Rags To Riches Chapter 443-444

 Chapter 443

"What's going on? Is this the smell of the male bug king?" Lin Yurou raised her head in surprise and looked at Qin Ming.

                Lin Yurou knew very well that the worms of the love compulsion were a pair, a male and a female, and once the man and woman the compulsion parasites stayed together in bed long enough for the compulsions to adapt to each other's scent, they would no longer be affected by the scent of other love compulsions.

                The love compulsions are the most mysterious and forbidden in the occult science of the Lin clan in western Hunan.

                It is also used by very few people, only in very extreme circumstances, and a situation like Qin Ming's where he was secretly bewitched belongs to chance.

                This is because the female worm can manage the male worm very well and is suspected of being a slave.

                The male insect in Qin Ming's body had obviously not adapted to the scent of any of the female insects, so he could be affected by the scent emitted by all of them.

                But this process of drawing the worm out, Lin Yurou suddenly felt that this male worm's smell was a bit off, quite strong, much stronger than any other male worm.

                The smell of the love bug is diffused out through endocrine secretion, affecting the human pores, that is, it is diffused through the human body, enhancing the smell.

                So whether Lin Yurou or Zhang Quanzhen, they are not dog noses, they are just familiar enough to be able to discern.

                When Qin Ming had almost finished chewing, he finally had a feeling of vomiting like he was seasick, his brow furrowed and he suddenly opened his mouth with a vomit, vomiting out a puddle of stomach acid.

                There was nothing in the liquid, and it was hard to tell what kind of parasite was in it.

                But the strange feeling of desire in Qin Ming's body also disappeared.

                Qin Ming immediately stomped on it, and rubbed it on the ground a few times of sorts.

                "Wait a minute." Lin Yurou suddenly let out a long breath and her demeanor became relaxed, but she was also already drenched in fragrant sweat, as if she had helped draw out a lot of strength just now.

                However, once the male worm of the love compulsion left the human body, the smell became very subtle and not good, so the compulsion could not be allowed to die because of this.

                But Lin Yurou had just shouted, and Qin Ming stomped on the puddle that he had spat out a dozen times.

                "......" Lin Yurou was dumbfounded, a compulsion insect is time-consuming to cultivate, especially the king of the insects, and is not something that can be measured by the value of money.

                However, Qin Ming had already king the scales and was determined to destroy the evidence.

                Qin Ming said, "Ah, sorry Miss Lin, I was too scared, afraid that the worm would burrow back, could it still be swallowed by others?"

                "......" Lin Yurou waved her hand and pointed at the door, forcing down her inner dissatisfaction, and said, "Mr. Qin, you can go out and leave me alone."

                Qin Ming also guessed the calculation, feeling that any living thing should die before saying sorry and leaving.

                After leaving the cabin, Qin Ming felt refreshed, breathing in the fresh air of nature, his whole body was much more relaxed, and the big thing that had been piling up on his mind was let go, no one could control him anymore.

                However, after this time, Qin Ming was also full of admiration for the Lin clan's parasites, which were really mysterious things, no better than the various black technologies in movies.

                Now that the Lin clan was in a big crisis, he could negotiate a big deal.

                Qin Ming went back to the hammock, and there were still the same people, chatting about one thing or another.

                When Zhang Quanzhen saw Qin Ming return, he twirled his short beard and laughed, "It has been settled at this point, as expected from the poor Tao, with a talent like yours, why would you have to take another detour?"

                Qin understood and gave this bad old man a look, you damned well didn't set me up to come here? But remembering that Zhang Quanzhen did help in this matter, he didn't say so much.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was most happy and said, "Honey, is it really alright? How do you get rid of the worms? Are there any bad effects on the body?"

                Qin Ming didn't want to say that he had eaten something that Lin Yurou had chewed and casually said, "No effect on the body anymore, the process was nothing special, I was given a little something to eat and I just pooped it out as if it was shit."

                As expected, once we talked about shit Mu Xiaoqiao lost interest.

                The crowd didn't have to wait long before Lin Yurou came in again, but this time she had changed her clothes and was dressed in the local Tuzhai costume, which was also something special, and the few men present couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

                But when Qin Ming and Lin Yurou locked eyes, thinking back to what had just happened in the hidden wooden hut, they were both rather embarrassed by the double release.

                "Is this really wet?" Qin Ming could not help but have a reverie in his mind when he saw that she had changed her clothes.

                Lin Yurou said, "Gentlemen, my father rushed back just now. I also know that several big brothers are all busy with a hundred things and earning money every day, so I won't waste everyone's time, please come together over to the lobby of the main building."

                Hearing this, Zhang Shao and the others shook their clothes and said, "Since Boss Lin is back, it's time to talk about business. But it's really lucky that certain people came to join the fun and got a bottle of Beauty Bug Syrup for nothing."

                Young Bai followed suit, "Yes, as far as I know, the Mu family is now headed by Mu Hao. This son-in-law is obviously here to join in the fun, and getting a bottle of beauty bug syrup worth a lot of money for nothing is really cheeky."

                Huang Shao said, "I guess he'll get a billion at most later, tops. It's probably still dependent on the wife."

                He Shao said, "Huang Shao, you're not talking nonsense? How much money can a student have? Not to mention Miss Mu, even if Mu Hao himself was here, he wouldn't necessarily be able to take more than ten billion, after all, the money is the company's, and you don't just take it when you want to do a project."

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her mouth very unhappily and hummed, "No one in sight."

                Qin Ming said very plainly, "It's fine, it doesn't affect me."

                The group arrived at the lobby of the main building, only to see a farmer-like man, barefoot and covered in mud, but quite sturdy, with a small flat shaved head, sweating profusely as he fanned the wind.

                Lin Yurou walked up to that uncle, and Qin Ming guessed that the unattractive man should be the patriarch and village head of the Lin clan, Lin Yuanwang.

                When Lin Yuanwang saw the visitor, he went straight to Zhang Quanzhen and took Zhang Quanzhen's hand, saying in joyful words, "Aiya, Zhang Zhen Zhen, it's really my sin to make you wait for me for a whole day, it's really the matter of the Bug Valley side, if I can recover a little loss, it's a little."

                Zhang Zhen Zhen said, "Ah Xiao Lin, I have already heard about your family's affairs from your father. Your father called me over, can I come empty-handed? Look, I've got the Scattered Fortune Boy for you."

                Saying that, Zhang Quanzhen pointed at Qin Ming.

                Lin Yuanwang looked at Qin Ming curiously, thinking that this young man looked familiar, but for a moment he couldn't remember where he had seen him before.

                To be honest, Qin Ming admired Zhang Quanzhen.

                The company's business is a very important part of the company's business.

                He helped Qin Ming solve the matter of the compulsions and also helped the Lin family find powerful helpers, while also allowing Qin Ming to continue to be the son-in-law of the Mu family.

                Qin Ming believed that if he had not been hit by the compulsion, Zhang Quanzhen would have had other ways to fool him into coming over just the same.

                There was a judgment of human nature involved, especially the analysis of Qin Ming's and Mu Xiaoqiao's personalities, and the bureau that was eventually laid, the skill of which took Qin Ming's breath away.

                This kind of heartfelt admiration, the last time or Qin Ming followed Chang Hongxi to learn the way of business, and Zhang Quan is really for people, each different also has a thousand.

                It is true that ginger is still old and spicy.

                This gave Qin Ming the idea of taking him under his wing.

                Zhang Quanzhen was of the same age as Mu Hai Ran, but he was a monk, a monk, and had a strong point in health and wellness, so he had something to live for.

                Lin Yuanwang extended his hand towards Qin Ming and said, "I wonder what the young man's name is? Which gentry's son? Forgive me, Lin Yuanwang, for my clumsy eyesight, I didn't recognise him."

                As Qin Ming was about to introduce himself, Zhang Shao and the others at the side spoke up, "Mr. Lin, what kind of a rich family's son is this? He's just a son-in-law."

                He said contemptuously, "I guess he's just here to join in the fun, just the son-in-law of the Mu family in Guangcheng."

                Mr. Bai echoed, "Yes, Mr. Lin, you'd better not waste your time with him, he's just a student and a son-in-law, how much money does he have? You can't even afford to pay for the breach of contract for one of your orders."

                Lin Yuanwang's hand, which was about to reach out, froze in mid-air, and he frowned. He had asked the Mu family for help before, but was rebuffed by Mu Hao at the time.

                Now he was asking for help again? Wasn't that a joke? How much money could the Mu family afford to pay?

                If he really had the money, wouldn't Mu Hai Ran have sent his son Mu Hao? If not, he would have sent his grandson Mu Zhaoyang, a son-in-law?

Chapter 444

The fact that Lin Yuanwang withdrew his hand was something Qin Ming had not expected.

                Didn't he say that Lin Yuanwang was a gregarious person and liked to make friends? Why did his face change as soon as he heard that he was a son-in-law, a student and had no money?

                Lin Yuanwang changed his handshake into a fist hug and said, "Hello, how are you, please have a seat."

                After saying that, Lin Yuanwang also greeted several wealthy young men and sat down together, no longer paying attention to Qin Ming.

                Come on, Qin Ming didn't even need to give his name.

                He Shao passed by Qin Ming's side and scoffed, "Oh, see? What's the point of getting together if you don't have money? If you usually come over, you can still fool Boss Lin, now? What a shameless typical."

                Bai Shao also said, "That's right, over the years there are too many people who have taken advantage of Boss Lin's good-natured personality to come and climb up the ladder and cheat him out of favours, people like you who are still speculating at a time of crisis are really shameless."

                Huang Shao is taller and holds his chin up, looking at people through his nose: "Still staying? You're not going to see the coffin, let's see how you make a fool of yourself later."

                These rich and powerful men attacked Qin Ming at every opportunity, for no other reason than they felt that Qin Ming was just a son-in-law and did not deserve to be on their level, so they had to step on him a few times if they did not like him.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was very annoyed, she admitted that she used to despise Qin Ming too, but people cannot be seen, Qin Ming had conquered her with his ability and skills, she had already worshipped Qin Ming's skills.

                Now Qin Ming said that he was also the Vice President of Greater China of a multinational corporation, and that he could even do the acquisition of the Xu family, which was still a powerful family in Hai City, and still couldn't get ten billion dollars to invest?

                So seeing that she saw that Qin Ming was being belittled, she was very annoyed and said, "Do you guys have a say in whether my husband has money or not? You are not taking the family's money?"

                Young Zhang and Ma, who had fallen behind, laughed, "Rich, who dares to slander the Mu family's son-in-law for not having money? A few hundred million? A few hundred million is no use, a few hundred million to come over to the Lin family to put out the fire, aren't you kidding? It's not enough to pay for a single order breach of contract."

                "Miss Lin I suggest you piss in bed tonight to wake your husband up, don't let him come out day in and day out to disgrace himself. Disgrace the prestige of Master Mu. Hahahaha."

                "You guys!" Mu Xiaoqiao's face was covered in frost and she wanted to slap him across the face, but was pulled back by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said calmly, "Don't be impulsive, don't be ordinary with some dude."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was unhappy, "But they humiliated you like that."

                Qin Ming smiled calmly, "Who humiliates who, we don't know yet. Let's see who laughs at the end."

                Lin Yurou at the front was anxious, she knew that Qin Ming was capable of taking out tens of billions of dollars, she walked over and tried to say something to Lin Yuanwang.

                Lin Yuanwang somehow lost his temper with his daughter: "Do you think I haven't approached the Mu family for help? I approached the Mu family two months ago and was sent straight away by Mu Hao with 300 million, Mu Hai Ran couldn't even meet her, how many years of old friendship, huh, and now they're sending a son-in-law to ease relations?"

                The voice was not loud, but it was quiet here in the main building, so everyone could still hear it.

                It turned out that Lin Yuanwang had approached the Mu family for help two months ago, and had met a wall.

                But two months ago, the Mu family was really in dire straits, Mu Hai Ran was seriously ill, Mu Hao was looking for solutions everywhere, and it was not an exaggeration to say that the Mu family was also in a state of mud and unable to protect itself at that time.

                Although Qin Ming was a bit upset, he could understand, Lin Yuanwang should have run around a lot after the Lin family's accident, and probably experienced some of the world's difficulties.

                These days, there were many people who added flowers to the cake, but few who sent charcoal in the snow.

                The family's family is still in a difficult situation and Lin Yurou went on a blind date with a rich young man from the old Qin family, but Qin Ming became a key factor in the disruption.

                With the Lin family still to be saved, I'm afraid Lin Yuanwang has been hanging on for dear life, just short of the last straw to crush him.

                After everyone sat down separately, Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't help but ask Zhang Quanzhen, saying, "Zhang Zhen Zhen, do you really need that much money to save the Lin family? Tens of billions of dollars is already a big deal, but tens of billions more?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was a business person, she knew very well that over a billion was not a small amount, ten billion was exaggerated, let alone needing tens of billions?

                Many of the gentry in Guangzhou were not worth tens of billions, not to mention that this was still working capital, it was not like we were running a bank.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Ten billion is a lot?"

                But when he thought of the different volume of the Huan Yu Century Group, it was not good enough to come and pretend.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Miss Mu, you don't know anything about this. It really needs to be this amount, Lin Yuanwang's family, as the village head, must guarantee the profit harvest of every villager in the clan, and this is not a small amount here, otherwise he, the clan head and village head, will have to be driven down."

                "Secondly, the person who blew up the Bug Valley was Qin Weiyuan, the son-in-law of Lin Yuanwang, who was most responsible for what happened within the Lin family."

                "The worms in the Bug Valley are worth a lot of money and are used for medicinal, cosmetic, scientific research and special purposes a lot every year, it just so happens that when Qin Weiyuan blew up the Bug Valley, it was the time to ship the goods immediately, but the Lin family only ships goods once every few years, the losses were heavy and the total value was over ten billion."

                "The liquidated damages for the orders that could not deliver the goods alone would total over twenty billion. Lin Yuanwang initially begged those merchants to be accommodating for a few years, but the other party didn't give a damn, and directly demanded to pay the damages according to the contract, to be repaid within three months at the latest, otherwise the Lin family would be required to hand over the insect breeding know-how as collateral, isn't that asking for the Lin family's life root? This month is just a few days left."

                "The last thing is to rebuild the ecology of the Bug Valley, which not only takes time but also money, re-cultivating all kinds of rare bugs also requires a lot of money and human resources, which also requires money, no less than twenty billion."

                "As I said before, Lin Yuanwang used to be a charitable person who liked to do charitable donations and make friends, and his own family didn't have much liquidity. The villagers in the village were quite wealthy, but he, Lin Yuanwang, couldn't possibly force the villagers to pay out with a knife, right?"

                "So, Lin Yuanwang is at his wit's end."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Two months ago, our family was also in danger, and it was only thanks to your help, Zhang Zhen Zhen, that we were able to tide over the difficult times. Boss Lin is going to misunderstand Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, this girl was still fighting about this, or was it for his sake?

                He said, "It's alright, I was born with a black body, I am always looked down upon wherever I go."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles, you wear these stalls every day, of course you will be misunderstood. I bought you several designer suits, why don't you wear them? They cost several thousand dollars, so you won't be looked down upon when you walk out."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled: "Actually, it's not. The stereotype in people's mind is a big mountain, and it has nothing to do with what you wear. It's like the famous Einstein said, before he became famous, no one knew what he was wearing, after he became famous, no one knew who he was wearing."

                Qin Ming gave Zhang Quanzhen an odd look, it was a bit comical that this stinky old man as a Taoist priest still knew Einstein.

                "This can't be!"

                A fierce roar pulled the three men's attention, but it was Lin Yuanwang who jumped up and roared on the spot.

                Lin Yuanwang said, "Young Zhang, aren't you joking with me? You want a batch of insect eggs and you want me to breed them for you? With all the people going to your place, wouldn't all of our Lin family's insect farming techniques be known to you?"

                Zhang Shao crossed his legs and said indifferently, "Boss Lin, that's not right. I came here with ten billion to help you, I had a hard time asking my father for it, and everyone knows that you've fallen out with the old Qin family. Even the banks are afraid of offending the old Qin family and won't lend to you, everyone knows that, and many of the rich and powerful families can't afford to help you, also everyone knows that."

                The left sentence about everyone knowing and the other about everyone knowing caused Lin Yuanwang's face to twitch and his legs to go weak, so he had to sit back down.

                I took the risk to negotiate with you for this 10 billion, but do you want to give me the pulp in batches over 20 years? What's the difference between that and an empty glove? It's ten billion. You think toilet paper?"

                Lin Yuanwang's face was extremely ugly and he fell into silence.

                "How about listening to my opinion?" Bai Shao, who was on the side, interjected and said, "I will also take out ten billion, but I don't want your Lin family's bug breeding technology, after all, our family sells natural gas, these don't earn a few dollars, however, I want people."

                The crowd heard this, there was still the matter of selling and buying people?