Rags To Riches Chapter 459-460

 Chapter 459

"What? You're asking me to go to Guangcheng to take a message for you?" Zhao Zhengyan was puzzled by Nie Haitang's strange request.

                What era is this, can't you call?

                Last night, Nie Haitang found out that her original number was not working somehow and she couldn't use it.

                She had a new number with a fake name, Kou Xinling, but Qin Ming had no association with it and had been ignoring her, even posting a picture of him sleeping with another woman last night.

                She suspected that Qin Ming had changed his mind, so she was not too keen to question him directly on the phone, and was too disturbed to call.

                In fact, Nie Haitang wanted to leave immediately and fly back to Guangzhou, but she was worried.

                That night, Qin Ming had been chased by organised and premeditated foreign mercenaries and almost died, and she was afraid that she would become a hostage and put Qin Ming at risk.

                Secondly, she didn't have the money to fly back to Guangcheng, either.

                Nie Haitang, who was used to being wealthy before, realised that it was really too difficult to go from luxury to frugality, and that money was needed everywhere in life, especially in the capital city of Beijing, where a few thousand dollars disappeared in the blink of an eye and money was not spent.

                It was also because she did not get carried away by money and gradually adapted to ordinary people's lives, gritting her teeth and persevering.

                She has to help supplement the family and buy medicine for her father, Nie Jianmin. After all, her brother Nie Zhengming is now in the start-up stage and needs money everywhere, so life is not easy.

                Nie Haitang said seriously: "How about it? A small favour, not too hard for you, is it?"

                Nie Haitang looked at the man in front of her, he really did look like Qin Ming, although she knew that there were many lookalikes in society nowadays, a famous actor with three or four lookalike doubles, but Zhao Zhengyan was nearsighted and had whiter skin, a frail kind of white.

                When Nie Haitang first saw Zhao Zhengyan at school, he was being mobbed by several people, Nie Haitang subconsciously thought it was Qin Ming and ran over to protect Zhao Zhengyan and save him.

                Only later did she realise that this man with no self-confidence and a vastly inferior temperament was not Qin Ming.

                She also had to marvel at the fact that there were two people in the world who resembled each other so much, like Sister Chi Ling and Miss Hatano, which was not even a rare thing.

                Zhao Zhengyin said hesitantly, "I, I'm under a ban from my family, I can't leave the capital ah."

                Nie Haitang rolled her eyes and said, "Then take this flower back, and please move aside, I have to go to work."

                Zhao Zhengyan stepped in front and said, "Nie Haitang, be, be my girlfriend, I'll support you and you won't have to work."

                Nie Haitang was not moved at all and said, "Thank you for your kindness, but I really have a boyfriend. I hope you meet a better girl in the future. Get out of the way, I have a ten o'clock appointment to shoot my new dress and I'm going to be late."

                Zhao Zhengyan still wouldn't let go and said, "You're lying, you tell everyone you have a boyfriend, but you're never alone. Nie Haitang, my family is very rich, if you agree to be my girlfriend, my parents will also be very happy, and I will have as much money as I want then."

                Nie Haitang was short of money, although the cruelty of life had made her realise that her fairytale fantasies of love in the past were a bit impractical and ridiculous.

                But she believed in her own abilities, and she could earn money in the future, if not great wealth, at least clothing and food.

                Besides, she was in a messy mood right now, she wanted to find Qin Ming so badly, yet she was worried about Chang Hongxi and those who were going to hurt Qin Ming, so it was impossible for her to be influenced one iota by other men.

                "Get out of the way!" Nie Haitang suddenly became furious, she was like a raging lioness, her eyes became angry as she rebuked Zhao Zhengyan.

                Zhao Zhengyin immediately gave in and stepped aside with the flowers, his heart sour.

                He couldn't understand why the first girl who had been nice to him already had someone she liked.

                Zhao Zhengyin was lost, Nie Haitang went to ignore him and went into the company to work.

                There were quite a few models like her earning quick money in the clothing company's photo booth, and most of them were also schoolgirls. There were more clothes to shoot today, and everyone was working on a tight schedule.

                Once Nie Haitang arrived, she was assigned a pile of clothes full of plastic smell, which hadn't been washed, or even gone to smell and chemical potion ah.

                In the past, Nie Haitang wouldn't have even looked at them, let alone worn them to the photo shoot.

                A group of young female models all frowned, today's new clothes are obviously rushed out, the strong plastic and chemical smell has not been eliminated, girls with good skin, wearing these clothes have to be itchy all over.

                When the female manager saw that the people had complaints, she immediately said loudly, "Listen up, I have a meeting at noon, no one is allowed to drag their feet, move faster, whoever gives me a hard time, I will immediately kick them out."

                Nie Haitang sighed and took her clothes to play with the changing room for the sake of her wages.

                However, halfway there, she was stopped by the female manager, who very enthusiastically took Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Little Nie, ah."

                "Eh, Manager Cheng." Nie Haitang answered politely, "Is something wrong?"

                Manager Cheng smilingly looked at Nie Haitang and said, "Our little Nie is really pretty and has a really good figure. Especially your temperament, it's so top notch."

                Nie Haitang grinned nervously and said, "Thank you, Manager Cheng, if there's nothing else, I'll go and change first."

                Manager Cheng hurriedly said, "Eh, don't rush. Little Nie, your last photo shoot worked very well and made one of our pleated dress styles a big seller, the company boss is very happy and wants to hire you as a contracted model for the brand, with a one-time endorsement of fifty thousand."

                Nie Haitang was surprised and said, "Manager Cheng really? Thank you."

                The female manager smiled with satisfaction and added, "Of course, you have a good figure, a natural clothes rack, and you can earn money for the company, so can you not be treated well? I highly recommend you, and the boss wants to give young people a chance, so if you stay with him for one night, it's a done deal. Nie ah, the opportunity is rare, this is a key step for you to make a name for yourself in the modeling world ......"

                "What!" Nie Haitang's surprised expression immediately sank, is this not sleeping with him?

                Giving you a $50,000 job to sleep with you for one night, this is a pathetic drop in price.

                Nie Haitang thought back to the past, when she was in Guangcheng City before, she had also been offered such a request by a rich man, it would be 100 million, she refused angrily at that time, feeling that these people were too disgusting, thinking that being rich was great, that being rich would allow her to do whatever she wanted?

                Little did she know that she was now a phoenix on the ground and was being offered 50,000 a night, no, that was still to work for.

                Nie Haitang flatly refused, saying coldly and arrogantly, "Manager Cheng, you are insulting people, I won't agree."

                Manager Cheng immediately lost his smile and said, "Little Nie, what a great opportunity, our company still has many resources, what's the use of you holding on to your teenage naivety? It's just a layer of film? It's the money that comes to hand that is the most real. Our old boss is only in his forties, very gentle, he's not strong in that area, a few minutes to finish and you've got a fifty thousand dollar job, it won't aggravate you much."

                "You ......" Nie Haitang was so angry that her chest rose and fell, the bully was too much!


                Nie Haitang slapped at Manager Cheng, the sound was so loud that the entire photo booth heard it, and everyone turned their heads to look this way.

                Only to see Nie Haitang with red lips and white teeth, furiously saying, "Me! No! No! Up!"

                There was no need for any hesitation, once she refused, there was not even a chance for this regular shoot, and Nie Haitang walked away straight away.

                The female manager's voice scolded behind her: "What a great opportunity you have, you don't want to do it, you don't want to do it, there are a lot of people who do it, you think you are so valuable? You are a goddess, but if you don't, you are still a woman? What you have that other women don't? I've got a couple of tits, too, don't I? You don't even know how to earn the money you've been given, you idiot!"

                Nie Haitang wiped her tears and quickly walked out of the clothing company, she was very aggrieved and she had nowhere to run.

                Nie Haitang walked all the way to the side of a small park where there were not many people, she finally couldn't help herself and broke down and cried: "Oooh ...... Qin Ming ...... I miss you."

                In the midst of her breakdown, Nie Haitang took out her mobile phone, sobbing, and dialed Qin Ming's number.

                She didn't care about that much, she had to talk to Qin Ming.

Chapter 460

"Ha~! So chicken-tired." Qin Ming yawned and looked at Old Xiao who was lecturing endlessly on the podium, not having much spirit to listen to the lecture.

                Although it was said that it was senior year, there were still classes, especially Introduction to Economics, a course that was almost inexhaustible.

                But Qin Ming's fatigue was not that the classes were boring, but that he had started practising the Martial Arts Guidelines given by Zhang Quanzhen last night, and he had dragged the three brothers from the dormitory to practise with him, but as a result, the four of them had tossed and turned all night and had not even got the basic moves right.

                And the Martial Arts Guidelines require that the basic movements must be adhered to for an hour every day, at seven in the morning as well as at ten at night, and must be adhered to daily.

                Zhao Li Niu said, "This is even harder than yoga, but yoga can also strengthen the body.

                Liang Shaoyong also said, "That's right, there are a lot of these things out there, there is no difference, but also can practice internal strength, hahaha."

                Qin Ming smiled and did not respond, this was the basic introduction to martial arts that Zhang Quanzhen had given him, since he had said he wanted to learn the whole set of skills, how could he give up because it was too difficult?

                Qin Ming took the martial arts guide and pondered over it carefully, when suddenly his mobile phone vibrated.

                He took it over and was a little surprised to see that it wasn't the call from the girl called Kou Xinling from Beijing. Was she going to call him for delivery again?

                Qin Ming didn't really want to talk to her, he felt that this kind of person was too idle, he was bored all day long and wanted to find someone for online dating, right?

                Qin Ming hesitated for a moment and wanted to hang up, this was still a class, he couldn't disrespect the teacher, even though he didn't deal too well with Old Xiao.

                But Zhao Li Niu's hand next to him inadvertently touched, and Qin Ming's finger pressed on the answer button.

                "Ooo ...... mmm ...... ooo ......"

                An intermittent sobbing sound, from the phone, Qin Ming's heart moved, what is she doing here?

                Qin Ming, a person who is the type who can't see others suffer, hearing a girl cry, inevitably a bit soft-hearted, he bent low to shrink in a corner of the classroom and whispered, "Kou Xinling? What do you want? I'm here in class, if you do this again I'm going to pull you out."

                "Oooh ...... my name is not Kou Xin Ling." Nie Haitang cried as she denied her fake name.

                Qin Ming was stunned, how come her voice had changed a little?

                He hadn't heard Kou Xin Ling's voice like this before, before it was much sweeter and had a bit of a metallic sound, now it was much gentler, much lighter and much more familiar, like Nie Haitang's voice.

                Because this time Nie Haitang did not use a voice changer.

                But Qin Ming didn't make much of an association and asked, "So what's your name? Why did you use a fake name to deceive me in the first place?"

                Nie Haitang would immediately say, "Because I ......"

                But before she could get the words out, she suddenly felt something against her head, Nie Haitang was stunned, she turned back in horror and her pupils shrank, but it was a silenced gun.

                A gun was hidden in the wide sleeves of a cold, ruthless man, and he was pointing it at her forehead.

                When did this man get close to her, Nie Haitang didn't notice it at all.

                The killer said coldly, "Miss Nie, I hope you won't force my hand, I'm also just making a living. Don't say what you shouldn't say."

                But in these cold words, he still left a ray of life for Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang cried, she finally understood that from the very beginning she had been cheated, cheated completely.

                She had been deceived from the very beginning, completely deceived. Qin Ming's righteous father, Chang Hongxi, was trying to get her away from Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang's heart was pounding, she knew she would be killed if she didn't say the right thing.

                "Hello? Are you still there?" On the other end of the line, Qin Ming's voice questioned.

                Nie Haitang sniffled, holding back her tears, and said, "I... I tried to cheat you out of a million and a half dollars, but it didn't work out, so I'm crying."

                As soon as the words left her mouth, the phone was snatched away by the killer.

                The killer got the card out and then gave the phone back to Nie Haitang.

                The killer took a phone and handed it to Nie Haitang to answer.

                Nie Haitang took the phone with some trembling, only to hear Chang Hongxi's familiar voice, saying, "Miss Nie, I admit that I have deceived you. Your status is too common, and I can't accept you being with Qin Ming. If you promise me that you won't cause any more trouble, accept a cheque for one billion dollars and live your life properly. If you don't get restless again, I'll have to kill and exterminate not just you, but your whole family included, and disappear from the world."

                Nie Haitang's already white face turned even whiter in fear, like a sheet of white paper.

                She was once a daughter of a powerful family, so she naturally knew some of the tactics of the powerful family, not to mention that Qin Ming's righteous father seemed to have even greater power.

                This was really an ultimatum.

                Nie Haitang couldn't help but feel that a small person like her couldn't even be autonomous in her own destiny?

                Nie Haitang was silent for a long time before she said, "I don't want your money, I promise you won't touch Qin Ming again, and you promise me you can't hurt my family."

                Chang Hongxi said, "Okay, I won't cheat you this time. As long as you start a new life quietly, I won't touch anyone in your family."

                The killer took the phone back, handed over a cheque for a billion dollars and asked, "Really not? That's a billion."

                Nie Haitang's eyes were devoid of light and she shook her head, "No amount of money can buy back what I've lost."

                The killer said, "Miss Nie, I won't hide it from you, you are also surrounded by our secret sentry, I hope you won't mess around, if you contact the young master secretly again, the whole family might really die because of it."

                Nie Haitang wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, stood up, patted the dust on her clothes, and walked away without looking back, to a bus stop, put on her mask, and waited silently for the bus to arrive.

                At the same time, Qin Ming, who was in Guangzhou, stood up from the classroom with a start.

                Old Xiao was talking about the operation of individual markets and the form of the overall market operation when he saw Qin Ming suddenly stand up, remembering that last time Qin Ming knew the school and city leaders, he did not dare to be too arrogant and asked, "Student Qin Ming, if you have any questions, please raise your hand first."

                Thump ......

                Qin Ming walked away without looking back, not giving Lao Xiao any face at all.

                Old Xiao was furious and cursed, "Qin Ming, you, don't think you can do whatever you want in class just because you know the leader, you, don't complain to Principal Nie and Secretary Li about me."

                Qin Ming couldn't care less, he had a hunch that Kou Xinling was Nie Haitang because the voice was so similar!

                He couldn't forget anyone's voice but his girlfriend's, could he?

                In particular, the phrase "I wanted to cheat you out of a million and a half dollars, but it didn't work out, so I cried" instantly made Qin Ming think.

                As Qin Ming walked down the school road, Ah Long immediately followed him and asked, "Where is the young master going? By car or by helicopter?"

                Qin Ming said decisively, "Drive, to Old Six's bar last year."

                But the two had just walked out of the school gate when they immediately ran into Old Six of the Year, who had brought his men Old Bai and ? Brother Zi came looking for him.

                Old Six of the Year wiped the sweat from his fat and said, "Ah, what a coincidence Mr. Qin, I happen to have something to look for you."

                Qin Ming asked, "Is there any news from Nie Haitang?"

                Nian Lao Liu said with difficulty, "It can be said that there is news, but it can also be said that there is not. Mr. Qin, listen to me first, I took your money, so naturally I looked everywhere for someone, and for two months, there is no information about Miss Nie in the list of all the people who left the country on the plane, so I am sure that Miss Nie is still in the country."

                Nian Lao Liu spoke cautiously, then looked at Qin Ming, not daring to have too rich an expression to save angering this fatalist.

                He said, "Then I made connections everywhere and mobilised people to investigate, all over the country, I thought I would find nothing and be scolded by you."

                "It turned out that the little brother who was investigating in the capital city was done in."

                "I thought it was because my little brother was not open-minded and had messed with the wrong people, so I sent someone else. It turned out that the little brother I sent a second time was done in again."

                "So I think there must be something wrong here, it can't be that coincidental."

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "You mean Nie Haitang is in the capital city?"

                Nian Lao Liu nodded and said, "I suspect that Miss Nie is in the capital city."