Rags To Riches Chapter 463-464

 Chapter 463

In the computer communication screen in the study, Qin Ming saw Chang Hongxi in a hospital bed with a tube inserted, and an old white butler next to him handing him medicine.

                Qin Ming asked with considerable concern, "Righteous Father, has your health deteriorated again?"

                Chang Hongxi said breathlessly, "For the time being, I can't die, we also have a lot of advanced bio-pharmaceutical technology in the world, so I can live for one day. Suddenly looking for me, what's the matter? I heard that you rejected Zhao Yuxin's blind date and suddenly broke into her room?"

                Qin Ming said calmly, "That was a misunderstanding. Do most of all she's not my type, I don't like good girls, I like independent women like Nie Haitang, she has a nice smile."

                Chang Hongxi was silent for a moment and said, "You should forget about her, after all, she could easily be a target to blackmail you with. I know you, you are a person who values righteousness, you would rather have a woman than a wealth that can be called global, this is rather a point that I do not like you."

                Qin Ming said, "Righteous father, you arranged for her to go, I did not see, did not do anything to hurt her, right?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "No, she is an ordinary person, why should I make things difficult for her. I still say, a good match, even if you start a relationship with a girl from the Zhao family first, you will have much less resistance when you officially take over. Soon Feng Dongxiang will arrange your second blind date with the Zhao family, don't be adding to my mess."

                Qin Ming answered and said some more small talk before disconnecting the communication.

                Song Ying had been standing next to him, and when he saw that Qin Ming had not spoken for a long time, he asked, "Young master? You don't trust Chang Lao? How about I go to the capital to look for Miss Nie?"

                Qin Ming suddenly said, "No, if my assumption is correct, then there must be many people watching around Haitang right now, once I act rashly, there might be some changes on my righteous father's side. You give me to instruct a task to Qi Mingxun, let him submit an itinerary to the righteous father, well ...... education investment, right, to the major famous schools in the capital city investment program, I as the representative party of the Huan Yu Century Group, to the schools for condolences, preferably to meet with the students of the schools to exchange activities, the purpose is to enhance my visibility in the education sector, to try out the reaction of my righteous father."

                Having said that, Qin Ming paused again and said, "If I assume wrong, it's just a false alarm and a wasted trip, it's no loss whatsoever."

                Song Ying nodded and responded, "Yes, I'll do it right away."

                Qin Ming bit his lip, his fingers fit, and looked unfocused at the study door.

                Qi Mingxun turned out to be the general director of commerce in the northern Dongshan province, under which he was in charge of many rare metal deposits development and transportation as well as logistics of the whole Dongshan province, as well as many pharmaceutical and investment companies and so on.

                He is currently investing in the education business, which is a good excuse.

                The most important thing is that Qi Minghui is young, unlike his father, Qi Yundong, who is not familiar with Chang Hongxi, and was promoted by Qin Ming not long ago to be the overall head of the entire North China region, that is, Qin Ming's own people.

                Qin Ming and Song Ying had just finished their lunch when Qi Mingxun returned the message, saying that his proposal had been rejected by Feng Dongxiang on the grounds that Qin Ming still needed to finish his studies and was about to go on a blind date with the Zhao family, so it was not appropriate for him to go to Beijing.

                Qin Ming looked at the tablet computer handed over by Song Ying, bit his lips, his mind turned rapidly and said, "Xiao Ying, don't do anything for now, just do everything as usual."

                Song Ying nodded and said, "Yes! Young master."

                At night, Qin Ming went back to the Mu family, for the Mu family, Qin Ming had mixed feelings, he touched the venomous snake wound on his wrist, it had already scarred.

                When Aunt Fang saw Qin Ming come in, she said happily, "Eh, auntie is back, just now Missy and Second Missy were discussing whether auntie would come back for dinner."

                Qin Ming scratched his face and said, "I'll eat here tonight."

                Qin Ming came into the house and found that Mu Hao and Xu Shu Lan were studying to go to Beijing to buy a villa for Mu Xiaoqiao, so that it would be convenient for her to live, and they were distressed that their daughter was starting a business in Beijing and sleeping in an apartment every day.

                And Mu Hailan was singing with old Mrs. Mu, the old couple was quite amiable.

                But Qin Ming knew that there was a small one outside Mu Hailan, which he saw in the hospital last time.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. I was just about to call you."


                Mu Xiaoqiao knocked off the two pulling hands, pulled Qin Ming, said: "Mu Sichen you wash your hands and eat. Is hubby not sleeping in the dorm these two days?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "After we eat, there are some things I want to say to you."

                The hearts of the people moved, somehow, as soon as Qin Ming had something to say, the people of the Mu family thought that Qin Ming was going to leave the Mu family.

                The last time the two had a divorce, Mu Hao and Mu Hai Ran already thought it was irrevocable, and even tried to let Mu Si Chun go and develop a little with Qin Ming, but as a result, the two returned from Xiangxi, and their relationship was much better, making the two fathers and sons regret it, because Mu Si Chun seemed to be nagging Qin Ming day after day, thinking about Qin Ming more than before, which had already caused Mu Xiao Qiao's discontent.

                After the meal, Qin Ming discussed with Mu Hailan about learning, and Mu Hailan was very surprised to learn that Qin Ming worshiped Zhang Quanzhen as his teacher.

                Because Zhang Quanzhen never accepts apprentices and has said that he does not accept apprentices, what fears that the mantle will not be inherited after his death are his deceptive nonsense.

                Mu Hai Ran is very happy that Qin Ming can become Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, but also urged Qin Ming to learn well, because Zhang Quanzhen is their great teacher Zhao Demin taught the best students, not small skills.

                Qin Ming also wanted to ask some questions about the previous affairs of several elders, such as gossip about what kind of women they thought they had back then, causing the brothers to turn against each other, and how the other three were flirts back then.

                But Mu Hai Ran played cover up to change the subject and talked about the economy and people's livelihood.

                Qin Ming can't help it, the small talk did not take long, did not inquire what gossip.

                Qin Ming returned to the study, Mu Xiao Qiao is dealing with the company's documents, look Mu Xiao Qiao's mood is very calm.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming and asked, "What do you have to tell me?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "About the matter between you and Nie Haitang, I want to discuss with you ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's expression was stunned, the document in her hand had nowhere to rest, tugging tightly, she knew that Qin Ming and she would always face this issue, whether it should be put down, or not, there would always be a conclusion.

                If not clear, the relationship between them will not be able to move forward.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took a deep breath and said, "Good, it's also time to speak clearly."

                At this moment outside the study, Mu Sichen tiptoed to the door, his ear close to the door wall.

                Mu Sichen was very concerned, concerned about whether Qin Ming was going to divorce his sister again. In the past, when she heard that the two of them were divorcing, she would be very excited, not wanting Qin Ming to leave the Mu family, she felt that Qin Ming was a good brother-in-law.

                Now it is not excited, and even think that since the two have conflicts, then divorce, stay barely happy.

                Mu Si Chun muttered in his heart: "Although brother-in-law is a scum, but in addition to emotional scum, other than a bit, it is okay, considered a quality man. This time you should be able to successfully divorce, right?"

                Mu Si Chun heart snickers, as if stickers against the wooden door, eavesdropping on the conversation of the two inside.

                The two people in the study talked for a long time.

                Mu Sichen expression at first surprised, then frowned tightly, then revealed a joyful feeling, followed by turned into incomprehension, not a moment later and sulking nuzzles up fragrant cheeks, broken: "Hum, Qin Ming you are too kind, change me, I want them all."

Chapter 464

The next morning, Mu Xiaoqiao to go back to the capital city to continue to work, booked a morning ticket to go, and Qin Ming sent a ride, continue to come back to school classes.

                The four people in the dormitory just sat down, Zhao Li Niu said: "Qin Ming you can ah? Last night and did not return to the dormitory, back in the morning all fragrant, you have to tell me that last night did not sleep with which woman, I do not believe it."

                Qin Ming hooked Zhao Liniu's arm and cursed: "Brother Niu you will die if you don't say it?"

                Zhao Li Niu laughed: "I will die of jealousy if I don't say it. Say, which woman's first blood did you take?"

                Suddenly, Liang Shaoyong said, "Hey, hey, you two stop, I have something to discuss with you, I want to go to a foreign enterprise internship in Beijing."

                The remaining three were shocked and said in unison, "Didn't we agree that Qin Ming (I) package the job? You still go to find what internship?"

                Liang Shaoyong said, "My girlfriend, she happened last time that kind of thing, almost let her people and money empty, thanks to Xiaoming, she did not happen anything. But her parents want her to go to work with relatives, safer, has arranged for her relatives in the capital city of a company, I am still worried about her, so to go with."

                Liang Shaoyong patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Brother, when I can't get mixed up, I'll come back to you, and then you don't mind me."

                Qin Ming said, "Of course not. But what about your credits?"

                Liang Shaoyong said, "Nothing, self-study, exams and then come back, now many people are like this, the fourth year does not hurry to find a job, one after the year, completely no classes, and then find that it is too late."

                Qin Ming heard that Liang Shaoyong and Zhao Menghua went to Beijing, the idea of letting him help find Nie Haitang, but quickly dismissed the idea.

                He didn't want to let his good brother get killed because he had sent two of his brothers there.

                For going to the capital city to find Nie Haitang, Qin Ming has another arrangement, and will soon have action.

                At noon, the group went out together for a trampling meal and said goodbye to Liang Shaoyong.

                Qin Ming had time to go to the supermarket to see his big brother Qin Chaoyang, by the way, give him a sum of money to take home.

                Qin Ming wants to accelerate the development of Qin Chaoyang's career, so that he can control more businesses and wealth, so that later he will not fail to inherit, the whole family and nothing.

                But on the way is to see Zhao Fugui's family's small supermarket is clearing goods, the door is posted on the red paper for rent, apparently has been operating unsustainable, was occupying a good location of convenience, treating student customers with a poor attitude, now the crowd has a better demand, are not going to his small supermarket.

                Qin Ming heart secretly happy, no wonder the recent look Zhao Fugui are a bit grasping the feeling of strapped, but Yang Wei seems to be worse than Zhao Fugui, Yang Wei's family business is in decline, living expenses almost no difference with ordinary people, a month on a couple of thousand, completely without the previous broad.

                I heard that Yang Wei's a second-hand Audi was also taken back by the family, completely no pick up girls sharp, day by day honestly can not.

                Although Qin Ming looked within the eyes, but also do not want to care about these things.

                Qin Ming was passing by, and suddenly someone was blown out of the mini-mart, not precisely Yang Wei?

                Then Li Meng hurriedly followed out, to reach out and pull Yang Wei up.

                And the mini-mart Zhao Fugui holding a broomstick cursing: "grass nima, the previous food and drink to take my still less? You have the nerve to ask me? Li Meng, you bitch, and mix with Yang Wei, good horses do not eat grass, you are not ashamed?"

                Li Meng righteously denied: "I'm not with Wei! Zhao Fugui is you owe money, I help Yang Wei what? He is Qin Ming's hometown, I just want to help him. Zhao Fugui, you invited to dinner is your voluntary money, A Wei borrowed your money is said to pay back."

                Yang Wei also shouted: "Zhao Fugui you do not think you can still pop? How long, look, this big supermarket across the street, that is Qin Ming his brother opened, Qin Ming ate you to death, he is also my hometown, I grew up with him in a pair of pants. Today you must give me back the money, last month I borrowed you 10,000 yuan, must be returned."

                These two people would actually turn against each other for 10,000 yuan? What a turn of events.

                Tsk, before 30 to 20 thousand a month without frowning a little.

                Qin Ming looked at the three, also he knew for many years classmates, he did not want to pay attention to these people's business.

                He did not pay attention to, directly away, to the supermarket office to find Qin Chaoyang, but was told to go to a meeting to learn, which again let Qin Ming pounced on a blank.

                Qin Ming had no choice but to leave the supermarket first, found opposite Zhao Fugui's store door, Yang Wei was Zhao Fugui and a few small workers a severe beating.

                Li Meng was shouting at the side: "Don't fight, you guys don't fight."

                Qin Ming looked quite comical, did not want to care about these people, he felt that now he is not the same as in the past, he is higher ranked, this kind of campus life fights the chicken little thing, he does not need to be involved in it.

                He now needs to prepare a proper plan to go to the capital city to find Nie Haitang without letting this old guy Feng Dongxiang keep an eye on him day in and day out, always forcing him to go on a blind date with the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming are a little suspicious, as the group's four advisers, but also the patriarchal members, governing the business of the continents docking the highest board of directors, for the big boss, how Feng Dongxiang a little too much care Zhao family feeling?

                "Shouldn't the righteous father be the one who hates the Zhao family the most?" Qin Ming was puzzled in his heart, "How come I can't see Feng Dongxiang?"

                Qin Ming thought as he walked, Li Meng looked across the road, that anxious, so easy to catch the opportunity, how Qin Ming does not care about her in the slightest?

                He has always been the most soft-hearted, right? The most uncomfortable with the road has injustice? How come he ignored what happened here today?

                Li Meng's mind turned rapidly: "It was hard to repair the relationship with Yang Wei, but also encouraged him to turn against Zhao Fugui, in order to create a look, I and Yang Wei were bullied, Qin Ming you just watch me and Yang Wei were bullied?"

                As the saying goes, if you don't break it, you can't build it. Li Meng came into contact with a lot of enthusiastic people in the volunteer club and learned a lot about the human condition, and she realized that after she completely broke her relationship with Qin Ming, it was possible to re-establish it, but it needed to go through some opportunities.

                Yang Wei is her pawn, she used to be annoyed with Yang Wei day by day only want to take advantage of her, not to spare her money, so use Zhao Fugui beat Yang Wei, and then use Yang Wei as a springboard to re-establish a relationship with Qin Ming, not to say restore to the previous, even close to Zhang Xiaoyan like relationship, is also a victory.

                Li Meng see Qin Ming farther and farther away, a heart, rushed up to block Yang Wei, and then just Zhao Fugui a stick knock down.

                Originally hit Yang Wei's buttocks, that more meat, under a hard hand is not afraid to kill people.

                As a result, Li Meng a head on the top, she was directly by Zhao Fugui a stick knock clock head.

                "Ah!" Li Meng let out a miserable scream, suddenly the sky spun, forehead blood burst out, directly fainted on the ground.

                "Wow!" The surrounding crowd of onlookers saw this scene also issued a scream, this is going to kill people's rhythm?

                Yang Wei was also shocked, Li Meng only accompanied him to collect debts, but surprisingly for him by Zhao Fugui a stick beaten head bleeding? Is this true love? They had been good for ten days after all, although they did not sleep together, but it is good to take advantage of the hands.

                Qin Ming while being attracted to this scream, looking back, has seen Li Meng fell in a pool of blood.

                Qin Ming rushed over, set aside the crowd, look at Li Meng that wound, shocking, he cursed at the dazed Zhao Fugui: "Zhao Fugui what are you crazy? It's only 10,000 yuan? Do you have to do this?"

                Zhao Fugui said, "No, I didn't want to hit her, she suddenly rushed up."

                Yang Wei said, "Qin Ming, say so much for what, quickly take Xiao Meng to the hospital."

                Qin Ming had no choice but to watch the reformed Li Meng die, and immediately asked Ah Long to drive the car and rush to the hospital.

                After the car hit the road, Li Meng slowly opened his eyes and looked at this luxurious Ben, his heart was excited beyond measure, this is Qin Ming financial power? And full-time drivers?

                Li Meng closed her eyes again and endured the pain, acting to a full set, can not reveal halfway, once she was too naive, only to keep failing.

                At this time, the driver's seat of Ah Long asked: "Young master, today is not the layout of the plan to the capital city?"

                Qin Ming looked at lying on her lap, forehead blood flowing non-stop Li Meng, sighed: "A classmate, or my first love, can not see death, that thing, let's talk about it tonight."

                Li Meng mind stunned: "Young master? To the capital city? How did Qin Ming become a young master? Good for you Qin Ming, hidden deep enough. The previous me too naive, did not cherish you properly, the future I will make you love me to death, hehehehe."