Rags To Riches Chapter 445-446

 Chapter 445

Shao Bai pointed at Lin Yurou and said, "I am taking out ten billion as a bride-price to ask for Miss Lin's hand in marriage. Yurou, we've known each other for many years, and I've been chasing you for three years, this time I've risked breaking off my relationship with my family before they gave me ten billion, so please believe in my sincerity."

                Lin Yurou's face froze, and Lin Yuanwang did not have a good face as well.

                Lin Yuanwang hummed, "Shao Bai, I am very happy that you have come to help, but what happened between me and Bai Jingting, you as a junior may help not know, I will not marry my daughter into the Bai family."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, Bai Jingting? Wasn't that Bai Yuchun's real father? It was only before that he found Bai Yuchun and brought her back to live in the capital city.

                In fact, Bai Yuchun would also contact Qin Ming from time to time, after all, the two had added WeChat to each other, but they were all just some greetings on life, not too much deep friendship.

                Qin Ming occasionally watched the content shared by Bai Yuchun's circle of friends, all of which were about her learning to cook or making new friends, so she seemed to be doing well.

                I didn't expect this Bai Shao to be Bai Jingting's son, Qin Ming guessed it wasn't the same mother.

                Bai Shao said, "Boss Lin, it's all old history. Why should our generation be involved in the affairs of the previous generation? I can move out and not live in the mansion, I truly and sincerely like Yurou, please make it happen."

                Lin Yurou said categorically, "Thank you for Bai Shao's love, but as I have been saying for three years, I am not worthy of Bai Shao, and I will not drag down Bai Shao's happiness and future, please forget about me."

                Lin Yuanwang looked dotingly at his daughter and said firmly, "Thank you for your love, but my daughter will not marry for now. And I still have my doubts about your Bai family's motives."

                Young Bai was unhappy and said with a sulking grimace, "If you don't marry into my Bai family, who else can Lin Yurou marry? Two months ago, she failed in a blind date with Qin Zhongbai in ? Two months ago, she failed in a blind date with Qin Zhongbai in China, and was replaced by someone else, losing her virginity. When she came back to China, she went to the Qin family to seek justice, and what a joke she made? Who doesn't know that? This is already a scandal and a joke among the big gentry. Lin Yurou is already a broken shoe, I don't dislike you, but you still dislike me? Is my Bai family's status in the capital city any worse than your Lin family?"

                That young Zhang also said, "Yes, Miss Lin, I also saw it that day, Qin Zhongbai's mother scolded you in public for being shameless, being slept with, and still trying to climb the old Qin family, this is no longer a secret. Young Bai doesn't mind wearing a cuckold, so it's clear that he's sincere."

                As soon as Qin Ming heard this, he was a thief and touched the fake beard on his face and the glasses without degrees, cautioning himself not to show his face ah.

                At the same time, he also lamented that Lin Yurou was really pitiful, all this was the price for her bad thoughts first, right?

                But Bai Shao's words were rather hurtful, and a bit arrogant, and more than a little broken, revealing that he had ulterior motives in asking for Lin Yurou's hand in marriage.

                Lin Yurou's face turned white with anger, and she fought back tears as she angrily rebuked, "Bai, Bai Hao Cheng, don't spray people with blood. I can marry whoever I want, and it's none of your business if I marry a dog."

                Lin Yuanwang really wanted to kick people out, these one and all luxury fops, they actually wanted to take advantage of the fire.

                But he couldn't, in more than two months, he had only raised five billion dollars, which was not enough to pay the breach of contract, and the owner would send someone to hate the breach of contract in a few days, without which he would have to use the insect breeding technology that the Lin family had kept for generations as collateral, and then the Lin family would really suffer a disaster.

                Despite the humiliation, Lin Yuanwang endured it bitterly.

                He said, "Mr. Bai, why don't I borrow in another way? How about a five-year term, with a single repayment of capital and interest at maturity, and a loan interest rate 1% higher than the bank?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook his head straight after hearing this, "This Boss Lin is too mean."

                Impatient, Bai Shao banged on the table and said, "Uncle Lin, do you see me as someone who is short of money? I just want to marry Lin Yurou, why don't you say yes? She's a broken shoe, a joke among the gentry, who would dare to marry her in the future? Apart from the mysterious man who slept with her, who would dare to marry her? Do you want your daughter to be a nun for the rest of her life?"

                Lin Yuanwang gritted his teeth and said, "Bai Haocheng! Thank you so much for your kindness. But I, Lin Yuanwang, as a father, do not sell my daughter for glory. If you want to take me to task for her running off on a blind date, then I will also tell you that I objected to it at the time, and it was she who saw that I was too stressed and ran off on her own. Just because she ended up in a situation where she was left with no money, doesn't mean my daughter should have to put up with your humiliation. If you don't want to help, please go back."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, this Lin Yuanwang was a good father, smashing pots and pans rather than selling his daughter.

                Over here, both Zhang Shao and Bai Haocheng didn't get to chat, one wanted the unique insect breeding technique and the other wanted to marry Lin Yurou by force, what purpose was still unknown.

                He immediately came out to round up the situation and said: "Boss Lin, don't be upset, we are all here with sincerity. I neither want your Lin family's insect breeding technology, nor do I marry Miss Lin who has already lost her virginity."

                This arrogance made her heart sting, but she still had to bear it, she had to suffer for her own sins.

                Lin Yuanwang also eased his emotions a little and asked, "He Shao, what do you want then?"

                Mr. He said, "Didn't Mr. Lin just say that? Five years, principal and interest paid in full, I only have 15 billion here, but the annual interest rate for the loan is 30%, what do you think?"

                "Excessive!" Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao said in the same breath.

                The bank's annual interest rate was twice as high as usury, and the Lin family would be stuck in a bottomless pit of debt repayment in the future.

                This act of tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall was of little use to Lin Yuanwang, as the debtor had changed hands.

                Lin Yuanwang did not make a sound, he was not stupid, he knew that this would not save the Lin family at all.

                Huang Shao and Ma Shao's conditions are similar, both want to take money with the technology of raising parasites, especially love parasites.

                The Lin family, as a powerful family in western Hunan, the love compulsion is a taboo, the use of family members are a lot of trouble, let alone out of the world, that is impossible.

                The first time I saw him, I was so tired that I sat down on a wooden chair and sighed.

                Qin Ming did not want any Lin Yurou, nor did he want to take advantage of the fire, nor did he want any secret formula for raising insects, he only wanted some mysterious compulsions, like the beauty insect pulp, which was amazingly effective, and he wanted as much as he could get.

                Qin Ming got up and said: "That Lin boss, in fact I ......"

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                what? Qin Ming was depressed, he hadn't had a chance to speak up yet.

                He said, "Boss Lin, please listen to me first."

                Lin Yuanwang interrupted Qin Ming and said, "How much money can you have for a son-in-law who comes to the door? Just stop trying to set me up? How much money can Mu Hao have, how come I don't know? I don't know how much money Mu Hao has. Yu Rou, send off the guests on my behalf, I'm tired."

                After saying this, Lin Yuanwang walked away with his tired body, not wanting to say another word to the crowd.

                Lin Yurou also held back her anger and tears and made a gesture of invitation, "Everyone, please go back to the Hanging House first."

                Qin Ming was bored as he followed Zhang Quanzhen out and said, "Old man Zhang, you can see that this Boss Lin is desperate but doesn't seem to want my help either. I still want to make this sure-fire deal that should earn me a billion and some precious worms, but unfortunately Boss Lin doesn't want to talk to me."

                Zhang Quanzhen shook his head, "This situation of the Lin family is also caused by Lin Yuanwang's own impetuousness, he refused the help of the old Qin family in Hai City and fell out with each other, many of the big and powerful families are afraid to deal with the Lin family anymore. It's also because these brats, whose hearts are not enough to swallow an elephant, just want to take advantage of the fire, are too classless."

                Qin Ming said, "That's all, I don't want to stick my hot face on a cold ass either. Let's go too, anyway, I've got rid of my bugs, I'm not losing anything."

                "Hehe ......" Zhang Quanzhen smiled mysteriously, as if he was plotting something else.

                No, before the three of them had even returned to the hanging building, Lin Yurou quickly followed them and said, "Mr. Qin, please wait a moment, my grandfather wants to see you in private."

                Qin Ming was stunned, Lin Yuanwang's father? Why?

Chapter 446

Zhang Quanzhen reminded: "Lin Yuanwang's father, Lin Yundong, who is known as Master Dong, used to be a tough man and was a friend to all the four corners of the world. But later on, he suffered from a lack of education and got screwed, and spent thirty years in prison. After he came out, society had changed and he returned to Hunan to live a peaceful life. He was a life-saver for me and Mu Hai Ran back then."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Zhang Quanzhen, are you implying that I should take action? To help you repay your kindness?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and said, "Little Qin, aren't you talking business here? Lin Yuanwang has been running around for more than two months with nothing to show for it, and has been humiliated everywhere, subjected to blank stares, experienced some of the world's conditions, and no longer trusts you. Why don't you talk to Lin Yundong directly? It's not a bad deal for you, you have money to earn, you have favors to take, and you can even wipe out the fact that you slept with Lin Yurou."

                At the end of the sentence, Zhang Quanzhen was very careful with his words, so that Lin Yurou and Mu Xiaoqiao did not hear him, but he still scared Qin Ming into kicking Zhang Quanzhen.

                "Ah ah." Zhang Quanzhen was caught off guard and fell directly into the creek by the roadside.

                The people around him looked at Qin Ming strangely, why did he kick someone?

                Qin Ming let out a harrumph and said, "Nothing, I suddenly had a leg cramp. Miss Lin, you can lead the way. Let's go, Zhang Quanzhen will come up on his own."

                Zhang Quanzhen was actually not annoyed and said to the people behind him with a smile, "Eh, that one who, give a hand, give a hand."

                Lin Yurou led the group to a greenhouse heated room for insects, where from a distance they could see surveillance cameras, barking wolf dogs, and some security personnel patrolling back and forth.

                From a distance, it appeared to be a glass room with many plants inside.

                Lin Yurou said as she led Qin Ming and the others, "My grandfather is a biologist and has won many international research awards, he likes to study bugs and various rare plants the most now, I hope you won't take pictures later."

                Qin Ming turned back to the crowd and said, "Did you all hear me? Don't cause any trouble for Miss Lin."

                When he arrived at the greenhouse, the layout of the place gave Qin Ming a feeling of being in a different world. It looked like a scientific research base deep in the mountains, a laboratory, with many glass bottles as far as the eye could see, the ground here was spotless, and every staff member wore clean shoes and worked dust-free.

                The greenhouse was planted with various plants that Qin Ming couldn't hand in names, and there was also a high-tech numbered storage box with various species of spider bugs seen in the glass mirror.

                Qin Ming looked at the joke that he was going to be bitten by one of these spiders, would he mutate into a spider man?

                As the crowd was attracted by the dazzling array of plants and bugs, a white-haired, unkempt old man came out.

                The old man had a loud voice and said, "You can try a bite, hahaha, I'll be responsible for curing you if something goes wrong."

                Qin Ming looked at the man and Lin Yurou immediately introduced him, "Mr. Qin, this is my grandfather, Lin Yundong. Just now my father was stimulated and didn't listen to you, I am sorry, so I asked my grandfather to come out and hope that you can discuss with our Lin family again about the cooperation and investment."

                Lin Yundong said, "That dull ass of your father, like me, can't read people, borrowed so much money and didn't make a few reliable friends. I still need Zhang Zhen Zhen's help. Eh? Why did you fall into the water, Zhang Zhen Zhen?"

                Zhang Quanzhen touched the water on his face and said, "Oh, my foot slipped just now, it's not a problem. Come, Master Dong, let me introduce to you, Mu Hai Ran's grandson-in-law, Qin Ming, the Scattered Fortune Boy."

                Qin Ming glared at Zhang Quanzhen without good grace and said, "Hello, Master Lin, I am Qin Ming. Let's get right to the point. In fact, I already understand your Lin family's affairs clearly. I am willing to carry out friendly cooperation, a loan of fifty billion won't be a problem, but I can't lose too much either."

                When Lin Yurou heard Qin Ming open his mouth and said that fifty billion would not be a problem, she was happy, she really did not trust the wrong person, this Qin Ming was different from those few rich young men from the rich families.

                Lin Yundong smiled: "Good, young people nowadays are really rich and generous. Qin Ming, our Lin family is now in a life and death situation, you are willing to lend a helping hand, what conditions do you want?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't want to take advantage of the fire, my loan is at the same interest rate as the bank, so that you won't have to bear too heavy a burden, and the time can be divided into five and ten years. There is also an additional condition, and this additional condition only requires the help of Elder Lin."

                As soon as Lin Yurou heard that Qin Ming was willing to lend money at the same interest rate as the bank, she was overjoyed and felt that the Lin family was saved this time.

                However, the condition that Qin Ming mentioned, asking for Lin Yundong's help, was a bit strange, as it was the first time they had met.

                Zhang Quanzhen, however, had a stunned expression, as if something unexpected was about to happen again, but he was not a god either, yet he did not know what it would be.

                Lin Yundong said with amusement, "Hahahaha, Mr. Qin is quick to speak, quick enough, you say, I, Lin Yundong, am an old man, except for this biological and herbal skill, I am also worried about not having an heir."

                Obviously, Lin Yundong thought that Qin Ming wanted to learn from him.

                Qin Ming, a student of economics, naturally would not be interested in biology, plants and especially these parasites.

                He said, "Master Lin, in fact, I have known Mr. Zhang for a long time, and I have been trying to invite him to become a consultant of our group, but he keeps saying that he has been travelling in the world and refuses to do so. I am also having a big headache, as long as Master Lin opens his golden mouth and pleads with the real Zhang to join our company as a consultant, this fifty billion dollar loan will immediately arrive."

                Surprised, the crowd in the greenhouse where the plants were cultivated looked at Qin Ming strangely, what kind of condition was this? What kind of condition is this? It's too much of a leap, isn't it?

                But only Qin Ming knew in his heart that the opportunity was too good to miss!

                Qin Ming had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and had finally counted Zhang Quanzhen, a smelly Daoist priest, in.

                All the signs of this trip surface, and even his careless revelation that Zhang Quanzhen was dragged in by favours and had been saved by Lin Yundong back in the day, which is why Qin Ming was set up by Zhang Quanzhen.

                Zhang Quanzhen handled the situation very cleverly, Qin Ming's interest in the Lin family was really strong, and everything turned out to be a business deal in a logical way.

                But Qin Ming also set Zhang Quanzhen up, asking him to return the favour was fine, but you had to work for Grip in the future!

                This was the same as turning the favour into Qin Ming's property.

                Lin Yundong would naturally not refuse for the sake of the Lin family, while Zhang Quanzhen would not agree to return the favour to save the Lin family.

                If he did not agree and Qin Ming walked away, then the Lin family would not be saved.

                Zhang Quanzhen looked at Qin Ming, shocked and helpless, and finally he lost his smile helplessly, Qin Ming was counting him out, how could he not see that?

                Moreover, this situation had also made him quite passive, it was like rushing a duck onto a shelf, leaving him in a dilemma.

                Zhang Quanzhen said to himself, "This brat, as expected, has the fortune of the Nine Five, and is bold enough to even dare to subdue me?"