Rags To Riches Chapter 461-462

 Chapter 461

The reason why Qin Ming is in a hurry to find the year old six, is because he heard it, that is Nie Haitang's voice, the two have known each other for several years, often in the badminton club together to participate in activities, and later developed into a couple, he can recognize the wrong?

                And, the last sentence "I wanted to cheat you a million and a half, but it didn't work out, so I cried", no one will understand, only Qin Ming and Nie Haitang will know.

                When Nie Haitang because Nie's Sanitary Group shares are threatened, Nie family is exactly when the lack of money to acquire equity, she took 100,000 to ask Qin Ming to help go to the stock market to earn some money, Qin Ming on a branch, undercover, strong hit the money, sent Nie Haitang one million.

                So a million and a hundred thousand such strange numbers, in Qin Ming's memory is very deep.

                Qin Ming felt it was Nie Haitang's hint to him.

                Why hint? And not say?

                At that time, Qin Ming obviously heard "Kou Xin Ling" deny the name, to say the real name, there was a small pause before he gave him this hint words.

                Qin Ming guessed that Nie Haitang was now afraid that she could not help herself.

                Because Kou Xinling's number is the number of the capital city, call back again has been turned off, which makes Qin Ming even more suspicious.

                Once he thought of this, Qin Ming was very worried and could not wait to fly to the capital to confirm, even if it was a vast sea of people to find, then also to find.

                But he was afraid that he had made a mistake, so he wanted to find Nian Lao Liu to confirm, after all, he paid Nian Lao Liu to find people, looking for two months, there must be some progress.

                As a result, Nian Lao Liu also came to him, bringing the news of the death of the two minions sent to the capital city to find Nie Haitang, and also brought the possibility of a final word.

                Qin Ming could be sure that Nie Haitang was in the capital city.

                Nian Lao Liu took a restrained breath and said, "Mr. Qin, don't worry, I will be more cautious in sending people to investigate this time, I will start with Nie Jianmin and Nie Zhengming, they are both relatives, they should be much safer, we will have news soon."

                Qin Ming patted Nian Lao Liu's shoulder, the latter tiger body, do not know whether Qin Ming is satisfied or unsatisfied na.

                How could Qin Ming be satisfied? The efficiency of Nian Lao Liu was too slow.

                But Qin Ming remembered that Zhang Quanzhen gave him a thick teaching autobiography, yesterday saw a sentence inside: "Anyone can become a chess piece, each chess piece has a place to put, the daily interpersonal relationship tending, it is the same as managing their chess pieces for the time being."

                Qin Ming looked at Nian Lao Liu with no expression, then showed a polite and pressure-filled smile and said, "Boss Nian, you did a good job, our cooperation is considered over this time, you don't need to interfere in this matter anymore, and this matter should not be mentioned to anyone in the future, got it?"

                The cold sweat on his head betrayed his heart, he hurriedly said, "Mr. Qin, if you need anything, just give me a command, I, Nian Lao Liu, have no frown on the mountain of swords and the sea of fire."

                After dealing with Nian Lao Liu, Qin Ming took a car to the Cloud Peak Villa area.

                Nie Haitang's former home was in the seventh building at the foot of the mountain, and everything in the large four-story villa remained unchanged. Qin Ming bought this place first after the Nie family went bankrupt, and the name was put under his personal name.

                However, it was the first time he came here.

                A large house, very quiet.

                Qin Ming came to Nie Haitang's room, where all her things were, except for taking away some of her clothes and important things, most of her household items were here.

                The sky-high evening dress that Qin Ming gave Nie Haitang was not there.

                The reason why Qin Ming came to Nie Haitang's room was to find some clues.

                He knew that Nie Haitang was an intelligent woman, so if she was forced to leave Guangcheng, would she have left some information behind?

                Qin Ming is also secretly scolding himself, why didn't he think more about it at first? How about coming earlier?

                Qin Ming remembered the night that Chang Hongxi persuaded Nie Haitang to leave, he and Nie Haitang experienced a chase, and his true identity as the heir to the world's richest man was made known to Nie Haitang.

                Could Nie Haitang have considered that Qin Ming would honor her and buy her original home? So leave some contact code?

                Qin Ming touched the bed sheets and bedding, sniffed the smell, and there was still Nie Haitang's body fragrance, eh? Why is there a pink panty on the bed?

                Ahem, Qin Ming hurriedly threw away.

                Oh? There is also a cup, c cup, Qin Ming's mind again remembered Nie Haitang that attractive body, indeed, is good.

                Qin Ming hurriedly shook his head to calm his emotions down, these are two months ago, now is not the time to see things.

                Qin Ming made a round, did not find any electronic products, are some clothes, piano, dolls, badminton rackets and other things, photos are all taken away.

                But Qin Ming was patient, he saw a luxurious solid wood desk with many books covering it.

                Qin Ming packed up the books and saw a drawing on the desk.

                Two loving hearts were entwined by a red thread of the moon, with the names "Qin Ming & Nie Haitang" written on it, and the time, July 28th.

                Isn't that the day Nie Haitang left Guangcheng?

                Qin Ming reached out and touched the words on the table, a line of hot tears could not help but flow down, he did not know how Nie Haitang was in a mood to leave the city.

                In fact, Qin Ming also had the cell phone numbers of Nie Jianmin, Nie Zhengming and others in his hand.

                But just like Nie Haitang's past cell phone numbers, they were all unreachable and unreachable.

                The most important thing is that Chang Hongxi forbade him to use the people of the Universal Century Group to find Nie Haitang, and even to arrange a match with the Zhao family.

                This is something that Qin Ming very much rejects, but had to compromise, so his last blind date was simply stalling for time.

                Qin Ming then carefully observe the table to see if there is any information left.

                Unfortunately, there was not, the only thing that made Qin Ming's heart ache was the two hearts painted on the table.

                "There really isn't?" Qin Ming's brow was locked, very disappointed.

                He left Nie Haitang's house and returned to the manor house at the top of the mountain.

                Qin Ming rarely came here, even though it was as luxurious as an ancient castle, it was basically Song Ying's office here, as well as some maids living here to clean up.

                The rare arrival of Qin Ming, Song Ying was very surprised, immediately ordered the kitchen to make some delicious food, at the same time changed into a very beautiful set of casual clothes dress.

                "Young master." Song Ying stood at the door to greet Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming answered and walked straight into the manor villa, while giving the order, "Let everyone leave, this house only needs you and I to exist."

                Song Ying was stunned, not expecting Qin Ming to arrive suddenly and suddenly give such an order.

                Song Ying still did as she was told and drove all the security personnel, and caretakers out, while she had some doubts in her heart, could it be that Qin Ming was going to do something to her?

                As a loyal secretary who worked for Qin Ming, Song Ying felt that she had nothing to gain from Qin Ming except her body.

                Song Ying a distorted thought, suddenly both faces flushed, is the young master finally found her charm? To do her?

                But Song Ying soon calmed down again, she felt the change of temperament in Qin Ming's body, his eyes more absorbent than before, his emotions more introverted, this is perhaps the gradual transformation of a boy to a man.

                Song Ying suddenly had a sense of crisis, a woman's sixth sense is always particularly accurate, she also followed Qin Ming step by step.

Chapter 462

In the study, Qin Ming faced a huge bookcase full of books, a wide computer on the counter, and many documents on the bronze desktop.

                Next to it was a cup of hot coffee.

                In fact, Qin Ming really likes Song Ying, naturally, not the kind of male and female love, is simply a man's appreciation of women, and the recognition of the boss to subordinates.

                Song Ying was able to help him stabilize his industry and business on the Chinese side, with large investments and subsidiaries doing well in terms of profitability.

                But he also knew that Song Ying was the person that Chang Hongxi sent over to get up, the best female assassin in the current training camp of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                And Chang Hongxi had deceived him.

                Nie Haitang should have been forced and monitored, not persuaded to leave, these are two situations, if the former, then Qin Ming felt cheated by Chang Hongxi's great deception, which he could not accept.

                Qin Ming sat down and asked, "Xiaoying, is Nie Haitang being watched by YiFu's people?"

                Song Ying's expression changed, he didn't expect Qin Ming to come for Nie Haitang, hadn't he been dealing with the Mu family's Missy quite closely recently?

                Song Ying said seriously, "Young master, this I do not know, I know the same as the young master, for the young master's safety and through the marriage, to consolidate the young master's position and power, Chang Lao persuaded Miss Nie to leave the young master."

                Qin Ming did not hide his anger and asked directly, "Are you loyal to your righteous father, or to me?"

                Song Ying was startled, this was the first time Qin Ming had been angry with her, but it made it even more difficult for her.

                She immediately said, "Young master, I was not present at that time. At that time, only Elder Chang and Feng Dongxiang were talking to Miss Nie."

                After finishing her sentence, Song Ying said anxiously, "Young master, I am completely loyal to you. How do you want me to prove it? Without your presence, Young Master, I wouldn't have been selected from the training camp, and I would have passively received orders to go around the globe on assassination missions every day. Not being able to protect myself from day to day, that is not a human life at all."

                Qin Ming said, "In your own way, prove to me that one day when I disobey my righteous father's orders, you will be on my side."

                Song Ying's heart tightened and she said grimly, "Young master you still don't believe me?"

                Qin Ming's face was terribly gloomy, he had to question Song Ying and said, "The birth of a lie usually requires more lies to cover things up, once a lie is exposed, then there will be a domino-like collapse and everything that seems normal on a daily basis will be reversed. I don't want me to become like Fu Hongxue and do something meaningless."

                Song Ying didn't know what Qin Ming was implying with these words, nor did she know who Fu Hongxue was, but she sniffed out some of Qin Ming's thoughts.

                She asked rhetorically, "Does Young Master care that Elder Chang has deceived you about Miss Nie? Think I'm also a pawn that Chang Lao arranged to spy on you, young master?"

                Qin Ming had exactly this thought; he trusted Song Ying because he had always trusted Chang Hongxi.

                But now that he found out that Chang Hongxi was deceiving him and that he most likely sent someone to spy on Nie Haitang, wouldn't that be stuck master his life? Suddenly one day Qin Ming disobeyed, he pointed a gun at Nie Haitang and demanded Qin Ming to obey, then what could he do?

                Although it is said that Chang Hongxi is dying, a handful of years old, but also give him the sky is rich, arranged his match with the Zhao family is also to help the Lord Qin Ming consolidate power in the group, but this intention to manipulate Qin Ming's behavior, is Qin Ming can not accept.

                "My life by me not by others." This is Qin Ming bottom line and principle, once a person can not be autonomous, God knows what will happen to call people unacceptable?

                This is the reason for Qin Ming's anger again.

                "Righteous father clearly promised me, only this time, but he broke his word." Qin Ming said, "Although I'm not 100% sure, but at least 80% or more."

                Song Ying looked at Qin Ming, although she could understand that Qin Ming questioned her, but she was still a little sad, because she really did not have second thoughts, last time she disobeyed Feng Dongxiang's order, but also for Qin Ming ah.

                Song Ying found a copy of the information, handed it over, said: "Feng Dongxiang, as the group's four patriarchal advisers, recently ordered me privately, with me to ask for every day of the young master's life report in Guangcheng. I concealed the affair between the young master and various women."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, what do you mean his affair with various women?

                That is normal communication, right?

                Just some occasional physical contact, wipe oil is inevitable, that is force majeure ah.

                Qin Ming took a look at the report, the three months of Qin Ming's campus life are written in detail in this report, there is no mention of what happened to him and the Mu family.

                Song Ying continued, "If the young master still does not trust me, I can carry the young master's child to prove my loyalty to the young master."

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

                Although Song Ying's brain circuit is a bit strange, but Qin Ming think more layer can understand.

                Song Ying is not a spy, she is a female warrior, she grew up training, proficient in all kinds of firearms and fighting, she slept in a dung pit, lying on a mountain of corpses, walked through the sea of blood, chased the enemy in the Amazon jungle, carried out missions in the African continent, she did not have feelings, until she met Qin Ming.

                She does not have the traditional female spy's spirit of sacrificing her body at all costs, because she is a female warrior, so she will be like an ordinary girl, very concerned about her chastity, and the question of who to sacrifice herself for.

                This is perhaps the most clumsy and unexpected way of self-evidence that Song Ying came up with in this environment.

                Qin Ming held his chin in his hands, in a somewhat excited mood, and some snickering, how could he let his secretary prove his loyalty, but make it look like a confession?

                However, all along Song Ying's performance, Qin Ming saw in the eyes, she worked very hard for Qin Ming, but also cared a lot about Qin Ming's safety.

                Qin Ming is actually most afraid of Song Ying's second thoughts, because Song Ying is too important to him.

                Now that there is no one in the manor, Qin Ming has to make a choice.

                Song Ying said sadly, "Elder Chang is suffering from cancer and may die at any time, young master, the only person I can be loyal to is you, once you are gone, everything I have will be lost, I am just an ordinary member within the group. There are as many assassins like me that have been trained up, as many as the group wants. From the moment I was chosen to work for the young master, I was bound to the young master, and if I left you, then I would be nothing."

                Qin Ming looked at the sad Song Ying, eyes holding back tears, his heart was greatly touched, he felt it, Song Ying's anxiety, she desperately wanted to explain clearly.

                Qin Ming got up, walked to Song Ying's side, reached out to gently wipe the tears at the corners of her eyes, and said tenderly: "I believe in you. Even if you leave me, you are still you, beautiful and smart, and a capable and excellent secretary, don't presume yourself."

                Song Ying's delicate body shook and suddenly tears fell like rain, and Qin Ming's trust and compliment made her grateful again.

                Song Ying couldn't help but lean her head on Qin Ming's shoulder and choked up, "Young master, I will never betray you, I swear on my life."

                Qin Ming couldn't help but hug Song Ying, caressing her gentle back and enjoying her fragrance.

                After a while, Song Ying settled down emotionally and Qin Ming said, "Little Ying, you help me contact my righteous father now."

                Song Ying asked worriedly, "Since the young master is already suspicious because of Miss Nie, aren't you worried that Chang Lao has other intentions for the young master?"

                Qin Ming pondered for a moment and said, "I have my own score, you just contact it."

                Song Ying immediately answered, "Yes, I will contact Elder Chang immediately."