Rags To Riches Chapter 451-452

 Chapter 451

Lin Yuanwang immediately ordered to take all the boats back inside the fortress, which was tantamount to making Bai Haocheng and the other rich youngsters and the 30-odd debtors who came to collect their debts, have to walk back.

                It was the first time they had come to the Lin's village, so how could they walk back? If they went astray halfway into the Valley of the Ghosts, they would really be in trouble, and they would be bitten by snakes, insects and ants in a matter of minutes.

                "Tch, did not expect that Qin Ming so rich, miscalculated, still want to ask for some cheap ...... Huh? Where is our boat?"

                "Who, who smashed all our boats?"

                "That's too much! Our boats."

                "It must be Lin's people who did it... Damn, getting financial aid and playing rogue?"

                "Yes, go back for justice."

                Each of these merchant debtors was righteously indignant and wanted to go back to the village to seek justice, after all, the boat they had come on had been wrecked, wasn't this a way for them to walk back?

                But the wooden door of the fortress was closed, and only two dogs were barking inside, not letting them in.

                A young man at the gate scoffed, "Sorry, you're not welcome here, so go away."

                "Where's our boat? What's the matter with you smashing up our boat?"

                "That's right, you're destroying our property, we'll call the police when we get to Dayong City."

                "You're still suspected of murder."

                At this moment, Bi Yuan came out and said with an expressionless face, "I am fully responsible for this matter, I broke the boat, you can sue me at any time. Our young master said, you can do whatever you like, just don't regret it afterwards."

                After saying that, Bi Yuan walked away in an overbearing and dashing manner without leaving a single name.

                The young man who was watching the door at Lin's Dazhai shrugged his shoulders and said, "As you have heard, this has nothing to do with our Lin's Dazhai."

                This ...... terrible air suddenly froze, everyone was hot and sweaty in this summer, and it was also sunset time ah.

                Let them walk back in the dark? Wouldn't that be dangerous at any time?

                But they had already had their way with Lin's cottage, and they couldn't go back.

                In an instant, they all found themselves in a dilemma.

                Some people cursed, "Fuck! Shameless, taking advantage of our door-to-door debt collection to wreck the boat."

                "What now? How can we go back without a boat? Go and ask that man?"

                "There's nothing we can do if the Lin family doesn't hand over the man."

                The group muttered and looked at each other, not expecting that Lin Yuanwang had suddenly received twenty billion dollars in financial assistance, and had instantly gained the strength to drive them all out ah.

                While these people were deliberating, Qin Ming had already been pulled by Lin Yuanwang's hand and invited to the lobby of the main building, and had to pay homage to Qin Ming as a brother, completely disregarding the fact that the two of them were a generation apart.

                Lin Yuanwang was in high spirits when he met a happy man, and he took Qin Ming's hand with emotion and said, "Little brother Qin, you've played this game of secretly smashing ships very well. I also hate those white-eyed wolves. In the past, when my Lin family was in good shape, I didn't help them a lot, I borrowed money interest-free, and when they pulled in investments, I just threw money at them and didn't even take it seriously when they lost money. When something happened to me, they all wanted to suck my blood and eat my flesh. I was so angry that I couldn't eat or drink for the past two months."

                "Just now it was also your bodyguard ...... Brother Long, it's all thanks to your hand, Brother Long, otherwise my old life would have been lost." Lin Yuanwang shook Ah Long's hand gratefully again.

                A Long said calmly, "If I hadn't been reminded, I wouldn't have been able to save you."

                Lin Yuanwang took Qin Ming's hand again and said, "That's not true, this is far-sightedness, little brother Qin just has good vision, worthy of being introduced by the real Zhang, he is simply the saviour of our Lin family, thank you, thank you so much."

                The back hall of the main building was a clan ancestral hall, where the Lin clan's earth cottage stretched over a dozen generations, and in front of which were hung spiritual tablets and incense, Lin Yuanwang seemed to really want to form a brotherhood with Qin Ming.

                This Qin Ming politely declined, "Thank you for your kindness, I am not looking down on Mr. Lin, but I am a brat, so I cannot mess up my seniority."

                The general public would have weighed this kind of polite refusal, but Lin Yuanwang, who was in an emotional state, didn't think much of it and said, "Hey, there's no such thing as messing up the seniority, you saved my life, you saved my Lin family, and you saved my last face. As the saying goes, it's easy to add flowers to the cake, but hard to send charcoal in the snow. I used to explain so many friends, each different from the five lakes and four seas, but only a few really treat me as a brother, little brother Qin you didn't leave because of my negligence, and were willing to come and stay to help me, so you deserve to worship with me."

                At this moment, Zhang Quanzhen stepped forward and approached Lin Yuanwang's ear, whispering, "Lin Yuanwang, it's not that I'm bullying you. You haven't even figured out what Qin Ming's identity is, and sometimes your good intentions aren't always good. I think it's more like you should be his little brother and worship him, you can't necessarily afford it."

                Lin Yuanwang was stunned, Zhang Quanzhen's words were like enlightenment, he suddenly understood, was he qualified to worship with Qin Ming?

                Qin Ming was a life-saver for the Lin family, but Lin Yuanwang knew nothing about him, was he really just a son-in-law of the Mu family?

                Seeing that Zhang Quanzhen had finished, Qin Ming gave another step and said, "Boss Lin, it's really a bit messy with the generations, it's not appropriate."

                Lin Yuanwang immediately changed his tone and said, "Well, since Little Brother Qin has said so, then I won't force myself, it's me, Lin Yuanwang, who has a shallow fortune. Come, come, little brother Qin is so young, really young and promising, admirable. Since we are not going to pay tribute, why don't we go and rest first? Tonight we will have a banquet to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Qin."

                Qin Ming said, "Boss Lin, there is no hurry, I will deal with those people outside first."

                "Hmm?" Lin Yuanwang and the others were very strange, what else was there to do but smash the boats and let them go back by the mountain road?

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Making money. So many fat sheep, how can I live up to their insults to me if I don't shear the wool a bit?"

                Fat sheep?

                The crowd was curious, how could Qin Ming slaughter fat sheep? Wasn't it enough to wreck their ships?

                That was certainly not enough, Qin Ming had recently learnt the truth that setting people up in a loop was actually a very happy thing.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Boss Lin, you guys just live and build your meals tonight, just guard against thieves, don't worry about the rest."

                The others didn't know what Qin Ming was up to, but it was Zhang Quanzhen who laughed and advised, "Little Qin, don't go too far, sparing a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda."

                Qin Ming was not impressed and lectured, "Old man Zhang, when they forced Boss Lin to die, why didn't you stand up for yourself? It's not okay for you to double standard."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Wouldn't you have been there then? No matter how arrogant they were, you could stand up to them. But when you step forward, they are fish meat on the chopping block, you can rub them at will, although it's not right, it's still human life."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Old man Zhang, you don't look like someone who cares so much about others. What you care about shouldn't be those debt-collecting vampires, right? You should be afraid that something might happen to those five rich young men from the gentry, right? What? It has a big impact on you? You're hiding a lot of things in your heart, trying to set people up again, aren't you? Hahahaha, this time it's my turn to trap you. You want me to let them off the hook, fine, be a consultant for my company."

                Zhang Quanzhen sighed silently, Qin Ming's bargaining chip was not light this time.

                Zhang Quanzhen had finally been forced onto a fork in the road by Qin Ming, either to be Qin Ming's little brother or to watch how Qin Ming would go about torturing those people outside.

Chapter 452

Originally, Qin Ming's plan was to use Lin Yundong's saving grace to Zhang Quanzhen back then, a great favor passed onto his head, to trap Zhang Quanzhen to be his subordinate.

                Although he hated Zhang Quanzhen and was always trapping him, he did admire his skills. He couldn't recruit Zhang Quanzhen by spending money, so he used favours and his best trap.

                As a result, Lin Yuanwang is seeking death, and there are debtors coming to his door forcing Qin Ming to give Lin Yuanwang an early loan to give him the confidence to tide the family over.

                The fact that Zhang Quanzhen seemed to care quite a bit about the five wealthy young men was also keenly caught by Qin Ming, but he didn't agree to Qin Ming's request because of it.

                But it was one thing for him not to agree, Qin Ming had long planned to punish Bai Haocheng's wealthy young men who had fallen on hard times, as well as reward himself for his hard work over the past two days.

                While it was important to help people, it was also important not to make a trip for nothing, right?

                In fact, from the moment these debt-collecting merchants swarmed into Lin's fortress, Qin Ming could see the signs and had already thought of a way to trap these people.

                In order to prevent any thieves from entering the fortress and stealing anything, or to prevent them from attacking the fortress by force, the Lin family has deployed many young and strong men to patrol and guard the fortress to ensure that the dinner goes smoothly tonight.

                The five rich young men and the debt collectors were left to fret outside the fortress.

                As it was already dark, the group had no idea how to get back.

                It was unrealistic to force their way through the mountains, not only would they get lost, it was not uncommon for them to die on the way.

                So these people could only wait, first sending a few resourceful ones along the mountain road back to Dayong City, and then looking for a boat to come back.

                Inside this big fortress, the main character of the dinner party was naturally Qin Ming. Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao were treated with respect and courtesy by the entire Lin clan, with good food and meat served, and there were also traditional singing and dancing performances, even Lin Yurou herself came down to present a dance for Qin Ming.

                Even Lin Yurou herself danced for Qin Ming. With her waspish waist, long legs and cute little round face, she danced so charmingly that Qin Ming could hardly take his eyes off her. In his mind, he recalled the day he kissed Lin Yurou's body and possessed her in the ancient castle of the country.

                Although he was controlled by the parasite at the time, his memory was particularly clear, especially when Lin Yurou had a mole on her back.

                Oops, Qin Ming suddenly ate pain in the flesh of his waist, but it was Mu Xiao Qiao who was pinching him angrily on the side.

                "So Miss Lin danced that well? You don't even take it seriously when Master Lin invites you for a drink?" Mu Xiaoqiao said sourly.

                Qin Ming hurriedly snapped back to his senses and gave Lin Yundong his drink back, saying with a harrumph that he was a bit sleepy and had just gotten dazed, but this lame explanation drew laughter, and anyone could see that Qin Ming was looking at Lin Yurou over his shoulder, and even Mu Xiaoqiao was jealous.

                Lin Yurou also half hid her face and was shy. Women are confident in their beauty and proud of their ability to attract men, so she was not annoyed but worried that Mu Xiaoqiao would be hostile to her because of it.

                Mu Xiaoqiao didn't think so much of it, she blushed and said in a broken voice, "I can dance too, if you like I can dance for you."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, this kind of jealousy was quite refreshing to eat.

                The crowd was having a good time eating here, but outside the cottage was a sea of cursing mothers and grass fathers, these people had been shouting for three hours, since the Lin's big cottage families started cooking, cursing away, now cursing each hissing voice.

                "Boss, I can't really curse anymore."

                "Big Brother, they're not taking it seriously at all."

                "Grass, Qin Ming you son of a bitch, smash our boat, just you wait."

                "So hungry. Who has brought some dry food?"

                "...... ate it all long ago, ah, I smell wine."

                "Shit, we'll be out of here by the time they find the boat back tomorrow, think the hills will be too much for us? Shit, we ain't stupid."

                "Yeah, you want to fuck us over? No way."

                "It smells so good ...... it's the smell of the back to the pot meat."

                At the mention of the backpot meat's, the group couldn't help but swallow their saliva, here at Lin's Tudor Village with a population of 1,000 families, they were still having a big feast tonight as if it was a festive occasion, and what happened? They were stopped at the door, hungry and tired, and their mouths were watering just from the smell of the food.

                One of the bosses pulled out his wallet and said, "Eh, I have 500 here, can you get us some food?"

                But the Lin clansman patrolling the entrance to the earth cottage completely ignored this boss's money, he knew that these were the people who had forced the patriarch to go jumping off a building as a debtor, he didn't care about the money, he wasn't bad.

                Suddenly, the door of the big cottage opened and Bi Yuan pushed some roast chicken, vegetables and rice to pull out in an ox cart.

                He looked around at the people and said, "Here we are, here we are, anyone who wants to eat can come and buy it from me."

                The group looked and laughed, "Hey, there are still resourceful people who know we are here and profitable. Huh? Aren't you the one who destroyed our boat?"

                Bi Yuan said, "Not me, did I ever say that?"

                Rubbing miles, a kind of debt-collecting merchant burst out in anger, this guy was playing a trick?

                "It's you, it's you, don't you dare deny it."

                "What? You think we won't let you off the hook if you take a meal to please us?"

                One by one, righteous indignation, Bi Yuan sighed and said, "In that case, I won't sell it."

                With that, Bi Yuan pushed the ox cart back again.

                Now it was awkward.

                The bosses of the various companies looked at each other with coveted faces, they were usually used to calling the shots in their own companies, had they ever been treated so badly?

                "Ugh, why are your mouths so foul?" Mr. Zhang cursed in annoyance, "Can't you solve your stomach problems first before complaining?"

                Ma Shao also scolded, "Really, a bunch of corporate bosses, what a waste. We've already sent people three ways back to Dayong City to look for a boat, they won't be back until tomorrow, just make up for the night tonight, do we have to make a mess?"

                The old bosses who had come to collect their debts were scolded, but they didn't dare to retort, as these rich young men were all of good standing and could not afford to mess with them.

                The door of the fortress opened again, and Bi Yuan and a group of subordinates from the assassination squad came out, they set up a banquet at the entrance of the fortress, there were bandit chicken, three lower pots, bacon, mao tai, blood duck, roast goose and so on, the aroma of that meal was fatal to a group of people who were starving and had accumulated.

                Bi Yuan greeted his men and said, "Come, come, eat, first a bowl, one roast goose for each."

                "Thank you, boss."

                "Thank you, boss."

                The little brothers all gorged themselves on meat and wine, it had been a busy day and night, and it was time to treat their five organs.

                However, as they ate here, Bai Haocheng and the others looked on with their mouths swallowing wildly one by one as they leaned over.

                Bai Haocheng's eyes were sultry as he said, "I know your tricks, you know we can't possibly go back by land, you're hungry and tired, so you're deliberately out to annoy us, aren't you? How about a price? How much would it cost to give us a meal? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand?"

                Bi Yuan laughed and put the rice he had eaten a few times in front of him and said, "Our young master said, a bowl of rice is 100 million, the real price, if you want to eat, you can pay."

                "You're fucking brain-dead?" Bai Hao Cheng immediately cursed in annoyance, "This is disgusting, you think we will die if we don't eat this bowl of rice? I pooh, even if I starve to death, I, Bai Haocheng, will not fall for your trick and not eat your rice."

                Bi Yuan laughed and said, "That's up to you, our young master said, it's not easy to have a full meal, so eat and cherish it. I'm afraid that some people don't even have the chance to eat a full meal."

                The crowd frowned at once, what did this mean?

                As they were wondering, suddenly several people over the mountain road rushed back with each other, shouting as they went, "Young master, help, someone is poisoned, poisoned ......"