Rags To Riches Chapter 455-456

 Chapter 455

For two days in a row, outside Lin's earth cottage, more than forty people were already starving, and in between they sent two more groups of people to take the mountain road back to Dayong City to seek help.

                One of them came back injured again, the other group was said to be lost and kept hearing the sound of someone calling for help in the mountains, but they just couldn't see anyone, and they didn't know if they had successfully returned to Dayong City or were missing?

                The fate of these people was completely pinched in Qin Ming's hands, who sent Bi Yuan out every day to perform and eat a big meal, so greedy that a kind of rich boss wanted to chop up Qin Ming's head for wine.

                Naive, they couldn't beat these fighters.

                Moreover, Qin Ming was forcing them to die.

                The thirty or so rich businessmen who were collecting debts had experienced the taste of Lin Yuanwang being forced to die by them, it was too hard to top.

                Finally, on the morning of the third day of starvation, the boss Zhao who bought a patty that Qin Ming had eaten for 10 million dollars, he faltered!

                He took out his own contract to re-sign the transfer agreement with Qin Ming, it was enough to get back the money he lost on the goods, and the sky-high breach of contract was all transferred to Qin Ming, so that Qin Ming could personally ask the Lin family for it.

                The Lin family ignored their lives and deaths. They were hungry and tired, and they had sent their men to try to take the mountain road three times, but they couldn't make it, so if they delayed any longer, they would be eating bark and waiting to die.

                Then they might as well recoup the cost, leave a life behind and hurry up and leave this hellhole, they are all just pampered corporate bosses, so they might as well go back and take their time to find a young model to get comfortable.

                With the first, there is naturally a second.

                After Mr. Zhao re-signed the contract, Qin Ming even rewarded him with a chicken leg. The others looked at Mr. Zhao gnawing on the fragrant chicken leg on the sidelines were all heartbroken and couldn't help it, all collapsed and came up one by one to re-sign the contract with Qin Ming and asked him to guarantee to send them away.

                Of course Qin Ming said yes, how could he not?

                The contracts had long been prepared and one by one they signed and fingerprinted and couldn't wait to have a bite of hot rice.

                It didn't take long for Qin Ming to get hold of all of the Lin family's 10 billion plus debts, which could be considered a rogue act.

                After signing, Qin Ming took back the old contracts, then sent someone to get boats for these people and send them away.

                And that Qin Weiyuan they also confessed was the guide who had led the way at the beginning, Qin Weiyuan, the son-in-law of the family who was very familiar with the waterways of the Lin's earthwork, who was now in critical condition because he had been poisoned for many days without medical treatment.

                What Qin Weiyuan's purpose in coming to the Lin's Tuzhai was, they did not know, they were all encouraged and abetted to come and ask for money because they were afraid that after Lin Yuanwang's accident, they would not be able to ask for funds and their own company would lose money.

                Also because Qin Weiyuan had been bitten by a snake, these people did not know how to walk back and waited for two days.

                Qin Ming ordered the men to take him into the earthen fortress and treat him first, to see how the Lin family would deal with this traitorous son-in-law, who he did not even want to bother with.

                However, after taking care of this, Qin Ming instructed, "Avoid the aftermath, inform Xiaoying, tell her to find some people and bring down all these people's corporate companies."

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master, since we have gone this far, why don't we send them to Hades one by one in our assassination squad, to ensure that all of them are accidents."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Then I'm too suspicious, let's send someone to keep an eye on them first, and those who have revenge on them will strike again."

                Finished with the business here.

                Qin Ming found Lin Yuanwang with a thick stack of pitiful contracts and said, "Boss Lin, there is no banquet under the sun, I have also been harassing you for two days, so I will leave later. I've caught Qin Weiyuan for you, I don't want you to pay back the breach of contract for these contracts, but in the future, you can order a pad to do the payment for the goods of your Lin family's cherished bugs, right?"

                Lin Yuanwang looked at Qin Ming got all the contracts, his heart was very impressed, really a ruthless character, flat out earned more than 10 billion, the Lin family is still helpless, in the future all have to slowly supply to Qin Ming.

                He was curious, wasn't Qin Ming worried about the subsequent retaliation?

                However, how did Lin Yuanwang know that Qin Ming was not afraid of retaliation?

                Qin Ming said goodbye to the Lin family, took some local specialties, and the group took three boats and was led by a guide to leave the earth cottage.

                Qin Ming deliberately did not bother with Zhang Quanzhen.

                His perverse behaviour built Mu Xiaoqiao all curious and asked, "Didn't you want to recruit Zhang Quanzhen? Now you're leaving?"

                Qin Ming deliberately said aloud, "If he wanted to serve me, how would I need to use so many tactics? If not, I would have starved them all to death, for I am most uncomfortable with evil people. I don't want to see that awful old man Zhang Quanzhen ever again."

                "Huh." Ah Long couldn't help but laugh as he could tell that Qin Ming was saying the opposite.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Look, your bodyguard doesn't even believe you."

                As the group boarded the boat to leave, Qin Ming deliberately said to Mu Xiaoqiao, "You start counting down to five now, and when you finish counting down, he will come."

                Mu Xiaoqiao would start counting backwards in faith: "Five, four, three, two ......"

                Before 'one' could be counted out, Zhang Quanzhen's voice could be heard running behind him, "Xiao Qin, Miss Mu please wait a moment, take me with you for a while."

                Hearing this voice, Mu Xiaoqiao covered her mouth and smiled, "It's really true."

                Qin Ming harrumphed and said, "Quickly, quickly, hurry up and row, don't mind him."

                When Zhang Quanzhen saw that Qin Ming's three boats were going on regardless and had gradually left the river dock, he immediately quickened his pace and jumped at the edge of the dock, separated by a distance of about three metres or so, Zhang Quanzhen actually jumped down onto Qin Ming's boat in one go.

                He landed on his toes and his body was so light that it did not add any pressure to the boat.

                When Zhang Quanzhen showed such a kung fu skill, it was really very impressive and drew surprised looks from Bi Yuan and the others.

                Qin Ming pretended to be surprised and said, "Eh? Zhang Quanzhen? What brings you here?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and pointed at Qin Ming, saying, "Little Qin, don't talk to me about these useless things, don't tell me that you weren't waiting for me?"

                Qin Ming said happily, "No, really no. Eh, turn back, let Zhang Zhen Zhen go back."

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly said, "No, no, let's go together, I've finished my business here and I'm going back too. What? Not happy to take me for a ride?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "Oh, you want to dilly-dally with the boat, Zhang Zhen, you told me earlier, how could I not wait for you if you told me earlier?"

                Qin Ming looked at Zhang Quanzhen with a strange smile, the latter was really worn out by Qin Ming's temper and had to give an honest account: "Alright, you are getting more and more resourceful. You're getting more and more clever. I thought you would come looking for me, but you forced me to come looking for you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Generally speaking, if a company is in a hurry to recruit, it is the employee who takes the initiative, if the employee is in a hurry to find a job, it is the company that takes the initiative. Does Zhang really mean that he is willing to take the initiative to seek work? Zhang Zhen Zhen if you can, please must be Qin Ming company's consultant, he is still young, although the boss appreciation, become a vice president, but now which big enterprise does not have ten or eight vice presidents? If Zhang Zhen Zhen can help him, he will definitely take a lot less detours and be less trapped by people."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled sarcastically, "With his skills, how could he be set up by others?"

                After sitting down, Zhang Quanzhen stroked his goatee and mused, "Good, I won't beat around the bush. Qin Ming, you want me to assist you, and I also think you are a buildable talent, are you willing to worship me as your teacher? I intend to take you on as a student."

                Qin Ming was stunned, he never expected that it had come to this, he had set Zhang Quanzhen up to death, guessed all the steps, but in the end he was still turned against him by Zhang Quanzhen.

                He didn't want to be Qin Ming's little brother, he wanted to be Qin Ming's teacher.

                This status relationship makes a big difference.

                Zhang Quanzhen took the initiative instead by retreating.

                Once Qin Ming refused, then Qin Ming's past efforts and set-ups would come to naught, as he had given up the opportunity himself.

                But by agreeing, Qin Ming would not have as much initiative in the future in their relationship.

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming, did he say yes? Or did he refuse?

Chapter 456

When Qin Ming arrived back at Dayong City, it was exactly noon.

                Zhang Xianmin had already brought someone to greet Qin Ming, along with the grumpy and unhappy Mu Sichen, who was unhappy because Qin Ming had not brought her along.

                After two days of running around, Qin Ming felt very tired and said, "Let's go back to the hotel first. Old man Zhang, together?"

                He was still thinking about it, he was also thinking about some issues, but his ability was limited and he could not come up with a result quickly yet, so he could only delay it.

                Zhang Quanzhen readily agreed and got into the car with Qin Ming.

                In the back seat of the car, Mu Xiaoqiao helped Qin Ming remove his make-up. The beard on his face had been glued for too long, making him very uncomfortable, and after too long with his fake glasses, Qin Ming's eyes were unbearably dry and he had to rest.

                Mu Sichen flattened her mouth and asked, "Sister, what happened when you went to that Lin's fortress?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao made a silent flying gesture, "Shh, let your brother-in-law be quiet for a while, he's thinking about something."

                Mu Sichen's face darkened as she said, "What? Didn't you two get divorced? Why are you suddenly so concerned about brother-in-law, sis?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao glared at her sister in annoyance and said, "Do you really want us to get divorced?"

                Mu Sichen brushed her lips and said, "No, why are you being mean to me, sister?"

                Mu Sichen was a little upset, her sixth sense felt that her sister was a little hostile towards her, as if she was wary of her.

                The two sisters didn't have much to say on the way.

                Although Qin Ming had his eyes closed, he felt a little guilty when he saw the two sisters like this. He was afraid that Mu Sichen had not said something in her sleep when she came with him on the plane and let Mu Xiaoqiao hear it and misunderstand something.

                The more you explain, the darker it gets, so you can only wait for time to digest it.

                The people returned to the hotel, Qin Ming took a comfortable shower, removed his makeup and returned to his original appearance, he sought Zhang Quanzhen to come to the study here to spend time alone.

                Seeing that there were only two people left in the private room, Zhang Quanzhen asked, "How is it? Have you thought about it, Mr. Qin?"

                Qin Ming did not respond directly and asked instead, "Old man Zhang, I feel that you are a bit special to me, from two months ago when I was struggling to find Nie Haitang, you appeared next to a small park, when I was failing to chase a plane and was wandering aimlessly on the road when I came across you."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "That was fate, I had just received a gift from Mu Hao, he gave me a Porsche, I was just itching to drive around."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Forget it, you're not fooling me? You should have come prepared, right? Can you tell me what is it about me that you care about?"

                Zhang Quanzhen was silent for a moment, knowing that Qin Ming no longer believed in his words about karma or whatever.

                "Your perceptiveness amazes me." Zhang Quanzhen finally exclaimed, "It seems like you have a pair of eyes that are quite accurate in reading things and people, but there is a downside, often the sharper the talent, the more it can go wrong at critical moments, as if many people who are drowning are confident in their swimming skills."

                Qin Ming ignored Zhang Quanzhen's criticism of him and asked rhetorically, "So you're admitting that you've had your eye on me for a long time?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said unapologetically, "Yes, I need you, to do something and fulfil a wish. But I know that normally it won't work. It just so happens that something has happened to the Mu family, and I need a pawn to defuse the situation, you and Mu Xiaoqiao have good eight characters, once you can unite, the Mu family's troubles can be defused, and when I found you, I marvelled to myself that you were simply the person chosen for me by the heavens."

                Qin Ming was indifferent to Zhang Quanzhen's words, this awful old man, whose words could only be believed 10%.

                Qin Ming asked, "I will fulfil my heart's desire for you, and you are willing to give me all your knowledge?"

                He didn't wait for Zhang Quanzhen's response, and continued, "I am self-aware, I am a student of a first-class Polytechnic University, although my studies are quite good, but in terms of ability, being a vice president of a company is probably the highest achievement in my life, and I am afraid that if I am close to being a general manager."

                "But I have a chance now, a chance to soar to the top, and I don't want to throw away everything I have now because of my lack of ability, so I need talent, to help me."

                "Extraordinarily capable fighters like Ah Long Na, with military experience and experience in protecting VIPs; business talents like Qi Ming Hui who studied at MIT; and also talents like you, old man Zhang, who know how to diffuse all kinds of chaotic big trouble."

                "You almost saved the Mu and Lin families with one mouth, you have a skill that I can't hope to match."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and said, "Ten thousand feet tall buildings rise from the ground, many resources depend on accumulation and information gathering, and I made mistakes in the market when I was young. If you are willing to fulfil my heart's desire, what's wrong with me teaching you all the skills I have in my life? Besides, I don't want my skills to go uninherited when I die."

                The two of them had almost finished talking and were open and honest, revealing some secrets to each other.

                Zhang Quanzhen had already made his stand, and the rest was up to Qin Ming to make his own choice.

                Qin Ming felt that the atmosphere was almost operational, so he poured a cup of tea and brought it in front of Zhang Quanzhen, saying, "I am willing to take you as my teacher. How about hiring you as my personal teacher at a monthly salary of two thousand?"

                The corners of his mouth twitched and his heart burst into a frenzy, "Good for you, you brat, I really have a good plan, you have a ladder to cross the wall, you have to be disgusted after paying respect to the teacher?

                I had an employee before me, and I only paid her a thousand a month for more than 20 years, and she was still grateful to me. You are my teacher, so naturally your salary is doubled. Why don't you join my company as a consultant, and the company's salary will be higher in the name of the company."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled sarcastically, reached out and smacked Qin Ming on the forehead three times, saying, "Don't make small moves in front of your teacher, I don't want the money, remember to respect your teacher in the future. I won't set you up again like I did before, without saying anything. You don't have to worry about me setting you up either."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Teacher, you are overly concerned, two thousand monthly salary is really high."

                Zhang Quanzhen drank the tea and the two formally established their relationship as master and disciple.

                The relationship had changed and so did Zhang Quanzhen's attitude. He said, "The Mu family's eldest daughter's fortune is indeed quite compatible with yours, the fortune of the dragon and the phoenix. But you really don't like her, I can also help you."

                Remembering what happened the night he was bitten and poisoned by a poisonous snake, Qin Ming shook his head again and said, "I owe her, I'll just deal with it myself."

                Zhang Quanzhen stroked his beard and smiled, "Since ancient times, heroes are sad to see beauty. Last time I met, I also read your face, you are an imperial peach blossom robber, I am only afraid that there will be many women in the future."

                Qin Ming frowned and asked, "Is there a way to resolve it?"

                Zhang Quanzhen was happy and said, "Don't you not believe in my set of physiognomy? I didn't intend to teach you this, why? Now you're itching to do it again?"

                Qin Ming smiled awkwardly, "Now that I am a student of my teacher, I have to learn everything, and if I don't learn everything, then I won't be as good as you in the future."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Then what the hell, didn't I ask Mu Xiaoqiao to give you a book on martial arts? Practice more, strengthen your yang, tonify your kidneys, and strengthen your body, no amount of women will be able to squeeze you dry in the future."

                Qin Ming's face darkened: "......"

                Qin Ming didn't really think in his heart that he would have many peach blossoms in the future, he already had a method in his heart to deal with Mu Xiaoqiao's relationship.

                He also did not want to dwell more on this topic, so he said, "Teacher told me to practice, then I will practice. But, what do you want me to do, teacher? Help you fulfil your heart's desire?"

                The moment he spoke of his long-held wish, Zhang Quanzhen's heart became hard and his expression turned sad.

                He pondered for a moment before speaking, "It was many years ago, we were all a group of depressed young people who got together and vowed to do something big ......"