Rags To Riches Chapter 453-454

 Chapter 453

The five men who had arrived from the mountain road were a few daring hinds and the five bodyguards of the rich young man, one of whom had been carried back while being poisoned.

                Mr. Zhang cursed at his bodyguards, "What's going on? You've been out for four hours and you're back again? Make it a priority to go to Dayong City or the villages and towns along the way to find a boat and guide."

                The bodyguard's mouth was dry and he didn't listen to his boss's scolding at all, instead he was looking at the table of dishes at the entrance of the fortress with Bi Yuan and the subordinates of the assassination squad.

                These men, hungry, tired and suffering from the trek, thought that the bosses had food even though they were trapped outside the fortress, and one by one, not caring so much, left their poisoned and injured companions and ran to Bi Yuan's side to get something to eat.

                But was this food something they could take?

                With a snap, one of Bi Yuan's chopsticks plunged into the back of the palm of the first man to reach out.

                "Ah!" That bodyguard spilled blood on the spot and let out a miserable scream.

                These people had insulted Qin Ming and forced the Lin family into a desperate situation, so naturally they would not look kindly on him.

                Bi Yuan grunted: "Someone who doesn't want to be a thief? A cup of water for a hundred million, take the money and buy it."

                "Do you, do you ...... have any humanity left? A cup of water for one hundred million? Is that a plutonium? You guys are illegally raising the price." The injured bodyguard staggered back covering his palm, also scared the others regardless of rashly reaching out, these assassination squad people, each looking fierce, as if a fierce beast in the dark.

                Bi Yuan picked up a roast goose and smiled fiercely, "Humanity? Those who rush our line of work don't need such things, it's enough for us to carry out orders like robots."

                At this moment, a kind-looking corporate boss came over and said, "We have someone who has been poisoned and injured, why don't we find a village doctor to come out and take a look? Otherwise, if someone really dies, when it is reported out later, you are not afraid of being drowned by public opinion if you don't help them when they die?"

                "Hahaha ......"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Bi Yuan and others laughed out loud, laughing so calmly and exaggeratedly.

                And these debt collecting tycoons and rich youngsters like Bai Haocheng were puzzled, what was so funny? Theirs was perfectly capable of making this a social hotspot and pointing the right and wrong party at Lin's Dazhai that Qin Ming.

                Bi Yuan laughed for a long time before he came up for air and said, "Go ahead and find the media to expose it, if you can get out of these deep mountains alive on your own merits."

                The air suddenly calmed down as Bi Yuan's words nudged them awake.

                How were they going to get out of the complicated environment, the unstable magnetic field and the lack of signal in the deep mountains of western Hunan?

                There was a guide, but there was no boat.

                Walking back would be nine deaths, the same as sending them to their death, and they had already had one poisoned.

                They were hungry and tired, and it was only a matter of time before they were starved to death.

                After about an hour had passed, Bi Yuan and the others were all full, burped and stretched, and were going back.

                The rich merchants waited, waiting for Bi Yuan and the others to throw away their leftover bones and rice, more or less with a bit of meat on them, and go to the river to fine their mouths.

                What else could they do?

                Really a bowl of rice to give him a billion? Not even the door, every rich boss has it in his mind to show these scum like Bi Yuan the backbone in them.

                However, the rich bosses miscalculated their plans, Bi Yuan used a big plate to fill up all the meat and bones, then a guy in the earth cottage pulled three or four dogs out and several of them started eating a big meal around the big plate.

                "Woof woof woof ......" There was also a yellow haired wolf dog barking at the rich men, indicating that if they dared to come over and grab it, they would attack them.

                This ......

                Wasn't this humiliating them, even worse than dogs?

                Zhang Shao was so angry that he cursed: ''This is too much bullying! Lin Yuanwang, you think you're in heaven just because you've survived a robbery? You've offended the old Qin family in Hai City, and now you've offended us as well, how can you still be in the Huaxia gentry circle in the future?"

                But no one paid any attention to them, and Zhang Shao's words seemed to fart to the air.

                In the end, the dog ate it all, leaving a pile of broken bones and scraps, the plate was just sitting there, and no one wanted to take it, who could eat this? Who could eat this? They used to be rich people, and they ate a lot of food.

                In the middle of the night, there were a few daring people who wanted to sneak into the fortress to steal food, but they had no idea that Qin Ming and Lin Yuanwang's men were on duty in shifts, watching their every move.

                After such a mess, no one dared to mess around anymore.

                The next day, Qin Ming got up early, and every household here was burning a fire to cook, and the smell of the morning stimulated every rich merchant who stayed at the gate of the fort.

                Qin Ming walked leisurely out of the gate of the fortress with bean paste in one hand and mochi in the other, with two earth dogs wagging their tails by his side.

                As soon as Qin Ming appeared, he immediately stimulated these hungry, tired and exhausted rich debt collectors, their stomachs were already rumbling with hunger, and they were red-eyed.

                But in the face of more than thirty men who had gone mad, Qin Ming was very relaxed and found a small wooden chair to sit at the entrance.

                Those men were about to get close to Qin Ming, but they were knocked to the ground with a stick by Ah Long who was following them.

                The rich merchants fell down in a flash.

                Qin Ming leisurely took a sip of soya milk and said slowly, "I say you people are really shameless too. As far as I know, Lin's Shenghui Tourism Group has already contacted your respective company's legal affairs again and is ready to repay the money, just waiting for your confirmation."

                Bai Haocheng cursed, "Qin Ming, you son-in-law, what are you so proud of? Don't pretend to be confused, how are we going to get out of here in the middle of nowhere when you've broken our boat? You just want to force us to die? You're a murderer."

                Qin Ming nibbled on a patty and said, "Is that so? Is it useful for you to bleep here? Do you have evidence to accuse me of smashing the boat? Did I stop you guys in your tracks?"

                Qin Ming's words silenced another kind of wealthy boss, it seemed to be true, they were being played by Qin Ming.

                All because Qin Ming had helped the Lin family and they had offended the Lin family, this was really a regretful situation.

                Qin Ming smacked his lips and said, "Eh, this patty is a bit sticky, I don't want to eat it, I'll sell it to you guys for cheap, does anyone want it for 10 million?"

                Qin Ming's almsgiving appearance made the rich bosses' teeth itch, but despite their hatred, there was nothing they could do about it.

                Suddenly, a skinny rich boss in the crowd raised his hand and said, "I, I'll buy, but how do I transfer the money to you?"

                "Boss Zhao, no way."

                "He's breaking our will, we can't fall for it."

                "Old Zhao, don't fall for it."

                That boss Zhao pushed the crowd away and cursed, "I don't want to die here. Can backbone be a meal? I want to get out alive."

                Qin Ming beckoned, and Bi Yuan and the others immediately brought in the satellite communication device. There was also a high end sophisticated computer here, so it was no problem at all to log into the internet bank, and the phone could be connected to the internet by accessing the signal.

                Under the supervision of Bi Yuan and the others, the boss really transferred 10 million to Qin Ming's account, then took Qin Ming's leftover patties and ate them in big bites.

                Boss Zhao was in tears as he ate, "This is the most expensive patty I've ever eaten. Sure enough, the value of any commodity does not lie in its own cost, but in the place where it sits."

                Gurgling, the others who didn't get to eat swallowed furiously.

                The forty or so people at ...... the scene, one by one, were starving and unbearable.

                Suddenly, someone came up and said, "Boss Qin, the Lin family should all listen to you now, right? I know it's not right for us to collectively force Lin Yuanwang to pay back the money, but we also have our own difficulties. Just tell us plainly, what will it take to spare us?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "If you had been so honest, why did you have to suffer like this?"

Chapter 454

Qin Ming said to a kind of wealthy boss who came to the door to collect his debts, "Where is Qin Weiyuan? I suppose he instigated you all to come and collect your debts, right?"

                The bosses looked at each other with a dilemma.

                The expressions on their faces also confirmed Qin Ming's statement.

                Qin Ming continued, "My people have searched for him for a long time but couldn't find him, what a rat's head. Give up his whereabouts, and you will sign a new default agreement, lowering the default rate and using my company to collect on your behalf, and I will send you out of the mountain in comfort, otherwise, you can walk back on your own. No one is standing in your way anyway."

                Qin Ming's terms could not be considered bad, and he was already extraordinarily forgiving.

                According to his enquiry last night, he learned that the order contracts signed by these people were as high as between fifty and one hundred times the amount of the breach of contract.

                Wasn't this a blind few signings? Signing himself into a pit.

                These contracts were all signed by pro-Weiwu, who was still the son-in-law of the Lin family at the time, when Lin Yuanwang did not expect his son-in-law to set him up and stamped them, resulting in so many debtors.

                This is obviously Qin Weiyuan he did on purpose, because of the unusual Lin family's position, the general contract default just pay the principal, and then a discount even.

                This time Qin Weiyuan changed more than thirty contracts at once, and then blew up the Lin family's Bug Valley, his heart is punishable.

                Wouldn't these people know that? Knowing that this operation is not an attempt to take advantage of the fire?

                As for the change of contract and Qin Ming's recovery on his behalf, naturally, it was also a mix of water and fish, ten times the share was then retracted by Qin Ming, which is equivalent to these people can only recover the basic early payment for the goods, there is no money to be earned at all.

                The only benefit was the ability to leave this forested mountain.

                Qin Ming's condition was tantamount to costing everyone billions, which they naturally refused to do; they were holding the contract, and as long as they got out of here alive, it would all be worth it.

                Moreover, Qin Weiyuan's current status was not something they could offend.

                As a result, when Qin Ming finished, no one was willing to come and work with Qin Ming, and each of them covered their contracts to death, it would be bad if they lost them.

                Qin Ming did not force the issue, he just left them hanging, they could do whatever they liked.

                When he returned to the cottage, Lin Yuanwang had already sent someone to draw up a contract, a five-year loan contract at an annual interest rate of 4.5 per cent, or a further three years of forgiveness if it could not expire, which was a great concession to the Lin family.

                The Lin Yuanwang family was again grateful to Qin Ming and praised him so much that they were close to paying tribute to him.

                The rest of Qin Ming's loan would arrive in the coming month, but it would need to be stamped by the World Bank branch of Huan Yu Century Group's Huaxia branch before it could take effect.

                Qin Ming was in charge of eating, drinking, playing and having fun here at the Lin's Tuzhai, and by the way, he learned what kinds of compulsions Lin's mysterious compulsions had.

                Apart from that beauty bug pulp, Qin Ming also knew about a kind of life prolonging compulsion.

                As we all know, the process of human growth is the process of continuous cell division, when the dna telomeres in the genes are depleted with cell division, the cells no longer divide, the person will die of old age.

                The powerful thing about this life compulsion is that it secretes cytokinin, which affects the length of dna telomeres by regulating and influencing the process of cell division, slowing down and reducing the process of cell aging.

                It can be said that this kind of longevity compulsion is a natural mystery against human genes, basically allowing a dying old man to live an extra five to ten years.

                However, this kind of longevity compulsion is not easy to cultivate, a mature compulsion has to invest more than 100 million each year, a longevity compulsion sells for 300 million yuan, is still a sought-after item, many wealthy merchants are rushing to.

                Now because the insect valley was bombed, the longevity compulsion is scarce, because the people of the Lin clan previously cheated the branch of the Huan Yu Century Group in Dayong City, Lin Yuanwang still sold Qin Ming five longevity compulsion insects at a low price, sold to Qin Ming at a cost of 150 million.

                Qin Ming look at this longevity parasite, contained in a thumb-sized glass container, the liquid is very attached, the plug has air holes, but the parasite is very small, do not use a magnifying glass to see clearly, looks a bit like iron wireworm, but has many claws.

                In addition to this kind of longevity parasite, there are also some that adjust the human physique, absorb human toxins and so on, there are also many rare and weird bugs that are used in medicine, although Qin Ming is more interested in all of them, but the worm valley was bombed, now there is no stock at all.

                After the two sides had agreed on a deal, Lin Yuanwang said politely, "Little brother Qin, I heard that you want to punish those people outside the fortress, I have no objection, they are all ungrateful, white-eyed wolves. However, if there is too much trouble, it will be easy to kill people, which is not good for anyone, what do you think?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Are you pleading for the rich businessmen who are collecting debts? Or are you pleading for the five rich young men from the rich family? What? Worried about being retaliated against?"

                Lin Yuanwang said, "My Lin family was almost destroyed, Bai Haocheng and the five of them, although they came to drop stones, they really had nothing to do with them, and I didn't want to go too far. After all, they all know their fathers."

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, so it seems to be a plea for mercy for the five rich young men from the rich family. That means it was Zhang Quanzhen who hinted at you? You tell him to come over and talk to me."

                After saying that, Qin Ming patted Lin Yuanwang on the shoulder and said, "Boss Lin, these people deserve what they get, I have my own plans, even if things get bigger, the debt will not be on your head, so you can rest assured."

                Qin Ming's words were clearly not buying Lin Yuanwang's account, which made Lin Yuanwang's heart sink, as he looked at Qin Ming, who was young but had a lot of temperament, although he had been ridiculed by all sides at the beginning, he held back but didn't issue.

                Now once he had a fit he was in full control of the initiative and all the cards were pinched in his hands.

                Qin Ming's first foot went out, and behind the lobby screen, Lin Yundong and Lin Yurou followed.

                Lin Yuanwang said, "Dad, I did persuade him, but ...... this Qin Ming is not an idle person, his bottom line must be very strong."

                Lin Yundong said, "To be able to not put the old Qin family in the city of Hai within the eyes, certainly not an idle person, but Zhang Zhen Zhen asked, we should do what we have to do."

                Lin Yurou muttered and said, "Dad, grandpa, those debt collectors are so hateful, and they even teamed up with brother-in-law to trap us, can we just let it go? It's not better to let them suffer, so why stop Mr. Qin? Isn't this hot Mr. Qin's displeasure?"

                Lin Yundong shook his head and said, "You little girl, what do you know? Our Lin family's calamity this time, the water is deep. It's still the case that True Father Zhang has resolved the situation for us, so when True Father Zhang asks, we have to do it."

                Lin Yurou asked in confusion, "Grandpa, what does that mean? How deep is the water? Isn't brother-in-law the one who made this happen?"

                Lin Yuanwang explained, "Silly daughter, if it was simply that Qin Weiyuan was valued and made a fortune, he would have had the guts to divorce your sister, yet he would not have had the guts to blow up our Bug Valley. As a result, he not only blew up, but also pitted our Lin family, and was defended by Qin Xiaoguang and Qin Ningyuan's father and son. And when you went to the sea city to seek justice and were humiliated, when I went to the sea city to borrow money from them, their attitude, the conditions, hum ...... everything was one loop, they were trying to get our Lin family."

                Lin Yurou was stunned, her willow eyebrows gathered up and said, "Dad, you mean this time, behind this incident is the old Qin family against us? They ...... They're family friends with us anyways."

                Lin Yundong hummed, "It doesn't look like it was Qin Xiaoguang who did it, but in fact it was. This is where Qin Xiaoguang's tactics are brilliant. This time, if it wasn't for the hand of Real Zhang, our Lin family would really have been pinched by Qin Xiaoguang. Therefore, when Real Zhang asked us to persuade Mr. Qin, we had to do so."

                Lin Yurou still looked incredulous.

                Lin Yuanwang nodded and said, "Now that things are counted as past, it's not impossible to give you the benefit of the doubt. Qin Weiyuan a not much ability, at first also sold his Qin Ningyuan face, he gave a side branch of the trash as a matchmaker, hard stuffed into my Lin family, your sister is also a heartless person, alas ...... Yurou, you have also suffered once, from now on you have to be careful."

                Lin Yurou bit her lips, holding a Buddha dzi in her hand, and said, "Dad, I will definitely find that person, I recognize his appearance even if he turns into dust, and he left behind an important thing at that time, I will investigate him."

                Lin Yurou asked again, "Dad, then what are we going to do when Mr. Qin continues to punish those people outside? Stand for Zhang Zhen Zhen or stand for Mr. Qin?"