Rags To Riches Chapter 457-458

 Chapter 457

"That was many years ago, it has to start from when I was a child ......"

                Zhang Quanzhen recalled the past and said, "I grew up with Mu Hai Ran, who wore the same crotch as I. He was originally from a powerful family and was sent to Tiger Dragon Mountain to learn the art to save his life because he was not favoured due to the feuds and struggles of the powerful family. Later, together with me, he became a disciple of Zhao Demin Zhao's teacher."

                Qin Ming was stunned and asked, "Old man Zhang, aren't you a Taoist priest from Tiger Dragon Mountain? Why do you worship another teacher?"

                Zhang Quanzhen put on the authority of a teacher and tapped Qin Ming on the head, saying, "After you have drunk the tea of worship, call me teacher."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "Teacher."

                Zhang Quanzhen explained, "I was in my sixth year. There wasn't even much to eat, where were there really a few Daoist priests? Although Tiger Dragon Mountain was a famous Taoist mountain, not many people stayed there. The current grandeur of Tiger Dragon Mountain was also developed slowly by me later."

                It dawned on Qin Ming that he had overlooked Zhang Quanzhen's age, as well as the background of the great era.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Our teacher, when he was being criticised, also met a bull, who was also our later teacher, Zhao Demin. After the criticism was over, he came back and had also gone blind in a pair of eyes, he remembered that we, a few hairy boys from Tiger Dragon Mountain, were pitiful and had a meal without a meal, so he recommended that Mu Hai Ran and I go and study with Teacher Zhao, so that we could at least make a living."

                Qin Ming was moved in his heart and asked, "The Zhao family is so powerful, so they should be a big and powerful family, right?"

                Zhang Quanzhen nodded and said, "In terms of influence, it was even stronger than the old Qin family in that city of Hai, in those days of famine. A behemoth like the Zhao family, even a hired hand, had a house and assets overseas."

                Qin Ming's heart was silent, this Zhao family, should be one of the highest board members of the Huan Yu Century Group, even his righteous father, Chang Hong Xi, could not deal with it.

                Because the Zhao family had deep roots in China, their influence was enormous.

                Zhang Quanzhen said: "Teacher Zhao took in five students at that time, and Mu Hai Ran and I were two of them. We, the five of us, were as close as brothers and sisters back then, and we vowed to fight the world together at the Peach Gate."

                Qin Ming said, "In the end, because of a woman, we turned against each other and went our separate ways. Teacher, all these dramas are so bad."

                Zhang Quanzhen gave him an angry glare, then sighed, "It's true, life is like a drama. The five of us were scattered because of a woman. More than ten years of being students together, eating, sleeping, crying and laughing together, have all gone up in smoke. However, Mu Hai Ran and I are both from Tiger Dragon Mountain, so our relationship has always been fine."

                Qin Ming asked again, "So what is your wish, teacher?"

                Zhang Quanzhen sighed despondently and mused, "After decades, I want to dissolve this knot, I want to go back to the past, we should not have gotten into this. His night running is not so, I know he is in pain and I want to help him put it down."

                Qin Ming was quite touched, this was perhaps the bond between men, after decades of going their separate ways, Zhang Quanzhen still remembered and hung on to each other.

                But Qin Ming was curious again and said, "But teacher, I don't know any of you elders, how can I help you?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "The time has not yet come, so I won't talk to you yet. You should first learn some basic content of knowing and recognising people, it will help you a lot in treating people in the future, right now you are still too juvenile and not mature enough."

                Qin Ming's eyes rolled up, come on, he was hanging on to people's appetites again.

                Why did Qin Ming feel that Zhang Quanzhen was just like his father, Chang Hongxi, who liked to wheedle people's appetites and talk about timing? Are you trying to prepare for pregnancy?

                He had no choice but to say, "I am not in a hurry, if there is anything I can do to help you, just ask."

                Zhang Quanzhen said calmly, "Don't blame me for keeping you in the dark, but you're not yet a man of the cloth, so if you get involved in my affairs, you won't be able to achieve great things and will get into trouble. I will give you a book, familiarize yourself with it, and the martial arts instruction I entrusted to Mu Xiaoqiao, also practice more, although it will not help you become more able to fight, but it will strengthen your body, a hundred diseases will leave your body, and prolong your life."

                Zhang Quanzhen took out another book with a thick black cover from the back pocket he carried.

                Qin Ming opened it curiously and found that the contents were written in Zhang Quanzhen's own handwriting, in very nice block letters.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "This is my study of how to deal with people in the world, as well as the contents of my successes in turning calamities, and also the summaries of my failures, the conditions needed to do an impossible thing are many, and there is always the possibility of survival in any crisis. The empty glove is the highest level, success or failure all depends on one mouth, the dead is said to be alive, the white is said to be black."

                Qin Ming's heart was aghast, wasn't this Zhang Quanzhen's personal autobiography of this life?

                Zhang Quanzhen pressed Qin Ming's hand and said, "Remember, this book is very important, it must not fall into the hands of others. If you lose it, you are not worthy of being my student."

                Qin Ming also said seriously, "Don't worry teacher, I won't lose it."

                Zhang Quanzhen nodded and said, "I have other things to do now that I've dealt with the Lin family's affairs. After this period of time, I will go to Guang City to see you again, and I hope you can grasp it as soon as possible. If you have time, you can also learn more from Mu Hai Ran, he's not less capable than me, it's just that what happened back then made him lose his heart and resign himself to mediocrity. But that doesn't mean he's not capable."

                Qin Ming said, "I know."

                The first thing that happened was that he was going to leave, and before he left, he wanted to give Qin Ming two longevity parasites, and Qin Ming was depressed, that was a treasure of two or three hundred million dollars, you are a bad old man, when our master is relying on the relationship, just eat and take.

                But Qin Ming didn't have anything to do with it, so he gave it.

                The Lin family owes him now, so he can ask the Lin family for it later.

                Qin Ming felt that Zhang Quanzhen had said quite a lot this time, but still did not say the most crucial content. He never expected that he had been set up by Zhang Quanzhen from the very beginning and almost became a pawn.

                However, Qin Ming was no slouch either, and promptly backtracked Zhang Quanzhen, forcing him to reveal his foot, thus establishing a master-pupil relationship between the two.

                Although Zhang Quanzhen did not exactly follow his orders, but when his disciple was in trouble, how could he, as a master, not step in?

                This gave Qin Ming a good "insurance" and leverage in his future struggle with the Huan Yu Century Group.

                However, Qin Ming did not dare to guarantee whether this master-disciple relationship was solid or not, as it depended on what Zhang Quanzhen wanted to do and who he wanted to help.

                For Qin Ming himself, he can also get what he wants, which is Zhang Quanzhen's ability.

                From the last time they met in Canton, when he blocked Ah Long's grappling hand, to the morning when he leapt onto the boat at the dock of Lin's Tuzhai, Qin Ming already knew that Zhang Quanzhen was in fact also very capable of fighting, which meant that Zhang Quanzhen was a master of both arts and martial arts, and that he had been hiding his kung fu all along.

                Now Qin Ming was holding two books in his hand, although they were both basic primers.

                He is not in a hurry, one bite does not make a fat man, a ten-thousand-foot high building has to be built from the ground up.

                Qin Ming accompanied Mu Xiaoqiao and her sisters for half a day, and when the evening came, the private plane was ready and the group had to return to Guangzhou.

                On the plane, Mu Sichen slept soundly with a pile of clothes and scenic gadgets from Qin Ming.

                And Qin Ming was also tired and taking a nap because he had been busy for days.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was in a more apprehensive mood, she felt that Qin Ming was treating her differently, but she couldn't say what she felt, but it wasn't like an intimate couple.


                Suddenly, Qin Ming's phone rang with the sound of an incoming letter from WeChat.

                She took Qin Ming's old mobile phone and opened the screen to see Nie Haitang's sweet, heart-warming smile, which was the wallpaper of the pro-people phone.

                Mu Xiaoqiao felt uncomfortable looking at it, but she had to admit that Nie Haitang did smile more than she did and had a nice smile.

                She peeked at the contents of her WeChat and found that a girl with the name Kou Xinling was sending messages to Qin Ming every day, each time with messages such as "Are you in?", "When I want to talk to someone, I think of you", "Why are you ignoring me?", "Am I that much trouble?", "Have you eaten?", "Is it better for girls to have straight hair or curly hair?

                But Mu Xiao Qiao found that Qin Ming never responded and she was happy again, smiling and looking at the sleepy and napping Qin Ming.

                Mu Xiao Qiao directly picked up Qin Ming's phone, then curled up in Qin Ming's arms, the phone raised at a 45° angle, took a picture and sent it to him, then added: "Harass my man again and I'll make you pay, fox spirit."

Chapter 458

Morning in the girls' dormitory of Tsinghua University in Beijing.

                Nie Haitang cried all night long when Qin Ming's WeChat sent her a picture of another woman sleeping with him and called her a fox spirit.

                She knew that Qin Ming had changed his mind and that he had another woman with him.

                Although the woman's face was coded in the photo, that full figure, that delicate complexion, that long hair, it was obvious that she was a big beauty.

                "Oooh ......" Nie Haitang woke up crying again, her eyes red.

                She curled up on the bed where her body was, her eyes red, and she took out her phone, the chat conversation from last night had been withdrawn and deleted.

                But it didn't matter, she had fallen out of love.

                She had imagined that Qin Ming's feelings for her would last forever, but it was over after only two months.

                She looked up at the dormitory, her housemates were not there, and cried even louder.

                After a long time, Nie Haitang raised her head and picked up her mobile phone to dial a special phone number, left to her by Chang Hongxi who had persuaded her to leave Qin Ming for his safety that day.

                "Hello ......" a hoarse voice came through when the call was answered.

                Biting her lip, Nie Haitang asked, "Chang, Mr. Chang? This is Nie Haitang, I want to go see Qin Ming, is he safe now?"

                On the other end of the phone, Chang Hongxi pondered for a moment and said, "No, it's still early, I've wasted so much effort in hiding your whereabouts to protect you, so that his enemies don't catch you and use you as blackmail."

                "But ......" Nie Haitang choked back tears of sadness, "He's with other women, you promised me that there would be no other women around him."

                On the other side of the phone, Chang Hongxi said, "I'm sorry, I can't guarantee that. That proves that the love between you cannot stand the test. Moreover, there is the latest news that there are some foreign militants who intend to continue assassinating Qin Ming, you are also being targeted, and the moment you are captured, you will become a hostage to hold Qin Ming hostage, so you better not mess around."

                Beep ......

                Chang Hongxi hung up the phone, Nie Haitang was exceptionally annoyed in her heart, she didn't mind facing danger with Qin Ming, she was even willing to sacrifice for Qin Ming.

                However, when Qin Ming was in a coma that day, it was Chang Hongxi who persuaded her that for Qin Ming's safety, she had to be separated for the time being, just for six months, and he would be able to eliminate his opponents for Qin Ming.

                He also guaranteed that within six months, there would be no other women around Qin Ming as well as Qin Ming's safety.

                But everything was a nice talking nonsense, and in the end she lost everything.

                When Nie Haitang called again, she found that she could no longer get through.

                She wiped her tears and gritted her teeth, telling herself that she had to hold on.

                Nie Haitang got up and put on her clothes, grabbed an ordinary ground floor bag, and walked out of the campus while watching the time.

                She had no classes today, so she was going to do a part-time job as a print model, doing clothing promotions for some well-known clothing brands' new products.

                Because she was no longer the eldest girl of the gorgeous Nie family in Guangcheng, her father and brother were working from scratch in Guangcheng, and she had to scrimp and save, even doing some part-time jobs to help supplement the family.

                A small model for one of the more prestigious brands can earn between two and three thousand for a day's shoot.

                Nie Haitang was walking along the school road when she touched her wallet, and was suddenly flattened with frustration.

                She didn't even have enough money to buy a ticket back to Guangzhou.

                She patted her pretty face and cheered herself up: "Come on, Nie Haitang, if the shooting goes well, you'll have more than three thousand.

                She had a Maserati car parked by the side of the road not far away, and Nie Haitang had a lot of envy in her eyes.

                However, she was surprised by the person who got out of the car and immediately pulled a mask out of her bag and put it on.

                A fashionable girl got down from the passenger side and said, "Xiaochun, you're amazing, it's only been a month and you're already driving very steadily."

                And the person who got down from the driver's seat was none other than Bai Yuchun.

                Now Bai Yuchun had changed her face, her face had a lot more smiles, her clothes were all luxury brands, she was dressed very fashionably, no longer the plain and simple beauty she used to have, dressed as a fashionable net-celebrity in general, as she also had three female friends, all dressed as net-celebrities as well.

                However, Bai Yuchun's character did not change, pursed her lips and said very gently and amiably, "The drive wasn't very good yet, luckily I had you guys with me, otherwise I wouldn't have dared to go on the road."

                Nie Haitang watched Bai Yuchun and her three friends chatting together, although it was not the first time she had seen Bai Yuchun in this university.

                But she was still shocked, she knew Bai Yuchun, didn't she go to university at the Guangzhou City Polytechnic University? And she was also known as the commoner's school flower. Her family was very poor and she had to work part-time in order to study, doing some table cleaning, delivery and waitressing jobs every day.

                It was said that Qin Ming had once helped her and rumours had it that the two had an illicit relationship. Nie Haitang was not very jealous, she trusted Qin Ming more at the time and the rumours were not believed by her.

                But she never expected that after only two months of not seeing her, Bai Yuchun had already transformed into the eldest lady of the Bai family, a wealthy family in Beijing, and was surrounded by many friends from equally wealthy families.

                Nie Haitang didn't think much of it, flipping on her mask and walking quickly past them.

                Perhaps it was because she was walking too fast, still with her head down, and a gust of wind.

                "Tch." A fashionable girl on the passenger side frowned in dissatisfaction, "Walking so fast to catch a reincarnation, huh? Almost bumped into me."

                When the girl saw that Nie Haitang was ignoring her, she cursed again, "Tsk, are you deaf? It's another poor girl from the provinces. Wearing a mask all day long, are you too ugly to see people?"

                Another girl said, "Xiao Li, forget it, why do you care so much? Xiaochun, let me drive too?"

                Bai Yuchun looked at Nie Haitang's back in confusion, her eyebrows raised, she felt some familiarity but didn't know who it was, hearing that her companion wanted to test drive her car, she said, "Well, yes."

                Bai Yuchun withdrew her thoughts and sat in the back as the group drove off.

                Nie Haitang walked to the bus stop, took off her mask and let out a long breath; she was terrified of meeting Bai Yuchun in this situation.

                The two were only acquainted to the extent that they were not very close at all, and now the inverse difference in their status would make it very awkward for her, so it was better not to see them.

                The bus ride brought her to the front door of a fashionable clothing company, a young company that often had new products on the market, and Nie Haitang had a hard time finding a job.

                Her looks and figure were perfect, devilish but with a natural hanger, so to speak, and she showed off these new clothes beautifully, and gradually gained some fame in the modelling circle.

                However, before she could enter the company building, a thin boy suddenly rushed out from the roadside, the other wearing a suit, glasses and a slim face.

                The boy said, "Nie Haitang, I knew you were here, I, I like you, please accept this bouquet of flowers."

                Nie Haitang was stunned and looked at the boy, who was very special.

                Because this boy's face, cool like Qin Ming, the resemblance was like ninety percent, it was the temperament and myopia, or the physical sturdiness that was completely different.

                When she first saw is, Nie Haitang thought she was blind and Qin Ming had come to her and was so moved that she cried.

                Only later did Nie Haitang realise that he was not Qin Ming, but only had a resemblance to him.

                Nie Haitang was speechless and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, I've said it all, I only helped you in the first place because I thought you looked like a very important person to me, and I took you for him. Besides, that was just a very small thing, you don't have to take it personally."

                The boy called Zhao Zhengyan said, "But you saved me didn't you? Nie Haitang, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and the one with the kindest character. I just want to express that I like you, please accept my flowers, okay?"

                Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "I don't just accept flowers, I do have a boyfriend ...... er ...... Zhao Zhengyan, it's fine if I accept the flowers, I want to ask you to go do something for me, is that okay?"