Rags To Riches Chapter 47-48

 Chapter 47

Li Meng listened to Nie Haitang's words and shook her head repeatedly: "Impossible, impossible, Qin Ming can't be so powerful, he's also a poor? Pan Jun? Usually the window is cut. Jun

        The more Nie Haitang said that Qin Ming was powerful, the harder it was for Li Meng, especially when she saw the evidence Nie Haitang produced, that she had made a million in the stock market which was even more exciting for her.

        When she said she had earned 100,000 before, Li Meng begged to get back together and managed to cheat Qin Ming by stepping on the mobile phone Yang Wei had given her, and then she lost her mind when she saw Qin Ming giving the money away in a big way, and now in retrospect, it was possible that Qin Ming had earned even more in the stock market.

        That's why she didn't take the $88,000 seriously, right? What a blunder.

        The people around were very surprised and were talking about Nie Haitang's words, and there were many really rich people among them.

        "Hey, yesterday's latest Fortune magazine said that someone had secretly stepped in to save Nie's Bathroom Group from being taken over. It couldn't be this kid, could it?"

        "Miss Nie said that this kid knows someone who is a big shot in the stock world."

        "This kid has deep connections, how come the reporter from Fortune magazine didn't pick up his information."

        "Tch, I thought he was a bronze, but it turns out he's a king, no wonder he can dine with the Nie family's daughter."

        "Yes, the stock market has been in a dismal green lately, and he was able to find a stock that went up against the market and still make a million dollars."

        "That's what contemporary university students should be like, capable but low-key."

        "Those two who stole someone's position, still have the nerve to stick around?"

        "Young man, do you mind sharing a table with us? Let's have a chat about the stock market, shall we?"

        "Young man, come to my place, my treat, I have a big seat here, and air conditioning, comfortable."

        I don't know what happened, but Qin Ming had suddenly become a hot potato, people were scrambling for him, and Qin Ming was crying and laughing, it was true that he was the one who helped the Nie family, but he really wasn't good at stock trading, it was all Nie Haitang's fault for having a big mouth.

        At this time, the owner of Little Jiangnan also arrived, he asked the reason for what happened and immediately scolded the male manager angrily: "How many times have I told you? Fairness is the only rule in this shop, first come, first served is the best fairness! You don't have to be a manager anymore, go serve the food. Ah Li, you've done a good job this time, you've been doing it for years, you've always done a good job, I've wanted to promote you for a long time, you can be the lobby manager from now on."

        The waitress at the beginning was suddenly promoted and was so surprised that she thanked him repeatedly. The male manager who despised Qin Ming was depressed and completely desperate, there was a world of difference between the salary and power of a manager and a waiter.

        The owner of Little Jiangnan smiled and said, "Two, I am very sorry, this seat is still reserved for you, for the negligence of our staff, today your consumption is discounted by 50%."

        Yang Wei and Li Meng's faces turned black as they listened, now there was nothing they could do if they were rude and unreasonable.

        Yang Wei was furious, "What's the big deal, I'm not eating, humph, there are restaurants next door."

        Qin Ming laughed, "There are restaurants everywhere, but there is only one with three Michelin stars in the area. Yang Wei, you're pretending to be the opposite."

        Nie Haitang suddenly let out an 'ah' and said, "You don't really need to go. I forgot that I had actually made a reservation. Tsk, when I see you guys I get angry, and when I get angry I forget that I actually booked a seat on the third floor today."

        Nie Haitang took out the proof of her phone reservation, which was the top vip seat on the third floor.

        The demoted male manager was speechless, "My Miss, if you had taken it out earlier, things wouldn't have developed like this, right? What's the point of arguing over a seat? I have a managerial position.

        The next person was surprised again: "Wow, the third floor eh, I heard that there are people accompanying the music for dinner, every dish is the chef's own hand eh."

        "More than that, the third floor minimum consumption of 30,000, generally rich people will not go to spend ah. It's not about the food, it's about the style."

        "I heard that when you dine on the third floor, the dishes are all porcelain from the Republic of China era Jingdezhen excavation.

        "Tsk, that's the top enjoyment."

        Li Meng listened to the chatter of the people around her, envious and jealous, why, what she could not get, Qin Ming could get?

        Just now they were laughing at Qin Ming for being poor, but it turned out that Qin Ming was still able to make money from stock speculation. As for the competition for seats, that was even more of a joke, as Qin Ming and Nie Haitang both went hand in hand to the third floor together, which was the highest level of service in the shop.

        Before Qin Ming left, he even looked back at the two of them, as if he was looking at a monkey.

        Li Meng couldn't stand Qin Ming's look and was so angry that she said, "Yang Wei, let's go to the third floor too."

        Yang Wei shuddered, he knew how high the spending was on the third floor, he had already asked his family for a lot of money recently to coax Li Meng, his family suspected that he was addicted to gambling and drugs, he could not afford to ask for that much more.

        Yang Wei was very reluctant and said, "But, Meng Meng ......"

        Li Meng was so angry that she stomped her foot and grunted, "But what? Are you going to be outclassed by Qin Ming again?"

        Yang Wei's heart was bitter, he felt that Li Meng's girlfriend was really a money spinner, he had several girlfriends in the past, but he had never seen such a good spender.

        Li Meng took it upon herself to say, "Waiter, we are also going up to the third floor for dinner, get ready."

        At the side, the waitress A Li, who had just been promoted to manager, said with a leathery smile, "Two, the third floor needs to be booked in advance, and also requires the highest level vip customer of the restaurant, who can become a vip customer of the restaurant by opening a card and pre-depositing half a million."

        Yang Wei instantly wilted, how could he eat this meal?

        He only had 10,000 yuan in his card, which was enough for eating, shopping, buying clothes, watching theatre and getting a room, so he couldn't afford to toss and turn.

        Yang Wei said, "What are you going to do? If you want to go, you go. How much did I spend on you? I'm only making half a million a year."

        Li Meng cursed in annoyance, "Good for you, Yang Wei, when you were chasing me, you said you could satisfy me with anything, but now? You can't satisfy anything. You're a coward and a loser. Every time Qin Ming rides over you, he shits and pees on you, and you still don't do anything about it.

        Yang Wei's face burned as he was being scolded, and there were many people around him watching and pointing at him, and the gossip was distracting.

        He slapped his face and said, "Li Meng, we're breaking up, you bitch, I don't care about your stinky pussy anymore, Qin Ming will sleep with you for $48 a night, I don't want you as a broken shoe."

        After saying that, Yang Wei directly walked away.

        48 yuan, broken shoes, break up, a series of words rushed into Li Meng's brain, she was suddenly greatly stimulated.

        Li Meng also completely smashed and exploded: "Yang Wei you bastard, you are not a man, you even Qin Ming that? Pan is generous and confused d lazy pro.? The quiet latch marshy spring articulation shake d Eris? The page frank also bad fluke letter dazzling look gnarled tame rao guomai mei? shake!

        The female manager on the side asked, "Miss, do you still want to order then?"

        Li Meng was so angry that she cursed, "No more, what a shitty shop, a meal is still so expensive, it's simply a black shop that pits money."

        Li Meng said that Xiao Jiangnan was a black shop, which caused the crowd to laugh.

        Li Meng was so angry at being disgraced and broken up that she glanced at the third floor with resentment and fled out.

        At that moment, on the third floor, Nie Haitang was smiling and holding her chin, looking at Qin Ming, which made Qin Ming panic in his heart, what's wrong with this girl today? Her eyes were not right.

Chapter 48

Qin Ming surveyed a blue and white porcelain kettle, this is an antique from the Republic of China, usually placed in museums, but now it was used by him to brew Longjing tea before the rain, what a treat.

        The noise downstairs was completely inaudible and there was a beautiful woman playing the guzheng next to him, this dining environment was also a spiritual experience, unfortunately Yang Wei and Li Meng could not experience it.

        Qin Ming said, "Haitang, you've broken the bank here."

        Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "No, you saved my life, you are a great benefactor to my family, how can I not treat you well?"

        Qin Ming smiled and said, "Then I'll do as I'm told."

        During the whole meal, Qin Ming ate a lot because he was hungry, but Nie Haitang did not eat much, and from time to time she was stealing glances at Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming noticed Nie Haitang's small movements and asked amusedly, "What are you doing?"

        "Nothing." Nie Haitang felt her cheeks burning hot because she had been caught peeking, so she hurriedly looked away and said, "Wait, where are we going for a stroll?"

        Qin Ming looked at Nie Haitang's shy appearance, which was very cute, so he smiled and said, "Let's go over to the square, there is a water spring light show every night, it's very beautiful, how about it?"

        Nie Haitang agreed without hesitation, "Yes."

        The two of them ate and drank their fill and left Little Jiangnan, the two of them had just left before Li Meng followed quietly behind them with a bottle of unknown liquid.

        Li Meng actually didn't leave, she didn't know how much she wanted to eat in a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in her heart, then take a picture and post it to her friends so as to show that her status was different in terms of style and prove that she had stepped into the upper class.

        But as a result, she was thrown out.

        Li Meng said resentfully, "I owe all the humiliation I have suffered to you, Qin Ming you stinking? Pan Jun? Eris? The moisture content of the neptunium footsteps of the father of the family? The air force is a very important part of the economy. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of the Republic of China. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the glass bottle in your hand.

        She looked at the glass bottle in her hand, and the unknown liquid inside, and sneered in her heart, "You have ruined me, and I will ruin you too."

        Ahead, Qin Ming came to the Swiss chocolate shop, TEUSCHER, at the junction again.

        Qin Ming excused himself to go to the toilet and secretly came here to buy a box, Nie Haitang had treated him to such an expensive meal, this chocolate was nothing.

        The two of them headed back towards the large fountain and neon area of the square.

        The fountain in the square rises and falls to the beat of the music, while with the lights, it projects a huge reflection of the spring water falling into the trendy shopping building behind, while in the middle of the square, there is a chair for some couples to rush in after they have mastered the beat of the music.

        Once rushing into the middle, everything the two do is projected and falls on the wall of the shopping building, as far as five blocks away, which can be seen by people outside. This is a collection of water springs, lights, wall shadows and many other techniques of the love fountain.

        Qin Ming came here and saw many couples trying to rush the fountain, but they didn't get the rhythm of the music, and halfway through they were sprayed with water from the fountain and had to turn back, the lights around them shone out the playfulness of these couples and the atmosphere was quite joyful.

        Nie Haitang looked at the couples holding hands and kissing passionately even though they were drenched by the fountain.

        She wanted to know.

        Nie Haitang said, "Qin Ming, can you go in? It seems quite difficult."

        Qin Ming had researched it, he had studied it for a long time back then in order to coax Li Meng, and found that the fountain spurted water at different times with the music, and as long as he got the timing right, by walking around he could avoid the fountain and walk smoothly to where the central projection was.

        However, before he could come over here to play with Li Meng, Li Meng broke up with him.

        When the music beat came together, Qin Ming suddenly pulled Nie Haitang's hand, dragging her inside.

        Nie Haitang was startled and didn't know if Qin Ming could make it, but she instinctively believed that Qin Ming would be able to break in.

        "Oh my, another couple has gone in, another pair of "fallen chickens"."

        "The water pressure in this fountain is so high that you have to fall down and get soaked, it's not that easy."

        At this moment, Li Meng, who was following behind, said disdainfully, "Hmph, they'd be damned if they could get in."

        Qin Ming did not walk in through the front entrance like the others, but dodged past between the two upward fountains on the side, his mind clear, suddenly going left and right, always avoiding the water shooting from the fountains.

        "Wow, that guy seems pretty good."

        "Almost to the middle, ah, that chap and her girlfriend might make it."

        "How can it be that easy? Last time I came with my ex-girlfriend, I came close too and ended up getting sprayed in the face."

        "Liang, be honest, didn't you say I was your first love? Where did an ex-girlfriend pop up?"

        "Ah, Ali, listen to my explanation, I ...... I ...... you are not my wife now? So you're my ex-girlfriend."


        In the midst of the plaza's twisted fountain, illuminated by neon lights, Nie Haitang clutched Qin Ming's hand and followed behind, looking at the side of Qin Ming's face with joy in her heart, thinking, "If he gets soaked later, will he excuse himself to the hotel? He usually looks so honest, but he's just playing a trick. I don't know if I should go or not. Will he touch me if I go? Will I get pregnant?"

        Nie Haitang followed Qin Ming on her own, but her mind was in turmoil and she was thinking of going to a hotel.

        Suddenly, Qin Ming stopped and there was a pumpkin chair with a patch of light at his feet.

        Nie Haitang suddenly came back to her senses, she suddenly realised that she had just run, she had already run to the centre of this fountain of love ah.

        She cheered in surprise, "Eh? Qin Ming, we, we're in?"

        Surrounded by pumpkin chairs, the water jets out, forming all sorts of nice geometric curves, accompanied by a Beethoven moonlight piece, and all sorts of dazzling lights, the scene is beautiful, as if in a dream.

        Nie Haitang twirled happily, her sarong skirt fluttering in the wind, living like a cute little fairy.

        Qin Ming sat down and said, "How is it? It's not bad here, is it? This, please eat."

        Nie Haitang's eyes lit up, wasn't this TEUSCHER's chocolate? It turned out that going to the toilet just now was an excuse to go and buy this specially.

        She took a black and white bar of chocolate in her hand and said, "This brand is very expensive, Qin Ming I know you are capable, but you have just earned some money, don't spend it carelessly, there are many places to spend it in the future. I'm fine with the usual Dove."

        Qin Ming said, "Actually, it's also because I want to eat it. The chocolates in that shop are all handmade on site and I've heard they taste very good, but I haven't tasted them yet."

        "Haven't tried it? Do you want to try it?"

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Nie Haitang suddenly turned around, bent down, wiggled with a bar of chocolate in her mouth and slowly moved towards Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming's heart nest jolted, thumping faster and faster, looking at the chocolate that was getting closer and closer, Qin Ming subconsciously opened his mouth.

        And at that moment, every move the two made was projected on the illuminated walls of the square, and the passers-by were abuzz with excitement.

        Li Meng collapsed.