Rags To Riches Chapter 467-468

 Chapter 467

Qin Ming was in a somewhat melancholy mood, and he didn't know if he was doing the right thing.

                But he had to do this, he originally thought it would be difficult to obtain Nie Haitang's forgiveness, but it turned out that Nie Haitang forgave him easily.

                Similarly, that night at the Mu family, he gave Mu Xiaoqiao his idea, and Mu Xiaoqiao was willing to wait for him, and also promised not to marry him, only the two secretly divorce news, and did not notify the Mu family.

                As long as Mu Xiaoqiao won the competition Nie Haitang, Qin Ming will be with her well in the future.

                Two women that he couldn't let go of were willing to believe in Qin Ming and were willing to wait for him.

                He was somewhat touched because he understood that Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao really liked him to forgive Qin Ming, to be willing to wait, and to be unconvinced.

                What more could a person want in life than to have such a confidante?

                Qin Ming took out his cell phone and called Chang Hongxi.

                Qin Ming opened the door and said, "Righteous father, remove all the people around Haitang, I'm breaking up with her."

                On the other end of the phone, Chang Hongxi sat up from the hospital bed, unusually surprised.

                Then, he laughed and said, "Good boy, you can't hide it from me so soon, ah, well, I admit, I have been sending people to monitor that little girlfriend of yours, but I was trying to protect her, not to hurt her, before someone investigated her, I blocked it all."

                Qin Ming said unhappily, "Righteous father, you've touched my bottom line twice. This is the last concession, I will make a good match with the Zhao family's woman and consolidate my position in the group. And you should stop harassing her normal life. She's a girl who lives under surveillance all day long, she'll soon become mentally deranged."

                Chang Hongxi gasped and said, "Cough cough ...... Okay, you really broke up, and I believe you. I'll send you the list of people watching around her, and you personally go and remove them. Zhao family side of the matter, you must do your best to get. Child, I am doing it for your own good. You will understand me later."

                "Understand your sister." Qin Ming inwardly slandered: "Arbitrarily arrange my life, that is not good for me, but let me live uncomfortable."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, Song Ying's side also quickly got the news, Qin Ming let Song Ying go to arrange people off, all get away.

                Nie Haitang, far away in Beijing, suddenly had a terrible thing happen, three girls in his dormitory were suddenly withdrawn from school, two teachers and the security guards at the entrance of the family's apartment, and the receptionist lady of the big brother's new company, all suddenly resigned from the job without any reason, and the people disappeared that day.

                When those people disappeared, Nie Haitang was also frightened enough, she vaguely guessed that Qin Ming was responsible, those people may be the killers who spied on her, she did not expect that Chang Hongxi had placed so many people around her and her family.

                She marveled at the magnitude of Chang Hongxi's ability and very frightening tactics.

                "Qin Ming, you must be careful." Nie Haitang silently prayed for Qin Ming again in her heart, "I'm waiting for the day when you, take control of the whole situation."

                Although she did not know much, Nie Haitang's sixth sense told her that Qin Ming's situation was not as good as it seemed. Qin Ming, who was in crisis, had to go on a blind date with a woman he did not like in order to save her.

                Nie Haitang said silently, "I have to become strong as soon as possible, I can't just rely on Qin Ming, otherwise he's going to be snatched away by Mu Xiaoqiao."

                Qin Ming was also in a slightly better mood after he got the people arranged by his righteous father, Chang Hongxi, away from Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "This is perhaps the gentry family, for the sake of power and status, children are all pawns, the sacrifices of the gentry. However, my life is up to me, not to others. Godfather, it's time for you to retire, this world belongs to the young people."

                Qin Ming walked alone on the campus road, his brain calculating a series of plans.

                He wanted to seize power, he could not wait until Chang Hongxi died of illness, and his righteous father Chang Hongxi now wanted the old Buddha must have clamped down on Qin Ming.

                This matter of cancer has a great uncertainty, so Qin Ming is always subject to Chang Hongxi.

                He wants to control the power of the big boss of the Huan Yu Century Group as soon as possible, if not all, at least so that he can have the capital to call the shots with Chang Hongxi.

                After this incident, Qin Ming is incomparably eager to get power, from becoming the heir of the world's richest man, after his first taste of power, to now being restricted, this feeling of power being restricted, makes Qin Ming very uncomfortable.

                He longed to be the only one, the only one of the super enterprise, the pinnacle of power, the Huan Yu Century Group.

                No power, even the girl he likes can not protect, how suffocating.

                At night, Qin Ming obeyed Feng Dongxiang's arrangement, and he went on a blind date with the girl sent by the Zhao family for the second time.

                Feng Dongxiang's arrangement came faster than expected, but Qin Ming did not have much of a problem with it, the sooner it was resolved, the sooner his plans were carried out.

                Feng Dongxiang is still the same, unsmiling, dressed in ancient style, he saw Qin Ming, introduced: "Young master, the girl who came this time is very significant, is the direct grandson of the Zhao family Zhao Zhen, called Zhao Xinran, age is one year younger than you, since childhood in the British aristocratic Miss school, majoring in finance and economics, she grew up living abroad, her personality is also inclined to European and American women, she has the ability to men promiscuous relationship between men and women is more acceptable, very much in line with your philandering requirements."

                "......" Qin Ming is speechless, Feng Dongxiang you can really find a woman for Laozi.

                Seriously, Qin Ming feels that he is not philandering, he has always liked Nie Haitang, but the trip to Xiangxi, his heart and quietly more than a Mu Xiaoqiao, but spare, Qin Ming still feel that the two women can only choose one, so there is now such a situation for the two women waiting for him.

                As a result, Feng Dongxiang directly arranged a western-minded woman for him, which can be considered considerate.

                It was the same private room where he had a blind date with Zhao Yuxin last time, and it was still the same musical procession, but this time Qin Ming had an extra bouquet of flowers in his hand.

                Qin Ming walked in with a bouquet of flowers and saw a curly-haired girl at the tea table, with an outstanding figure and appearance, worthy of the word "beautiful".

                And the other side of the face has a strong flavor of books and volumes, quite like close.

                "Zhao Xinran, hello, my name is Qin Ming." Qin Ming politely handed over a bouquet of blue roses.

                Zhao Xinran carefully examined Qin Ming once, received the flowers, crossed her legs and asked playfully, "Thank you for the flowers. I heard my sister Yu Xin say that you are very philandering and even wet kissed your female subordinate in front of her."

                Qin Ming laughed: "I didn't like her much at that time, I just wanted to find an excuse quickly and get rid of her."

                Zhao Xinran said, "Oh? You send me flowers, this is to see me? How do you know if I like you or not? It's obvious that you are the one who approached our Zhao family for marriage, and the initiative is on my side. My initial impression of you is not good."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Indeed, I have no merits, and I was forced to come to the match. If Miss Zhao doesn't like it, there's nothing I can do."

                Zhao Xinran said, "But then, if I don't go on a blind date with you, I will also go on a blind date with others, what with the Qin family, the Bai family, the Wang family ...... some magnificent families, my fate is all arranged by my parents. I also can only be short in the tall."

                Qin Ming heart slander: "Since you know you can not help yourself, but also so many opinions? Don't talk as if I value you."

                Zhao Xinran added: "I heard that the condition you offered to my sister Yu Xin is to guarantee the wealth and the status of your wife, and after the marriage, each play their own game, right?"

                Qin Ming nodded, "Do you feel appropriate about this condition?"

                Zhao Xinran nodded and said, "I am more concerned about the one of each playing their own game after marriage. I also like freedom, I don't like to be tied down."

                Qin Ming was stunned and asked rhetorically, "Then what do you mean?"

                Zhao Xinran said, "What I mean is, let's get a license sometime. I want to live on 100 million pounds a month after marriage, that's not too much, right? If you want to live as husband and wife, you have to inform me beforehand, if you need, I will not refuse you, and I will only give you two children. The rest you can't control me."

                Poof ...... Qin Ming inwardly a mouthful of old blood spurted out.

                Feng Dongxiang you found me a real extreme ah!

Chapter 468

Zhao Xinran said naturally: "After the marriage, I naturally do not care about your business, you love to screw with which woman is free to you, the same you can not control what I go to do. You also have to sign a prenuptial agreement, about the law. Also, if you if you want to divorce, have to compensate me not less than a trillion breakup fee."

                Qin Ming slyly turned back and stared at Feng Dongxiang, staring at Feng Dongxiang's heart, it was clear that Qin Ming was angry.

                Qin Ming is not so angry, it is just a show, he just feel some disgust, so scum of the woman, he counted to see.

                Feng Dongxiang also slightly embarrassed, he knew that this has been in foreign noble schools to study Miss Zhao open-minded, but did not expect to open to this extent.

                Feng Dongxiang thought: "It looks like tonight is not a deal. Alas, how did the Zhao family raise such a woman? If Zhao Songzhi knows that his youngest daughter has become like this, I am afraid he will be so angry that he will vomit blood."

                However, Qin Ming said, "No problem, that's fine, I have no problem with that."

                Zhao Xinran was stunned, then asked, "You have no problem then, good, then when will we get married?"

                Qin Ming said, "As you like, but the process of marriage may be complicated, after all, my identity and your identity are not simple, this is a matter of great influence, you wait for me to arrange, I will inform you, I personally still want to finish my studies first, just get an engagement ceremony first, when I graduate, we will get married, how about it?"

                Zhao Xinran responded, "Okay, everything is at your disposal."

                Qin Ming smiled faintly and said, "Okay, I'll excuse myself for a moment."

                Qin Ming led Feng Dongxiang to his office and said, "Feng Lao, look at the success of today's blind date, you are responsible for the communication with the Zhao family side."

                Feng Dongxiang frowned and asked, "Young master, why do I feel that you are a bit reluctant? Is Miss Xinran really okay? The Zhao family has many other excellent women, this one doesn't like it, in fact, you can still change to the next one."

                Qin Ming said, "No, just this one. See how liberal she is, how open-minded she is, marriage is just a trade of interests, and she doesn't need to risk her life. Besides, I do need the Zhao family's support, right?"

                Feng Dongxiang was depressed, he couldn't hear whether Qin Ming was telling the truth or the opposite.

                However, he said, "Young master, since you are willing to marry Miss Zhao Xinran, then I have no objection, Miss Xinran is Zhao Zhen's eldest son, Zhao Songzhi's youngest daughter, and is very much loved. It is estimated that soon, inside the highest board of directors, the Zhao family will also support the young master to inherit the group, the young master's support rate will reach more than 70%. Congratulations to the young master."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Oh, men, they always have to grow up, profit is everything, power is the most important, right? Giving up impractical love and embracing power is the right thing to do."

                After Qin Ming finished, he asked curiously, "Then Zhao Zhen is the head of the Zhao family in power?"

                Feng Dongxiang said, "Yes young master, Zhao Zhen is the most important person in the Zhao family, and his words are the most useful. Not to hide from the young master, I was also once his student."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, rub miles, no wonder you guys are so biased Zhao family, so there is this layer of relationship.

                Feng Dongxiang immediately said again: "However, I am absolutely loyal to the young master. After all, I'm still one of the group's four elders, I followed Chang Lao early on to fight. Since Chang Lao is going to let Young Master inherit the group, I will also serve Young Master well."

                "Heh." Qin Ming sneered in his heart, when I find the opportunity, I will take you down.

                Qin Ming said, "Well, you prepare two gifts for me, one for Miss Zhao who came all the way to the match, and one to send to the Zhao family, we have settled this marriage for the time being, when I graduate, I will marry Zhao Xinran for the wedding."

                Feng Dongxiang asked, "Young master no longer chat with Miss Zhao?"

                Qin Ming said coldly, "We have already agreed to get married, what else is there to talk about? You ask her if she wants to sleep with me tonight, come up if she sleeps with me, if not, I will make arrangements early."

                "Yes." Feng Dongxiang frowned, Qin Ming this look is too dude, no usual personality, but he can only go do as he is told.

                At this time, the matchmaking ceremony living room toilet, Zhang Xinran to the toilet mirror, red face, wash a few times with cold water, exhaling.

                "I can't believe I could say such a humiliating thing, it's so humiliating."

                Zhang Xinran patted her cheeks and muttered, "What to do, what to do? I'm such a scum girl, but he agreed? Is that person a psycho? He agreed to spend 100 million pounds a month? Rich is great ah?"

                "Oooh ...... didn't sister Yu Xin say that it was easy to talk about the collapse?" Zhang Xinran bit his lips, very upset rolled his eyes, said: "Yu Xin sister originally intended to marry this Qin Shao change the status of the family, but I was forced by parents to come ah. Ah ...... why he likes scum girls? I should have known that I pretended to be a good girl."

                At this time, someone came in outside the toilet, not exactly Song Ying?

                Song Ying politely asked, "Miss Zhao, our young master asked if you want to sleep with him tonight?"

                The corners of Zhao Xinran's mouth twitched, and then calmly took out cosmetics to fix her makeup, and only after a while said, "No, I am not physically convenient today. What other formation arrangements does he have?"

                Song Ying said, "Our young master said there are no other arrangements, the engagement ceremony we will arrange and discuss with your Zhao family, Miss Zhao can continue to go back to Eikoku to carry out her studies, or stay in Guangzhou to play."

                Zhao Xinran said, "Alright, I know, arrange a private jet for me, I will return to Eiguo later."

                Song Ying slightly owed and turned to leave, Zhao Xinran saw her leave and then let out a big sigh of relief and said, "Tch, this man is crazy, right? Want to whoring for nothing? Money is great, huh? Ah ...... do I, Zhao Xinran, really want to marry a man I don't like?"

                After Song Ying arranged for Zhang Xinran's private plane back to Eungoku, she went to report back to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming nodded, completely unconcerned about going on a formality-like blind date, and said, "Good job, this way, righteous father won't interfere with what I'm doing in the short term, and my business will have to start right away."

                Song Ying asked, "Does the young master have any plans?"

                Qin Ming said, "I want to change people, within a month, all the important management cadres of all the domestic industries in China are to be replaced with people who only listen to my orders, and all the old guys within the group are to be replaced. It seems like young people like Zhou Yu, Qi Minghui, Qi Mingxun, just promote more and instill the idea that I am their boss."

                Qin Ming said, and pointed to an updated document on the countertop, said: "Look, the people who are spying on Nie Haitang this time are all arranged by Xuanyuan Wu. Xuan Yuan Wu is also an old man of the group, following his righteous father for many years, his righteous father gave orders to him, he did not even inform me, this Xuan Yuan Wu must be removed. Whether it is the assassination squad, or the head of business, there must be a clear understanding that in the future, they can only listen to my Qin Ming's orders alone, and report all things to me first."

                Song Ying was silent for a moment and said, "Young master, there are many reserve cadres, they are all very young, most of them feel that young master and Chang Lao are in the same lineage, if they are properly trained, they can indeed make them completely loyal to you. But some important positions of the elderly, suddenly removed, the impact is very big, especially the assassination team in the small captain, suddenly find someone to replace, too difficult."

                Qin Ming's heart moved and asked his personal bodyguard, Ah Long, "Ah Long, do you have any good comrades to come over and take Xuan Yuan Wu's place?"

                Ah Long said, "Yes, there are two of them, they are very good retired special forces soldiers, recently discharged and are planning to do something. Young master, how about I recruit the people for you?"

                Qin Ming slapped his thighs and said, "Yes, come as many as you can collect."

                Once a son of God, Qin Ming, after letting go of his children's personal feelings, listened to Chang Hongxi's matchmaking arrangements, got engaged to Zhao Xinran, the direct son of the Zhao family, and began a radical reform.

                At this time, in an old mansion in Beijing, Zhao Songzhi walked into an ancient, stately and atmospheric study with the news of his youngest daughter's successful match with Qin Ming.

                Standing in the doorway, Zhao Songzhi said to an elder in an old suit who was reading a document at the desk, "Dad, Xinran's match with Chang Hongxi's illegitimate son was successful, and Feng Dongxiang asked us to discuss the engagement ceremony."

                The elder who was reading the document stopped moving, his hair was white, his eyes were shining, but his face looked like he had just entered his old age, he was officially the master of the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen.

                Zhao Zhen said indifferently, "Let me see the information."

                Zhao Songzhi immediately handed over some not quite correct information about Qin Ming.

                Zhao Zhen took a glance at Qin Ming's picture and said, "Hmm? How come it looks a little bit like your fourth brother's son, Zhao Zhengyan?"