Rags To Riches Chapter 439-440

 Chapter 439

"Zhang Quanzhen you stinking old Taoist, why are you here too?" Qin Ming pressed on step by step with his knife.

                The others in the hall tensed up in fear, but only that Zhang Quanzhen did not take it seriously, calmly sipping his tea.

                Qin Ming walked up to Zhang Quanzhen, pushed his goatee and put the knife to Zhang Quanzhen's neck, cursing, "Good for you, you stinking old Taoist, you have set me up badly enough."

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly said, "Hey hey hey, Xiao Qin, calm down, if you want to kill me with a knife, it won't do you any good."

                Qin Ming looked around, so many eyes were staring at him, he naturally wouldn't do such a thing to give people an advantage, but he cut off a small handful of Zhang Quanzhen's beard with his knife, and cursed, "Your head is hanging on your head for now, when I'm in a bad mood, I'll come and get it."

                When he finished, Qin Ming put away his knife and turned around, and the people around him looked at him in surprise.

                "Zhang Zhen Zhen hey, how many rich and powerful families want to climb up to the Daoist master, how many people can't even afford to flatter him, how dare this young man who popped up from nowhere cut a pinch of Zhang Zhen Zhen's beard?"

                "What's the origin of this ...... kid? He dares to brush off the tiger's whiskers?"

                "No way! How dare he do that? His family can't protect him from a tank."

                "Why doesn't the real Zhang seem to be angry?"

                "He's just not a young man, I guess. The second generation of rich people nowadays really have no moral character, they think they are great when they have some money, but when they encounter something tough, they just pull the plug.

                "Zhang Zhen Zhen probably moved his mouth, there are countless people for him to clean up this kid."

                Qin Ming listened to the five men of about the same age gossiping around him, each of them had two bodyguards behind them, each one dainty and well dressed like a rich young man from a wealthy family.

                Qin Ming looked back at Zhang Quanzhen and said, "Old man Zhang, you seem to be quite famous? Shouldn't I act like I'm afraid of you?"

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed and said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Why did you guys only arrive today? You should have been here last night."

                Qin Ming said, "How do you know? Are you a magician? Can you tell what I met last night?"

                Zhang Quanzhen counted on his fingers and said, "Oh, you were in trouble last night."

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Are you talking nonsense? If there was no trouble, you would have arrived earlier? Tell me, what are you trying to set me up for this time? Didn't you calculate at the beginning that I would come to Xiangxi personally? Did you deliberately use a trick to trick me into coming to Xiangxi?"

                Those few wealthy gentry looked at Zhang Quanzhen who was surprisingly not moved by having his beard cut and gave him a sideways glance.

                "Does this guy have a lot of background?"

                "Doesn't look like it."

                "Never seen it before, shouldn't be from our northern circle."

                "From the south? Oh, the south can those boomers, how many of them can compare?"

                "Most likely an acquaintance, otherwise with Zhang Zhen's temper, he's not so nice to talk to."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, these people were really annoying, how did he communicate with Zhang Quanzhen and they had to take care of it?

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled but did not say anything, and only after a while did he say, "There is no such thing, I have told you the method for your health problem, haven't I? It was your own choice. Did Miss Mu not give you that box? Did she not divorce you? Did she even sign the divorce papers and you didn't get what you wanted? Didn't you accomplish everything you asked for, Xiao Qin? Have I screwed you over?"

                Qin Ming couldn't really find anything wrong with what he said, but if everything in the world was so easy, would there be so many contradictions?

                Qin Ming scolded again, "You bad old man is very bad, everything is your plan, now this marriage can not be divorced."

                Zhang Quanzhen rummaged through his shoulder bag and took out a divorce agreement, saying, "This is the divorce agreement you lost that day, you both wrote your names on it, I got it back from the sweeper's aunt, take it to Miss Mu and make sure the divorce is done."

                Qin Ming looked at this divorce agreement, it was really the one he had written, and there were still water stains on it from Mu Sichen.

                Qin Ming asked, "Didn't Mu Xiaoqiao say that this had been thrown away by the cleaning lady?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Oh, to be honest, I happened to be passing by the bar that day, and I took it after you guys left, maybe that sweeper aunt mistook someone else's for yours, that's all. Little Qin, don't say I didn't complete my task, if you take it to Miss Mu, she'll probably take it and leave immediately, or save it from continuing to get in your way."

                Qin Ming's heart was in shock, he hadn't found Zhang Quanzhen in the nightclub that night, and Zhang Quanzhen was acting more and more secretively, he must have some purpose!

                Qin Ming felt that he had not yet jumped out of his net, what exactly did he want to do?

                Qin Ming grimaced and said, "Zhang Quanzhen, are you trying to set me up again?"

                Zhang Quanzhen cried out injustice: "Qin Ming, I am a monk and I have professional ethics that I abide by as a Taoist priest. Everything that has happened to you so far is your own choice. Our meeting, that was all fate."

                Qin Ming said, "Heaven's will you devil, then I will leave now."

                Zhang Quanzhen hurriedly pulled Qin Ming's hand and said, "Eh eh eh eh, Little Qin, you've come all this way, don't you want to take in the atmosphere of the great clan of the earth cottage? If you go back now, won't you have come for nothing? It's pointless."

                Qin Ming said smugly, "Hey hey hey, see, you bad old man, I knew it, you were going to set me up again. Let me guess, did you owe a favour to the Lin family, who asked you to come and help, and you had to come, but you felt you couldn't help with this, so you said something about following the seven stars of the Big Dipper to Guang City, seeking me, the destined person, which is me, and then fooled the Mu family into following your set-up, successfully provoking me, and then setting me up on the side of the Lin clan's earthwork."

                Qin Ming paused and added, "The only thing I'm not sure of right now is whether the mother parasite inside that Zhao Yuxin's body that night at Century Mansion was put there by you. Because when you left Guangzhou last time, you knew that I had a compulsion inside me, you have a dog's nose that is as good as that Lin Yurou, right? So you were certain that once I went up to be alone with her that day at Century Mansion, something was bound to happen."

                Zhang Quanzhen's expression was calm as he gazed at Qin Ming, who did not look at him in vain.

                Qin Ming's series of reasoning and analysis directly overturned Zhang Quanzhen's providence, his destiny, and seemed to have turned into an artificial arrangement, a bureau.

                Zhang Quanzhen was the first to laugh, and with the tone of an elder, he denied it flatly, "Little Qin, you're being paranoid, how could I be that capable? Some things simply cannot be said."

                Qin Ming snorted coldly, "I am afraid that you have already known some of my details and are hiding them in your heart, aren't you? Zhang Quanzhen, you've been given to me to fool around, so tell me directly, what is your purpose?"

                Faced with Qin Ming's aggressiveness, Zhang Quanzhen felt the pressure.

                Zhang Quanzhen obviously felt that Qin Ming had completely stopped eating his way, Qin Ming's wisdom was far from being as easy to fool as others ah.

                After the two of them had been muttering and chatting for a while over here, Mu Xiaoqiao saw Qin Ming with a piece of paper in his hand and came over, saying, "Honey, what are you guys talking about? Huh? What's this again?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao reached out for it, and somehow, Qin Ming immediately snatched it up and shoved it straight into his mouth, biting it in a flurry, eating the whole piece of paper cleanly as Mu Xiaoqiao stared in amazement.

                Qin Ming said, "No, it's nothing, I've been walking for too long and I'm a bit hungry, so I asked Zhang Zhen Zhen if he had anything to eat, and he said he only had paper, hahaha."

                Mu Xiaoqiao pouted, "If you don't say, you don't say, I don't care. Zhang Zhen Zhen ...... didn't expect you to be here too, what a coincidence."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "Miss Mu, I have always been fated to be with your Mu family. Aigoo, I see your face, rosy and happy, congratulations on the furthering of your relationship as husband and wife."

                Mu Xiaoqiao blushingly pursed her lips and said, "It's also thanks to you, Zhang Zhen Zhen, for being a moon elder."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes as he pulled Zhang Quanzhen with him and lowered his voice, "Old man, tell me, what is the purpose of tricking me into coming to the Lin family? What exactly has happened to the Lin family?"

                Zhang Quanzhen licked his lips, patted Qin Ming and said, "You really need to help with this Lin family matter, it will be of great benefit to you."

Chapter 440

In the lobby of the Hanging House, the young masters were sitting in separate groups.

                They were all talking about the newcomer Qin Ming, curious about his relationship with the famous Zhang Quanzhen, who had become one of the most powerful men in the country, and how he was able to cut off a pinch of Zhang's beard and still be fine.

                And Qin Ming also heard something from the gossip of these people, this Zhang Quanzhen seemed to be quite famous.

                It was no wonder Qin Ming didn't understand, he was just a delivery student two months ago, and such a level of magnates was not something he could get in touch with.

                However, even if he knew, he did not intend to change his attitude towards Zhang Quanzhen, as he could not be spoiled by the old man.

                Zhang Quanzhen and Qin Ming were sitting together, and Mu Xiaoqiao was making tea for them.

                Zhang Quanzhen lowered his voice and said, "Actually, the Lin family's affairs are still their own internal affairs, and it's a shame to talk about it, so not many people know about it."

                "The Lin family has a door-to-door son-in-law who was originally a side relative of the old Qin family in Hai City, called Qin Weiyuan."

                "As a collateral relative of the old Qin family, Qin Weiyuan himself had little ability and a low status, and was often suppressed by his relatives and friends, so he later became a door-to-door son-in-law to the Lin family's Lin Yuanwang's eldest daughter, and has been childless since his marriage."

                "The family is often unpredictable, and Qin Weiyuan's father has suddenly gained the respect of the old Qin family, and is in charge of a large number of business operations, so the status of this side relative has naturally risen thanks to the old Qin family in the city."

                Qin Ming listened, surprisingly it was that old Qin family in Hai City again, he had heard its name a lot recently, as a world class gentry, it also had many business dealings with the Huan Yu Century Group, Song Ying had also not suggested Qin Ming to take action against it.

                Qin Ming said, "The family has a position, so Qin Weiyuan wants a divorce, and the Lin family refuses, so there is a conflict?"

                Zhang Quanzhen shook his head and said very shamefully, "Speaking of divorce alone, if he wants to leave, the Lin family can't keep him? When Qin Weiyuan first joined the family, he was relying on the Lin family to shelter him and lead a good life, now he's being a wolf, so he's naturally spurned."

                "Qin Weiyuan does want a divorce, and the Lin family has agreed to it, but Qin Weiyuan wants to share the insect breeding scriptures that the Lin family has been operating for generations, and also take away a large batch of rare breeds."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, so the Xiangxi Lin family was not only in the tourism business, but also in farming, right?

                He said, "Isn't that delusional? A door-to-door son-in-law, the Lin family accepted him when he was suffering, and now that his father has become rich and wants to leave, he still asks to take the root of people's lives with peace of mind?"

                At the side, Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly looked at Qin Ming with complicated eyes, compared to the others, it seemed that when Qin Ming was leaving before, he didn't ask for anything from the Mu family, and he had even helped the Mu family a lot.

                Really, they were both sons-in-law, but the difference was not small.

                Zhang Quanzhen added: "That Qin Weiyuan now holds himself backed by the old Qin family behind him, plus he used to suffer a lot of white eyes and bullying, and was also looked down upon by some villagers here in the Lin family, as he was not productive here either, could not raise worms, and was not very well received. After becoming rich, Qin Weiyuan's temperament changed drastically, and he became arrogant and domineering. Seeing that the Lin family would not compromise, he directly blew up the entire insect valley where the Lin family raised insects. All the valuable worms were all gone."

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "This total bombing, meaning the Lin family's years of hard work was ruined by that Qin Weiyuan?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Not bad, the Lin family has a skill in raising worms, except for some rare and rare worms, a small worm is worth a lot, millions of dollars is not uncommon. There are also some for medicinal herbs, all of which have already taken orders to be shipped to people and are now facing sky-high default fees. There is also the Lin family's most mysteriously rumoured compulsion, which has also suffered heavy losses. It will take a lot of money to regain its vitality."

                Qin Ming said, "Then why didn't you arrest that Qin Weiyuan?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Without evidence, all accusations are meaningless. Qin Weiyuan has an alibi, so he can't be testified against. The person who blew up the valley was caught, but before anything could be asked, that person died, and he died because of the Lin family's compulsion. Once the scapegoat was dead, then there would be no proof of death."

                Qin Ming's heart dawned on him, because there was no evidence, so he was emboldened.

                Qin Ming said, "A door-to-door son-in-law almost wiped out the entire Lin family's wealth, Lin Yuanwang is really a disgrace. The Lin family should still have some money, right? Can't they start again?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "Lin Yuanwang is a wealthy man, but also a charitable man. Whenever people ask him to borrow money, he gives it to them without ever writing an IOU, and he often donates money to charity, so he doesn't have much money himself. If you want to restore the ecology of the entire Bug Valley, you can't do it without tens of billions, and the breach of contract for a large number of orders is also astronomical."

                Zhang Quanzhen pointed at Qin Ming, smiled mysteriously and said, "It was still the old Qin family's Prince Qin who, for the sake of his long-time friendship with the Lin family, lent the Lin family 60 billion to tide over their difficulties. But because of that incident with you and the fact that Qin Weiyuan was also a member of the old Qin family, after Lin Yurou's marriage alliance hit a wall in Hai City, Lin Yuanwang's stubbornness came up and he refused the sixty billion from Grand Master Qin."

                Qin Ming got depressed and said, "Old man Zhang, what kind of look are you giving me? Although my surname is also Qin, I have nothing to do with the old Qin family in Hai City, right? What does it have to do with me if Lin Yurou's marriage with the old Qin family has hit a wall?"

                Zhang Quanzhen stroked his beard and lowered his voice again, "Little Qin, don't pretend to be confused, how did that bug come to you? Did you get it out of thin air? Two months ago, you were looking for Nie Haitang in You were looking for Nie Haitang in China two months ago? Wasn't Nie Haitang tricked by her mother into going on a blind date with someone from the old Qin family? Wasn't Lin Yurou in the same place?"

                "Lin Yurou thought you were Qin Zhongbai, whom she hadn't seen for years, and ended up mistaking you for someone else, losing her body to you, and you were also planted with a parasite. Later on, Lin Yurou went to the old Qin family to reason with them, only then did Lin Yurou realise that she had mistaken the person, Lin Yurou was neglected and was insulted that she did not know shame and licked her face to marry into a rich family, you say that you did not play a vital role in this?"

                Qin Ming's face froze and he looked back at Mu Xiaoqiao next to him, fortunately she was not listening at the moment.

                He padded his head closer to Zhang Quanzhen and said, "Old man Zhang, you are quite well-informed and quite good at analysing intelligence."

                Zhang Quanzhen said smugly, "No, when I pinch my fingers, I know what is going on in the world."

                Qin Ming understood the root cause of the Lin family's disaster, and that it was caused by a son-in-law.

                Qin Ming asked curiously again, "Then you said that helping the Lin family would also be beneficial to me? And what is that?"

                This time Zhang Quanzhen said with a smile, "Far from it, just helping you get the compulsions out of your body straight away, isn't that the biggest benefit? And it's not like I'm giving you help for nothing, the interest won't be less in the future."

                Qin Ming said, "Aiya, you stinking old Taoist, selling me a story again?"

                He was about to bash Zhang Quanzhen for a few words when a big handsome man with a face like Fu Yu came up next to him and he said straight away, "Zhang Zhen Zhen, just now I saw you and this young brother talking all the time, I think you must also be a young master of some magnificent family, but I don't look familiar, I don't know what to call you?"