Rags To Riches Chapter 471-472

 Chapter 471

"Heh~ Heh, just you?" Sun Changxi drank a glass of beer and teased, "Not that I'm looking down on you, but you don't have the ability to get rid of him."

                Qin Ming asked rhetorically, "Why not me? Sister Chang Xi, you are too underestimating me, right?"

                Sun Changxi said, "I can't even get rid of him, you want to try? No violence and immoral means, you can get him away, I will drink this case of Pearl River beer, you can not do you drink this case of beer."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, he recently a month or so also happened to be studying Zhang Quanzhen left him the "autobiography book", Qin Ming has finished reading, is basically Zhang Quanzhen early years in China around the travel and fight some foolish examples.

                As the saying goes, there is a way to cheat, not to cheat people is his way.

                But this "cheat" is not the real cheat, but in helping people to break the deadly harmless means, this boundary is the most difficult to control, lies in the set of whether the adherence to the heart of a naked son, once gone astray, is the real art of harming people.

                Qin Ming felt that he learned more than a month, still can not get away from you a rich second generation, that will lose Zhang Quanzhen people.

                Qin Ming carried two cans of beer over, handed a bottle to the other side, said with a smile on his face: "Huang Shao? Hello, my name is Qin Ming, Chang Xi's little boyfriend."


                The side of Sun Changxi a mouthful of beer all spewed out, she that man-eating eyes, really want to tear Qin Ming, you bastard, not to give me rumors? Are you not the son-in-law of the Mu family? The last time the Mu family infighting happened, I still saw it.

                "It's true that the school has a poor reputation, this Qin Ming looked a serious look"

                However, Qin Ming did not care so much, he is that this Huang Shaohao try their skills.

                But Huang Shaohao was calm and politely reported a smile and said, "Hello, my name is Huang Shaohao. I know you, you are a friend of Zhang Zhen Zhen, my brother had suffered from you in the Xiangxi Lin Clan's Tuzhai, so I have seen your picture."

                The Lin family's earthwork that Huang Shao?

                Qin Ming immediately had an impression, the white suit, dragged to death, looked down on him as a son-in-law, and then was starved for two days at the entrance to the cottage with the bodyguards waiting for death look of Huang Shao, did not expect those people to be so vindictive, but also widely sent photos? Make a group to discuss how to deal with us?

                Huang Shaohao said again: "Are you not the son-in-law of the Mu family? Oh, Changxi, your new boyfriend has a wife, you know?"

                Sun Changxi cursed: "He is not my boyfriend. Qin Ming you come back, don't be embarrassed."

                Shit, this is a shame.

                It's really not a good thing that it's the brother of the young man Huang, and the photo was taken secretly.

                In this way, fooling around is not going to work.

                Qin Ming looked at Huang Shaohao, good and neat, winning look, and not afraid of Qin Ming's provocation.

                Qin Ming explained, "You should not know, I got divorced last month, because I want to be with Changxi, do not believe me, you can go to the police station to check, absolutely no false."

                Sun Changxi heart, immediately pull out the phone to ask colleagues to investigate, this check is really divorced.

                Sun Changxi heart can not understand, wide city Mu family she also know, wide city's old rich family, that Miss Mu look very beautiful, is also very good businesswoman, how divorced?

                But she is not a gossipy woman, and did not want to look deeper.

                Qin Ming said again: "Huang Shao, slim ladies gentleman martyr, I am a gentleman, but you do not see it anymore, people Chang Xi have said let you go, you are still in the way here what? Not to make her unhappy? Not to prevent us from getting a room later?"

                "Qin Ming, you're a dead man! Who wants to go to a room with you?" When Sun Changxi heard this, her face was red with shame, and she was so angry that her tits were about to explode, and a beer can was thrown at her.

                Qin Ming hurried a poop, bang, just hit Huang Shaohao forehead, also splashed him a booze.

                "Aiya ah ......" Qin Ming cheap laugh: "Chang Xi sister, I'm kidding, you are so nervous to do what? Look, the person Huang Shao clothes dirty."

                Qin Ming picked up the dirty rag on the countertop to Huang Shaohao clean clothes wipe, Huang Shaohao clean push away, and with Qin Ming pull away a certain distance, said, "Enough, you guys eat your bar. Qin Ming is right? I'm not in your way to pick up girls, what do you care about me? I still can't eat here?"

                Qin Ming's heart secretly nodded in praise, this guy really good connotation, this can withstand.

                Huang Shaohao said blandly: "Or do you want to compare hard conditions with me? See that Bentley? I bought it with my own money, I didn't rely on my family for a penny. Don't hate the rich, and not every rich person takes ordinary people like you seriously."

                The rubric, so just condition?

                It seems to be really a quality rich second generation ah.

                However, Qin Ming listened to this heart wow gas ah, this guy's attitude, but really not the usual arrogant, completely in the eyes of no one.

                Huang Shaohao a then wipe the face of the beer while saying: "I am not afraid that you can steal Chang Xi. Because I know very well what kind of person Chang Xi likes, people like you are just her ordinary friends, he likes a "man" like me!"

                Saying that, Huang Shaohao took off his clothes and revealed his strong muscles.

                Huang Shaohao proudly said, "Can you protect Changxi?"

                Sun Changxi speechlessly rolled her eyes, she just like to watch boxing fighting, just to learn, how in Huang Shaohao here became like muscle fierce man?

                Sun Changxi couldn't help but remember just now in Qin Ming's dormitory, watching him in the horse stance, she instead liked Qin Ming's physique, not thin, not fat, not too much muscle, but also a bit of fighting leaving scars, appeared to be a man with a story.

                After Huang Shaohao sold his muscles, while dressing, he said: "Than career you do not have, than physical quality you can not, than the mouth? Indeed, your mouth is annoying enough."

                Tsk, completely flattened.

                Sun Changxi said while drinking and laughing: "Hahaha, Qin Ming, you have no choice, right? The teacher came over and drank this case of beer. Huang Shaohao, you bullying a student is too much."

                Huang Shaohao smiled: "I did not bully him? I am giving him a small lesson, so that he understands his smallness, our circle is too high for him to climb."

                Turtle, these words made Qin Ming nameless fire.

                Qin Ming stretched out his right hand and said, "Huang Shao, be a man and don't say your words too full, or else you'll lose a mess and not know why. Your muscles are protein powder eaten out? Have the ability to arm-wrestle with me? I lose, I'll ask my secretary to drive my Rolls Royce over and get out immediately. If you lose, give me the Bentley, I'll take sister Chang Xi to get high for one night."

                The corner of Huang Shaohao's mouth lifted and said, "Oh, I'm taking protein powder for this muscle? Really ignorant and fearless. Just compare! But do you have a Rolls Royce? Don't brag."

                Qin Ming laughed: "Then if you win me, won't you know I'm not bragging again? I'm afraid you don't have that ability."


                The two wanted to compete in arm wrestling, and Sun Changxi came to be an impartial person.

                She pressed the two men's hands that were grasping together and said, "Okay, are you two ready?"

                Huang Shaohao proudly raised the corner of his mouth and said, "Changxi, I'm ready to go with you later to celebrate your promotion."

                Sun Changxi smacked her lips speechlessly, why is this man so annoying.

                Qin Ming also followed to sell good behavior, said: "Changxi sister's, later we drive Bentley to the Bund for a drive, ouch ...... I do not have a driver's license it."

                Sun Changxi smiled, scolded: "You win say you, look at you proud of it. Okay, three, two, one, start!"

                With a command, Qin Ming vainly felt a tremendous force coming from his wrist, to crush his arm!

Chapter 472

Although Qin Ming was prepared, but still by Huang Shaohao this rich kid's wrist strength to a jump, this is really not eat protein powder eat out, this is the muscle out of training.

                But Qin Ming did not feel the effort at all!

                This surprised Qin Ming, if it was before, Huang Shaohao's arm strength I'm afraid to make Qin Ming very difficult to cope with, this guy must exercise every day, Qin Ming messed up to lose.

                But the last month or so Qin Ming practiced the martial arts guidelines given by that Zhang Quanzhen, day and night practice, but found that his muscle strength improved, usually did not feel, this time a comparison, Qin Ming felt it.

                Huang Shaohao was very hard at first, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake Qin Ming by half.

                Huang Shaohao face is a little ugly, he again, his left hand dead tug on the corner of a stage, feet clutching the ground, using the strength of the waist, facial expressions are twisted into a ball.

                Two people this side of the competition, next to some diners are also watching and talking.

                "Oh ...... competition for jealousy ah."

                "Tsk, that rich kid seems to have the upper hand."

                "Silly, don't you see that poor boy hasn't exerted himself yet?"

                "Tsk, the uniform is fake, right? Three flowers hey."

                "How can it be true, look at it is to play uniform seduction, cosplay, now young people are very popular. But this beauty is really beautiful, the body is also, no wonder these two men fighting for the red face."

                Qin Ming for the show effect, slightly put a little water, let Huang Shaohao a little bit of pressure on his arm down, forming a large angle, look like to lose.

                "Ohhh ...... this poor boy still lost ah."

                "Normal, beautiful women are the accompaniment of rich people."

                "Alas, no reverse ah, that rich kid's muscles look terrible ah."

                Sun Changxi listen to the surrounding people do not look at Qin Ming, heart some upset, this Huang Shaohao she knows, is a fitness expert, muscle strength developed explosive power, Qin Ming is just a student, can not win normal.

                She said: "Qin Ming, you can not ah? I can't buy this meal?"

                Qin Ming heart happy, he teased Huang Shaohao play it, will not be?

                But when he thought about it, he deliberately pretended to be struggling and said, "Sister Changxi, you, you have to give me some support ah."

                Sun Changxi crossed her arms, held her chin high and asked, "What support? Don't talk about something like kissing you a bite, giving you motivation, you kid is really bad, can cheat women ah."

                Qin Ming grinned and said, "How dare I, or sister Changxi you sit on my lap, give me power, I immediately win to you see."

                Sun Changxi even rolled her eyes, but she has to pay attention to the image, especially around so many diners, will not do something to damage the image of the police force.

                Sun Changxi shyly "glared" at Qin Ming and said, "To win or lose, be quick, I don't like men who are stalling."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he seized the opportunity and said, "Oh, Sister Changxi is implying that I am more alert and I am your type? I get it, I get it."

                Huang Shaohao heard, almost useless force, he coldly snorted: "Slick talker brat, oh, I know, you want to use this to influence me? Then you have made a mistake. I tell me, instead of influencing me, I'm even more motivated to win against you. Ahhhhhhh!"

                Huang Shaohao throat issued a low roar, blatantly forceful outburst, naive just a little failed to press Qin Ming hand to death.

                And this will, Qin Ming opened a beer bottle cap with one hand, he drank while his right arm on the force, the power to, Huang Shaohao's muscular arm looks fierce, but a little bit was broken back!

                Qin Ming's arm looks to be a thin circle, but it completely rolled over Huang Shaohao.

                "My God, this poor kid just didn't have the power, huh? And he's drinking and arm wrestling at the same time? Don't you know the big impact?"

                "Oh my God, it's too strong."

                "It's true that the power of love is infinite."

                "Poor boy is going against the odds? Young man you win, your table I will pay for you."

                Sun Changxi just finished Qin Ming, then saw Qin Ming power, see Qin Ming completely dominate the upper hand, Huang Shaohao in order not to be Qin Ming overwhelmed wrist, is already using all the strength, full of veins and blood red, in contrast, Qin Ming leisurely drink beer it.

                She was secretly shocked: "Is he not a student? Daily exercise in the dormitory itself, can have such a good effect? Then the health club will have to close down, right?"


                It only took Qin Ming five seconds to press the fitness expert's thick arm to death on the countertop.

                "Wow!" The surrounding crowd let out a cheer, giving the highest praise to the victor.

                Qin Ming easily defeated Huang Shaohao, who was dazed and dumbfounded, his face as silent as death.

                Huang Shaohao could not believe that he lost, or lost so badly, Qin Ming did not seem to exert much force, drinking beer to win him?

                He is a year-round fitness, daily one to three is not a problem, how will lose to a thin circle of college students than him?

                Qin Ming raised his hands and enjoyed the cheers of the crowd, he also squinted at Sun Changxi, Sun Changxi was not good enough to sit back, think Qin Ming is too crazy, won, look proud of the way, the tail is up in the air.

                Qin Ming said, "Huang Shao, your Bentley car keys left, take a taxi back."

                Huang Shaohao face gloomy uncertainty, this is a matter of agreement, he clenched his teeth, or willing to bet to concede, the Bentley car keys down, a sip of beer without saying a word to go, can not afford to lose this person.

                He was really afraid that Qin Ming would drive a Rolls Royce to hit him in the face later.

                He is proud, so despise Qin Ming such poor college students, do door-to-door son-in-law also divorced, do not have to ask, must be driven out, this must be how waste? His connotation may be slightly better, but the arrogance in his bones will not change.

                But once he lost, he felt a great insult to his dignity.

                He lost completely by preference.

                Qin Ming took the keys to the Bentley and sat back, saying with a flourish, "Sister Chang Xi, look, I'm not getting rid of him? So this case of beer?"

                Sun Changxi slapped her chest, two soft flesh on her chest shaking, said: "Look at you, drink, drink, just beer, I am willing to bet to lose."

                Qin Ming smiled: "Forget it, drink so much easily drunk, you do not still have to work tomorrow? I'm just kidding, how can I bear to get you drunk, Sister Changxi?"

                Sun Changxi said boldly, "Just kidding, beer can make me drunk? Do you think I am you? Can't drink?"

                Gulp, gulp ...... Sun Changxi rolled up her sleeves and said dry, although it is a small woman, but character like a real man, say one thing, a can of a can of drink down, now and then to two skewers of barbecue meat, eat that a cool.

                Drinking a case of bottled beer, Sun Changxi really did not get drunk, only the face is much rosy, smile more charming good enchanting.

                Only, the two did not immediately go, dinner ate to the night market, the light to the toilet went to seven or eight trips trip, and drank three cases of beer.

                "Burp ...... drink again." Sun Changxi has been drunk, the two of them around full of beer cans, the boss is happy, this table of two people, earned almost three thousand dollars.

                Sun Changxi stepped on the table and said, "Qin Ming, I tell you, I just hate it when my family arranges me here and there, so I came to Guangcheng to fight on my own. You say, this is what era, why can't a woman do a career, must marry and have children, every day to be a cooking woman? Do you think so?"

                Qin Ming also burped and said, "Yes, sister Chang Xi, your ability is not inferior to men. Why do you have to listen to your family's arrangement? Me too, my righteous father, on the basis of giving me everything I have, has made all kinds of arrangements for me, I hate, I hate that I am not strong enough ah."

                "I am not also? If I got promoted faster, my family wouldn't dare to tell me what to do." Sun Changxi drunkenly said, "Come on, let's change places to drink, you boy good, chatting with you smoothly, we next the next half of the night field."

                Qin Ming pinched his forehead and shook his head, said, "No ah sister Changxi, drink again we both have to fall down, go, I will send you back, Ah Long ...... drive, send us back."

                Ah Long, who had been eating at the next table, immediately walked over and said, "Young master, where to go?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Go to the Greenway neighborhood, my villa ...... can't really go to a hotel."

                Ah Long asked suspiciously, "Young master, to buy you a set?"