Rags To Riches Chapter 45-46

 Chapter 45

Yang Wei stopped his car and came to see Qin Ming arguing with Nie Haitang.

        He was immediately furious, the two had broken up, but Qin Ming was pestering Li Meng every day in a vain attempt to get back together, he was really thinking crazy.

        Yesterday, he even punched him in the face at Century Tower, and the staff of Century Tower finally investigated the fire alarm and misunderstood that they had triggered the fire alarm, so they were thrown out.

        Yang Wei really had no sense to say that he had spent so much money on such a good service, and before he could enjoy it, he was stomped on, and in the end he was kicked out as the culprit and blacklisted.

        Yang Wei has been sending Li Meng some bags, perfumes, necklaces, clothes, etc., and yesterday he was thinking of going to Century Mansion to enjoy the high society life and then take Li Meng in one go.

        And what happened?

        Since he had picked up Li Meng, he had not succeeded in sleeping with her, but had lost a lot of money instead.

        Without Qin Ming, why would he have spent so much money and still not been able to sleep with Li Meng?

        Today Yang Wei was again ruthless, spending a lot of money to come to the 3-star Michelin-rated Little Jiangnan Hotel, and then buy some clothes for Li Meng later, and go to get a room tonight, determined to take Li Meng tonight.

        The waitress patiently explained, "This seat came first for this gentleman, so according to the rules of this restaurant, it should be this gentleman's seat."

        Yang Wei was too lazy to rub it in and sat down on his butt, saying, "This seat is still empty, who can't sit? Tell your manager to come out."

        A short while later, a male manager rushed over, and he looked at the situation and knew that the customer was fighting for a seat.

        Yang Wei said, "You are the manager? I'll be honest with you? I'm here with my girlfriend for a big meal today. I'm sure the consumption is not low, and this is my fellow countryman, you can see how poor he is by looking at his clothes, right? Oh, the soles of these broken back shoes are worn through, these jeans are washed white, he can afford to spend?"

        Li Meng proudly fiddled with the lv bag that Yang Wei had just bought for her and said, "That's right, your little Jiangnan is also a high-end restaurant, if even beggars can come here to eat, then what do other customers think? The tone has been lowered."

        Qin Ming snorted coldly, "I have money to pay, and this seat is first come, first served. Manager, please judge."

        The male manager looked at the two sides and saw a big difference. Qin Ming's hair was quite long but not trimmed, which was also because Qin Ming was lazy, not trimmed, hungover yesterday and rushed back to school today to catch up on his homework.

        He looks like a factory boy, a bit shabby.

        And Yang Wei wears Versace, steps on Anima, wears a gold watch, and has an Audi car key on the countertop, and Li Meng is also all hip, lv bags, Apple phones, and good jade bracelets, youthful and beautiful.

        People are vain, and likewise all like to judge people by their appearance.

        In the eyes of the male manager, the better the business of the hotel, the higher his commission will be, and Qin Ming, who can spend as much as he can, and Yang Wei, who will order expensive dishes in order to show off his wealth.

        The male manager said, "Well, this seat is reserved for this gentleman and this lady."

        At these words, Li Meng glared provocatively from Qin Ming as if she had won a battle.

        Yang Wei was even more smug and taunted, "See? Qin Ming, only the rich are the masters, do you think this is Baishui Town? This is Guang City, get out of here if you don't have money."

        Qin Ming was also annoyed and said, "What gives you the right to do that? It's obvious that I arrived first. They are guests, but I am not a guest?"

        The male manager didn't bother to explain and said to Qin Ming, "Sir, if you still want to continue dining here, you can take your number and line up now."

        "Hey, you guys are so noisy." At this moment, because of the bickering at this table, the customer in the seat next to him was very unhappy and said, "What's so noisy about just a seat? Hey kid, this is a high-class restaurant, you don't have money and the manager will naturally ignore you, this place is about spending power."

        The table next to him laughed and said, "It's ridiculous, he's dressed so shabbily, he looks like a loser, if he can eat in the same restaurant as successful people like us, then society is really fucked."

        "Hey, don't say anything, did the guy piss you off?"

        "No, I just don't like the fact that he's a poor bastard, and if you're poor, you go to the roadside fast food and eat gutter oil.

        "Older brother, you say this is not good, be careful of people drop a sentence, thirty years east and thirty years west, do not bully the youth poor, ha ha ha."

        "Hahahaha, you think life is a novel? These days, it's hard for the poor to turn over in three generations."

        Qin Ming's brow furrowed, these people could be really toxic.

        Li Meng opened the mirror and started to draw her eye brows on herself, not forgetting to mock, "Hear that? You're a loser, Qin Ming, you didn't get Nie Haitang yesterday, did you? I can't even look at you, but Nie Haitang can look at you? You're a dreamer all day long. If you leave the underclass, you'll be trampled on everywhere you go. You should go back to delivering food and cleaning dishes. You are in the same circle as the plasterers, the take-away men and the rubbish collectors. This is the world of people with status, don't even think about stepping foot in it."

        Yang Wei said contemptuously, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, Qin Ming, I've known you for so long, but I've never known you to be so thick-skinned, so disliked and still not leaving? Oh? Did you want us to treat you? Tsk, you should have said so, after all, we are from the same village, your father still works in my house, it's nothing for me, as the boss, to treat you to a meal. Manager, you should have clear water cabbage here, right?"

        The male manager smiled and said, "Yes."

        The more Qin Ming looked at him, the more angry he became, these dog-eyed things, he had an appointment with Nie Haitang here, in the spirit of wanting to arrive early to wait for Nie Haitang, but he ended up with this shit.

        Qin Ming took out his mobile phone, he felt the need to buy the restaurant immediately, fire the manager, and blacklist Yang Wei and Li Meng, all his famous properties, to these two groups.

        Damn, Qin Ming was angry when he met this pair of dogs and men day after day.

        But before he could dial the number, Nie Haitang arrived.

        "Qin Ming sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road." Nie Haitang said as she walked and waved.

        As soon as she entered, the crowd's eyes shifted from Qin Ming's group to Nie Haitang.

        She wore a black blazer with a white shirt inside, in classic black and white with a black sarong half skirt, a pair of black pointed heels and a black handbag, with light make-up and red lips, simple and stylish, generous and decent, but also full of girlishness.

        In this society, beauty is easy to catch people's eyes everywhere.

        "Wow, she's so pretty, is she a star?"

        "Even more beautiful than a star."

        "Hush, that's the thousand-year-old daughter of the Nie family, you know the Nie family, right? The newest gentry in Guang City, as Fortune magazine says, I heard there's a connection with Hou Qing."

        "Wow, the Nie family that has Hou Qing's cover and hasn't been merged? This Miss Nie is really pretty."

        "Who is she looking for? Is it possible that the rich young man has two lives in one? That's incredible, isn't it? Apparently the one who just arrived is so much prettier."

        Nie Haitang walked up to Qin Ming and grinned, "I've kept you waiting."

        When Nie Haitang walked up to Qin Ming and looked at him with a smile, the people watching were dumbfounded that such a poor boy had come to them to sneer at him? How could this be possible?

Chapter 46

Qin Ming saw that Nie Haitang had arrived and said, "I didn't wait long, I just arrived too. But we had some trouble, our seats were taken."

        Nie Haitang looked at Li Meng and Yang Wei, who were already sitting down, and raised her eyebrows, thinking, "Why are these two people again? They must be giving Qin Ming a hard time."

        Suddenly, Nie Haitang took Qin Ming's arm in public, as intimately as if they were lovers.

        The people around were again shocked that a beautiful woman like Nie Haitang was Qin Ming the? Pan Kang Na? No

        It was really a flower stuck in a cow dung, the sky has no eyes.

        Many of the young and talented youngsters in the audience felt that they were not inferior to Qin Ming in any way, so why couldn't they pick up such a superb beauty like Nie Haitang?

        Yang Wei was the closest to Nie Haitang and he was once again captivated, swallowing again and looking like a pig.

        Although Li Meng was also quite handsome, she was no match for the real school beauty Nie Haitang, especially since Nie Haitang had picked out her clothes all afternoon and had gone out with light make-up, so she could be said to have come out of a painting.

        Li Meng was still there to touch up her make-up, and when she saw that Nie Haitang had become the centre of attention, even Yang Wei was attracted to her, she was furious, hating her parents for not saving her to make her look like a beautiful fish and a beautiful woman.

        Why? Why Qin Ming the stinker? The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it. The carrots are not only a good idea, but also a good idea.

        She still doesn't believe that Qin Ming is in a relationship with Nie Haitang, but it's clear that the two have started dating and Nie Haitang doesn't mind relieving Qin Ming as a girlfriend.

        She is also a woman and very much she can see that Nie Haitang has a crush on Qin Ming.

        It was obvious that someone like Qin Ming, who lived at the bottom of the social ladder, should be scrubbing dishes and delivering takeaways, so why should he be able to go in and out of high spending places? Why should Qin Ming have a better life than her Li Meng after the break-up?

        Li Meng is deeply jealous, she relies on Yang Wei, a rich second generation, and her quality of life has improved greatly.

        But in her eyes, Qin Ming also relies on Nie Haitang, a rich white woman, and is better off than her.

        The point is that Nie Haitang is still better than her in every way, so isn't that making outsiders say that Qin Ming is better off without her, Li Meng, instead?

        Li Meng couldn't accept it and she hated it with a passion.

        When Nie Haitang asked about the situation, she was also angry and said to that manager: "What? Your little Jiangnan turns out to be a business that looks at the customer's wallet? Do we need to pay first before eating? Do we look like we have no money for dinner? Or do we have to put out our car keys and pretend to eat before we can eat?"

        With that, Nie Haitang pulled out a Maserati car key from her global limited edition LV pouch.

        She was angry because these dog-eyed guys looked down on Qin Ming.

        These people didn't understand Qin Ming's skills at all, so why were they looking down on people here? Is having money great?

        Nie Haitang's grandparents had often taught her that there were many rich people in the world, and that the Nie family was just an ordinary family, so she should not think that she had some money and flaunt it everywhere, and that she should keep a low profile, otherwise she would not know when she had offended the top tycoons and how she would be screwed.

        Especially after this incident where the Nie family's company was almost taken over by someone with malicious intent, Nie Haitang has deep feelings about it.

        So Nie Haitang has always kept a low profile, but today she couldn't help herself, she was just showing off her wealth, she could do that too.

        The male manager looked embarrassed and saw that everything Nie Haitang brought out was more high-end, better and more expensive than Yang Wei and Li Meng, so it was clear that she was another rich person.

        When a rich second generation is with a poor? The company's business is not only a business, but also a business. The consensus is that the state is boringuč£³ ≡ burying huan ???? The rift is a great way to get around the world. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

        Nie Haitang hugged her arms in anger and said, "See you can't handle it either, call your boss out. I'll ask your boss why my boyfriend is not given a seat even though he came first and we are even richer. Are you discriminating against us? Is your boss discriminating against us or you, the manager."

        The male manager was speechless, how could he have expected things to be so reversed?

        Generally speaking it was a first-come, first-served rule, and the waitress was right to do it, but the male manager despised Qin Ming's poor appearance, and then Nie Haitang came out and slapped the male manager in the face.

        As Qin Ming watched, he couldn't help but smile, this Nie Haitang was quite cute when she was angry.

        "Ai yo hey, a meal can still be a hoot, people's female service did not do anything wrong, it was obviously that little handsome guy who arrived first, only later was that slut grabbed first."

        "Ouch, to show off the rich, an ordinary lv canvas bag, how can it compare with last year's lv's global limited edition anniversary model, hundreds of grade. Audi A4 is no match for Maserati."

        "This is hilarious, huh, I just don't know who ends up disgraced."

        "How hard did that man work to make this little beauty so popular?"

        The surrounding diners all took their situation here as a joke, but now it was a joke on Li Meng and Yang Wei, who were embarrassed to show off their bags.

        Although they are all lv bags, women's favorites, naive her only ordinary canvas style, leather is not even considered, only 6,000 yuan.

        She also recognized that the one Nie Haitang was holding was an anniversary limited edition model, there were only twenty of them in the world and one sold for 300,000.

        But she wasn't convinced, she didn't want to go away in disgrace like this.

        Li Meng suddenly said in a sinister voice: "Qin Ming, you're good, you're happy to eat soft rice. Even if the position is given to so what? Is this something you didn't get yourself? You're a big man, eating soft rice, do you want to be shameless?"

        At this remark, the group all looked at Qin Ming.

        The crowd thought to themselves, "Right, even though Nie Haitang is rich, it's still hers, you're a man but so shabby, what is it if you're not eating soft rice?

        Yang Wei was overjoyed, praising Li Meng for finding an excellent excuse to fight back, he followed suit and said: "Qin Ming, you are getting more and more degenerate, eating soft rice with such peace of mind? Aren't you afraid of your uncle's anger? You've borrowed money to pay for your studies, and instead of working hard to improve yourself, you want to be the king of soft rice?"

        In his heart, Qin Ming felt that Yang Wei was ridiculous, you are in your third year of college and you are still taking your parents' money and squandering it everywhere? The social giant baby?

        At least Qin Ming's three years at university, apart from the first year's tuition and accommodation, all the money afterwards was earned from his scholarship and part-time jobs.

        When Li Meng saw that Qin Ming didn't say anything, he became more and more proud: "What, I've got it right, nothing to say, right? You are a stinker? You are a stinker? The title? Oval? Leyun dislike?


        Li Meng did not finish her sentence, and was caught off guard by Nie Haitang slapped, the sound was loud and incomparable, the original quite lively restaurant, suddenly quiet, the customers are curious, what happened here?

        Li Meng angrily covered her red cheeks and shouted furiously: "You hit me? Who are you to hit me? Did I say something wrong? What do you think you have to offer him, Nie Haitang? Is it just money? Qin Ming is just eating soft rice when he wants your money."

        Nie Haitang's eyes blazed with anger and she exclaimed, "He doesn't have it! Let me tell you, Qin Ming is very capable and knows a lot of friends. Only a few days ago he helped me earn a million in the stock market, look, this is the record of my transactions in the stock market that day, I don't know anything about the stock market at all, it was all invested by Qin Ming for me."

        Li Meng's pupils shrank, seeing the bank flow record on top of that stock speculation software, many zeros ah.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

        Nie Haitang said smugly, "Hmph, can your boyfriend make a million a day? Huh?"

        Yang Wei was silent, he didn't seem to have started earning money yet, he thought he was still studying, let's wait until after graduation.

        Nie Haitang continued, "I invited Qin Ming to dinner today to repay him for saving our Nie family, Qin Ming knows a friend in the stock market and helped our Nie family out of a crisis with one phone call, what do you know about this? You don't know anything, but you know how to swear at people. Spending your boyfriend's money and relying on his face, what have you earned on your own?"

        There was silence all around, this shabby looking young man was so capable? You can't really judge a man by his appearance.