Rags To Riches Chapter 469-470

 Chapter 469

"Lao Si?" Zhao Songzhi was slightly surprised, why did his father mention the fourth oldest at this time?

                The fourth son, Zhao Songli, was not born to the same mother as him, that is, his father had sex with a famous model outside, and had a low status in the Zhao family, but the fourth mother and son were also relatively smart, and had no intention to compete for the family assets and the helm of the Zhao Group from the beginning.

                Zhao Songli has been in business for many years and has two sons and one daughter, and has had some success in business. In order to avoid speculation about competing for the family fortune, the Zhao Songli family does not return to the Zhao family home on New Year's Day.

                In addition to the once a year grandfather's birthday, basically do not see people, come and do not stay overnight, the same day to leave the same day.

                Zhao Songzhi is still quite comfortable with his brother, not to threaten him.

                He said: "Dad, people have similarities, things have similarities, this is not surprising. This Chang Hongxi's illegitimate son named Qin Ming, a senior student at the Canton City University of Technology, I investigated his background, it seems to have been raised by an ordinary farmer in Baishui Town before being discovered, nothing special, loved to fight as a child, came to the big city also obliterated as a crowd, is Chang Hongxi suddenly found him."

                Sitting on the book table, Zhao Zhen wrinkled his face and said, "Chang Hongxi that old fox, huh, now sick to death, waiting for the sky to harvest it. This kid named Qin Ming, he hides deep enough, but what can he do at a young age? Let's send someone to investigate him in detail again first."

                Zhao Songzhi nodded and responded, "I have already asked someone to make arrangements. Father, what about the external statement of the marriage, just proceed normally? Xinran and this boy first held an engagement ceremony, and this boy said that he would wait until after he graduated before getting married."

                Zhao Zhen said, "Well, it's hard for this child Xinran. She's a good kid, you didn't force her to go, did you?"

                Zhao Songzhi shook his head and said, "Not at all. She said she has grown up and has to do something for her family, a small sacrifice is nothing, the family's longevity is what matters."

                After saying that, Zhao Songzhi vainly pressed his eyes down, not to look directly at his father, because he was the one who forced Zhao Xinran to go on a blind date with Qin Ming, because he felt that this was his chance to make merit.

                His father is already a handful of years old, and the position of the Zhao family's helmsman, he, as the eldest son, is bound to win.

                Now that Chang Hongxi of the Huan Yu Century Group has to fall at a critical moment, the alliance system of the highest board of directors may have to reshuffle, although very suddenly launched a young kid Qin Ming, but the future can not be predicted by anyone.

                But he only needs to do well during this time, so that the Zhao family profits, then the Zhao family helm position, he Zhao Songzhi can sit on.

                Zhao Zhen nodded and said: "It is also because you have educated well. The engagement ceremony between Xinran and Qin Ming, you should organize it, and just treat it as the normal way for our Zhao family to marry their daughter."

                Zhao Songzhi nodded and said, "Okay dad. By the way, Dad, our Chinese side of the interests of the group is getting less and less, last quarter is even let us go to that Qin Ming to ask, when you said not to question for the time being. But soon the third quarter financial report will come out, the entire Asia and even the Pacific part of the island's revenue distribution, or did not say hello to us."

                Zhao Zhen said, "What? Two quarters, only a few hundred billion dollars, and you can not sit still? Don't underestimate Chang Hongxi, he has all the skills of his old man, Chang Dekai, whose skills I also scorned back then. Chang Hongxi is also a talent, is also an old fox, can not be underestimated."

                Zhao Songzhi said, "But Dad, now the group distribution is more and more unstructured to say. Although Chang Hongxi controls the power, the interests are nominally the group's, but in reality he still has the say? Now he wants to let that Qin Ming inherit, we should step in and not let that Qin Ming take it so comfortably."

                Zhao Zhen shook his head and said, "Not only China and Asia, but Oceania, eu, and Southern Magnesia's third quarter financial reports were all handed over to that bastard. It seems to be that kid is new and good at bullying. But the latest news, we in the assassination squad "nail" all pulled, some important aerospace technology and energy industry important management, our people were also replaced, the boy means is not simple."

                Zhao Zhen tossed the document he had been looking at to his son.

                Zhao Songzhi took it and looked at it, it was the document of the recent personnel transfer within the group issued by the Huan Yu Century Group. 60% of the people in it were the secretly planted "nails" of the Zhao family, and coincidentally, all of them were replaced by Qin Ming.

                Zhao Songzhi frowned deeply and said: "How did he find out? This Xuanyuan Wu ...... has been lurking for fifty years, how can ...... this ...... be no different from the retirement pension."

                Zhao Zhen tapped his fingers on the desktop and said in a deep voice: "I guess things are not that simple, Chang Hongxi the old fox is really letting go and giving up power, it really looks like life is not long. He is worried that his illegitimate son, Qin Ming, will not be able to sit still, so he wants to marry with our Zhao family. This has both advantages and disadvantages for both of us."

                Zhao Songzhi said, "How about another set-up like cousin Zhao Turnip? Our Xinran is smart and clever, it shouldn't be much of a problem to manipulate a dirt boy who was raised in the countryside."

                Zhao Zhen chided with an expressionless face, "How many times have I said, don't be arrogant and don't think everyone is so stupid and think they are smart. I arranged for Zhao Turnip to marry Chang Hongxi also took a lot of effort, this Qin Ming ...... is not simple from his face. If only my senior brother Zhang Quanzhen was around."

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Zhang Zhen Zhen ...... heard that a while ago to help the Xiangxi Lin family to survive a disaster. The Lin family is not as good as a year, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, the old Qin family to engage him, but still Zhang Zhen Zhen help to set things right. Dad you want to find, I sent someone to find."

                I don't know how, Zhao Zhen suddenly jumped like thunder, angry cursing: "Find what find? Did I say to look for it? You have to ask others for everything, are you all trash? Wait and see first, don't make a rash move, behave in a low profile."

                Zhao Songzhi was scolded for no reason, but he didn't dare to have half a word back, so he obediently answered a few times and went out.

                Zhao Songzhi went out of the study and sighed. When his sister talked about Zhang Zhen Zhen, his father would jump like a thunderstorm, and he didn't know why.

                However, Zhao Songzhi didn't care about that.

                He muttered: "Now I take the initiative, no matter what happens to that Qin Ming in the future, my daughter is his wife, or deal with his relationship, I will have a say in the Zhao family side, the greater my chances of inheriting the Zhao family in the future. Oh, our Xinran is beautiful and pleasing, the second brother's daughter Zhao Yuxin can be far worse, or illegitimate daughter, oh, the identity is a big difference."

                At this time, Guangcheng City, after Qin Ming gave the order, Song Ying also followed his instructions to promote a large number of young people, and let Qin Ming do a lot of meetings and exchanges.

                For a month, all the provincial team leaders of Huan Yu Century Group in China were removed for various reasons and replaced one after another with a group of young, energetic new faces.

                Qi Yundong, the head of the industry in charge of the Guang province, was not replaced, and Qin Ming was more or less scrupulous about Qi Yundong.

                Zhou Yu under Hou Qing, Qin Ming also directly promoted to the north to go with Qi Mingxun, stabilize the profits of the industries and business operations, to avoid too many personnel transfers, affecting the whole of China, the business linkage operation of the north and south.

                Qi Ming Hui directly promoted to the Southeast Asia region of the industry's general team leader, replacing the position of the original Songsan Ticha.

                The two brothers of the Chi family can now be described as very much valued by Qin Ming.

                And the blonde girl Corrie? Olsen set up an independent intelligence company, specializing in providing Qin Ming with a variety of information, especially the Zhao family's intelligence.

                This month is also Qin Ming's busiest days, every now and then meet with the reserve cadres and promoted cadres, give them a big pie, let them show their loyalty.

                And this process, Chang Hongxi did not have any objections.

                This day, Qin Ming very tired lying on the soft sofa, a long breath, the hand about his engagement with Zhao Xinran schedule to the side, pick up the phone, looking at the screen wallpaper dumbfounded.

                Qin Ming squeezed the phone hard and said to himself: "As long as I stand tall, stand firm, no one can influence me. Those who obey me will prosper and those who oppose me will die!"

Chapter 470

On this day, Qin Ming was bare-chested and practicing alone in his dormitory, in a pose with his hands dragging the top and steadily tying the horse stance.

                Although only thirty minutes, but Qin Ming is already full of sweat, because as he follows the martial arts guidelines, he must also gulp the air in the lungs, active body qi and blood operation.

                Qin Ming this "kung fu" practice also has more than a month, in addition to seeing a woman every day on the fire, but also did not feel where there is any change to improve lung capacity?

                Qin Ming is also single for a long time, as a young and vigorous man, every day have to endure, I thought that practice can forget that aspect of desire, the results of the more difficult to practice the top.

                Qin Ming is very torn about this, and he is not a casual person, can not mess around ah.

                As for the successful marriage fiancĂ©e Zhao Xinran, Qin Ming did not even want to look at it, he has promised Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang, he will make a choice when things are over on his side.

                He does not want to become a beast that pushes women on sight.

                Even though Zhang Quanzhen once said that his face had changed his fate and his fate was peachy, Qin Ming believed more than anything else that man is destined to win, and as long as he has the will to persevere, he will eventually be able to achieve.

                Especially now he is focused on taking care of the group, focusing on the centralization of power, and recruiting talent everywhere, soon the third quarter financial report will come up, Qin Ming under the control of the wealth will be more.

                Qin Ming can only get down by making himself tired and busy, so he won't think about so many messy things.

                Zhang Quanzhen said Qin Ming has not yet become a climate, Qin Ming also very modestly accepted, he needs to plump up his wings, while also in a low profile,.

                As the saying goes, the gold scales are not a pool of things, once the wind and clouds change dragon, Qin Ming knows that now is not his chance.

                So Qin Ming put the next six months of their focus on improving their own ability, and gradually take charge of the group power above.

                Qin Ming is sweating and practicing, suddenly the doorway blew over a wisp of fragrance, refreshing the soul.

                "Yo, you kid can still tie the horse stance?"

                Qin Ming looked up to see the person, but it was the long-lost police woman, Sun Changxi.

                A month or so has not seen, she has more flowers on her shoulder patch.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Is this chick someone above? It doesn't make sense to rise so fast to be able to do it.

                Qin Ming was just enough to collect his power, he stood up and took a long breath, stretched out his hands and said, "Cuff me."

                Sun Changxi was stunned, blinked and asked, "I cuff you for what?"

                Qin Ming said, "Then you came to me in your work clothes, it must be that I have committed a crime."

                Sun Changxi smiled: "Haha, you're not going to confess, are you? Well, tell us what crime you have committed?"

                Qin Ming laughed: "Me? I'm a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief.


                Sun Changxi lightly knocked Qin Ming in amusement and said, "Tsk, this little mouth of yours is really the famous human-shaped self-propelled school flower harvesting machine of your school, how many girls are going to be fooled by you?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "At least a beautiful girl like sister Changxi was not fooled by me."

                Sun Changxi said, "All right, you dress me up, last time I did not say yes to invite you to dinner, I have been busy, I forgot, today just promoted, want to find someone to celebrate, and thought of you."

                Qin Ming slightly surprised, promoted ah? How come he didn't look for his colleagues? Instead of looking for him?

                But Qin Ming did not think much of it, people are young police superintendent, do not give face ah.

                Qin Ming wiped his body sweat, aside Sun Changxi look at Qin Ming body, sweat, muscle, strong clothing, all full of manly charm.

                Sun Changxi heart surprised: "He is quite a good body, tsk, skin bronze, you idolize Gu Tianle not?"

                Qin Ming changed his clothes and followed count Sun Changxi out, saying, "Sister Changxi, you look really beautiful in uniform, and your body is really good. You asked me out, not afraid of boyfriend jealousy?"

                Sun Changxi said: "I do not have a boyfriend, who is jealous? Tsk, you bad boy, prying about me, right? Do you want to get my ideas? Do you know that I went into your school, looking for you all the way, asked three boys, two girls, they all gave me advice that you are a scum, told me to be careful, are worried that I was cheated by you."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "So I'm a stealer, heart, thief and thief, yes. Sister Changxi don't fall in love with me, I'm not responsible for anything."

                Sun Changxi laughed and said, "Look how proud you are of yourself, not just invite you to dinner. Last time to catch the lecture as a cover for a large gang of crooks, you helped me, a man must be faithful to his word, I can not give forget you this meal."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, once he talked about the last time, he also dressed up as a man and went to a hot spring with a group of beautiful women.

                At that time, he was also misunderstood by Chen Mulin and touched her breast.

                That soft whirring feel, he can not wrap his hand full of plump, Qin Ming has not forgotten.

                And Sun Changxi's body also seems to be very hot and impressive.

                Especially in uniform, waistline, long legs are outlined, Qin Ming could not help but peek a few eyes, chest that bulge up really too seductive, Qin Ming are like touching a hand, but he did not dare ah.

                The two of them don't meet often, but they get along very well and are familiar with each other, ordering a bunch of things and beer.

                Qin Ming east and west to ask Sun Changxi catching thieves some interesting stories.

                Suddenly the roadside suddenly came a Bentley car, the car got off a dominant suit man, he held a bouquet of flowers directly towards Sun Changxi.

                Qin Ming's eyebrows narrowed, feeling that something big is not good.

                Sun Changxi saw the visitor and said, "What a spoiler, the match arranged by my family has been bugging me for days. I didn't expect that I would hide here and find him."

                Qin Ming bit into the chicken wings and said with a smile, "Sister Changxi, why don't I pretend to be your boyfriend and let you get rid of him?"

                Sun Changxi gave him a blank look and said, "I'm single, I'm single, it's not like I'm not visible, why should I ask you to impersonate me and bother you to be a shield? Doyu! He's a gentleman, he won't taunt you or hit you, don't worry about it, it's just too, too annoying."

                Qin Ming laughed, he had seen this kind of situation a lot, fighting and jealousy, which can have a good ending? But Qin Ming is not in a hurry, he has long been different from the past, we the world's richest man afraid of you a rich second generation?

                The man sent the flowers to Sun Changxi, said: "Changxi, congratulations on your promotion to the police station branch chief of the Dagang District."

                Qin Ming heart a loud 'crap', this Sun Changxi is only how old, but even a succession of promotions?

                Sun Changxi under the flower, said: "Thank you, but I'm eating with friends. Huang Shaohao, please don't disturb us can you?"

                Huang Shaohao smiled and said, "Yes, I'll open another table next to you, you guys eat your food, I'll eat mine. When you're done eating, I can drive you back, you see the typhoon is coming, it's not good if it rains later. Boss, open a table for me and have a grilled fish."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he was actually ignored? Turtle, at this time this Huang Shao should not be disliking him and mocking him as a poor? Pan Ke Xaek

                Sun Changxi was speechless and covered her forehead, saying, "Look, this person has to send me back, is it annoying?"

                Qin Ming smiled badly and said, "Sister Changxi, he might be afraid that I will get you drunk and send you to the hotel."

                Sun Changxi feigned anger and said, "Qin Ming you bad boy, do you have the guts to do that? You wouldn't dare to give you a bear's heart and a leopard's guts."

                Instead, Qin Ming broke the pot and smiled, "Sister Changxi, if you dare to get drunk, I dare to go to the hotel."

                Sun Changxi "angry" waved her fist, said Qin Ming you pay attention to me, and then nonsense to eat bitter.

                She added: "Do you have a way to kick him out? I have rejected him many times, but he is oil and salt, has been very gentleman, very patient. I don't want to get married so early, I still want to continue fighting for my career, and I've been annoyed by the family arrangement for days."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "That's not simple, let him know that he lost and can't beat me, isn't that the end of it? I've seen a lot of this kind of rich generation, just like to hit people's faces with money, sister Chang Xi, don't worry, look at me."