Rags To Riches Chapter 447-448

 Chapter 447

Qin Ming's terms were something that no one could have predicted.

                No one expected Qin Ming to care at all about the Lin family's interests, and he instead admired Zhang Quanzhen as a person.

                Qin Ming felt that he had a lot to learn from Zhang Quanzhen, otherwise he might not be able to manage the Huan Yu Century Group in the future, in fact, when he first met Zhang Quanzhen at the Lin's fortress, Qin Ming had this idea.

                Now that he had caught the opportunity, wouldn't he be able to lure him in?

                "Oh? So that's what this is about." Lin Yundong was quite surprised and thought that Qin Ming wanted to pay homage to his master, but in fact, Qin Ming didn't even know him, Lin Yundong, nor did he know how big he was in this city, which made Lin Yundong's heart white with expression.

                In fact, Lin Yundong is also quite difficult, he asked Zhang Quanzhen to put out the fire this time, although there is the kindness in the year, but also can not be too much to force, to persuade Zhang Quanzhen to do what corporate adviser, to put it bluntly is still to be under Qin Ming?

                But if he didn't ask, Qin Ming would definitely find excuses not to save the Lin family.

                Lin Yundong pulled Zhang Quanzhen over and asked curiously, "Doesn't this Mr. Qin know your status and position?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled sarcastically, "Two months ago, he was just an ordinary student in a sea of people. Once he became rich, his status has now become extraordinary, so it's not surprising that he doesn't know me, but I do like this boy, and although he still has many flaws now, he's indeed a promising talent."

                Lin Yundong added, "Then what do you mean, Zhang Zhen Zhen? My Lin family is now in internal and external difficulties, and we have also offended the old Qin family, so many rich and powerful young men do not dare to deal with us. I also have to pull down my old face and ask you to save my Lin family, ah."

                Lin Yundong said it very politely, but he was also pleading with Zhang Quanzhen to obey Qin Ming.

                Zhang Quanzhen counted on his fingers and said, "There is no rush, no rush, just a little while longer and I will make a decision. If I am destined to him, I will naturally come together without your intercession."

                "Oh? What else can happen after a while?" Lin Yundong asked suspiciously, "Is Zhang Zhen Zhen not pushing back on my polite words? If you don't agree, I'll just reject Mr. Qin, that's the fate of my Lin family, I don't blame you."

                He said that he did not blame you, but Lin Yundong's eyes and tone were more anxious than anyone else.

                Zhang Quan Zhen had no choice but to say, "Just now I saw that your son, Lin Yuanwang, has a blackened seal and his eyes are cursed. I have followed the star all the way from the north, and I think it is Qin Ming, the brat.

                Qin Ming was in no hurry, since he was going to set a trap for Zhang Quanzhen, he had a backhand to make him comply.

                However, before the two elders could finish their conversation, Bai Ying's wife suddenly came running outside.

                The patriarch is now climbing up the high beam of the cross-bridge and wants to jump off the building."

                When the crowd heard this, Lin Yuanwang was actually forced to jump off a building?

                The fifth floor was not a room, but a grey tiled roof, which was generally inaccessible, but Lin Yuanwang climbed up and stood at the cross-bridge, and as soon as he stepped out of the way, his head would go down and both sides would be open.

                The dusk sun, as red as blood, shone on the village, a sad sight.

                "Yuanwang, come down, what can't you get past?" an old woman cried, worried. An old woman cried out worriedly, seemingly Lin Yuanwang's old mother, already full of white hair, how could she bear to send the white-headed man to the black-headed man.

                "Yuanwang don't do anything stupid, our son just called, he's got the money, he's on his way back, you have to hold on." A rather young and beautiful looking woman, should be Lin Yuanwang wife, may have applied beauty insect paste, the face looks similar to Lin Yurou two sisters.

                "Patriarch don't ah ......"

                "Uncle Lin, don't, we believe in you."

                "Uncle Lin, big deal, start all over again? You come down quickly."

                There were villagers gathered under the high building, all persuading Lin Yuanwang to come down, but Lin Yuanwang acted as if he didn't hear.

                He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and cried out to the waning sun, "I, Lin Yuanwang, have spent my whole life doing good deeds, donating no less than ten billion dollars to charity alone, building schools, supporting the medical development of this province, and gifting no less than ten billion dollars in advanced equipment, I have never taken money seriously. Oh, in the end, it was money that forced me into a desperate situation."

                Lin Yuanwang spoke sadly, but the crowd was sad.

                He added, "I've made friends and helped countless people, and I've never done a single heartless thing in my life. What have I done wrong? What have I done wrong?"

                "I'm not convinced! I want to go to hell, I want to talk to you clearly."

                The crowd shook their heads as they listened to Lin Yuanwang's sorrowful accusations to the heavens, after more than two months of running around asking for help, they only managed to raise five billion, which was not even enough to replace the default.

                The other side is too strong and they don't want to let themselves get into an accident for the sake of the Lin family.

                And Lin Yurou didn't know who had broken her body and couldn't find that person, while making Lin Yurou a laughing stock among the gentry, broken shoes, and Lin Yuanwang, who had always loved his daughter and wanted her to marry into the gentry and enjoy the happiness, was even more devastated.

                Although he knew that the murderer was Qin Weiyuan, he lacked evidence, and now he was relying on the old Qin family in Haicheng, so he had no way to sue and could only suffer a loss.

                The crowd was still persuading, but the debtors below quit, holding up the contract they had signed in the first place, saying, "Boss Lin, it's not that we're rushing to kill them all, we can't get the goods, and it's not easy to explain to the big boss, it's hard to do on our side too, we have to pay the breach of contract too."

                "Boss Lin, I have poured out my family's money to sign a contract with you for the beautiful insect pulp, and the life prolonging compulsion, if I can't deliver the goods, my company will collapse, I have my difficulties too."

                "Old Lin, your hundred year old family, you can't really not take my one billion dollar breach of contract, can you? It's only double the breach of contract, theirs is more, mine is less, you want to pay me back, okay? We've been brothers for years too, you can't screw me over as a brother."

                "Woof woof woof ......" The village dogs barked furiously at these people, but they were pulled back by the villagers and did not dare to let them bite.

                Qin Ming looked at these debt collectors, surprisingly, they came to the door en masse, more than thirty debtors.

                He asked suspiciously, "Isn't the Lin's Great Walled City a place where people generally don't know the exact location? Lin Yuanwang is usually based at the tourism company in Dayong City, right?"

                The people around him looked at him, not understanding what Qin Ming was implying.

                Qin Ming continued, "These people are obviously organised and premeditated, and I'm afraid there is someone behind them who is familiar with travelling to and from Lin's Dazhai fortress, secretly helping."

                Zhang Quanzhen's heart stirred and he asked, "Little Qin you mean that Qin Weiyuan is here?"

                Qin Ming said, "Once Qin Weiyuan has gained power, don't you want a divorce and leave the Lin family? And also the mysterious insect breeding scriptures of the Lin family, do you think he will give up? He is after all an outsider, after joining the family must know that the Lin family's compulsions have a set of learning and advantages, I am afraid that he wants to use this to stand firm in the old Qin family in Hai City."

                Zhang Quanzhen nodded and responded, "That makes sense, it seems that this is hilarious."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Husband, the Lin family is also oddly pitiful, why don't you help out if you can?"

                Before Qin Ming could reply, a man in the crowd stepped forward and said loudly in public, "I have the ability to help the Lin family through this difficult time!"

Chapter 448

Located in a small valley deep in the town of Miaojiang, Lin's Dazhai was once isolated from the rest of the world, with its mountains, gurgling streams and tranquil rivers intertwined, as if a masterful painter's brush had produced a stunning painting.

                As the fortress is located in a valley in a remote area, before entering the fortress one needs to go through three unusually rugged and difficult walks: the Bamboo Raft Drift, the Xiang Wang Cave and the Yellow Water Slope, and is also prone to walking into the Valley of the Ghosts, where the complex magnetic field can easily cause electronic instruments to malfunction and get lost.

                So Qin Ming was certain that these debtors came to the door at the same time, and must have been abetted and led by someone who, I'm afraid, was trying to force Lin Yuanwang to hand over the insect farming scriptures of the Lin family fortress in western Hunan, which was also the most lucrative door method.

                Qin Ming whispered to Bi Yuan, "You eight go and find a set of local costumes to wear to hide, then go and watch all the incoming boats, block the intersection, remember all suspicious characters, by the way, look for the photo of that Qin Weiyuan, that guy should be here. If you see him, arrest him."

                Zhang Quanzhen, who was at the side, saw that Qin Ming's operation was obviously not just about lending money to the Lin family, so he asked, "Little Qin, what are you doing?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Zhang Quanzhen, you old man, can't you see what I want? Naturally, I want to pull in some chips for myself. People often say that luck will only come to those who are prepared, but I think that if we have to wait for luck to come, people will have already starved to death. People who do great things talk about one is to plan from afar, to do things on the ground, to negotiate for themselves to increase their chips, to increase to a certain extent, even if the enemy's luck can not be brought down. Be a man and never think of waiting for luck to come, luck that is the icing on the cake."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and did not respond, he also wanted to see to what extent Qin Ming was going to handle the matter.

                If Qin Ming handled the matter beautifully, he would appreciate it and would have to bend over backwards to do Qin Ming's bidding in order to save the Lin family.

                If Qin Ming handled the matter badly, he would not agree to it, no matter how much Qin Ming tried to set him up.

                The people here at Lin's Dazhai were still persuading Lin Yuanwang not to jump down, although it was only five storeys high, if he really jumped down, his head would hit the ground and he would still be a dead man.

                "Boss Lin, I have the ability to help your Lin family, don't you trust me?" Suddenly, Bai Hao Cheng lined up in the crowd and looked up at Lin Yuanwang, "As long as you let Lin Yurou marry me, I will take out ten billion, as a bride price, then I will talk to my family and ask my father to take out another ten billion, a total of twenty billion, to marry Lin Yurou."

                The Bai family's twenty billion was just enough to give the Lin family a breather, nowhere near enough to save the Lin family.

                "Boss Lin, our Zhang family only needs the production line of one of the beauty bug syrup, you will send someone to keep an eye on it specifically, to ensure that your business secrets will not be revealed, ten billion this is a very good deal, why don't you agree to you? Fifteen billion, how about that?"

                The Zhang family's calculations were equally sound, Qin Ming had seen the efficacy of that beauty bug pulp, it definitely had a deep market prospect, fifteen billion to set up a powerful competitor for himself, it was too unwise.

                That He Shao, Huang Shao, Ma Shao also came out again to negotiate the conditions, all the same as just now, but slightly made some concessions only, in fact, still can not make the Lin family accept the conditions.

                "Old Lin, you see so many people helping you, just agree to it, so we can also take the breach of contract and pay our guests ah."

                "Boss Lin, won't your son still have to pay for it when you die? You can't get away with this debt. We've been working together for years, you wouldn't screw me over like this, would you?"

                "Why don't we look in the Valley of Worms, maybe there is still something in stock. I'm in a lot of trouble if I don't have the goods to deliver the life extension parasites I ordered."

                "Yeah, where to go in the worm valley?"

                "Go, go, go, go to Worm Valley to find the goods."

                The debtors combined to go to the worm valley of the Lin clan, but the villagers of the Lin clan, one by one, armed with wooden sticks and hoes, stopped the people.

                "You want to go to our Bug Valley, don't even think about it."

                "Who brought them in?"

                "Stop right there, or we will not be polite."

                "Woof woof woof ......"

                The villagers were also tough and surrounded these debt collectors, but there were many debt collectors, plus a few young masters of the gentry such as Bai Hao Cheng and their bodyguards, so the number was not small, and both sides pointed at each other and cursed.

                Lin Yuanwang stood on the beam upstairs, very sad, he was really forced to no other way, he looked down at his mother and wife and daughter who were crying for him to come down, he just felt very sorry for them.

                He used to be a generous man who treated money like dirt and did not know how to leave a way out for himself, so that now he had no money and no one to borrow from when things went badly wrong, and he had dragged his loved ones into it.

                "Mum, Ping, I'm sorry." Lin Yuanwang, an old man, wept: "As long as I die, they won't push so hard anymore, and that old man Qin Xiaoguang will probably help us again in remembrance of our friendship back then, but how can I have the face to see him send people to humiliate me? Mum, my son is incompetent, I'll be filial to you in the next life."

                An old mother below shouted in a hoarse voice: "Yuanwang, don't, even if it's a big deal, we can still carry it as a family."

                And the villagers took out many quilts and tried to give Lin Yuanwang a cushion, but the debtors didn't pay any attention to them, they just kept shouting at Lin Yuanwang to pay the default money.

                Suddenly, Lin Yuanwang stood up straight and the crowd was stunned, as if they all expected Lin Yuanwang to make the next move, either climbing down or jumping down.

                Qin Ming's pupils suddenly shrank and he immediately pushed Ah Long, saying, "Ah Long the other side, quick, quick, go and catch him."

                Ah Long was stunned, but immediately understood what Qin Ming meant by the other side, this cross-bridge high building was against the mountain wall, a section was the village road, on one side was a small river, the side of the small river was full of stones, the fall was almost six storeys high, the phone that landed head first, Lin Yuanwang would definitely die.

                Ah Long was as fit as a fiddle, grabbing over a bamboo pole on the way.

                And the moment he ran away, the crowd let out screams and shrieks as Lin Yuanwang, just as Qin Ming had guessed, tried to run to the other side of the tall building and then fell head first.

                "Ah!" The crowd let out screams of fear.

                The incident was so sudden that only Qin Ming had expected Lin Yuanwang to jump in the opposite direction.

                And as Lin Yuanwang's body fell, Ah Long suddenly swung the bamboo pole in his hand and did a pole vault, presenting a bottom-to-top parabolic flight.

                As the crowd exclaimed, Ah Long had already grabbed Lin Yuanwang's body with one hand and crashed into the wooden window on the third floor.

                With a crash, Ah Long hugged Lin Yuanwang's entire body and gave a dash into it.

                Seeing this scene, the crowd let out another "wow" of surprise and immediately rushed into the main building to rescue Lin Yuanwang.

                A short while later, Lin Yuanwang was rescued, both of them unharmed.

                The rescued Lin Yuanwang was very dejected. He had clearly resolved to use his death to give the Lin family hope and a future, but in the end, he had not yet died.

                He looked at the debtors who were pouring up to collect their debts, and Lin Yuanwang was again powerless and dry-mouthed.

                Qin Ming looked at Lin Yuanwang, who was tightly surrounded, and with a big wave of his hand, he said, "Ah Long, clear the way for me."

                "Yes, Young Master." Ah Long answered in a mighty voice.

                Suddenly, Ah Long grabbed one in the back with one hand and threw out all these debtors who were blocking the road. Several bodyguards of the rich young man from the luxurious family frowned and tried to stop Ah Long.

                But Ah Long is too violent, talk about the ex-soldier king simply do not reason with you people, a punch out, and then all the bodyguards of Bai Hao Chen and others scattered.

                Ah Long's violent fist cleared a path and the crowd finally saw a leisurely Qin Ming.

                He walked up slowly and said, "Boss Lin, we haven't finished our business yet, why are you in a hurry to seek death?"

                Lin Yuanwang looked at Qin Ming, who, in his desperation, had not remembered that Qin Ming had been introduced to him by Zhang Quanzhen.

                He still did not take Qin Ming seriously and said, "You are Mu Hai Ran's grandson-in-law, you saved me, but you are a door-to-door son-in-law, what can you do to help me? And what are you capable of?"

                Qin Ming nudged his mouth with a smile and said, "Indeed, I don't have much ability, I just have a lot of money."