Rags To Riches Chapter 449-450

 Chapter 449

Qin Ming was not annoyed with Lin Yuanwang for neglecting him.

                After all, Lin Yuanwang had been on the run for two months, had experienced the warmth of human feelings, and had been forced to jump off a building by a debtor at his door, so how could he still take anyone seriously, unless that person took tens of billions of dollars and dumped it directly in his face.

                Qin Ming smiled and nudged his mouth, saying, "Indeed, I don't have much ability, I just have a lot of money."

                Lin Yuanwang looked at Qin Ming and said rather woodenly, "Then how much money do you have?"

                Qin Ming said confidently, "More than you can imagine."

                Once they heard that Qin Ming had money to support the Lin family, the group of debtors all subsided for a while.

                "Really, is this any rich young man from a wealthy family? Aigoo, what a talent."

                "Yes, old Lin, he has money to save your Lin family, why didn't you say so earlier?"

                "How much money are you taking out, young man?"

                Qin Ming didn't really want to pay attention to these people, they were all vampires and would only squeeze others.

                However, next to him, Bai Haocheng stepped out and said, "Boss Lin, don't fall for it, he, the son-in-law of the Mu family at home, wants to take advantage of an empty glove."

                Zhang Shao also followed, "That's not true, what kind of money can he have? He doesn't even have money to buy clothes, look at the holes in his shoes, he's just a son-in-law of the family, using a chicken feather as an arrow."

                He Shao also said, "I even think he's a liar, deliberately stalling for time, you can take it easy, Boss Lin."

                Qin Ming frowned, these people were talking so much that he didn't have a chance to talk to Lin Yuanwang, he waved his hand and said, "Ah Long, tell them to shut up."

                Ah Long answered and immediately moved to grab a stick on the ground, then turned back and swept across, not caring whether these people reacted or not, the sweep was a fallen piece.

                "Ahhhh!" Most of them were pampered bosses and rich youngsters, how could they react in time? All of them were swept down by Ah Long's stick.

                A few bosses broke into curses, "Fuck, your mother, all of you."

                Bai Hao Cheng and a few other rich young masters cursed, "Come on together, beat this dog's day to death."

                "Stand still!" But Lin Yurou stood up to defend Qin Ming, directing the villagers to present a protective circle of a half-moon arc, shielding his Qin Ming and the others inside.

                Lin Yurou chided in a very domineering manner, "This is my Lin family's earth cottage, it's your turn to spill the beans? Everyone stand still and protect Mr. Qin, don't let them lean over again."

                Bai Hao Cheng's face was red and swollen after being swept by Ah Long. He was ashamed and annoyed, and cursed, "Lin Yurou, I don't mind you, and I even gave you a bride-price of ten billion, what are you still dissatisfied with? Do you think your pussy is encrusted with diamonds? Do you really think that you can get the old Qin family's doorstep?"

                "You ......" Lin Yurou was angry and annoyed, but did not know how to retort, and was afraid that Bai Haocheng would say more and more, so that everyone would know that she, Lin Yurou, did not know which man had slept with her.

                Bai Haocheng cursed, "What are you doing? Did I say it wrong? Didn't you sell ...... out for money in the first place?"

                Suddenly, Qin Ming swung up a stone on the ground, three steps forward and two steps back, and knocked down on Bai Haocheng's head.

                "Boom" Bai Hao Cheng, who was cursing in excitement, did not notice that the bodyguard beside him had long been knocked down by Ah Long, and when Qin Ming smashed the stone down, there was no one to block it for him, and he splattered blood three steps on the spot.

                "Ah! You're just a son-in-law of the Mu family, I'm not even afraid of the Mu family, Mu Hai Ran, that old bastard, was a dog that lost his family back then, a piece of shit that was driven out of Beijing by my people, you're just a son-in-law, I'll fuck your mother, ah!"


                The cursing Bai Hao Cheng had violated Qin Ming's scales and insulted his family, so Qin Ming couldn't stop, was the little bully of Baishui Town not a commoner? In terms of fighting, Qin Ming had never been afraid of anyone.

                Qin Ming's second blow, a stone, caused Bai Haocheng to faint on the spot and blood flowed everywhere.

                Qin Ming dropped the bloodstained stone and said indifferently, "Who else is not afraid of death?"

                The people around ...... saw Qin Ming knocking the man unconscious and still acting as if nothing had happened, they were all in a state of shock.

                One by one, they all shut up and didn't say a word, goaded.

                Qin Ming clapped his hands and turned back to say, "Understood, finally quiet, right? I can talk now, right?"

                Qin Ming looked around and saw that no one dared to speak anymore before he said slowly, "Boss Lin, make an offer, my company can give you a loan at an annual interest rate similar to that of the bank. I don't have anything in particular that I want for your Lin family, so if we do business in the future, I hope you will give me priority in selling Gooding West to me."

                The crowd was stunned, Qin Ming's condition, wasn't it a free offer?

                It was true that Qin Ming was giving for nothing, but he was also selling favours, money was nothing to Qin Ming, he could still earn a few hundred million with low interest, but favours could be more than that.

                Especially if he wants to take Zhang Quanzhen under his wing, he has to deal with things here and cannot be too utilitarian.

                The Lin family strength is actually still very strong, raising a variety of rare and valuable insects have a set, is the need for liquidity to tide over the difficulties and restore vitality, time, the Lin family slowed over, and is again earning money giants.

                Qin Ming this low-interest loan, not just to earn a few hundred million just, this is a great favor.

                Those bosses who were waiting to collect their debts were all dumbfounded.

                "How is that possible?"

                "Acting a double act, right? Fooling us?"

                "Then just wait and pay it back."

                "The young people nowadays are talking out of their mouths, they probably haven't even seen 100 million, and they still have 10 billion, does he know what the concept of 10 billion is?"

                Those debtors still didn't quite believe Qin Ming, they thought Qin Ming was bragging.

                But Qin Ming ignored them, he really hadn't seen how much ten billion was, but the quarterly net profit revenue report that Song Ying gave him for the China region industry would be tens of billions of dollars.

                Lin Yurou couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Qin, my grandfather hasn't agreed to your additional conditions yet, you, you're agreeing to it?"

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Things have come to this, if we keep dragging this out, these people won't know what they are going to do, and I'm afraid your father will lose faith and seek death again. Life is at stake, so I'll postpone that for a bit."

                Zhang Quanzhen looked at Qin Ming's actions and smiled secretly.

                Lin Yuanwang took a slow breath and said regretfully, "This time the breach of contract is so much, it's all because of that white-eyed wolf Qin Weiyuan who has set a trap for our Lin family, he signed all these massive contracts, the sky-high breach of contract was also set by him, and as a result the Valley of Worms was all blown up by him, thanks to me for trusting him so much before."

                "Mr. Qin, just lend me as much as you can." In the end, Lin Yuanwang still didn't trust Qin Ming too much in his heart and was only asking tentatively.

                Qin Ming chuckled, "I heard that someone dumped you sixty billion and you didn't even take it, I'll dump you seventy billion, is that enough to restore your Lin family's energy?"

                Quiet, Qin Ming's words made the atmosphere around them terribly quiet.

                Qin Ming was too rich and generous, right? A real person does not reveal his face, but revealing his face is not a real person? Qin Ming, who looked inconspicuous, was the real tycoon?

                No, was he bragging too much?

                Lin Yuanwang was also stunned, and he became as dumb as a chicken when he had no hope.

                The scene like Bai Haocheng, Zhang Shao, He Shao and others took out even ten billion, which was already a very exaggerated amount of money, without the background of a big tycoon could not take out such a large amount of liquidity.

                Qin Ming opened his mouth and said seventy billion? Is he in the business of printing money?

                The old Qin family is a world class family, one of the world's top tycoons, so they have the courage to take 60 billion dollars for granted, not the same as the ordinary tycoons in China.

                The company's son-in-law is not the Mu family's son-in-law? Is he not familiar with the Mu family in Guangzhou? How could they have so much money?

                Lin Yuanwang licked his lips and asked cautiously, "Mr. Qin, you're not joking with me, are you?"

                Qin Ming said, "I never joke about such things, my company has enough money to make forward investments, ten billion investment is nothing, trillion investment are available."

                Gulp, the people around swallowed wildly, trillion investment, what is that? National livelihood projects? Aerospace technology? You want to build a dam and a high-speed railway?

                But the crowd looked at Qin Ming who was still so calm and collected, and said with full confidence, "Is Boss Lin going to reject me again?"

                "I don't believe it!"

                Suddenly, a high-pitched jeer suddenly came from the back of the crowd, "Lin Yuanwang, don't stall for time by singing a double act here, I've had enough of your drama, pay me back now!"

Chapter 450

"I don't believe it!"

                "Lin Yuanwang, don't stall here by singing a double act, I've had enough of your drama, pay me back right now!"

                "The contract is your company's seal, you received the money, and if you can't deliver the goods, you have to pay for the breach of contract. This is tens of billions of dollars, can you take it out or not take it out earlier? Now you're looking for a brat to stall for time?"

                "Yeah, don't be so smug, why don't you just give us the money? We have a contract in black and white."

                "What's the point of blowing a trillion dollars if you don't have the money? Look at you, you're a son-in-law and a poor bastard, what is it if not a double act?"

                Those businessmen who were collecting debts opened their mouths again to crusade, Qin Ming frowned, these people's actions were too obvious, not necessarily for money, I'm afraid the people behind the curtain instigated the pendulum with another purpose.

                Qin Ming asked Ah Long in a low voice, saying, "Has there been any news from Bi Yuan and the others?"

                Ah Long shook his head and said, "Not yet."

                Qin Ming frowned, was he wrong in his thinking?

                But it didn't matter, what he was about to do wouldn't matter.

                Qin Ming asked Ah Long to bring the satellite communicator over and set it up in front of Qin Ming after debugging it.

                Qin Ming dialed Song Ying's number and told her what had happened, asking Song Ying to contact the legal affairs of the Lin's Shenghui Tourism Group to draw up a loan contract as soon as possible and to make a batch payment of twenty billion to the company's account in Qin Ming's personal name first, so that the Lin family could pay off the default first and avoid a lawsuit.

                Qin Ming made the call in style, talking as if he really had twenty billion dollars.

                However, the guys took out their mobile phones, but damn it, there was no signal in the mountains, so how could they contact the outside?

                "You're just blowing it, right? I don't believe you."

                "Is this the kind of acting you want to do to get rid of us? There are still three days left before the repayment date, how hard is it for me to come here? I'm not going to leave."

                "This is quite a good double act."

                "Haha, it's not that they can't get the money and want to hide here in the earth cottage to avoid us?"

                But just as these people finished laughing, a villager suddenly ran up and said to Lin Yuanwang, "Patriarch, patriarch, there is a landline call, our Shenghui's legal affairs called and said that the World Bank wants to give us a loan and wants to sign a contract, and needs your seal. And there's someone called Qin Ming who has paid twenty billion to our company's account in batches."

                Lin Yuanwang was stunned, if Qin Ming was bragging, it was impossible for his deputy and the legal affairs of Thi Shenghui Tourism Group to be bragging.

                Lin Yuanwang looked at Qin Ming with an incomparably complicated mood, wasn't he Mu Hai Ran's granddaughter-in-law? Hadn't the Mu family already rejected him?

                He had such a big say in the Mu family? Could he get so much money?

                Lin Yuanwang suppressed his mood and asked with the attitude of a junior, "That Mr. Qin, can I borrow your satellite phone for a moment?"

                Qin Ming made a gesture of invitation, Lin Yuanwang hurriedly took it and, shivering his fingers, immediately called someone from the Shenghui Tourism Group and asked his subordinates to check the money in the company's account.

                This check really has so much money, Qin Ming's personal name, twenty billion in batches of payments.

                What a wealthy man!

                Lin Yuanwang finished his phone call and remained stagnant for a long time, for more than three minutes.

                Suddenly, Lin Yuanwang threw back his head and laughed: "Hahahahaha ...... hahahaha ......"

                After Lin Yuanwang laughed, he danced around again, scratching his head, constantly shaking hands for Qin Ming, for Zhang Quanzhen, for Mu Xiaoqiao, for his daughter, and for the villagers, looking a little scared for the group.

                It is not possible that the ups and downs of life come too quickly, Lin Yuanwang cannot stand the excitement and is going crazy, right?

                However, after laughing out loud, Lin Yuanwang took a deep breath and said, "Good, very good! Listen up everyone, drive all these debt collectors out of my Lin's fortress, the day of repayment has not yet come, I am rich now, still afraid of you?"

                "Yes." As soon as the villagers saw that their backbone Lin Yuanwang had regained his old domineering spirit, they also gained the courage to swing these wooden sticks and hoes and frantically push these debt-collecting vampires to drive them out of the fortress.

                Lin Yuanwang's performance was a far cry from what he had just done, and it made the debt collectors feel subtle.

                Is this the Lin family having a scare and being reeled in?

                Zhang Shao muttered, "No way? A son-in-law of the Mu family, no way, this is absolutely impossible, he actually has more money than us."

                Young Huang also said in surprise, "How could Lin Yuanwang be a different person without money, he was driven to suicide just now. Maybe he really has money, twenty billion dollars just by saying he'll give it, what kind of person is this Qin Ming?"

                Bai Hao Cheng had just been saved by his bodyguard and covered his head and cried out in pain, "Ah, my head, I'm going to die, the Mu family's son-in-law you're dead, I want you to die, ah ...... who spat at me? Grass, how come this spit has blood in it?"

                He Shao said with great regret, "Looking at Lin Yuanwang's reaction, he should have gotten twenty billion in aid. How come this Qin Ming has never heard of it? How come he's so rich? Not even a whisper of it? There was no such person among the nation's gentry at the last Meng Lanpen Convention."

                Ma Shao's face turned red, "How can he be so rich for a door-to-door son-in-law? Won't we be embarrassed now? If word gets out, how can the five of us lose face? Being beaten by a son-in-law with money?"

                Lin Yurou walked forward in an annoyed voice and bellowed, "Young masters, our Lin family's beauty bug syrup is only for our valued guests, not for troublemakers. Sister-in-law Bai Ying, take everything back."

                She rushed to Bai Haocheng, Zhang Shao, He Shao and the others and fished through their pockets one by one, and in no time, she had retrieved five bottles of the precious beauty bug syrup.

                On the contrary, the bodyguards of these rich young men looked tall and strong, but their speed was completely unable to keep up, and when they did, they could not even beat Bai Ying's sister-in-law who was a handful of years old.

                Even Ah Long, who was standing beside Qin Ming, let out a cry of surprise, "Huh? Good stance. This man looks old, but he's explosive."

                Qin Ming asked, "Can you win the fight?"

                Ah Long said carefully you, "Of course I can, young master, you underestimate me too much, don't you? But mine is only possible if I get serious."

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed instead, "I don't think so, if it's in the ring, you might still win. If it was somewhere else, you might not, unless you had a gun. When Lin Baiying was famous all over the country back then, your parents were still playing in the mud."

                Hearing that Zhang Quan Zhen did not think highly of him, Ah Long was also aroused and said, "Real Zhang, when I was on missions around the world, I saw many strange people from different countries, and I have seen many strange and deadly tricks."

                Qin Ming said, "Alright, let's have a sparring session sometime, and let Ah Long avenge my small revenge for affecting my mind at the entrance of the airport."

                In no time at all, Sister Bai Ying took back all the beauty bug pulp that she had given out, and she did a favor by presenting it to Mu Xiaoqiao with both hands, "Miss Mu, only a guest of your calibre deserves to enjoy the most secret bug pulp of our Lin Clan, may you stay young forever."

                Qin Ming sighed in his heart, "You didn't hear what I said, did you? This sister-in-law Bai Ying is really good at pleasing people."

                With Qin Ming's funds and assistance, Lin Yuanwang had a lot of energy, wailing to drive away these debtors and exhaling for a while.

                But Qin Ming walked over and said, "Boss Lin, wouldn't it be cheaper to let them go like this?"

                Lin Yuanwang was stunned and said, "We can't keep them locked up, can we? It's not legal."

                Qin Ming laughed, "We're all decent people, how could we do something illegal and disorderly? I've tried to find out how difficult it is to walk back. You have to have a boat and a guide even for the waterway, right? You can't reach the outside with mobile phone reception here, just your village landline and my satellite phone, right?"

                "Er ......" The crowd was fascinated by Qin Ming's words, as if Qin Ming was about to dish out something?

                Qin Ming said with a subdued smile, "I mean, just now I have sent people to control all their boats, so you guys have to keep an eye on your boats later on."

                The crowd was shocked, and then they understood what they were going to do, and in their hearts they gave a thumbs up, "Qin Ming, you old cunt!

                Qin Ming smiled cunningly, he had much more than that in his calculator, the show had just begun.