                Qin Ming then rolled over Sun Changxi's body, the two eyes looking at each other, looking at each other, Qin Ming's strong and sprint eventually conquered, Sun Changxi closed her eyes, through never again, replaced by the watery and creamy comfort, she also let herself go, emitting humiliating shameful sounds, a wave over a wave.

                The window was open and the night breeze brushed by.

                A Bentley under the moonlight, Ah Long is lying in the driver's seat, slightly opened his eyes, turned back to the villa's windows, shook his head in amusement: "I told you, really fragrant warning, young master you still do not believe, lonely men and women also drink so much wine, can not happen something is strange."

                The night passed, Sun Changxi woke up the next day, feeling weak and sluggish, as if being punched hundreds of times, last night Qin Ming is simply a beast, pressed her to want again and again, tossing her three times, to the second half of the night before stopping, before willing to let her go.

                Sun Changxi looked again at Qin Ming, who was still sleeping beside her, and the whole person fell into silence.

                She muttered to herself, "Qin Ming you bastard, look what you you have done ah, Sun Changxi, you ...... ugh ...... me this is becoming a real woman?"

                Sun Changxi lifted the quilt, and indeed saw a puddle of blood on the bed sheet, her first kiss and first time were accounted for.

                She never thought in her life would be given to a man who was two years younger than her, and the other party also he was divorced.

                "So doing that kind of thing is so tasty." Sun Changxi once thought of what happened last night, suddenly blushed, the first taste of forbidden fruit, want to get out of bed, but feel a little uncomfortable, walking posture is strange.

                "Ah ...... why does it hurt a little?" Sun Changxi walked a few steps and lay back again, pinching Qin Ming in shame and anger, "You bastard thing, also I walk uncomfortable."

                Qin Ming was awakened by this pinch.

                He opened his eyes and saw Sun Changxi and said in amazement, "Sister Changxi you have such a good figure?"

                Sun Changxi was stunned and grabbed the sheet to cover her body in shame, and rebuked, "What are you looking at?"

                Qin Ming grinned and said, "I didn't see enough last night."

                Sun Changxi's face darkened and her fists clenched in annoyance, "Qin Ming, you want to die, don't you?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly grabbed his clothes and said, "No, no, no, sister Changxi you were tired last night, don't go to work today, I'll go buy you breakfast to replenish your strength."

                Qin Ming swallowed his saliva, grabbed his clothes and hurriedly slipped away.

                "Wait a minute!" Sun Changxi immediately called Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, what happened last night, do you regret it?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, so cool thing, after doing it is good to say regret? The most important thing is that Sun Changxi is such a beautiful policewoman.

                He stood at the door and turned back and said, "No regrets, sister Changxi, we were both drunk last night, but what happened happened, I will be responsible for you."

                Sun Changxi covered her reddened face and said, "I also tell you, last night I was also, also responsible, you do not have any psychological burden, are adults, this kind of thing ...... I, I ...... I ...... I've seen a lot."

                Waste a lot of energy to say something that you do not even recognize in your own heart.

                But Sun Changxi knew that while now must be said, she added: "But we are not a couple, you just forget what happened last night. Just think of it as a wonderful encounter, don't think too much about it. After that, you go to your college, and I have to continue working. Understood?"

                Qin Ming's heart moved and asked, "Sister Chang Xi are you not responsible for this? What do you want? I can give it all to you."

                Sun Changxi shook her head and said, "I don't want anything from you, just forget about what happened last night and resume our previous relationship, that's all."

                I don't know why, Sun Changxi such as the two last night happened as a "wonderful encounter" to forget, Qin Ming inexplicably feel a lot more comfortable inside.

                Because he is now full of guilt, to Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao guilt.

                Sun Changxi did not ask him to do anything, so his guilt was released.

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "I know sister Changxi, I, I'm going to get you breakfast, you take a rest first."

                After Qin Ming left, Sun Changxi grabbed her long hair again with chagrin and muttered, "Ah ...... what am I talking about? Am I that spontaneous? In fact, seriously think about it, Qin Ming this kid, in addition to the poor reputation, age don't me two years younger, all aspects of the conditions are also quite good, but also chat. Ah ...... forget, just drunk irrational behavior, he may not like me, why force."

                Qin Ming bought breakfast back, found Sun Changxi has gone, even that bloody bed sheet also packed away, but her stockings forgot to wear away.

                Qin Ming picked up the stocking and sniffed it, it was her smell.

                "Ugh ...... Chang Xi sister is so nice." Qin Ming put the stockings away and got ready for his morning practice.

                Qin Ming came to the villa's garden, hands on top, steadily tied the horse stance, and began half an hour of exhalation.

                Usually, Qin Ming would be very hard and sweaty, but I wonder why it has become effortless and no sweat now? After half an hour had passed, Qin Ming was refreshed and his body was as light as a swallow, full of a feeling of strength.

                Qin Ming was very surprised, this proved that he had practiced the first step and could practice the second step of the martial arts guidelines!

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Turtle, could it be the effect of the kind of thing he did with Sister Chang Xi last night?"