Rags To Riches Chapter 441-442

 Chapter 441

"This gentleman must also be a young master of some magnificent family, but I look new to you, I wonder what to call him?"

                "Yes, I have also rarely seen a young man who can chat so well with Zhang Zhen Zhen, it's just that we are ignorant and don't know such a young and promising young man."

                "Yes, we are all from the same circle and we all know each other. To have been invited by the Lin family, I'm sure he's also a member of a large and powerful family in the south."

                The five young men in their twenties from the wealthy families all went along with the first person to speak up to greet Qin Ming and pull strings.

                They thought that the Lin family's current circumstances were exactly the time when they needed money to regroup, pay for the breach of contract and fill in the payment for the goods, and that if they got through this hurdle, the Lin family would be able to rise again in the future.

                If they couldn't, the Lin family would be badly wounded.

                And the Lin family had already borrowed a lot of money through various efforts long ago, but there was still a big capital gap, and this time they were invited to come in order to borrow money by various means, as little as billions or as much as tens of billions.

                The fact that Qin Ming could come proved that his family was well off, plus the fact that he knew Zhang Quanzhen so well, immediately aroused their curiosity.

                When Qin Ming saw them ask, he said modestly, "I'm from the Mu family in Guang City."

                "Oh, so it's Master Mu's grandson." One of the men in black suits dawned on him, "Old Master Mu Hai Ran was a reigning figure in our north back then, and I still hear about Old Master Mu's awesome timing occasionally now."

                "I heard that Elder Mu was very close to Master Zhang, so no wonder you had such a good chat with him just now."

                "The Guangcheng Mu family, I've heard of them, is very strong in investment and real estate. You must be Mu Zhaoyang, right? We're still alumni, I'm also from Peking University."

                "Mr. Mu, this is my business card."

                Qin Ming was slightly embarrassed when he heard that they had mistaken him for Mu Zhaoyang, but he also felt that a powerful family is a powerful family, with a reputation to uphold.

                He looked at the business card handed to him and didn't know whether to accept it or not, he didn't even have the habit of being prepared.

                Mu Xiaoqiao walked over, took Qin Ming's arm and said, "He's not my brother, he's my husband, his name is Qin Ming. He's still a student."

                Qin Ming also took over, "I'm not Mu Zhaoyang, I'm the son-in-law of the Mu family. My name is Qin Ming."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, the atmosphere instantly changed as these people no longer looked at Qin Ming with friendliness and appreciation, but with contempt and disdain, with one directly snorting in disdain.

                The few business cards that had been handed to Qin Ming were all withdrawn, and Qin Ming's hand, which had just been raised a little, was just hanging in mid-air, looking at the withdrawn business cards, very embarrassed.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was also stunned, why did they all change their faces?

                "Tsk, another door-to-door son-in-law? How wasteful are men nowadays to be son-in-law to others?"

                "Didn't you hear? He's still just a student, huh, maybe he has good grades and potential, and Master Mu doesn't want his granddaughter to marry far away."

                "Alas, isn't this Lin family wrecked by a son-in-law at home? When a man has no dignity, all the talk is nonsense. Sooner or later, there will be problems."

                "Hush, he just cut Zhang Zhen's beard, Zhang Zhen couldn't do it because of Master Mu's face, right? Oh, this kid will be in trouble afterwards."

                "Forget it, it's just shabby goods, let's wait for Boss Lin to come over."

                These rich young men from the gentry, speaking without the slightest regard for other people's face, directly disliked Qin Ming, just because he was the son-in-law of the family.

                Qin Ming didn't take it too seriously, so they could do whatever they liked.

                Mu Xiaoqiao felt that these people were going too far and wanted to defend Qin Ming, but was pressed by Qin Ming, saying, "Forget it, don't make trouble on other people's turf."

                Not long after, Lin Yurou led a few people dressed in local ethnic costumes and walked in carrying a few plates.

                Lin Yurou said, "Shao Zhang, Shao Bai, Shao Ma, Shao He, Shao Huang, Mr Qin and Taoist Master Zhang, you are all very welcome to come to our Lin clan's earth cottage and help our Lin family to tide over the difficult times. My father is on his way back from Bug Valley and it may take a little while. You have given our Lin family a helping hand at a most difficult time, and I, Lin, thank you on behalf of the Lin family."

                Saying that, Lin Yurou pointed to what her companion was carrying beside her and said, "This is one of the few beauty bug syrups we have now, it is much more useful than any hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat or botox."

                That young Zhang who first approached Qin Ming to speak said, "Yes, this is the one, my mother always buys it, and it's still too expensive day after day, a bottle has to cost more than ten million, it's horrible."


                Qin Ming was drinking tea when a mouthful of water directly spurted out.

                He was curious about that thing being so exaggerated, and beauty bug pulp? Wasn't it the same as some beauty needle in the market? How rare could it be? Is the unit VND?

                It turned out to be very rare, more than ten million dollars a bottle, to be rubbed on the face? How many times can you rub it on your face?

                Qin Ming's astonished movement drew the attention of the crowd and he asked, "Miss Lin, are you kidding? This bottle costs more than ten million? It's not an immortal medicine?"

                "Oh, dirtbag, it's worth more than an immortal pill."

                "Forget it, the family is just a door-to-door son-in-law, still a student, poor in insight, we are all people of status."

                "This kind of stuff is only passed around among our Chinese gentry, ninety-nine percent of the world can't afford to use it. He's a son-in-law from the family, he must not have come into contact with it."

                Lin Yurou was stunned, how could it be that after only a short while, these people were targeting Qin Ming so much?

                She then explained, "Mr. Qin, this beautiful insect pulp, is the mouth fluid spat out by a special insect of our Lin's parasite, it is not easy to collect this small bottle, the time and manpower, the cost of raising the insect is very high. But the effect is absolutely great, and most importantly natural, with no side effects and a whole body effect. Arang, go and call Water Mother over."

                A runner went away and brought over a young, fair-skinned older woman not long after.

                "Miss, you called for me, what's the matter?" Although she was a bit old, she still had her charm, especially her white skin, which was comparable to beauties like Lin Yurou and Mu Xiaoqiao.

                The most important thing is that it is not the kind of paper white, the kind of chemical white that is overly coated with cosmetics on the market, it is like the delicate skin of a young girl.

                Lin Yurou said, "Mr. Qin, guess how old she is, Shui Ma?"

                Qin Ming looked at Shui Ma, she must be in her early fifties to have a "Ma" on her body, right?

                He understood that Lin Yurou was trying to prove to him the effect of their beauty bug paste, Qin Ming said conservatively, "Forty-six?"

                "Hahahaha ......" The people around him laughed.

                Those few rich young men mocked, "Turd, you haven't seen the Lin family's treasure, have you?"

                "Haha, not bad for a door-to-door son-in-law, shame on you."

                "Let's not even talk about it, let him guess, let's see how he guesses, it's time for the delightful part of guessing the water mother's age again."

                Qin Ming was a bit uncomfortable as he listened to these people sneering and sarcastic, what was wrong with him being a dirtbag? It was true that he had never seen one, so naturally he did not know.

                Qin Ming this time seriously look at this water mum, hair is a little dry, there are white hair, but face wrinkles very little, body type obviously obese, typical square ama figure, but the hands are not too pale, should also have applied bug paste, chest sagging seriously.

                In fact, at first glance, Qin Ming felt like a middle-aged woman in her thirties, and he said that forty-six was beyond his expectations, and he guessed wrong.

                Those few broad young men saw Qin Ming staring for a while and sat down again, scoffing, "Our Huang Shao had the fastest guess at first, guessing four times."

                "Hahahaha, dirtbag, forget it if you can't guess."

                "Insightless trash, this kind of nature's treasure, if you don't join a luxurious family, you're afraid you won't see it for the rest of your life."

                "Let's guess, Miss Mu, your family has already bought it, right? You wouldn't be unaware of the effects, would you?"

                "Yes, why doesn't Miss Mu help your doorstep husband? The fact that you're already a door-to-door son-in-law proves that you're not capable of anything."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said with a cold face, "So what if I guessed wrong? My husband is young and doesn't use these things, so what's so strange about not knowing? Did you guess correctly when you first met? Guessed a few times?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's words immediately made these wealthy young men shut up in embarrassment, they weren't any better than Qin Ming at first.

                Qin Ming gazed at Shui Ma for a while and said, "Sixty-nine?"

                "Eh?" The crowd was stunned.

Chapter 442

Although it was just a very ordinary age guessing session, Zhang Shao, Huang Shao and the others still looked down on Qin Ming in all sorts of ways, as if they were dirt-poor and uneducated, which made Qin Ming feel very unhappy in his heart.

                So Qin Ming was much more careful in his judgement this time.

                He did not judge from Shui Ma's skin, but from her figure, as well as the subtle eyes and eyebrows of her features, her ears, her mouth and teeth, and her feet under her slippers.

                Qin Ming said, "Shui Ma should be sixty-nine, right?"

                This time Lin Yurou was astonished and said, "Mr. Qin is so good, he guessed correctly the second time."

                Water Mother also smiled sarcastically, "It seems that of all the people who have guessed my age over the years, Mr. Qin is the first one to guess my actual age on the second time."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was overjoyed and said, "See, how many times have you guessed? My husband guessed it immediately when he was serious."

                Qin Ming scolded in a majestic manner, "Well, what's there to brag about such a trivial matter? It's just for fun. If others are uncultured, can we be uncultured too?"

                Qin Ming's "rebuke" was a rebuke to the rich and powerful for being uncultured, but it was true that they could not refute it, especially when they had just bragged that they had guessed four times, but Qin Ming had guessed it the second time.

                The most crucial thing is still that he, a son-in-law of the family, scolded Mu Xiaoqiao, who even nodded obediently and said seriously, "Well, husband is right, we are educated people."

                The few people, Zhang Shao and Huang Shao, froze their smiles, not expecting Qin Ming to guess correctly the second time, and to mock them for being uncultured, to be mocked by a door-to-door son-in-law for being uncultured?

                In their eyes, a door-to-door son-in-law like Qin Ming was not qualified to sit in the same room with them, and only deserved to bow down and make way when he saw them.

                It was not a question of whether the matter was important or serious, even if it was a small matter, but if they lost, it was a loss of face, and they felt uncomfortable when they were humiliated by Qin Ming's accusations and they did not have the strength to fight back.

                Huang Shao's face was gloomy and he said disdainfully, "Oh, a blind guess and he guessed it."

                Zhang Shao also said, "Yeah, just lucky."

                When there was an unpleasant situation here, Lin Yurou immediately intervened and asked, "Mr. Qin, how did you get it right the second time? Zhang Zhen Zhen also guessed five times at first."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "It's nothing special, I found out the characteristics of this beauty bug pulp, it's simply skin care, a skin care product. Water Mother's figure, the skin on her feet, as well as her eye sockets and ears, differed greatly from her skin, as if it was a young woman's skin over an old man's body."

                "I made a comprehensive estimate and it should be around sixty-nine years old."

                Lin Yurou said, "Mr. Qin is really meticulous, combining so many factors."

                Zhang Quanzhen praised, "Details determine success or failure, although it is just a very ordinary guess of age, it also shows that Xiao Qin pays attention to details."

                Zhang Quanzhen's praise was undoubtedly very weighty, he supported Qin Ming and also made the five rich young men of the rich family stop talking, any more sneering would be a bore.

                But Qin Ming also counted to understand the greatness of this beautiful insect paste, surprisingly take an old mother, become thirty-something young woman skin, is really horrible, no wonder so expensive.

                Lin Yurou added: "But our beauty bug pulp has a downside, the effect gets worse the more you use it, usually the third time you use it there is little effect, the maintenance of youthfulness however can last more than five years, pure natural, whitening, will not let people see abnormalities, and the production is scarce. This is a gift of one bottle each for your willingness to help the Lin family through this difficult time. With what happened to our Lin family this time, it's not something you can just buy in the future."

                Tsk, tens of millions at the first offer, the Lin family was worthy of being a magnate in western Hunan, broad enough.

                After Qin Ming took it, he handed it to Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "Keep it for yourself."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was slightly surprised because it was a gift for Qin Ming, and Qin Ming was caring for her. Women love beauty, so she naturally took it and used it later when she was old, now she was full of collagen and wrung out, she didn't need such things at all.

                Lin Yurou gave the gift and invited Qin Ming outside to talk again.

                Lin Yurou said, "Mr. Qin, the compulsions in your body I can help you drain out now. However, you have failed the women of our Lin's earth cottage, I hope that I will be the one to do it and you can put aside your past grudges."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, everything else was fine, but this was the only thing he could not say.

                If he told the truth, what if Lin Yurou held him responsible? What was her status? She had been broken by Qin Ming for nothing, and misunderstood by someone else, and went to the old Qin family in the city of Shanghai to ask for an explanation, and was even humiliated, so her past should not be easy to bear.

                If she knew that Qin Ming was the man who had slept with her, she was afraid that she would not storm out?

                Although there was something wrong with Lin Yurou, but at this juncture, she absolutely could not say anything.

                Qin Ming put on a deep face and said, "Miss Lin, it was a misunderstanding and a mistake between her and I. She doesn't like me at all. I am afraid that if we meet, it will ruin my trip this time. So Miss Lin, let's forget it. If we have to meet, then we'll have to wait until I've finished talking business with Boss Lin."

                Lin Yurou frowned, didn't she think that Qin Ming was just a typical slag?

                This was blackmailing her with a ten billion dollar business.

                But the Lin family had no choice, the Lin family was now in internal and external difficulties, the Bug Valley had been bombed, a large number of bugs of extraordinary value had died, they were facing all kinds of sky-high default bills, and they desperately needed funds to tide over the difficult times.

                Lin Yurou hesitated for a long time and finally compromised, "Alright, Mr. Qin please come with me, but only you and I are allowed."

                Qin Ming had no problem with this, was he afraid that she was a weak woman?

                Qin Ming came to a small wooden hut where a strange spice was burning, which smelt unpleasantly.

                Qin Ming and Lin Yurou sat opposite each other, and she picked up a few leaves that Qin Ming could not name and put them in her mouth to chew, as if eating wild grasses raw, making her little mouth full of green juice.

                But soon, Qin Ming's body had a feeling of desire, a desire that could not be controlled, Qin Ming felt that his endocrine secretion was out of balance again by that worm.

                And Lin Yurou looked at Qin Ming a little strangely, as if she had some strange thoughts, her legs quietly clenched.

                However, after she refused, she spat out the strange leaves in her mouth and handed them to Qin Ming, saying, "You put these in your mouth and chew them, and when you vomit, the parasite will be urged out."

                This ......

                Qin Ming had a black face, reasonably speaking, it was all her saliva on it.

                Although Lin Yurou is quite pretty, in terms of beauty is comparable to Mu Xiao Qiao, the person is pretty and sweet, the small round face is also quite cute, but she finished chewing the leaves in swallowing, it is really disgusting.

                Lin Yurou said, "Hurry up, I can't help it."

                Can't help it? What are you holding back?

                Qin Ming looked at the movement of her legs rubbing together, it couldn't be that she was wet, could it?

                Qin Ming was horrified in his heart, "Turtle, you're feeling it just by staring at me in this small room? Is it that powerful?"

                Qin Ming also did not understand, nor did he know, nor did he dare to ask ah, gritted his teeth, for the sake of his own de-worming, endured it.

                Qin Ming took it and chewed it with his eyes closed, but unexpectedly there was no sourness or bitterness, instead there was a strange aroma and it was not difficult to chew.

                But Qin Ming chewed for a while, his body did not change or abnormal.

                "Er ...... Mr. Qin, is it still not ready?" On the contrary, it was Lin Yurou who was having a hard time, she was almost lying on the table, her two feet were clenched and rubbed back and forth, her breathing became rapid, her face was scarlet and her small fists were clenched, as if it was really hard to bear.

                Qin Ming was stunned, Lin Yurou, who was so serious just now, had suddenly become so gorgeous?

                Suddenly, Lin Yurou raised her head and looked at Qin Ming: "This smell, what's going on? Is this the smell of the male insect king?"

                Qin Ming's heart was shocked, oh no, had it dragged on for too long and been discovered by her?